Backache - Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment


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Backache has become a common thing that almost everyone is complaining about. It has become one of the most common health hazards for people below 45 years of age. Most of the time, it is because of our lifestyle. 

Backache includes any pain in nerves, muscles, joints of the back. You can suffer from either acute or chronic backache. Frequent temporary backaches which subside on their own within a week or two are known as acute backache. This type of backache does not require any medical intervention. On the other hand, chronic back aches last longer, and the condition deteriorates with time. You need to get medical help in the case of a chronic backache. 


What are the causes of Backache?

Backache can occur due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:-

  • Unfavourable curving of the spine
  • Muscle spasm. 
  • Neck and shoulder pain 
  • Stiffness in the vertebrae   
  • Muscle weakness
  • Due to excessive or continuous strain, discs might rupture, putting pressure on nerves near that area, resulting in a backache. 
  • Nervous Problems: Problems in balancing and coordinating the body
  • Numbness in the arm or feet 
  • Loss of bladder control 


What are the Symptoms of Backache?

You might need to consult a doctor when: 

  • If pain persists more than a month and does not arise abruptly. 
  • If the backaches are abrupt but their frequencies increase noticeably or arise in a particular posture (might be due to fractured vertebrae or ruptured disc) 
  • You feel your limbs turning numb. 
  • Bladder problems 
  • Sudden loss of weight: Back pain and rapid loss of weight signify that your body lacks certain nutrients.

Investigations and Diagnosis

A physical test might be enough to determine your situation. 

The test will include checking: 

  • Your posture during standing and walking 
  • Strength of limbs (both hands and legs) 
  • Range of motion of your spine 
  • Sometimes your reflexes might also be tested to measure the coordination of your body and control over body movements. 
  • X rays of the spine to detect any anomaly in the bone alignment and determine the presence of any fracture. 


What is the treatment for Backpain?

Some forms of medical help might include prescribed medicines and injections. Surgeries might be suggested in certain extreme situations.

Situations that might need surgical treatment are as follows:-

  • Ruptured disk
  • Vertebral fracture
  • Degenerative disk disease 
  • Spinal stenosis

Some of the surgeries which are used to treat these extreme situations are:-

  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty
  • Spinal decompression
  • Discectomy
  • Artificial disk replacement and spinal fusion


Backache is a very common problem in the modern era. However, small changes in your current lifestyle can make a significant difference in your health and spine condition. 


FAQs for Backache

How can you prevent backpain?

You can prevent backache by avoiding carrying heavy objects, exercising the muscles around the hip area, preventing unfavourable posture and stretching.
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Updated on : 13 April 2023


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