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Dr. Suraj Manjunath Oncologist in Bangalore
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Dr. Suraj Manjunath

Surgical Oncology

25 Years Experience

Manipal Hospital, Millers Road, Bangalore

97% Recommended

86 Reviews

Dr. Suraj Manjunath is a Oncologist at Manipal Hospital, Millers Road, Bangalore, having 25 years of experience in Surgical Oncology.

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Dr. Abhaya Kumar S M Oncologist in Bangalore
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Dr. Abhaya Kumar S M

Surgical Oncology

17 Years Experience

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore

98% Recommended

78 Reviews

Dr. Abhaya Kumar S M is a Oncologist at Manipal Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore, having 17 years of experience in Surgical Oncology.

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Dr. Shekhar Patil Oncologist in Bangalore
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Dr. Shekhar Patil

Surgical Oncology

17 Years Experience

HCG Comprehensive Cancer Care Hospital, Bengaluru, Bangalore

98% Recommended

90 Reviews

Dr. Shekhar Patil is a Oncologist at HCG Comprehensive Cancer Care Hospital, Bengaluru, Bangalore, having 17 years of experience in Surgical Oncology.

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Dr. Rohit Kumar C Oncologist in Bangalore
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Dr. Rohit Kumar C

Surgical Oncology

13 Years Experience

Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

98% Recommended

78 Reviews

Dr. Rohit Kumar C is a Oncologist at Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, having 13 years of experience in Surgical Oncology.

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Oncologist in Bengaluru

The oncologist definition specifies a doctor with specialisation in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Since cancer treatment consists of diverse therapies and procedures, one may need to consult different types of cancer specialists for treatment.

The types of cancer doctors include medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, paediatric oncologists, etc. Seeking medical care from qualified oncologists can help receive accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.  

Becoming an Oncologist in Bengaluru 

Oncology refers to the study of diagnosing and treating cancer. Oncologists undergo rigorous education and training to treat cancer. To ensure that you are going to the best oncologist, make sure they have the following qualifications:

  1. Completion of a 5½-year MBBS degree from a recognised medical institution in India.

  2. To become an Oncology specialist, one must hold a master's degree (MD or MS) in Internal medicine or General surgery. 

  3. After completing an MD or MS, specialisation in Oncology through super-specialty courses like DM or MCh.

How to Choose the Best Oncologist in Bengaluru? 

A city like Bengaluru is known for its excellent healthcare facilities and many qualified cancer specialists. However, one needs to be sure that the doctor they finalise should meet their criteria. The following points can help you in finding the best oncologists in Bengaluru: 

      1.  Referrals: Seek recommendations from reliable sources, such as your primary care physician or friends who've had positive experiences with oncologists. Personal referrals often lead to well-vetted choices.

      2.  Credentials: Verify the oncologist's qualifications, ensuring they are board-certified and have specialised training in your specific cancer type.

      3.  Patient Reviews: Reading testimonials allows one to evaluate patient satisfaction and the oncologist's bedside manner. These can provide valuable insights into patient-doctor relationships.

      4.  Insurance: Confirm that the oncologist accepts your health insurance plan to minimise financial burdens during treatment.

      5.  Treatment Approach: Discuss the oncologist's approach to the treatment. Ensure they involve you in decision-making, offer comprehensive treatment options, and consider your individual preferences and needs.

      6.  Oncologist Team: Evaluate the strength of the oncologist's medical team, including surgeons, nurses, and support staff, as they play a pivotal role in your care.

      7.  Success Rate: Inquire about the oncologist's outcomes for your specific cancer type, though remember that each patient's situation is unique.

      8.  Hospital Quality: Assess the quality and reputation of the hospital or medical facility where the oncologist practices, as it impacts the overall standard of care you receive.

When to See an Oncologist in Bengaluru? 

Timely diagnosis and treatment are the most effective ways to control and manage cancer. Therefore, anyone experiencing symptoms must visit an oncologist at the earliest. You must see an oncologist in cases of: 

  1. Cancer Diagnosis: If your primary care physician suspects or is confident you have cancer, they will likely refer you to an oncologist for specialised cancer treatment.

       2. Advanced Symptoms: Meet oncologists if there are constant and unexplained symptoms that could be cancer-indicative. These symptoms can be unexplained weight loss, lumps, bleeding, or other concerning changes in your health.

       3. Second Opinion: One must always get a second opinion from an oncologist to be sure about the diagnosis or treatment plan or if they wish to explore different treatment options.

Common Diseases Treated by Oncologists in Bengaluru 

Cancer is a diverse, extremely complex illness with many subtypes. It is caused by unchecked cell growth, and depending on the exact form of cancer, the organ impacted, the developmental stage, and the individual's genetic composition, it can behave quite differently. Some of the most common types of cancers treated by oncologists in Bengaluru include:

  1. Breast Cancer develops in breast tissue. This cancer most commonly affects women but also occurs in men. Some of the most common symptoms of breast cancer include change in the breasts size, nipple discharge, lump formations, pain, rashes, etc.

       2. Gastrointestinal Cancer is the cancer of the digestive system. This includes colorectal, stomach, liver, and pancreatic cancer.

       3. Gynaecological Cancer refers to the cancers of the female reproductive system. Parts, such as the ovary, cervical, and uterine, can be categorised under this form of cancer.

       4. Head and Neck Cancer is a  group of cancers that affect areas like the mouth, throat, and nasal passages.

       5. Carcinomas start in the skin or tissues lining organs and are the most common type of cancer.

       6. Leukaemias are blood cancers primarily affecting the bone marrow and blood cells. Some of the most common symptoms of leukaemia include pain in bones, excessive sweating at night, swollen lymph nodes, excessive weight loss, fever, etc. 

       7. Lymphomas develop in the lymphatic system, which is the body's germ-fighting network. There are two types of lymphomas, Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. 

       8. Central Nervous System Cancer includes brain and spinal cord tumours, which can be benign or malignant and affect the central nervous system.

Types of Tests Recommended by Oncologists in Bengaluru 

The field of oncology is constantly evolving to understand the complexities of cancer. Tests are an effective way to understand the type of cancer and customise care to the patient's needs. Some of the most common types of tests recommended by the oncologists in Bengaluru include: 

  1. Blood Chemistry Test: Measures various blood components. These components include electrolytes, sugar, proteins, etc.  It helps evaluate a patient's overall health and identify potential signs of cancer, such as abnormal levels of certain markers.

       2. Complete Blood Count (CBC): Examines the blood for abnormalities, like anaemia or unusual white blood cell counts. These can indicate the presence of cancer or its effects on the body.

       3. Tumour Marker Tests: Measure substances produced by tumours in the blood or other bodily fluids. It aids in cancer diagnosis, monitoring, and assessing treatment response.

       4. Urinalysis: Screens urine for abnormalities, such as blood or proteins. This may indicate the presence of certain cancers, including bladder or kidney cancer.

       5. Imaging Tests: Techniques like X-rays, CT scans, MRI, and PET scans are used to obtain detailed images of the body. It helps in cancer diagnosis, staging, and monitoring treatment response.

       6. Biopsy: Involves removing a sample of tissues, fluid or cells for examination under a microscope to confirm cancer diagnosis. This process determines its type and assesses its characteristics, guiding treatment decisions.

       7. Cytogenetic Analysis: Assesses the genetic makeup of cells to detect chromosomal abnormalities associated with certain cancers. It aids in diagnosis and treatment planning.

       8. Immunophenotyping: Aids in identifying specific markers on the surface of cells. This can help differentiate between normal and cancerous cells and determine the type of cancer.

       9. Liquid Biopsy: Detects cancer-related genetic mutations or fragments of tumour DNA in the bloodstream. This offers a non-invasive way to monitor cancer presence and assess treatment effectiveness.

     10. Sputum Cytology: This test evaluates mucous from the respiratory tract to identify abnormal cells, which is particularly useful for detecting lung cancer.

     11. Urine Cytology: Examines urine under a microscope to identify abnormal cells, especially useful for diagnosing bladder and urinary tract cancers.

Common Oncology Surgery Procedures Available in Bengaluru 

Oncology surgery encompasses various procedures tailored to the type, stage, and location of tumours, as well as the patient's health and preferences. Oncologists perform many types of cancer surgeries to meet the specific needs of the patients. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Laparoscopy: It is a minimally invasive method. It involves using a camera and surgical tools to remove tumours and adjacent tissue through small incisions.

      2. Laser Surgery: This technique employs high-intensity light to eliminate or eradicate tumours, offering precise and controlled treatment.

      3. Cryosurgery: Using extreme cold, this procedure freezes and eliminates abnormal cells, making it effective for specific cancer cases.

      4. HIPEC (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion): After tumour is removed, HIPEC is used. HIPEC delivers concentrated chemotherapy, targeting any remaining cancer cells.

      5. Neuroendoport Surgery: An endoscopic approach accesses and removes deep brain tumours through a small opening, minimising invasive procedures

      6. Robotic Whipple Surgery: This minimally invasive technique, employing robotic arms and small incisions, facilitates the removal of pancreatic, gallbladder, bile duct, and intestinal sections for cancer treatment

Is Oncology Treatment in Bengaluru a Good Treatment to Consider?

Yes, opting for oncology surgery and treatment in Bengaluru proves to be a wise decision. The city has numerous private hospitals and those accredited by NABH, guaranteeing top-notch care and stringent safety measures. Bengaluru is known highly for its proficient oncologists and cutting-edge medical infrastructure.

Patients can make the most of medical care, an extensive array of treatment choices, and the opportunity to collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare teams. All of these factors significantly elevate the overall quality of healthcare services available in the field of oncology in Bengaluru.


Oncologists are cancer doctors specialising in treating multiple cancer forms. Their extensive qualifications provide them with in-depth knowledge of various cancer types, staging, and treatment options. They offer a wide range of treatment modalities, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cancer care.

To find the best oncologists in Bengaluru and for the best treatment option, get in touch with our expert team at Hexahealth today.


What is the basic consultation fee of an oncologist in Bengaluru?

The basic consultation fee of an oncologist in Bengaluru varies between ₹ 500 to ₹ 2000. The variation can be due to the choice of hospital, doctor's experience, the intensity of the problem, etc.

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How often should I follow up with an oncologist in Bengaluru?

The frequency of follow-up appointments with an oncologist in Bengaluru can vary depending on the medical condition and the type of treatment. It is best to discuss follow-up visits with your doctor.

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What is the cost of cancer-related surgeries in Bengaluru?

Following are the costs of cancer-related surgeries in Bengaluru:

  1. Cost of Laparoscopy in Bengaluru: ₹35000 to ₹100000

  2. Cost of Hysteroscopy in Bengaluru: ₹15000 to ₹45000

  3. Cost of Ureteroscopy in Bengaluru: ₹50000 to ₹140000

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How can I prepare for my appointment with an oncologist in Bengaluru?

To prepare for your appointment with an oncologist in Bengaluru, make a note of the following points: 

  1. Collect medical records, including blood test results, biopsy reports, scans, and previous medications. 

  2. Make a list of inquiries you would like to make to your oncologist concerning your prognosis, side effects, and treatment alternatives. 

  3. Bring along a person who can support you. 

  4. Schedule follow-up visits and inquire about the course of your care. Consider your mental health, and look for therapy or support groups if necessary.

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Do oncologists offer consultations at home in Bengaluru?

Yes, some oncologists may offer consultations at home in Bengaluru, depending on their policies. Make sure to inquire about home consultation with your oncologist beforehand.

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Who are the best Oncologists in Bangalore?

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Who are the top 10 Oncologists in Bangalore near me?

Get the list of top 10 Oncologists in Bangalore and book an online appointment instantly.

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How to find a top Oncologist in Bangalore?

Go to the search section of HexaHealth. Select your city as Bangalore and specialisation as Oncologist. Choose from the list of Oncologists in Bangalore who have maximum recommendation and reviews.

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Who is a Oncologist in Bangalore?

A Oncologist is a specialist doctor in Bangalore who performs the treatments and procedures to prevent the complications of various diseases under the Surgical Oncology department.

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Which hospital is best in Bangalore for Oncologist?

There are govt. and private hospitals for Oncologist in Bangalore. However, you can get the Surgical Oncology hospitals in Bangalore list and choose the best as per their recommendation and reviews.

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