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Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Mumbai

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According to a study conducted in 2021 by Bharati Pandya et al., umbilical and paraumbilical hernias account for about 5% of all abdominal wall hernias. This surgical technique involves repairing the hernia by making an incision near the belly button. Considering an open umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai provides an effective treatment for this condition.

The modern hospitals for hernia repair in Mumbai have cutting-edge technology to prioritise safe and effective treatments. The following blog discusses the top hospitals and doctors available for this procedure in the city. It also provides an estimated cost of surgery. Continue reading to find out.

Get Hernia Repair Surgery in Mumbai

The outstanding healthcare infrastructure provides an ideal setting for undergoing umbilical hernia surgery . Choosing this procedure in the city comes with several advantages, including:

  1. Access to highly experienced specialists in hernia repair

  2. State-of-the-art hospitals with modern surgical equipment

  3. Competitive pricing for high-quality medical services

  4. Efficient scheduling and minimal waiting times

  5. A well-connected transport network for easy access to hospitals

    Open Umbilical Hernia Repair Surgery in Mumbai

The top surgeons for hernia repair in Mumbai are known for their expertise and successful patient outcomes. Choosing the appropriate specialist is crucial for relief and recovery from an umbilical hernia. Below are the doctors you may consider getting treatment: 


Key Interest 

Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke

  1. Umbilical hernia repair 

  2. Inguinal hernia repair 

  3. Laser piles surgery 

Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale 

  1. Hernia repair 

  2. Treatment for gallbladder stones

  3. Pilonidal sinus surgery 

Dr Prakash Hindurao Kurane

  1. Umbilical and inguinal hernia surgery 

  2. Haemorrhoidectomy 

  3. GERD surgery 

Dr Santosh Naik

  1. Varicose veins surgery 

  2. GERD surgery 

  3. Colonoscopy 

Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar

  1. Hernia repair 

  2. Laser treatment for varicose veins 

  3. Stapler piles surgery 

Please note that the specialists of umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai listed here are only a few of the options available in the city. HexaHealth has a network of over 2,000 skilled surgeons who specialise in this treatment. Check out the best general surgeons in Mumbai for the treatment that fits your needs.

Hernia Repair Surgery in Mumbai

The surgeons affiliated with HexaHealth are known for their exceptional skills and expertise. You can schedule an appointment with these specialists using the HexaHealth website or app. Select your preferred surgeon, choose a suitable time, and book your consultation.

Mumbai has various medical facilities with cutting-edge technology and top healthcare experts. Consult the list below to identify the nearby hospital in Mumbai:

Hospital Name 

Achievement/ Known For 

MPCT Hospital

  1. A team of 46 expert doctors 

  2. 19 specialities 

  3. 11,25,000+ happy patients  

Currae Speciality Hospital

  1. 62 well-experienced doctors 

  2. 9 specialities 

  3. Fully-equipped ICUs

Apex Multi Speciality Hospital

  1. 51-bed, NABH-centre

  2. 25 years of experience

  3. 6 trained doctors 

SRV Hospital

  1. 75-bed facility with 16-bed ICU 

  2. 35+ years of experience 

  3. A team of 8 expert doctors 

SRCC Children’s Hospital 

  1. 207-bed, NABH-facility 

  2. 87 CCU beds, 7 OTs 

  3. 133 doctors for 20 specialities 

Please note that various other healthcare institutions in Mumbai provide effective umbilical hernia repair. With HexaHealth, you can access over 500 top hospitals throughout the city. Visit the best general surgery hospitals in Mumbai for a full listing.

Hernia Repair in Mumbai

The hospitals partnered with HexaHealth are preferred for open umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai due to their cutting-edge capabilities and superior patient services. Booking your appointment is simplified through the HexaHealth website or app. Pick your hospital and schedule a time to meet with some of the best medical professionals in the city.

The open umbilical hernia repair surgery cost in Mumbai usually varies between ₹ 62,000 and ₹ 1,20,000. It is influenced by factors such as the surgeon’s expertise and the healthcare facility selected. Below is a table outlining potential expenses to assist in your decision-making.

Umbilical Hernia Repair 

Estimated Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 62,000

Average Expense

₹ 75,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 1,20,000

Note: The hernia repair surgery cost in Mumbai mentioned above is an estimate. For the most current pricing details, please consult HexaHealth experts. 

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Financing Options 

The expense of open umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai can be managed through various financial aids available. You can understand your options by consulting specialists at HexaHealth. These assistance programs include:

  1. Insurance: Umbilical hernia repair in Mumbai is covered by insurance. The extent of coverage varies with individual policies. Choosing an advanced mesh may incur extra charges. Depending on your plan, you may be eligible for cashless or reimbursement claims. 

HexaHealth experts can help you understand coverage details and claim submissions. 

  1. Medical Loans: These solutions help manage open umbilical hernia repair surgery cost in Mumbai expenses without immediate out-of-pocket payments. HexaHealth assists patients in accessing these funds, providing advantages like:

    1. Quick loan approvals 

    2. No collateral required 

    3. Zero processing fee 

    4. Interest-free financing 

    5. Flexible EMI 

Choosing HexaHealth for top-notch umbilical hernia repair in Mumbai ensures you benefit from unmatched expertise. Here are the reasons to select us for your surgery in the city:

  1. Access to 2,000+ leading hernia repair specialists 

  2. More than 500 NABH and JCI-accredited hospitals 

  3. Tailored treatment strategies to meet individual needs 

  4. Hassle-free booking and streamlined patient support 

  5. Comprehensive care, from diagnosis through to recovery

    Best Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Mumbai

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of the intestine pushes through a gap in the abdominal muscles near the navel (belly button). This condition is common in infants but can also affect adults. It often presents as a noticeable bulge near the navel, especially when crying. 

Umbilical hernias in infants resolve on their own by age 1 or 2. In adults, however, treatment may require surgical intervention.

Umbilical Hernia Repair in Mumbai

Umbilical hernia repair surgery is also known as herniorrhaphy or hernioplasty. It is a procedure to correct an umbilical hernia. The surgery involves pushing the protruding tissue back into the abdomen. Incisions may be required in the case of open hernia repair. Use of a mesh to strengthen the area and prevent recurrence. 

The procedure can be either open surgery or laparoscopically. It is performed under general anaesthesia. 

Diagnostic Tests for Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical hernias can be noticed as a bulge near the belly button. Diagnosis involves evaluating the size and contents of the hernia to determine the appropriate treatment approach. The doctor may perform the following evaluations: 

  1. Physical Examination: The medical specialist will examine the belly button for any bulge or swelling. They may ask you to contract or tighten your abdomen muscles, making the bulge more visible for examination. 

  2. Imaging Tests: These involve procedures like abdominal ultrasound and CT scan. They may be used to check for complications like incarceration (a hernia trapped outside the abdominal wall) or obstruction (blockage in the bowel part of the hernia). 

Advantages of Umbilical Hernia Repair

Addressing the hernia surgically alleviates immediate symptoms and prevents potential future complications. The advantages of the umbilical hernia repair surgery are as follows: 

  1. Eliminates pain or discomfort associated with the hernia.

  2. Reduces the risk of incarceration and strangulation, which can lead to severe complications.

  3. Quick procedure taking 30-45 minutes.

  4. Requires a minimal hospital stay of 1-2 days.

  5. With a recovery within 2-3 weeks, patients can return to work and daily activities quickly.

Risks of Delaying Umbilical Hernia Repair

Delaying umbilical hernia repair surgery can pose several risks, particularly as the condition might worsen over time. Some of these risks include:

  1. Increased Pain: As the hernia enlarges, it can cause more discomfort, affecting daily activities.

  2. Incarceration: The hernia may become trapped outside the abdominal wall unable to be pushed back in. This causes severe pain and requires emergency surgery.

  3. Strangulation: Blood flow to the incarcerated hernia tissue may be cut off, leading to tissue death.

The commitment to excellence at HexaHealth distinguishes us in providing top-quality care. We ensure every patient benefits from the best umbilical hernia repair available. The following comparison highlights the benefits of using HexaHealth instead of other healthcare alternatives.




Payment Options 



Financial Assistance 

Insurance & Medical Loans 


Complimentary Second Opinion from Experts 



Free Pick-up and Drop-off 



Lifetime Follow-Up Consultations 



HexaHealth: Your Partner in Seamless Hernia Repair

Open umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai offers a definitive solution for those suffering from this condition. The healthcare infrastructure in the city ensures that patients undergoing this treatment receive the highest standard of care. Choosing surgery here means benefiting from the expertise of leading surgeons and safe healing environments.

HexaHealth simplifies receiving hernia repair in Mumbai by connecting patients with the best medical professionals and hospitals. You can easily schedule consultations, receive personalised treatment plans, and enjoy comprehensive support. This ensures a stress-free experience for those seeking relief and recovery from umbilical hernias.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best hospitals for hernia repair in Mumbai have the latest technologies and follow international standards for safety. Some of these include: 

  1. MPCT Hospital 

  2. Currae Speciality Hospital

  3. Apex Multi Speciality Hospital 

  4. SRV Hospital

  5. SRCC Children’s Hospital

Please note that these are not the only hospitals in the city that offer this procedure. HexaHealth experts can provide a complete list and assist you in choosing the right one.


Hernia repair surgery cost in Mumbai depends on the type of hernia, the surgical approach, the surgeon’s expertise, and the hospital.

Umbilical Hernia Repair 

Estimated Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 62,000

Average Expense

₹ 75,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 1,20,000

These are estimated costs. For accurate prices, you are advised to consult HexaHealth experts.


The top surgeons specialising in hernia repair surgery in Mumbai have years of experience in this field. Some renowned names include: 

  1. Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke

  2. Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale 

  3. Dr Prakash Hindurao Kurane 

  4. Dr Santosh Naik 

  5. Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar

Kindly note that these are not the only doctors available in the city for hernia repair. HexaHealth can help you connect with the top doctors based on your needs. 


There are different types of hernia based on location. Each differs in symptoms and treatment approaches. The most common ones include: 

  1. Inguinal (inner groin)

  2. Femoral (outer groin)

  3. Umbilical (belly button)

  4. Hiatal (upper stomach)

  5. Incisional (resulting from an incision)


Yes, minimally invasive techniques for hernia repair, such as laparoscopic surgery, are available in Mumbai. These approaches offer benefits like smaller incisions, minimal pain, and faster recovery times than conventional open surgery.


The open umbilical hernia repair surgery cost in Mumbai ranges from ₹ 62,000 to ₹ 1,20,000. However, this price is approximate. HexaHealth experts can provide an accurate price based on your case. 


Yes, open umbilical hernia repair surgery is covered by health insurance in Mumbai, depending on the policy. However, the coverage can vary. HexaHealth professionals can help you understand the details of your plan.


Choosing HexaHealth for open umbilical hernia repair surgery in Mumbai offers various benefits to patients. These include: 

  1. Access to a network of top surgeons and hospitals.

  2. Personalised care plans.

  3. Comprehensive support throughout the treatment.

  4. Assistance in finding and scheduling appointments with the best medical professionals.

  5. Financial aid options.


To find a reliable and experienced surgeon for hernia repair in Mumbai, consider the following tips: 

  1. Seek recommendations from doctors, friends, and family 

  2. Research the surgeon’s credentials and experience

  3. Read patient reviews online

  4. Check their hospital affiliations

HexaHealth can help you find a surgeon who fits your needs.


During the initial consultation with a hernia specialist, you can expect the following: 

  1. A physical examination

  2. Discussion about your medical history and hernia symptoms

  3. Understanding the surgical options and potential risks


The duration of hernia repair surgery varies depending on the type of hernia and the repair method. However, it generally takes 30-45 minutes.


The recovery period after hernia repair surgery can range from 2 to 3 weeks. It depends on the extent of the procedure, the repair method, and the patient’s overall health. Minimally invasive surgeries usually offer quicker recovery times compared to open surgery.


After hernia repair surgery, the doctor will provide several dietary or lifestyle change instructions. These include: 

  1. Drinking lots of liquids

  2. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and high-fibre foods

  3. Avoid heavy lighting and strenuous activities for a recommended period

  4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol


While surgery is the primary treatment for hernias, alternative treatments may focus on symptom management. These may include wearing a supportive truss or belt for inguinal hernias or taking pain medication. However, these do not repair the hernia and are typically considered temporary measures.


Hernia repair surgeries usually have a high success rate. It varies depending on the hernia type, the repair method used, and the patient’s overall health. The success rate is more than 95% for umbilical hernia repair.


There are no strict age restrictions for hernia repair surgery in the case of inguinal. The decision is based on the patient’s overall health and the severity of the hernia.


The risk of complications in hernia repair surgery is generally low. Some rare risks may include: 

  1. Infection 

  2. Blood clots 

  3. Reactions to anaesthesia 

  4. Injury to small intestine


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