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Cataracts of the eyes are a prevalent issue affecting all ages. They cause cloudy lens areas, leading to vision difficulties and blindness. This makes cataract surgery in Mumbai an effective solution that can help restore clear vision. 

The best hospital for cataract surgery are known for their advanced technology, experienced surgeons, and excellent patient care. Continue reading for information about the procedures and facilities these hospitals offer while ensuring successful outcomes.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

The eye lens operation in Mumbai is a treatment for individuals with visual impairments. The city offers advanced facilities and skilled ophthalmologists, making it a favourable place for cataract treatment. 

Some of the lesser-known benefits of cataract eye surgery in Mumbai shared by ophthalmologists are:

  1. Enhanced Vision: Skilled ophthalmologists in Mumbai surgically replace cloudy lenses with clear intraocular lenses. It helps in restoring clarity and sharpness to eyesight.

  1. Improved Quality of Life: High-standard treatment by highly-rated experts. Patients often experience independence and perform tasks without relying on corrective lenses. 

  1. Safe Procedure: Ophthalmologists in Mumbai ensure a safe surgical environment, minimising risks and complications associated with cataract surgery.

  1. Quick Recovery: You can experience a relatively short healing. The experts in Mumbai help the patients swiftly return to normal activities with temporary discomfort.

  1. Astigmatism Correction: Expert ophthalmologists can correct imperfections in the eye lens curvature during cataract surgery. It addresses multiple focus visionary issues and provides a clearer vision.

In conclusion, eye lens surgery in Mumbai offers many benefits for individuals seeking to overcome visual challenges and improve their overall eye health.

Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

Consult the best doctor for cataract surgery for your treatment. With HexaHealth, you can easily get the best cataract surgery in Delhi from the list of experienced eye specialists in the city. Get to know about the top ophthalmologists from the information below:

  1. Dr Jatin Shyam Vazirani: He is a renowned ophthalmologist presently affiliated with Gurukripa Eye Care in Borivali West. With an impressive 16 years of experience in ophthalmology, Dr Jatin specialises in procedures such as amblyopia surgery, ptosis correction, and cataract surgery. 

  1. Dr Jatin Ashar: A well-established ophthalmology specialist with over 19 years of rich experience. He is currently serving at Mumbai Eye Care Hospital. Dr Ashar specialises in lamellar keratoplasty, cataract surgery and LASIK. 

  1. Dr Nitin Tiwari: An eye specialist with a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years. He's associated with Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Vashi. Known for his proficiency, Dr Tiwari routinely undertakes complex cataract procedures, showcasing his surgical skills and commitment to eye care. 

  1. Dr Yusuf Virani: With an extensive 48 years of experience, he is a specialist ophthalmologist. At present, Dr Virani is practising at Vision Centre Eye Hospital. He is proficient in treating cataracts, corneal surgery, and orbital surgery, among other specialities.

  1. Dr Parveen Grover: One of the best doctor for cataract surgery in Mumbai, practising at Vision Centre Eye Hospital. With 20 years of experience, Dr Grover has successfully managed numerous complex cataract surgeries. She is an expert ophthalmologist known for her attention to detail and accurate diagnosis.

  1. Dr Sachin Shah: This doctor brings over 26 years of expertise as a renowned ophthalmology specialist in his field. He excels in various areas, including anterior segment surgery, cataract procedures, and tonometry. Practising at Vin-R Eye Care Centre, he continues to demonstrate his commitment to providing comprehensive eye health services.

  1. Dr Saumil Sheth: His excellence extends globally, ranking among the top six in the world at the Ophthalmic Basic Sciences Exam in the UK. With over 22 years of rich experience, he is contributing his expertise to Ojas Eye Hospital. Dr Sheth excels in cataract procedures and has performed over 10,000 retinal and laser surgeries.

  1. Dr Vandana Jain: A distinguished specialist in ophthalmology, she has 21 years of experience. Dr Jain is currently affiliated with Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Vashi. She has garnered a prominent reputation in the field and is recognised as one of the best cataract, cornea, and LASIK surgeons in India. Her speciality includes both basic and complex cataract surgeries.

  1. Dr Vishal Maniar: Renowned for managing numerous intricate medical cases, he is acclaimed for performing complex cataract surgeries. An ophthalmology specialist, Dr Maniar has over 17 years of experience. He is presently associated with Dhiren Eye Care. 

  1. Dr Jaideep Dhama: He is a reputed eye specialist associated with Healthport Clinic. Dr Dhama has 24 years of experience in ophthalmology. His specialities are refractive surgery, laser refractive, cataract surgery, etc.

Note: You can also get free cataract surgery in Mumbai from the few specialist that we recommend. You can conveniently schedule appointments through HexaHealth.

Experience seamless cataract surgery in Mumbai through our trusted healthcare partners. HexaHealth collaborates with leading NABH-accredited eye care facilities in the city. We provide affordable surgical options with state-of-the-art technology. 

Explore the list of hospitals and clinics in Mumbai for cataract surgery below.

  1. Gurukripa Eye Care, Borivali West: One of the best eye hospital for cataract surgery in Borivali West, Mumbai. This clinic offers advanced eye treatments in the city. Equipped with modern intensive care units and operation theatres. The doctors on board are among the most experienced, providing comprehensive care to all.   

  1. Drishti Netralaya: This multispeciality eye hospital provides comprehensive and affordable eye care services. They offer a range of facilities, including full-scale eye examinations, LASIK and refractive surgeries and cataract surgery. It has a panel of specialists who ensure expertise in cataract, cornea, and paediatric ophthalmology.

  1. Mumbai Eye Care: This multispeciality eye hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive and affordable eye care services. They offer a range of facilities, including full-scale eye examinations, LASIK and refractive surgeries and cataract surgery. The hospital has a panel of specialists who ensure expertise in cataract, cornea, and paediatric ophthalmology. 

  1. Apex Multispeciality Hospitals: Recognised as a part of a network managed by medical professionals with over 25 years of experience. This state-of-the-art 51-bed facility offers tertiary care with specialised departments in ophthalmology, orthopaedic, etc. A modern healthcare facility providing comprehensive services for diverse medical needs.

    Best Hospital for Cataract Surgery in Bangalore

  1. Envision Eye Hospital: This medical clinic is a tertiary care super speciality facility. From complex retinal laser surgeries to intricate cataract procedures, they offer comprehensive eye care services. The hospital employs the latest technology and surgical equipment to provide high-quality vision treatment. 

  1. Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute: It is a pioneering institution in ophthalmology, with a global presence of 100 hospitals across 11 countries.  The hospital has a team of more than 400 eye-care professionals. They are dedicated to continuous research and innovation, aiming to enhance the overall process. 

  1. Vision Centre Eye Hospital: An ophthalmology-centric hospital in Thane West. The clinic is visited by some of the top eye specialists in the city, such as Dr Yusuf Virani. They offer specialised treatment for various eye conditions like cataracts and LASIK.

  1. Vin-R Eye Care Centre: Equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis, treatment, and operative procedures, it aims to meet the needs of quality eye care. They aim to deliver quality eye care to all patients at affordable rates. Well-experienced eye specialists, the hospital maintains a high standard of treatment and patient care.

Note: You can connect with these best hospital for cataract surgery in Mumbai through HexaHealth experts.

The cataract eye surgery cost in Mumbai varies for different health care facilities. Also, the location of the eye surgery hospital, treatments offered, and surgeons' fees contribute to the overall expenditure. To find out a detailed breakdown cost of multifocal lens for cataract surgery in Mumbai, you can contact HexaHealth experts.

Cataract Surgery

Estimated Cost Range

Minimum Amount

₹ 20,000

Average Cost

₹ 35,000

Maximum Price

₹ 1,25,000

Note: The above mentioned figures are an approximation. Contact HexaHealth for a detailed understanding of the cataract surgery price in Mumbai. 

Financing Options for Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

Discover the financial assistance options available for the procedure of cataract surgery through HexaHealth. Contact our dedicated patient care experts to explore insurance eligibility and discuss potential support with medical loans. Ensure a seamless and financially viable journey towards improved vision.


Cataract surgery is a vital medical intervention for enhancing vision and quality of life. Many health insurance policies in Mumbai cover the expenses associated with eye surgeries with specific sub-limits. It is crucial to review the documents to understand the extent of coverage provided.

Note: Consult HexaHealth for more comprehensive information on the insurance coverage for cataract surgery in Mumbai.

Cashless Claim 

Health insurance providers in Mumbai facilitate streamlined claims for cataract surgery procedures. HexaHealth experts are ready to assist you with the process of cashless settlements. We provide advantages such as pre-approval (with no documentation required) and swift settlements for a hassle-free experience.

Reimbursement Claim

For reimbursement claims, patients bear upfront medical expenses and subsequently seek repayment from the insurance provider. HexaHealth professionals provide comprehensive support throughout this process. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Medical Loan
Arranging enough funds for cataract eye surgery in Mumbai can be tedious. To address this financial aspect, explore the option of a medical loan through HexaHealth. Our personalised plans include cataract surgery costs, providing benefits such as: 

  1. Instant approval

  2. No collateral requirement

  3. Zero processing fees

  4. 0% interest

  5. Simple and flexible EMIs

Note: Connect with HexaHealth professionals for assistance and benefit from these advantages.

HexaHealth stands out as a preferred choice for cataract surgery in the city. We provide a range of specialised treatments to enhance your eyesight. Our panelled team of renowned ophthalmologists and advanced facilities. 

Our commitment to excellence and personalised care makes us a trusted partner for those seeking the highest standard of eye care.

  1. Pioneering Technology: HexaHealth eye hospitals lead the way in bladeless cataract surgery in Mumbai. Offer the most advanced zepto and robotic femto approaches for precise and efficient procedures.

  2. Minimally Invasive Procedures: We offer no cuts or blood loss, ensuring patient comfort and safety. There is no bandage and no-stitch approach for a streamlined and pain-free experience.

  3. Blade-Free Precision: Our speciality is 100% no incision surgeries, providing a high level of precision and reducing the risk of complications. This ensures excellent visual results, enhancing the overall patient experience.

  4. Experienced Surgeons: Benefit from a team of highly skilled cataract surgeons. The expertise of our doctors ensures the highest quality of care and optimal surgical outcomes.

  5. Affordability: Despite utilising cutting-edge technology, HexaHealth maintains cost-effective cataract surgery. It ensures accessibility to advanced eye care solutions for a broader patient base.

  6. Flexible Payment Options: The availability of tailored plans ensures that the cost of cataract surgery fits comfortably within your budget.

    Best Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

  7. Repayment Plans: Enjoy the convenience of zero-cost EMI plans to manage the expenses of cataract surgery. This option ensures financial flexibility while prioritising your eye health.

  8. Complimentary Transportation: Ensure a hassle-free journey to and from the hospital, contributing to a stress-free cataract surgery experience.

  9. Free Follow-Up: Our team provides free postoperative consultations to monitor your recovery and address any post-surgery concerns. 

  10. Network of Advanced Eye Centers: HexaHealth has over 100 modernised medical facilities. We ensure widespread accessibility and convenience for patients seeking top-tier eye care.

  11. Highly Skilled Specialist Doctors: HexaHealth has a team of over 150 specialist doctors. They offer expertise across various subspecialties of ophthalmology to provide customised and comprehensive care.

  12. Decades of Experience: With more than 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in eye care. HexaHealth assures patients of skilled professionals and proven treatment approaches.

  13. Vast Expertise: Over 20,000 new cataract cases annually are treated by our experts, making us a trusted choice in this industry.

HexaHealth features a specialized team dedicated to cataract surgery procedures. Our unwavering commitment to comprehensive surgical services positions us as the favorable choice.

Choose HexaHealth expert for best cataract surgery in Mumbai and a patient-centric approach that goes beyond routine medical procedures.




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A cataract is a common eye condition characterised by the clouding of the natural eye lens, causing blurry or hazy vision. It typically develops gradually and can interfere with daily activities such as reading, driving, or recognising faces.

Cataracts are most commonly associated with ageing but can also be caused by factors including- 

  1. Genetics

  2. Prolonged exposure to sunlight

  3. Certain medical conditions (e.g., diabetes) 

  4. Previous eye surgery or injury

About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure aimed at removing a cloudy lens to enhance vision. This surgery involves the replacement of the cloudy lens with a clear, artificial lens. An ophthalmologist is responsible for conducting the surgery and assisting you in choosing the most suitable intraocular lens (IOL) for your needs.

Also known as motiyabind or eye lens surgery usually takes around 10-20 minutes. This daycare surgery is typically performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring the patient's comfort throughout the procedure. Sometimes, the patients might have to stay overnight, depending on their recovery. 

Diagnostic Tests for Cataract Surgery in Mumbai 

Before cataract surgery, various diagnostic tests are conducted to assess the condition of the eye and plan the surgical approach. Key diagnostic tests include:

  1. Visual Acuity Test: It is a comprehensive eye examination designed to assess an individual's visual clarity. The Snellen test, a common method, involves reading letters or numbers from a distance while covering one eye. 

  1. Pupillary Response: During this test, the doctor examines the cornea, iris, lens, and other eye structures to identify potential signs of cataracts. This evaluation aids in understanding the overall health of the eye.

  1. Tonometry Test: This is a diagnostic examination measuring intraocular pressure inside the eye. A tonometer (an instrument for measuring the pressure of the eyeball) is used to assess fluid pressure. It helps in ruling out conditions like glaucoma, which may be associated with abnormal eye pressure.

  1. Slit Lamp Examination: Conducted with a microscope and bright light, a slit lamp examination allows the doctor to scrutinise eye structures after applying a special dye. While providing a detailed view, this test may induce temporary sensitivity to light.

  1. Contrast Sensitivity: It assesses the ability to distinguish objects from their background. Poor contrast sensitivity is indicative of difficulty identifying objects against a low-contrast background. This may be due to cataracts. 

Note: Seeking consultation with a doctor in Mumbai is crucial. Contact our skilled consultants to acquire comprehensive appointments with the best eye experts.

Advantages of Cataract Surgery 

The operation offers diverse advantages that can enhance your quality of life when dealing with cataract-related issues. Some of the benefits of undergoing cataract surgery include:

  1. Painless Procedure: Cataract surgery is a simple and effortless process, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients.

  2. Quick Duration: The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes, providing a swift resolution to cataract-related issues.

  3. Minimal Incision: Conducted through a 2.2mm cut, the surgery facilitates fast recovery for individuals undergoing the procedure.

  4. Customised Visual Outcome: Patients have the option to choose results that align with their specific lifestyle and preferences.

  5. Premium Lens Options: The surgery offers quality lens choices, allowing for personalised and enhanced visual results.

  6. Low Risk: With a minimal chance of complications (less than 1%), cataract surgery maintains a high safety profile.

  7. Improved Quality of Life: By reducing eye cloudiness, cataract surgery significantly enhances the overall standards of life for patients.

  8. High Efficiency: Cataract surgery has a success rate of over 99%, ensuring favourable outcomes for the majority of individuals undergoing the procedure.

Risks of Delay in Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

Cataract surgery is a standard and secure procedure with minimal risks when performed by an experienced surgeon. Complications during and after the surgery are rare, though individuals with specific eye diseases or medical conditions may occur.

The potential risks could be: 

  1. Some individuals may experience inflammation in the eye post-surgery, though it is generally temporary and treatable.

  2. Swelling or oedema in the cornea may occur, leading to temporary visual disturbances.

  3. Minimal bleeding is possible during the surgery, but it typically resolves without complications.

  4. In some cases, there may be a temporary rise in intraocular pressure, which can be managed with appropriate measures.

  5. While rare, there is a slight risk of retinal detachment, particularly in individuals with certain pre-existing conditions.

Advancements in surgical techniques and experienced surgeons significantly reduce complications in cataract surgery. However, patients should discuss individual risk factors with their healthcare providers.

HexaHealth: Your Clear Path to Vision Excellence in Mumbai

Experience a life-changing solution for visual impairment with cataract surgery in Mumbai, where skilled ophthalmologists utilize advanced techniques. The top-notch medical facilities and experienced professionals in the city offer safe and effective treatment.

HexaHealth is your dedicated healthcare partner. Benefit from affordable treatment in the best hospital for cataract surgery in Mumbai, offering personalized care. Our commitment to comprehensive support with the finest medical services makes HexaHealth the optimal choice for your cataract surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mumbai is considered the premier destination for cataract surgery, having cutting-edge medical facilities and skilled ophthalmologists. The commitment to innovation and safety makes it the top choice for those seeking optimal vision enhancement through advanced surgical procedures.


The cost of multifocal lens for cataract surgery in Mumbai
ranges between  ₹20,000 -  ₹1,25,000. The cost is variable for different eye centres in the city; you should contact HexaHealth for precise information


There are many good and experienced doctors for cataract surgery in Mumbai, some of the top ones include:

  1. Dr Jatin Shyam Vazirani

  2. Dr Jatin Ashar

  3. Dr Nitin Tiwari

  4. Dr Yusuf Virani

  5. Dr Parveen Grover


HexaHealth emerges as the patient's preferred choice for cataract surgery in Mumbai, offering seamless treatment experiences. We offer affordable options and access to the top eye hospitals in the city. Our personalised care and comprehensive support ensure a journey to a clearer vision with confidence and convenience.


You may choose the right surgeon for cataract surgery with HexaHealth. We are associated with the best ophthalmologists with extensive experience and expertise in eye care.


Cataract surgery in Mumbai has an exceptional success rate. The city provides patients with a reliable and effective solution to vision impairment, enhancing their overall quality of life. Skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities contribute to achieving positive outcomes in cataract procedures.


For the latest and most accurate reviews on cataract surgery in Mumbai, consider checking with HexaHealth. We can help you with the most genuine feedback from patients for the hospital of your choice.


Mumbai offers affordable cataract eye surgery options in Mumbai from reputable hospitals, ensuring quality care without compromising on safety. Patients can explore cost-effective solutions with HexaHealth that cater to their budget while benefiting from skilled ophthalmologists and advanced technologies.  


For the latest advancements in cataract surgery in Mumbai, consult local eye clinics or hospitals. They can provide up-to-date information on technologies and techniques. Additionally, consider checking recent medical literature for the latest developments in the field.


To inquire about any discounts or packages for cataract surgery, contact HexaHealth in Mumbai. Our team can help you with accurate information on the deals available for your benefit from the hospital of your choice.


It is a daycare procedure with a quick recovery time. The complete recovery takes 4 weeks, but the improvement in the vision can be noticed within a few days after surgery.


Yes, cataract surgery is generally covered under insurance. It's advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage details and potential out-of-pocket expenses.


Yes, Mumbai has several government hospitals that offer cataract surgery services. It's advisable to contact HexaHealth or respective hospitals directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on available services and procedures.


Cataract surgery is generally considered a safe and routine procedure with a high success rate. However, like any surgery, there are potential risks and complications: 

  1. Infection

  2. Inflammation

  3. Bleeding

  4. Retinal detachment

  5. Increased intraocular pressure

  6. Posterior capsule opacification

  7. Dislocation of the intraocular lens


Preparing for cataract surgery involves several steps to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. Here are some general guidelines, but it's crucial to follow the specific instructions provided by your eye surgeon or healthcare provider in Mumbai:

  1. Schedule a preoperative consultation with your eye surgeon to assess your overall health and discuss any pre-existing conditions.

  2. Inform your surgeon about any medications, allergies, or health issues you may have.

  3. Undergo a comprehensive eye examination to measure the shape and size of your eye, determine the power of the intraocular lens (IOL), and assess the overall eye condition.


Yes, there are clinics in Mumbai offering laser-assisted cataract surgery, utilising femtosecond laser technology for certain steps of the procedure. Contact local eye clinics or hospitals for more information on availability and options.


You may find options for free cataract surgery in Mumbai at HexaHealth. We can help you connect with government hospitals offering the surgery for free or at the most affordable costs.


You can get blade-free cataract surgery options with HexaHealth. Get in touch with our experts to find out the best hospitals and doctors offering blade-free cataract surgery in Mumbai.


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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