Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

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Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

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Are you considering a surgical abortion in Mumbai for pregnancy termination? Also known as D&C (dilation and curettage), it is conducted within the first 14 weeks from the initial day of your last menstrual period. Vacuum aspiration is effective during the first trimester, while a D&C procedure is recommended in the second trimester.  

These procedures are conducted at legally authorised surgical abortion clinics in Mumbai by registered obstetricians and gynaecologists. The process involves general anaesthesia and oral pain-relieving medications.

Benefits of Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

The surgical abortion process in Mumbai is a reliable choice for those seeking skilled, advanced, and confidential pregnancy termination. Wondering what makes the city stand out? Apart from the availability of internationally recognised technology and the highest healthcare standards. 

This metropolitan location offers other medical advantages as well, including:

  1. Expert Treatment: Mumbai offers skilled obstetricians and gynaecologists for D&C. This ensures proficiency in the procedure.

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Modern medical facilities in the city guarantee safe and advanced surgery.

  1. Comprehensive Care: The clinics provide holistic support for emotional and physical aspects during and after surgical abortion.

  1. Confidentiality: Healthcare facilities prioritise information safety. It ensures privacy for the patients.

  2. Affordability: The hospitals provide accessible and cost-effective surgical services. Thereby accommodating various financial aids.

It's essential to seek advice from a certified gynaecologist specialising in surgical abortions in Mumbai. Reach out to HexaHealth to connect with trusted professionals. You can refer to some of the best gynaecologists for the surgical abortion process in Mumbai below:

  1. Dr Swati Kunal Chitnis: She is a well-known obstetrician and gynaecologist. Dr Swati is currently associated with Sarla Hospital and ICU in Mumbai. Having 12 years of experience in her field, she specialises in high-risk pregnancy and surgical abortions.

  2. Dr Rashmi Magan Patil: Currently associated with Roop Clinic, Chaudhari's Clinic, she has 13 years of experience in OB/GYN. Dr Rashmi specialises in surgical abortions and other women-centric procedures.

  3. Dr Darshna Amol Wahane: An experienced gynaecologist currently associated with Imperial Women's Clinic and Doctor Polyclinic Worli in Mumbai. With 19 years of expertise in her field, she has served as a skilled gynaecologist in various cities across India. Her speciality lies in dilatation and curettage.

  4. Dr Shubhada Kulkarni: This medical professional specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology. With extensive experience spanning over 49 years, she is presently practising at Kulkarni Hospital, Andheri. She specialises in surgical abortion in Mumbai, fertility treatment, and other pregnancy-related issues.

  5. Dr Sonika Bhasin: A renowned gynaecologist, she is affiliated with Roop Clinic and Chaudhari's Clinic in Gurugram. Dr Bhasin brings 24 years of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. Having served as an expert, she has successfully managed numerous complex medical cases. 

  6. Dr Archana Patil: A distinguished gynaecologist currently affiliated with Manak Health Care Hospital. She has an extensive experience of 29 years in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr Archana specialises in minimally invasive procedures and the management of infertility.

  7. Dr Alaka S Vaze: She is a renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist affiliated with S L Raheja Fortis Hospital. Dr Vaze brings an impressive 52 years of extensive experience in the field. She specialises in the treatment of infertility and surgical abortions. 

  8. Dr Reshma Rao: She has 44 years of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr Rao currently practises at Saifee Hospital. Her areas of expertise include vaginal surgery, menopause management and surgical abortions. 

Note: You can schedule consultations with these specialists through HexaHealth. 

For surgical abortion services in Mumbai, we provide a range of trusted healthcare partners. The hospitals associated with HexaHealth are NABH-accredited. They deliver cost-effective and technologically advanced options in the city. 

Patients can consider the following surgical abortion clinics in Mumbai for a better understanding:

  1. Kulkarni Hospital: It's a multispeciality hospital that specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology. Known for excellence, the facility offers advanced treatments in ectopic pregnancy removal, surgical abortion in Mumbai, etc.

  2. Soham Hospital: Located in Thane West, Mumbai, it is a trusted healthcare provider. Since its inception, the hospital has prioritised customer satisfaction, resulting in a loyal customer base.  Soham Hospital is known for having a customer-centric approach.

  3. Manak Health Care Hospital: Specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology, the hospital offers a range of services. It features numerous beds, fully equipped intensive care units, and modern operation theatres. With a well-trained team and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital maintains a high standard of treatment and patient care.

  4. Fortis Hospital: It is a 315-bed multi-speciality tertiary care hospital with five JCI accreditations.  They offer a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services. With world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical technology, they are pioneers in performing breakthrough procedures.

  5. Rainbow Women's Hospital: A dedicated maternity hospital committed to elevating healthcare standards for women and infants. It offers fully equipped modern operation theatres and specialised services in gynaecology. The cohesive staff includes experienced nurses, obstetricians, and gynaecologists.

Note: You can connect with these hospitals seamlessly and quickly through HexaHealth experts. 

The surgical abortion cost in Mumbai varies for different healthcare centres. The reputation of the facility, treatments offered, and surgeon’s fees can significantly impact the total expense. Contact our patient care specialists in the city to obtain a detailed breakdown of the total cost.


Cost Range

Minimum Amount

₹ 20,000

Average Cost

₹ 32,000

Maximum Price

₹ 75,000

Note: The values are approximate. You can contact HexaHealth for a detailed understanding of the surgical abortion price. 

Stage Wise Cost for Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

The surgical abortion price in Mumbai varies based on the stage of pregnancy (the gestational month). For accurate and personalised information, it is recommended to consult with healthcare providers. 

Stage Wise Abortion Procedure


First-trimester abortion (upto 12 weeks): 

₹20,000 - ₹ 30,000 

Second-trimester abortion (12-24 weeks):

₹ 35,000 - ₹ 70,000 (complicated procedure involves care and precautions to avoid the risk of bleeding)

Note: Generally the expenditure of pregnancy termination increases with the longer pregnancy month. For further details on the cost of surgical abortion in the city please contact HexaHealth.

Financing Options for Surgical Abortion in Mumbai

Explore the financial assistance options for surgical abortion procedures in Mumbai offered by HexaHealth. Reach out to our patient care experts to inquire about insurance eligibility and potential assistance with medical loans.


Medical insurance coverage for abortion procedures is generally not available in India. The cases where the mother's life is at risk, it may be covered to some extent. Patients should carefully review their insurance terms to understand any surgery-related deductibles or copayments.

Note: Consult HexaHealth for more comprehensive information on the insurance coverage for surgical abortion.

Cashless Claim 

Health insurance providers in Mumbai streamline claims for surgical abortion procedures. HexaHealth experts are available to guide you through the process of cashless settlements. We offer advantages such as pre-approval (no documentation required) and quick settlements.

Reimbursement Claim

In the case of reimbursement claims, patients cover upfront medical expenses and later seek repayment from the insurance provider. HexaHealth professionals offer support throughout this process. For assistance, contact us.

Medical Loan

To address the financial aspect of surgical abortion, consider a medical loan. HexaHealth provides tailored plans, including abortion costs, offering benefits such as:

  1. Instant approval

  2. No collateral requirement

  3. Zero processing fees

  4. 0% interest

  5. Simple and flexible EMIs

 Connect with HexaHealth professionals for assistance and benefit from these advantages.

Choose HexaHealth for surgical abortion process in Mumbai for expert care and seamless assistance. With top hospitals and gynaecologists, we provide access to the best treatment options. Here's why we are the best choice for surgical abortion:

  1. Free Consultation: HexaHealth provides no-cost, personalised assessments with leading gynaecologists in Mumbai. This ensures expert guidance from the beginning.

  1. Confidentiality, Safety, and Affordability: Abortion services maintain 100% privacy, adhering to legal standards. We prioritise security and cost-effective medical treatments.

  1. Flexible Payment Options: A variety of easy bill settlement options, including cash, cheque, UPI, etc., are offered.

  1. Zero-Cost EMI Plans: We alleviate financial stress with our no-cost EMI options. This allows patients to manage expenses without additional burden.

  1. Outpatient Technique: Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, patients can anticipate same-day discharge. 

  1. Complimentary Transportation: On the surgery day, we provide free pick-up and drop-off services for added convenience.

  1. Free Follow-Up: We offer complimentary follow-up consultations to monitor the patient's health and recovery closely.

Additional reasons for choosing HexaHealth for surgical abortion are:



Comprehensive Support


Patient-Centric Approach


Insurance Assistance


Dedicated Support


Personalised Treatment Plans


State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities


24/7 Availability of Support Team


Transparent Communication


Surgical abortion is a legal procedure in India, permissible up to 24 weeks of gestation. It involves the surgical removal of the foetus and placenta from the uterus. It is a daycare procedure conducted under general anaesthesia, taking 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

Abortion is legal for females above 18, irrespective of marital status, with costs primarily determined by the pregnancy duration. The legality of abortion remains consistent for both married and unmarried females. Costs increase with the duration of pregnancy, and patient consent is a key requirement for the procedure. 

Diagnostic Test for Surgical Abortion

Doctors may recommend some diagnostic tests to help in preoperative evaluations. These tests are tailored to the woman's specific needs and ensure a safe and effective process. 

  1. Ultrasound: To determine the gestational age and confirm the viability of the pregnancy.

  2. Blood Tests: Complete blood count (CBC) and blood typing help to assess overall health and identify any potential complications.

  3. Rh Factor Test: Identifying the Rh factor in the blood to prevent Rh incompatibility issues.

  4. STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Testing: To check for any existing infections that may require treatment.

  5. Medical History and Physical Examination: Assessing the woman's overall health and identifying any pre-existing conditions.

  6. Counselling: Providing information about the abortion procedure, discussing options, and addressing any concerns.

Consulting with a doctor in Mumbai is essential. They can assess individual circumstances, discuss healthcare needs, and provide personalised guidance to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Advantages for Surgical Abortion

The choice to proceed with surgical abortion is intricate, and perspectives on its benefits can differ. Some potential advantages include:

  1. High Success Rate: Surgical abortion has a success rate of approximately 99%, depending on the proficiency of medical professionals.

  1. Reduced Bleeding and Pain: Patients experience less bleeding and abdominal pain compared to medical abortion.

  1. Swift Recovery: The recovery time is shorter. Patients can resume normal activities in just half an hour for small gestations and 2-3 hours for advanced pregnancies.

  1. Fewer Complications: The procedure involves fewer complications, contributing to its reliability and safety.

Note: Consultation with healthcare professionals is important for informed decision-making. Contact HexaHealth for more assistance.

Risks  of Delay in Abortion

Surgical abortions are safe procedures and rarely involve any risk. However, the possible risk of delaying the abortion may pose risks. Seeking timely medical advice is important for effective and safe procedures. 

The potential risks could be: 

  1. Increased likelihood of complications post-procedure.

  2. The termination procedure becomes more complex with the growth of the foetus.

  3. Elevated risk of future miscarriage

Best Surgical Abortion Doctors in Mumbai

Dr. Shifa Khan

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

10+ Years




Best Surgical Abortion Hospitals in Mumbai

Ayush Nursing Home, Thane

Ayush Nursing Home, Thane

4.9/5(89 Ratings)
Kandivali West, Mumbai

HexaHealth: Your Safety Partners for Surgical Abortions in Mumbai

Discover safe and expert surgical abortion in Mumbai, where top-notch healthcare professionals ensure personalised care and advanced procedures. Experience swift recovery and minimal complications in a city renowned for its excellence in medical services. 

HexaHealth offers top-notch surgical abortion care in Mumbai. Benefit from 24/7 support, skilled professionals, and unmatched facilities. Our focus on privacy, affordability, and comprehensive care ensures a seamless healthcare journey. Choose HexaHealth for expert attention and a smooth experience. Book your surgery with us for unparalleled care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Surgical abortion typically involves procedures like vacuum aspiration or dilation and curettage (D&C). Performed by skilled healthcare professionals, it ensures a safe and effective termination of the pregnancy.


Both medical and surgical abortion procedures are highly safe and effective, with success rates exceeding 99%. In rare instances of procedure failure, a repeat can be safely performed to ensure the desired outcome.


Yes, Mumbai offers different types of surgical abortion procedures, including:

  1. Vacuum aspiration

  2. Dilation and curettage (D&C)

Skilled healthcare professionals tailor the approach based on individual circumstances.


Abortion is legally permissible in India up to 24 weeks of pregnancy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. However, females seeking abortion must be above 18 years of age to comply with the legal regulations.


There are a number of surgical abortion clinics in Mumbai offering best treatment. The best ones are:

  1. Kulkarni Hospital

  2. Soham Hospital

  3. Manak Health Care Hospital

  4. Fortis Hospital

  5. Rainbow Women's Hospital


HexaHealth, the patient's preferred choice for surgical abortion in the city, provides expert care and personalised support. The top-notch facilities ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the procedure.


The total surgical abortion price in Mumbai varies for different healthcare clinics. However, the cost ranges between ₹ 20,000 -  ₹ 75,000.


Surgical abortion is a minimally invasive surgical process involving the following steps: 

  1. Consultation with a healthcare professional

  2. Medical examination and ultrasound

  3. Informed decision and consent

  4. Anaesthesia administration

  5. Cervical dilation

  6. Pregnancy tissue removal via suction or other methods

  7. Post-operative monitoring and instructions

  8. Follow-up appointment


The risk of complications depends on how many weeks pregnant you are. Complications of surgical abortion can include:

  1. Risk of infection due to the introduction of bacteria into the uterus.

  2. Possibility of heavy bleeding during or after the procedure.

  3. Rare instances of injury to the uterus or nearby organs.

  4. Potential complications associated with anaesthesia administration.

  5. Small chance of not removing all pregnancy tissue.

  6. Possible emotional and psychological effects post-procedure.


The surgical abortion procedure typically takes 15-30 minutes in Mumbai. However, the duration depends on the complexity of the procedure and the patient's condition.


Yes, general anaesthesia is used during a surgical abortion. The usage of anaesthesia depends on factors such as gestational age, patient preference, and the healthcare provider's recommendation.


Individual recovery times after abortions differ. A person generally recovers in a few days if they have an uncomplicated first-trimester abortion.


There are no strict legal age restrictions for getting a surgical abortion in Mumbai. However, it is generally recommended that individuals seeking an abortion should be above 18 years of age. This ensures that the person is considered an adult and can provide informed consent for the procedure.


Yes, non-residents or tourists can generally avail of surgical abortion services in Mumbai. However, it is important to check with healthcare providers in advance to understand their specific policies and procedures. Additionally, individuals may need to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements for obtaining healthcare services in India.


Follow-up appointments after a surgical abortion in Mumbai are typically scheduled to monitor recovery and address any concerns. The first follow-up appointment may occur within a week after the procedure. Additional appointments might be scheduled based on individual needs.


Documentation requirements for a surgical abortion may include:

  1. Valid identification proof

  2. Address proof

  3. Medical records, including ultrasound reports

  4. Consent form for the procedure

  5. Any additional forms or information as required by the healthcare provider


There may not be a strict legal age restriction for getting a surgical abortion. However, it is generally recommended that individuals seeking an abortion should be above 18 years of age. This ensures that the person is considered an adult and can provide informed consent for the procedure.


Surgical abortion ensures strict confidentiality. Patient privacy is a top priority throughout the process for healthcare providers.


The success rate of surgical abortion is generally high, exceeding 99%. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on various factors, including the gestational age, the expertise of healthcare professionals, and the individual's health.


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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and learning purposes only. It doesn't cover every medical condition and might not be relevant to your personal situation. This information isn't medical advice, isn't meant for diagnosing any condition, and shouldn't replace talking to a certified medical or healthcare professional.


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