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Are you looking for an effective way to tackle weight loss when diet and exercise have failed? Gastric balloon surgery in Mumbai is becoming popular for those seeking a non-surgical solution. The healthcare facilities in the city ensure a comfortable and supportive environment for patients throughout this procedure. 

Imagine a technique that does not require incisions but promises real results. The weight loss balloon in Mumbai is exactly that. Continue reading to find the best doctors, hospitals, and cost of the gastric balloon.

Get an Intragastric Balloon in Mumbai

Mumbai is a leading destination for medical treatments, particularly in weight management. Among these, intragastric ballooning is a preferred non-surgical weight loss approach. 

Nonsurgical weight loss in Mumbai offers numerous advantages. These include: 

  1. Access to highly skilled surgeons specialising in nonsurgical weight loss procedures.

  2. State-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest medical technology for safe and effective treatment.

  3. Comprehensive support tailored to each patient’s needs, from initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up.

  4. Easy accessibility for domestic and international patients seeking high-quality medical care.

  5. A multidisciplinary approach, including nutritional and psychological support, is emphasised to ensure long-term success.

    Gastric Balloon Surgery in Mumbai

There are several skilled professionals in gastric balloon in Mumbai, known for their proficiency. They deliver positive results for their patients. Consult the list below to identify a specialist who meets your unique needs:


Experience/ Key Interest/ Known For 

Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke 

  1. 11 years

  2. Intragastric ballooning, laser piles surgery, hernia surgery

Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale 

  1. 14 years

  2. Bariatric surgery, open circumcision, gallstone removal 

Dr Prakash Hindurao Kurane 

  1. 18 years 

  2. Previously associated with Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital 

  3. Gastric balloon, GERD surgery, haemorrhoidectomy

Dr Aman Priya Khanna 

  1. 12 years 

  2. Performed over 4000 complex procedures 

  3. Bariatric surgery, incisional hernia, pilonidal flap surgery

Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar 

  1. 10 years 

  2. Intragastric ballooning, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery 

The specialists for intragastric balloon in Mumbai listed here are not the only ones available in the city. HexaHealth has a network of over 1,000 seasoned professionals in weight loss procedures. Visit the best bariatric surgeons in Mumbai to check a complete list.

Best Doctors for Weight Loss Balloon in Mumbai

The experts at HexaHealth guarantee access to effective weight loss options. Using the HexaHealth website or app, you can easily schedule a consultation with these surgeons. Choose your preferred doctor, select a suitable time, and book your appointment.

Mumbai has several leading healthcare facilities specialising in weight management solutions, including intragastric ballooning. These centres have the latest in medical advancements and skilled professionals. 

To find the best hospital suited to your requirements, you can consider the list below:

Hospital Name 

Achievement/ Known For

MPCT Hospital, Navi Mumbai

  1. Multi-speciality hospital 

  2. 75,000+ diagnostic and health check-ups

  3. More than 11,00,000 happy patients 

Currae Speciality Hospital, Thane

  1. Fully-equipped ICUs

  2. Well-experienced doctors 

  3. Focuses on safety and quality 

Apex Multispeciality Hospital, Borivali East 

  1. 51-bed NABH centre 

  2. Expert doctors with 25+ years of experience

SRV Hospital, Goregaon West

  1. 75+ bed facility accredited with NABH

  2. 16-bedded ICCU and ICU

  3. More than 35 years of experience 

SRCC Children Hospital, Mahalakshmi

  1. 207 beds and 7 OTs

  2. 87 critical care unit beds 

  3. 2nd youngest paediatric bariatric surgery 

Mumbai has various medical centres specialising in intragastric ballooning. HexaHealth connects you to over 200 top hospitals in the city. Check the best general surgery hospitals in Mumbai for a detailed list.

Best Hospitals for Gastric Balloon in Mumbai

Chosen for their outstanding patient support, the hospitals within the HexaHealth network are the preferred option for intragastric ballooning. Booking an appointment is simple. Visit the HexaHealth website or app, pick your desired hospital, and schedule a time that suits you to meet with top weight loss experts.

The gastric balloon cost in Mumbai generally begins at ₹ 3,00,000 and can go up to ₹ 4,30,000. It fluctuates significantly based on factors such as the accreditation of the hospital and the expertise of the performing doctor. Below is a summary of the expenses involved:

Intragastric Ballooning

Approximate Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 3,00,000

Average Expense

₹ 3,75,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 4,30,000

Note: These costs of a nonsurgical weight loss in Mumbai are estimates. To get accurate pricing information, you should consult HexaHealth experts.

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Financing Options 

Financing aid for gastric balloon surgery in Mumbai offers patients several ways to accommodate their budget. These alternatives relieve economic stress, enabling individuals to concentrate on the benefits of the treatment:

  1. Insurance: The cost of intragastric ballooning is generally covered by insurance if it is medically necessary. However, the coverage can vary depending on the terms and conditions of the plan. You can avail of cashless or reimbursement claims depending on your policy. 

HexaHealth can help you understand the coverage details and file claim submissions. 

  1. Medical Loans: Ideal for uninsured individuals, banks and financial institutions offer these for healthcare purposes. HexaHealth facilitates access to these funds, with advantages like:

  1. Quick loan approval 

  2. No need for collateral 

  3. Zero processing fee 

  4. 0% interest rate 

  5. Flexible EMI

HexaHealth is your go-to choice for nonsurgical weight loss in Mumbai, ensuring a seamless and successful procedure. Our commitment to quality means you have access to the most advanced techniques available.

Choosing HexaHealth for your treatment is wise for the following reasons:

  1. Access to leading specialists in intragastric ballooning

  2. Utilisation of the latest, safest intragastric ballooning methods

  3. Collaboration with top hospitals in Mumbai

  4. Customised diet and nutrition plan 

  5. Free health tracker smartwatch 

  6. A dedicated lifestyle coach for sustained weight loss

    Best Nonsurgical Weight Loss in Mumbai

Obesity is a medical condition caused by having too much body fat. It can pose a health risk. Medical experts define obesity as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. It increases the likelihood of various diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Intragastric Balloon in Mumbai

Intragastric ballooning is a simple daycare, non-surgical weight loss procedure. A silicone balloon is temporarily placed inside the stomach using an endoscope (a thin, flexible tube). The balloon is filled with saline to partially fill the stomach partially, helping patients feel fuller, faster and longer. This reduces their food intake. The balloon is typically removed after six months.

The procedure takes about ten minutes and is performed without anaesthesia. It helps people lose approximately 10% to 15% of their total body weight (TBW) within 4-6 months. 

Tests Before Intragastric Ballooning

Before undergoing intragastric ballooning, several tests are conducted to ensure the procedure is safe and appropriate for the patient. These may include:

  1. Blood Tests: They check for any underlying health issues that could complicate the procedure. These may include complete blood count (CBC), B12, liver function tests, etc. 

  2. Endoscopy: A visual examination of the stomach to ensure no issues, such as a stomach ulcer or hiatal hernia, that would preclude balloon placement.

  3. Ultrasound: To check for gallstones or other gallbladder issues, as rapid weight loss can increase the risk of gallstones.

Advantages of Intragastric Ballooning 

The intragastric balloon offers several advantages for individuals looking to lose weight. This is particularly true for those who may not be candidates for more invasive bariatric surgeries. These benefits include:

  1. Non-surgical: The procedure doesn’t require surgery, making it less invasive and eliminating risks associated with surgical interventions.

  2. No Anaesthesia: The associated risks are eliminated as the procedure is performed without anaesthesia. 

  3. Time-saving: The balloon placement is a quick process that takes about 10 minutes. The recovery is also rapid. 

  4. Short Hospital Stay: Most patients can go home the same day, minimising hospitalisation time.

  5. Reversible: The balloon is designed for temporary use and can be removed, making it a flexible option.

Risks of Delaying Intragastric Ballooning 

Delaying intragastric ballooning, especially when recommended, can lead to several health risks associated with ongoing obesity. These include:

  1. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea (breathing stops and starts during sleep)

  2. Heart diseases 

  3. Hypertension 

  4. Type 2 diabetes 

  5. Osteoarthritis 

Alternatives to Intragastric Ballooning

Several surgical alternatives are available for individuals seeking solutions beyond intragastric ballooning. Each has its unique approach to facilitating weight loss. The following are some options: 

  1. Sleeve Gastrectomy: In this surgery, a large portion of the stomach is removed, and a narrow sleeve-shaped stomach is left. This limits food intake and reduces the production of hunger-inducing hormones.

  2. Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y): This procedure involves creating a tiny stomach pouch and rerouting the small intestine to it. It significantly reduces the amount of food consumed and the calories absorbed.

  3. Adjustable Gastric Banding: A band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. It creates a small pouch to restrict the amount of food eaten. The method promotes a feeling of fullness with less food.

  4. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS): It removes a significant portion of the stomach and bypasses a large section of the small intestine. The technique drastically reduces calorie absorption and intake.

HexaHealth provides top-notch gastric balloon surgery in Mumbai, prioritising patient well-being and support. Our commitment positions us as a leading choice for those wanting this weight loss solution. Here are the key factors that distinguish us:




Easy Appointment Scheduling 



24/7 Care Coordinator 



Payment Options 



Free Pick-up and Drop-off



Complimentary Follow-up 






Choose HexaHealth for a Stress-Free Path to Weight Loss!

Gastric balloon surgery in Mumbai is an excellent option for individuals aiming to reduce their weight through less invasive methods. The medical expertise in the city ensures the highest standard of treatment and care. 

HexaHealth streamlines the procedure for weight loss balloon in Mumbai by connecting patients with top healthcare experts. Our platform makes scheduling appointments easy and offers extensive support throughout the treatment. Reach out to us today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A gastric balloon procedure involves placing a soft, silicone balloon into the stomach through a non-surgical, endoscopic process. Once in place, the balloon is filled with saline to occupy space in the stomach. It reduces food intake and promotes weight loss without the need for surgery.


The gastric balloon aids weight loss by partially filling the stomach. It limits the amount of food it can hold and creates an early feeling of fullness during meals. This reduction in food intake leads to a calorie deficit, encouraging the body to use stored fat for energy.


A gastric balloon offers various advantages for those seeking weight loss. These include: 

  1. No need for surgery.

  2. No anaesthesia.

  3. Quick recovery times.

  4. Shorter hospital stay.

  5. A temporary solution for weight loss that can be removed after six months.


Individuals can expect to lose 10% to 15% of their total body weight with a gastric balloon within four to six months. However, results vary based on adherence to dietary recommendations and post-procedure changes.


The gastric balloon cost in Mumbai ranges from ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 4,30,000. However, the price can differ depending on factors like the clinic and the doctor’s experience. HexaHealth consultants can help you understand the precise expenses in your case.


Mumbai has several experts in gastric balloon procedures, renowned for their skill and experience. Some of these specialists include: 

  1. Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke 

  2. Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale

  3. Dr Prakash Hindurao Kurane

  4. Dr Aman Priya Khanna 

  5. Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar

Note: These are not the only doctors in the city. HexaHealth can help you connect with the top experts based on your goals and needs.


The best hospitals or clinics for gastric balloon surgery in Mumbai are known for their expert medical teams and comprehensive support services. These include: 

  1. MPCT Hospital, Navi Mumbai 

  2. Currae Speciality Hospital, Thane 

  3. Apex Multispeciality Hospital, Borivali East 

  4. SRV Hospital, Goregaon West 

  5. SRCC Children Hospital, Mahalakshmi

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of the hospitals in Mumbai. For a complete list, consult HexaHealth experts.


Finding a reputable clinic or doctor for weight loss balloon in Mumbai requires considering certain factors and following some steps. These include: 

  1. Seek recommendations from friends, family, and doctors

  2. Research the specialist’s qualifications and experience

  3. Read patient reviews with pictures before and after the procedure

  4. Check the doctor’s hospital affiliations


Choosing HexaHealth for a gastric balloon in Mumbai ensures an appointment with the top bariatric experts with top-notch medical facilities. HexaHealth simplifies the process, from finding the right specialist to scheduling appointments. We offer a seamless, supported path towards weight loss.


A gastric balloon procedure is covered under health insurance if medically necessary. However, coverage can vary according to the plan. It is recommended that you consult HexaHealth professionals to understand the details of your policy.


 Risks of gastric balloon surgery may include certain mild gastrointestinal symptoms. These are as follows: 

  1. Nausea 

  2. Constipation 

  3. Abdominal pain 

  4. Sore throat

  5. Indigestion


Getting a gastric balloon in Mumbai involves an initial consultation with a bariatric specialist. The patient undergoes necessary health evaluations, and the procedure is scheduled. The balloon is inserted endoscopically through the mouth into the stomach during the procedure. It is then filled with saline.


A gastric balloon is designed to remain in place for six months. After this period, it is safely removed through a similar endoscopic procedure. This temporary timeframe helps patients adapt to healthier lifestyles and achieve significant weight loss.


With a gastric balloon, you can eat normally but in significantly smaller portions. Adopting a diet of healthy, nutrient-rich foods and avoiding high-calorie, low-nutrition options is crucial. Nutritional counselling is often provided to help patients adjust to their new dietary habits.


Recovery from a gastric balloon procedure is generally quick. Initial discomfort, such as nausea or abdominal cramps, is common but usually subsides. Patients can drink clear liquids six hours after the procedure. They can start eating soft foods at the start of the second week.


Yes, dietary restrictions follow a gastric balloon placement. You will begin with a liquid diet, gradually transitioning to pureed foods, soft foods, and finally, solid foods. Long-term success requires adherence to a balanced, portion-controlled diet and avoiding high-calorie liquids.


Most individuals can return to work within 1-2 days post-gastric balloon procedure. It depends on the physical demands of the job. Please follow your doctor’s specific advice.


Yes, the gastric balloon procedure is completely reversible. The balloon is designed for temporary placement in the stomach and is excreted on its own within four months.


Yes, various non-surgical and surgical alternatives are available to gastric balloon surgery. These include: 

  1. Gastric sleeve

  2. Gastric bypass

  3. Adjustable gastric banding 

  4. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch


The gastric balloon is effective for short-term weight loss. However, long-term success depends on maintaining lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise. Without these, weight regain is possible after the balloon is removed.


Yes, you can exercise with a gastric balloon, which is encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. Per your doctor, you can start exercising a week after balloon placement.


If a balloon deflates in your stomach, it can move into your intestine. Most of these balloons will naturally pass through your body and be excreted in four months. There may be a rare risk of intestinal obstruction. If this occurs, emergency medical attention may be necessary.


This non-surgical weight loss in Mumbai is not an ideal choice for everyone who is overweight. Patients who qualify for the procedure should meet these criteria: 

  1.  BMI between 30 and 40

  2. Willingness to commit to a healthy lifestyle 

  3. No previous stomach or oesophageal surgery


Whether you can get a gastric balloon with certain medical conditions depends on the severity of the condition. Conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcers or large hiatal hernias, may disqualify some candidates. Consultation with a doctor is essential to assess individual eligibility.


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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