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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Mumbai

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Nose contour surgery has been gaining popularity for acquiring a desirable physical appearance and overcoming health issues. If you are wondering if getting a rhinoplasty in Mumbai is the right choice, would it be helpful? Then worry not! 

You can forget all your doubts concerning the surgical technique with HexaHealth. Continue reading the article to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, associated expenditure, and much more.

Gain Confidence with Rhinoplasty Surgery in Mumbai

A common misconception associated with metropolitan cities like Mumbai is regarding the availability and financial burden concerning health care services. Such perceptions give rise to whether nose surgery in Mumbai is considerable or not.

To make that decision easy, it's essential to assess the numerous benefits of having the operation in this city:

  1. Top-rated Healthcare Providers: Owing to the consistently advancing lifestyle, the city has progressed immensely in the medical field. Thus, patients receive the best rhinoplasty in Mumbai with highly recommended doctors and hospitals.

  2. Medical Accessibility: Being a centralised and well-connected city contributes significantly towards easy commuting for treatment, day and night.

  3. Holistic Care: An exceptional aspect of nose surgery in Mumbai is that the medical professionals use advanced techniques at every step. Be it globalised medical approaches or evaluation of any relevant post-op health concerns, the city has it all. 

  4. Affordability: In Mumbai, the prices of a nose job are surprisingly similar to that in any other city. There are numerous financing aids available to ease the monetary burden.

Patients can choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai from the diverse panel of healthcare professionals associated with HexaHealth. Along with exceptional skills and reputation, our empanelled plastic surgeons have more than two decades of experience. 

Wondering which is a suitable choice? You can consider some of the following experts to ensure sustainable treatment:

Plastic Surgeon

Specialises In

Dr Nikunj Mody

  1. Rhinoplasty

  2. Mastectomy

  3. Botox and face fillers

Dr Bharat Rajivkumar Saxena

  1. Nose reconstruction

  2. Plastic surgery

  3. Lymphedema and oncoplastic microsurgery

Dr Gaurav Shalya

  1. Rhinoplasty

  2. Dermal fillers

  3. Buccal fat removal

Dr Vinod Pachade

  1. Nasal reshaping

  2. Labiaplasty

  3. Breast surgeries

Dr Ashish Subhash Sangvikar

  1. Facial lift

  2. Liposuction

  3. Rhinoplasty

If you are looking for the 16 best plastic surgeons in Mumbai, then our website can help you choose our panel of expert doctors. Let HexaHealth worry about the surgical formalities; select who you want to consult, and we'll handle the rest.

Note: These are just a few top-rated rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai; you can consult any other doctor of your choice with HexaHealth. Contact our patient care specialists now.

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth plastic surgeons in Mumbai?

HexaHealth is a reliable and easy solution to all your surgical concerns and formalities. To book a consultation with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, you can try any of the following:

  1. Visit the HexaHealth website and submit the query along with your details. Our care specialists will then reach out to you to facilitate the process.

  2. Download our app on your Android or iOS devices and get access to convenient surgical support on the go. 

The effectiveness and quality of nose surgery in Mumbai can be significantly influenced by the choice of healthcare facility. Individuals can select any of the 100+ hospitals in the HexaHealth network. 

To ease your efforts and save some time, let’s look at some of the highly recommended medical centres:


Known for

Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center

  1. World-class treatment

  2. Diversified specialities

Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital

  1. 70+ years of excellence

  2. 55 speciality centres

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

  1. Established 43 years back

  2. Well-equipped healthcare centre

MPCT Hospital

  1. International care standards

  2. State-of-the-art technologies

Apex Multispeciality Hospitals

  1. 25 trusted years of service

  2. Holistic and efficient care approach

Visit our website to find the complete list of 75 top-rated hospitals to get your plastic surgery in Mumbai. Reconstructive procedures become efficient and provide long-term results with the help of correct healthcare providers. So make your decision wisely with our support.

Note: Didn't see a hospital near you on the list? Don't worry; contact HexaHealth for more information about other healthcare facilities and book an appointment.

A constant concern for any individual considering getting the best rhinoplasty in Mumbai is its affordability. According to the recent trends and pricing patterns, you can expect a minimum amount of ₹ 68,000 going up to ₹ 1,50,000.

The table below provides a rough estimate of the expenditure associated with the treatment.

Nose Surgery

Estimated Cost Range

Minimum Amount

₹ 68,000

Average Price

₹ 87,000

Maximum Price

₹ 1,50,000

Note: The figures mentioned above are mere approximations. The rhinoplasty cost is subject to variations. It can differ due to multiple factors like surgeon, hospital, additional care, and more.

Financing Alternatives

Shouldering the rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai can be overwhelming and worrisome for some people. Thus increasing the level of reluctance to get the surgery done. However, if finances are your blocker, then there are multiple aids available to help in monetary management.

  1. Health Insurance: Nose surgery in Mumbai is primarily categorised as a cosmetic procedure and thus not financially covered by health insurance. Therefore, the availability of medical claims, like cashless or reimbursement, varies according to the patient's case.

However, partial or complete coverage may be provided if the procedure is prescribed for significant medical reasons. For instance, a septoplasty operation is a medically necessary treatment and thus is included in insurance coverage. 

Note: If you need help understanding the formalities associated with the policies. Then, HexaHealth can assist you in the same along with the surgery.

  1. Medical Loans: If you do not have insurance or lack coverage for rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai, medical loans can be your saviour. With HexaHealth, you can get the opportunity to avail of the following:

    1. Immediate verification

    2. Zero processing charges

    3. Easy and customisable repayment

    4. No interest rates

Note: HexaHealth can help you attain support for rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai along with sustainable health results. Please reach out to our experienced consultants for all the information.

Acquiring an opportunity to get the best rhinoplasty in Mumbai does not only help enhance the physical aspects. But can become life-saving in cases like deviated septum and respiratory obstruction. 

To help you further, let’s look at the advantages of getting the operation done with HexaHealth:

  1. Affordable Advanced Care: The city is devoted to continuous medical development to establish a healthy society. Getting a rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai implies advanced techniques and ensures its affordability.

  2. Healthcare Standards: To accommodate the needs of people getting nose surgery in Mumbai, the adherence to global medical guidelines is essential. HexaHealth offers accessibility to all these and more for the best results.

  3. Availability: With the diverse network of our best plastic surgeons and hospitals, we ensure you get timely medical assistance. HexaHealth provides versatility in booking appointments, surgery, and more.

  4. Confidentiality: We know privacy matters to you, so we ensure complete information safety. You can rely on us to maintain comprehensive patient discretion. 

Rhinoplasty, or "nose job" or "nose reshaping surgery," is an aesthetic technique. The primary focus of the operation is on enhancing or correcting the nasal shape as per the patient's desires. A plastic surgeon takes 60-120 minutes to complete the procedure under general anaesthesia.

Types of Rhinoplasty

The surgical approach adopted during the treatment can vary as per the health needs of the patients. Majorly rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai can be done through two modalities:

  1. Open Rhinoplasty: The plastic surgeon makes external cuts for better accessibility. It is recommended for complex reshaping and causes visible scarring.

  2. Closed Rhinoplasty: In this approach, the restructuring is achieved through the nostrils. The procedure is ideal for simple modifications, minimises scar, and quicker recovery.

Preparation Before Rhinoplasty

Every surgical technique has certain preliminary protocols that help assess the patient's condition. The aim is to ensure complete safety and acquire sustainable resul

Before undergoing the best rhinoplasty in Mumbai, you may have to go through the following:

  1. Medical History: Discussion on the surgical purpose along with your medical history. It includes any past nasal blockages or medications and whether you have bleeding disorders.

  2. Physiological Assessment: Helps assess the impact of physical features like skin thickness and cartilage strength on rhinoplasty results.

  3. Portfolio Evaluation: Pictures of noses taken from various angles are used by surgeons to display possible results through different software. It facilitates discussions about surgery goals.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty

The most standard query of patients in a dilemma regarding a cosmetic treatment is whether it is worth it and what they benefit from. To help you out and make the decision easy, let's see what are the advantages of getting a nose job:

  1. Better nasal structure to satisfy your desire for a symmetrical and pleasing appearance.

  2. Improved breathing for those experiencing respiratory troubles due to the shape of their nose.

  3. A significant enhancement to the self-image and perception to live confidently.

  4. Nasal deformities, accidental or birth defects, can be easily corrected with rhinoplasty.

What to and not to expect from rhinoplasty?

Patients often get confused with their expectations due to the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with aesthetic procedures. This can be easily avoided by understanding what rhinoplasty can or cannot do.

Rhinoplasty can

Rhinoplasty cannot 

reshape the nose.

alter facial other features.

provide symmetry to the nose.

change the skeletal structure.

get rid of nasal bumps and dips.

make genetic modifications.

improvise breathing functions.

treat skin issues.

Note: It is advised to discuss your surgical expectations and potential outcomes with a skilled plastic surgeon. Schedule an appointment with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai quickly with HexaHealth.

Why do you opt for HexaHealth for rhinoplasty in Mumbai and not another healthcare provider? Then remember, you are not just choosing us for halfway assistance. But we ensure your comfort in all steps and aspects of the surgery as shown below:




Best Hospital and Surgeon Network



Free Follow-ups



Complimentary Transport (HexaBuddy)



Insurance Support



Medical Loans with Zero-cost EMI



Redefine Your Story with Rhinoplasty at HexaHealth

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai offers an advanced solution for residents looking for nose remodelling. The city has exceptional hospitals with highly qualified cosmetic surgeons to match your health desires. You must carefully review all possibilities and financial aspects to make the correct choice.

HexaHealth is a trusted medical services provider providing clear financing options and prices to help with planning. We place a high priority on a flawless experience. Contact us to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai and receive top-notch care according to your specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The surgical technique known as rhinoplasty is used to modify the nasal shape, size, or symmetry. This is primarily done to make its appearance better along with the functionality. During the procedure, general anaesthesia is used.


While choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, patients must ensure that their skills and experience are evaluated. A concise list of the top 5 plastic surgeons is provided for your reference:

  1. Dr Nikunj Mody

  2. Dr Bharat Rajivkumar Saxena

  3. Dr Gaurav Shalya

  4. Dr Vinod Pachade

  5. Dr Ashish Subhash Sangvikar

Note: Let HexaHealth handle the consultation booking and then surgical formalities. Our consultants and empanelled doctors are devoted to providing best treatment at all times.


The choice of a best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai can be made with by assessing the following:

  1. Your doctor’s, family’s, or friend’s recommendations

  2. Evaluating their experience, skills, and hospital affiliations

  3. Comparing patient reviews and assessing their portfolios

  4. Accessibility and affordability of the surgeon

Note: Reach out to HexaHealth care specialists for getting referrals of the top doctors and book an appointment. We ensure top-notch surgical support with complete confidentiality.


Numerous healthcare facilities renowned for rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai along with their global care standards and techniques. Having trouble choosing the right hospital for? Then consider the ones listed below:

  1. Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center

  2. Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital

  3. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

  4. MPCT Hospital

  5. Apex Multispeciality Hospitals

Note: HexaHealth website has plenty of other medical facilities ranging from small clinics, multispeciality, to superspeciality. Or you can reach out through our mobile app to book your consultation quickly.


HexaHealth is your all-round guide and companion for any surgery and trusted treatment. We take pride in our patient-centric approach and exceptional “go-beyond” attitude. If you are wondering what all you can get at HexaHealth then look no further:

  1. International treatment techniques and guidelines

  2. Access to all advanced methods and equipment

  3. Panel of best doctors and hospitals across Mumbai

  4. Complete financial guidance and varying payment options

  5. Medical loans with no asset or interest


The range of rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai starts at ₹ 68,000 and can go up to ₹ 1,50,000. On average a patient can expect the pricing of around ₹ 87,000. Please remember that these can vary due to multiple factors. 


Yes, patients can request detailed portfolios of the surgery results. HexaHealth is available to help you get a nose surgery in Mumbai along with the before and after pictures of patients. Contact us now or visit the website!


Rhinoplasty surgery can take up to a year to fully recover. The postoperative swelling lasts four to six weeks. It gradually decreases after three months.


Yes, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary nose shape alteration using dermal fillers. It offers an alternative to surgical intervention and typically lasts six months.


Rhinoplasty involves certain surgical risks like bleeding, infection, and anaesthesia-related reactions. Additional complications may include:

  1. Persistent numbness and pain

  2. Uneven appearance requiring revision rhinoplasty

  3. Changes in smell perception

  4. Scarring

  5. Hole formation in nasal septum


The HexaHealth website has 100+ patient stories and reviews for rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai. Apart from that you can also check out our patient success stories on YouTube. Alternatively, you can contact our consultants or download our app for detailed patient feedback.


The main distinction between an open and closed rhinoplasty is in the approach adopted. In the former, an external cut is made on the nose for better visibility. It allows surgeons to carry out complex modifications. However, in the latter the procedure is done through nostrils and can only perform minor nasal changes.


The swelling after rhinoplasty lasts for 4-6 weeks and starts to decrease within 3 months after the procedure. In case the inflammation worsens or persists longer than expected, seek medical advice.


No, rhinoplasty cannot treat a deviated septum as the standard technique. However, if it is performed in addition to septoplasty (septorhinoplasty) then this purpose can be fulfilled.


Nose surgery in Mumbai is primarily cosmetic and thus not covered by health insurance. However, if done along with medical procedures like septoplasty then it may be covered.


Surgeons perform closed endonasal or internal rhinoplasty, involving smaller incisions and less tissue damage. It can lead to increased procedural complexity and minimal external scarring or discolouration.


Yes, getting a rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai can help patients get rid of their crooked nose. However, it is worth noting that this technique can only alter the shape and not the skin or natural structure. In case, another procedure is needed to change the surrounding discolouration or spots.


Although nose surgery in Mumbai can be recommended for a diverse age group. But it is found to be highly effective for patients above 18. Appropriate healthcare consultation is mandatory before opting for the procedure.


Every patient feels overwhelmed while wondering what would happen during their preliminary assessment. Let’s look at the standard steps involved in the same:

  1. Discussion about the surgical purpose and expectations.

  2. Recording nasal pictures and visualisation of the outcome.

  3. Formulating a treatment strategy according to patient’s condition and needs.

  4. Evaluating medical history, allergies, potential procedure risks and benefits.

  5. Assessing the medications currently prescribed to the individual.

Note: You can book a quick and discrete consultation with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai through the HexaHealth website or app.


Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure with a minimal complication rate of 0.7%. There is a slight chance of postoperative concerns like bleeding or infection. However, these can be easily mitigated and subside naturally during the healing process.


A nose operation can go wrong, just like any other aesthetic surgery. The following issues are listed as potential causes of an unsatisfactory treatment:

  1. Excessive filling up above the nasal tip.

  2. Extension of the nose tip due to additional support from cartilage.

  3. The cartilage in the nose gets twisted and bumpy when it is overcut.

  4. Breathing issues occur due to a narrowing of the nasal airway.


Yes, choosing a plastic surgeon who is proficient regarding your preferences makes it appear natural. To get in touch with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai visit HexaHealth site or use our app.


Nose fillers are one of the options. However, these are only short-term solutions that fail to have lasting consequences. Usually, the result lasts for up to six months. Depending on your expectations, a cosmetic surgeon can guide you on most suitable approach.


Why Choose HexaHealth?



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and learning purposes only. It doesn't cover every medical condition and might not be relevant to your personal situation. This information isn't medical advice, isn't meant for diagnosing any condition, and shouldn't replace talking to a certified medical or healthcare professional.


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