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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A collaboration between healthcare providers increases the availability and accessibility of medical facilities. Thus, the integration of the collective healthcare delivery system enhances mutual benefit.

Partnering with HexaHealth means more patient referrals, access to diverse medical expertise, better healthcare services, advanced technologies, streamlined referrals, and improved patient outcomes and efficiency.

HexaHealth welcomes partnerships from both individual doctors as well as medical centres like hospitals and/or clinics.

Our patient-centric approach, advanced medical technologies, and collaborative network contribute to better health outcomes for patients.

Yes, our streamlined patient referral system ensures efficient patient transfer to our partnered network for comprehensive care.

Yes, HexaHealth offers flexible partnership options that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and goals of your hospital or clinic..

HexaHealth ensures data security and patient confidentiality in partnership arrangements through strict compliance with healthcare regulations, secure IT infrastructure with encryption and access controls, comprehensive staff training, confidentiality agreements with partners, continuous monitoring, and auditing.

Yes, HexaHealth can assist in marketing and promoting hospital/clinic services to a wider audience. We offer various marketing strategies and tools such as digital marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, social media promotion, and partnerships with healthcare influencers. Additionally, we can leverage our network and platform to increase visibility and reach for partner institutions, helping them attract more patients and grow their practice.