Laser Circumcision - Recovery, Side Effects, Benefits, Risks

Laser Circumcision

Treatment Duration


5 Minutes

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10 Minutes

Treatment Cost


Rs 28000

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Rs 60000

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Laser Circumcision

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Laser circumcisions


Laser Circumcision is a surgical procedure used for the excision of the foreskin, which is the skin covering the penis's tip

It is distinct from the traditional method that uses healthcare scissors or a scalpel. It is a non-invasive procedure that causes no bleeding and allows faster healing. In this case, the wound doesn't irritate as much as it does in the traditional method. 

Basic Consideration for Circumcision

Laser Circumcision is a surgical procedure used for the excision of the foreskin, which is the skin covering the penis's tip.

  The  benefits of the procedure are

  1. It’s a short procedure and usually takes 20 minutes to operate
  2. Local, general, or spinal anaesthesia is given to the patient after performing a few medical tests.
  3. In the case of local anaesthesia, the patient may get discharged after 3-5 hours of observation period as recommended by the practitioner. 
  4. The procedure does not cause any discomfort to the patient.

Various problems associated with the Foreskin

  1. There exist several foreskin-related problems that can be treated via circumcision. These include:
  2. Phimosis: The inability to retract the skin (foreskin or prepuce) surrounding the head (glans) of the penis.
  3. Paraphimosis: It is a disorder where the foreskin becomes lodged behind the tip of the penis, obstructing  the blood circulation to the penis. It causes painful urination, infections, or intercourse (dysuria).
  4. Balanitis: An infection of glans of the penis. Symptoms of these are skin rashes, thrush, or other skin problems that cause the head of a penis to become inflamed or swollen. 
  5. Foreskin problems can be caused due to several reasons like:-
  6. Including overly tight foreskin
  7. Poor hygiene: Not keeping the pubic area dry and clean may cause infections and ultimately balanitis.
  8. Infection: Infections like genital yeast infections are common in men. This fungal infection leads to balanitis.
  9. TYPE-2 Diabetes.
  10.  Sexually transmitted infections, foreskin inflammation, and so on. 


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Who needs Laser Circumcisions ?

Symptoms for foreskin related problems are:-

  1. Urinary tract discomfort: A person might feel irritation or discomfort while peeing.
  2. A foul Odour is present, as is a deposit of viscous discharge under the foreskin. 
  3. Minor bleeding around at the foreskin regularly 
  4. Retraction of the tight foreskin is difficult.
  5. Let's take a closer look at the cutting-edge non-invasive treatment for balanitis which is laser circumcision.


Laser Circumcision procedure

Laser Circumcision Procedure

  1. Pulses of laser radiation are used to cut the skin from the penis during the laser circumcision operation.
  2. Firstly, local or general anaesthesia is given to the patient and then laser circumcision is performed.
  3. The patient feels no discomfort during and after the operation. 
  4. The foreskin is removed using the vitality of laser pulses.
  5.  Laser circumcision procedure,  do not leave any marks on the foreskin.


Recovery and Post op care after laser circumcisions procedure

  1. Hydration- Drink 7–8 cups of water every day and increase your intake of other nutritional fluids. Fresh fruit and coconut water replenish the body while decreasing urine acidity. It's necessary to stay hydrated because the acidity of urination can cause pain and irritation. 
  2. Wearing comfortable underwear: Wearing underwear that really can hold the penis in place is preferable to loose-fitting underwear as loose underwear might cause discomfort and suffering. 
  3. Avoid intense physical activity: Exercises and strenuous physical activity must be avoided for a set amount of time, as determined by the doctor. 
  4. Avoid using ointments and creams: Don't use any over-the-counter creams or ointments on swelling post circumcision as it can lead to scarring or inflammation of the penis. 
  5. Hygiene: Maintain a clean and dry penile region. Change your dressing as directed by the doctor regularly. Take a bath only after 2 days of the procedure.
  6. Avoid sexual activity: Adults should avoid sexual activity for at least two weeks after circumcision to allow the incisions to heal. 
  7. These are lifestyle suggestions that aid in quick circumcision healing. Dietary advice is also provided to help you heal faster following surgery.
  8. Foods to avoid after circumcision:
  9. Junk and fatty foods 
  10. Processed foods
  11. Foods that you should eat while recovering after circumcision
  12. Fibrous diet
  13. Proteinaceous diet
  14. Foods rich in vitamin C and D ,like citrus fruits, strawberries, mushrooms, spinach, and more.

Updated on : 6 November 2023


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