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Abortion in Mumbai

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Abortion in Mumbai

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The laws regarding abortion in Mumbai were modified a few years back. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Act 2021 extends the gestation period to 24 weeks.

Abortion clinics in Mumbai provide a safe and legal way. Backed by skilled professionals, they provide top-tier services to those seeking this procedure. 

Why Choose Mumbai for Abortion?

Choosing Mumbai for abortion ensures not only access to top-notch medical facilities but also a holistic and patient-centric approach. Here are the significant benefits:

  1. Advanced Healthcare Facilities: The modern medical infrastructure of Mumbai ensures access to cutting-edge technology. It enhances the overall quality and safety of abortion procedures.

  2. Experienced Specialists: Abortion clinics in Mumbai have several experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists. They specialise in reproductive healthcare; patients receive expert guidance and support throughout the abortion process.

  3. Comprehensive Care: The city prioritises efficiency and effectiveness. This allows individuals seeking an abortion to experience streamlined plans.

  4. Confidential Services: Mumbai is known for providing secure healthcare consultations. It allows individuals to make personal decisions without compromising their privacy.
    Legal and safe abortion in mumbai

To get an abortion pills in Mumbai, start by consulting with qualified and experienced doctors. HexaHealth provides a thorough list of experienced specialists in and around the city. 

You can connect with some of the finest professionals listed below:

  1. Dr Swati Kunal Chitnis: She is a renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist who practises in Sarla Hospital and ICU. Her experience spans 12 years.

  2. Dr Rashmi Magan Patil: She is a prominent gynaecologist affiliated with Roop Clinic and Chaudhari's Clinic in Mumbai. With 13 years of expertise, she has assisted in various complex medical issues like laparoscopic hysterectomy and hymenoplasty.

  3. Dr Darshna Amol Wahane: Currently affiliated with Doctor Polyclinic Worli in Mumbai and Imperial Women's Clinic. With 19 years of expertise, her speciality areas include tubal ligation, dilatation & curettage.

  4. Dr Shubhada Kulkarni: She is an obstetrician and gynaecologist with over 47 years of experience. The doctor is practising at Kulkarni Hospital and is known for her attention to detail.

  5. Dr Sonika Bhasin: Affiliated with Roop Clinic and Chaudhari's Clinic, she is a widely recognised gynaecologist. The doctor has 24 years of obstetrics and gynaecology expertise.

  6. Dr Archana Patil: She is a well-known gynaecologist with 29 years of experience currently practising at Manak Health Care Hospital. Her areas of focus include minimally invasive treatments like abortion in Mumbai and standard deliveries.

  7. Dr Alaka S Vaze: She has almost 50 years of experience as a gynaecological and obstetric specialist. Presently, the physician is associated with S L Raheja Fortis Hospital. 

  8. Dr Reshma Rao: She is a gynaecology and obstetrics expert with over 44 years of extensive expertise. Dr Rao is currently affiliated with Saifee Hospital. Menopause and vaginal surgery are among her specialities.

Choose the top abortion center in Mumbai to get a smooth healthcare experience. HexaHealth is partnered with leading NABH-accredited hospitals in the city, offering cost-effective surgical solutions. Check the list below.

  1. Kulkarni Hospital: It provides care in internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics & gynaecology, and general surgery. A group of highly qualified physicians and experienced staff members provides a superior level of therapy.

  2. Soham Hospital: It is a reputable name in this industry since it strives to give people the greatest possible care. They have made sure that the patient stays at the core of what they do.

  3. Manak Health Care Hospital: This multispecialty hospital has state-of-the-art operating rooms, multiple beds, and fully furnished ICUs. They provide medical care in general surgery, obstetrics, and gynaecology.

  4. Fortis Hospital: Five JCI accreditations have been earned by this 315-bed multi specialty tertiary care hospital. Owing to modern technology and highly skilled surgeons, they provide treatment with a patient-centric approach.

  5. Rainbow Women's Hospital: A maternity hospital that strives to be the best healthcare delivery facility available. The hospital staff is well-trained nurses, obstetricians, and gynaecologists.

Explore the costs associated with abortion in the city and understand the factors contributing to variations across different hospitals. Get the detailed price breakdown to make an informed decision.

The estimated overview of the expenses in abortion clinics in Mumbai is provided below.


Cost Range

Minimum Cost

₹ 5,800

Average Cost

₹ 17,000

Maximum Cost

₹ 60,000

Note: Know the abortion pill cost in Mumbai by contacting our experts.

Stage Wise Cost for Abortion in Mumbai

The cost of abortion in Mumbai may vary based on the specific stage of the procedure. The cost increases with the pregnancy duration, as it involves additional care and precautions. Understanding the breakdown ensures transparency in financial planning. 

Stage of Pregnancy


Doctor’s consultation (Up to 6 to 9 weeks)

₹ 5,000 to ₹ 10,000

First-trimester abortion (Up to 12 weeks)

₹ 20,000 to ₹ 30,000

Second-trimester abortion (12 to 24 weeks)

₹ 35,000 to ₹ 75,000

Note:  The expense remains consistent regardless of marital status. Abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy is legalised in India for females aged above 18 years. The only prerequisite is the patient's consent.

Financing Options

Monetary support for abortion in Mumbai can be explored through various avenues. HexaHealth’s patient care specialities can assist you in choosing the one that suits your personalised needs.

  1. Health Insurance

Some health insurance plans may cover abortion expenses, while others may have limitations or exclusions. It is crucial to review the policy documents carefully. Consult with the provider to understand the extent of coverage and any applicable conditions. You can also contact HexaHealth.

  1. Cashless Claims

Some hospitals offer cashless claims for abortion procedures. This allows patients to avail the services without immediate out-of-pocket expenses. It ensures a smoother and more hassle-free experience. 

  1. Reimbursement Claim

If you pay for the abortion upfront, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your provider. Keep detailed records of your expenses and follow the process outlined in your policy. For seamless paperwork handling, contact HexaHealth.

  1. Medical Loan

In cases where insurance coverage is limited or unavailable, medical loans are an option. With the help of HexaHealth, you can get the following advantages:

  1. Quick approval 

  2. No collateral 

  3. Zero processing fee

  4. 0% interest rates 

  5. Flexible EMIs

HexaHealth stands as your trusted companion for abortion, offering expert care and unwavering support. Our dedicated team comprises certified and experienced gynaecologists. They are committed to delivering the highest standard of medical attention. Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Step-by-step assistance to navigate the abortion process.

  2. Ensuring 100% confidentiality.

  3. Procedures performed at legally authorised abortion centres.

  4. A dedicated coordinator of abortion clinics in Mumbai is available around the clock.

  5. Providing guidance and support for insurance claims.

  6. Offering the flexibility of no-cost EMI for financial ease.

Abortion means the termination of a pregnancy. A registered obstetrician and gynaecologist perform it at a legal medical clinic. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia if surgically done. It takes 10 to 40 minutes, depending on whether the treatment is done by medicines or surgery.

Abortion Procedures

The abortion treatments differ depending on the stage and severity of the pregnancy. The primary courses of action are:

  1. Medical Abortion: It involves the use of medication to end a pregnancy, typically within the first 9 weeks. 

  2. Surgical Abortion: Specifically, vacuum aspiration and dilation and curettage (D&C) are procedures performed in a healthcare facility. Both methods are generally conducted in the first trimester. 

    1. Vacuum aspiration uses suction to remove the pregnancy.

    2. D&C involves scraping the uterine lining.

Diagnostic Tests for Abortion

Pre-procedure examinations play an important role in ensuring a safe and informed approach to abortion procedures in Mumbai. The tests required before the abortion are as follows:

  1. Ultrasound: Used to confirm the pregnancy, determine the gestational age, and identify any potential complications.

  2. Blood Tests: Assessing hormone levels (such as hCG) helps confirm pregnancy and monitor its progress.

  3. Pelvic Exam: A physical examination to evaluate the reproductive organs and assess any abnormalities.

  4. STI Testing: Screen for sexually transmitted infections to address potential health risks.

Advantages of Abortion

It's important to note that discussions about abortion often involve complex ethical, moral, and personal considerations. Perceived advantages of this procedure may include:

  1. Medical Reasons: Abortion may be chosen when there are serious health risks to the pregnant person or foetal abnormalities.

  2. Family Planning: It allows individuals to control the timing and spacing of pregnancies, aligning with their personal goals.

  3. Maternal Well-being: In cases of maternal mental health or socio-economic factors, abortion may be viewed as a wise decision.

  4. Preventing Unintended Pregnancies: The treatment is a legal and safe option for those facing unintended pregnancies and are not ready for parenthood.

Risks of Delay in Abortion

Delaying abortion can pose potential risks to both the pregnant person and the overall health of the pregnancy. Some risks associated with postponing this procedure are:

  1. Increased Health Risks: As pregnancy progresses, the medical concerns for the pregnant person may escalate. A delay in abortion can lead to more complicated procedures.

  2. Emotional Impact: It may increase mental distress for the individual. This adds to the complexity of the decision and potential psychological challenges.

  3. Financial Implications: Delaying the procedure can result in increased treatment costs. More advanced techniques may be required as the pregnancy progresses.

Explore Seamless Abortion Services in Mumbai with HexaHealth

When you choose to have an abortion in Mumbai, you benefit from top-notch treatment facilitated by skilled professionals. The advanced healthcare facilities and modern technology make it an ideal location.

With HexaHealth, your path to abortion is not just a medical procedure. It's a guided and compassionate journey. Get in touch with us for a reliable experience that prioritises your well-being every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reputable abortion clinics in Mumbai are situated throughout the city. This includes prominent areas like Bandra, Andheri, and South Mumbai, and more.


The cost of abortion in Mumbai starts from ₹ 5,800 and can go as high as ₹ 60,000. The average cost is around ₹ 17,000. To know about abortion pill cost in Mumbai, contact HexaHealth experts.


In Mumbai, the legal age for undergoing an abortion is 18 years or above. Individuals aged 18 and older can decide on abortion without requiring permission from a guardian or parent.


The specific abortion laws and regulations in Mumbai are:

  1. Legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy

  2. Requires consent of the pregnant person

  3. Performed by registered medical practitioners

  4. No restrictions based on marital status

  5. Confidentiality is maintained


Abortion pills in Mumbai are not readily available from a pharmacy. They typically require a prescription from a qualified healthcare professional. Consult a qualified doctor before consuming the medications.


The clinics in Mumbai that offer safe and legal abortion procedures are:

  1. Kulkarni Hospital

  2. Soham Hospital

  3. Manak Health Care Hospital

  4. Fortis Hospital

  5. Rainbow Women's Hospital


Healthcare providers in Mumbai will offer personalised advice based on the individual's medical history. Here are the common guidelines to follow:

  1. Follow-up medical check-ups

  2. Rest and recovery

  3. Use of prescribed medications

  4. Avoiding strenuous activities

  5. Monitoring for potential complications


Patient confidentiality is typically a priority in healthcare settings, including during abortion procedures in Mumbai. Measures to maintain it may include using private consultation rooms and employing secure record-keeping systems. 


There are several abortion doctors in Mumbai known for their accurate treatments and empathy toward patients. Listed below are the ones you can consider consulting.

  1. Dr Swati Kunal Chitnis

  2. Dr Rashmi Magan Patil

  3. Dr Darshna Amol Wahane

  4. Dr Shubhada Kulkarni


The late-term abortion in Mumbai is generally legal under specific circumstances. It can be done when there are risks to the health of the pregnant person or foetal abnormalities. They are allowed because certain issues may not be detected until later in the pregnancy.


In India, including Mumbai, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy governs abortion procedures. According to the MTP Act, a minor (a person below the age of 18) can undergo an abortion under certain circumstances. It can be done if the consent of either one of her parents or her legal guardian is given.


Medical abortion involves the consumption of medication to induce a miscarriage. It is typically performed within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. Surgical abortion, on the other hand, includes a minor procedure performed by a doctor. Common surgeries carried out are vacuum aspiration and dilation and curettage (D&C).


Medical abortions are generally considered safe and do not have a significant impact on future pregnancies. However, individuals must consult doctors for personalised advice based on their medical history and circumstances.


A successful medical abortion is typically confirmed through a follow-up appointment with a healthcare provider. This evaluation includes an examination, possibly an ultrasound, to ensure the pregnancy has been terminated.


Medical abortion is generally considered safe and effective up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Beyond this timeframe, the viability and success of the procedure may decrease.


In Mumbai, individuals seeking abortion services have a few options. It's important to note that the eligibility of specific procedures may vary. Check the list below:

  1. Abortion Pills (Medical Abortion)

  2. Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

  3. Vacuum aspiration


The duration to surgically terminate a pregnancy can differ based on factors such as gestational age and individual circumstances. Generally, the procedure takes about 10 to 40 minutes.


The documents required for abortion are:

  1. Pregnancy confirmation

  2. Medical history records

  3. Consent form (if required)


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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