Shivani Arora

Shivani Arora

Medical Content Writer

BA Journalism and Mass Communication

2 Years Experience

She is an accomplished new-age professional who has interviewed prominent personalities such as Bhaichung Bhutia, G. Sathiyan, Shashi Tharoor, etc. A content writer interested in health communication, graphic design, advertising, public relations and film production. An early start with another Health-tech startup Phablecare has given her exposure to medical content. She is motivated to contribute via impactful articles, blogs, copywriting, data analysis, creativity for social media campaigns, YouTube videos, scripts, SEO and publishing.

Our Editorial Process

We have a thorough process to review all medical information before sharing it with you. Our team of experts follows strict guidelines to ensure accuracy and reliability. Before publishing the information, each section of the content is medically reviewed by qualified and experienced doctors. If you want to know more about how we make sure the information is trustworthy, you can find detailed explanations by visiting our editorial policy.

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