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Total Hip Replacement in Mumbai

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In India, more than 100,000 hip arthroplasties are performed each year. Hip replacement surgery in Mumbai is not only successful but also gives long-lasting results. If you or your loved ones need to undergo this treatment, keep reading to know more. 

We will be covering the advantages, doctors and hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai, along with the hospitals you can refer to.

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery in Mumbai

Hip replacement surgery offers relief for people suffering from chronic hip pain and limited mobility. Here are some key advantages of getting total hip arthroplasty in the city:

  1. Highly skilled surgeons utilising advanced techniques for better outcomes.

  2. Many hospitals offer minimally invasive techniques like robotic-assisted surgery for faster recovery.

  3. Compared to other developed countries, surgery costs in Mumbai are significantly lower.

  4. Numerous physiotherapy centres and programs are available for post-surgical recovery.

  5. Well-connected healthcare infrastructure provides convenient access from all over the country and even outside.

Choosing an experienced surgeon is a vital decision that plays an important role in your treatment and recovery. Mentioned below are the 5 best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai; you can refer to: 


Key Interest 

Dr Sagar Surendra Gujarathi

  1. Diagnostic arthroscopy

  2. Hip and ankle arthroscopy

  3. Backache treatment

Dr Ankit Amit Marfatia

  1. Revision knee and hip replacement

  2. Shoulder and knee arthroscopy

  3. Ligament injury

Dr Shreya Ratnakar Joshi

  1. Knee replacement

  2. Meniscus repair surgery

  3. PCL reconstruction surgery

Dr Vrajesh Shah

  1. Carpal tunnel release

  2. Joint replacement surgery

  3. Shoulder surgery

Dr Miten Sheth

  1. Alignment-deformity correction

  2. Traumatic knee treatment

  3. Fracture fixation

Note: HexaHealth connects you with a vast network of 1,000+ highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons. Please book an appointment directly through our user-friendly platform for a seamless healthcare experience. Explore the full list of expert orthopaedic doctors in Mumbai to find the right fit for your needs here.

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth surgeons in Mumbai?

HexaHealth is a patient-centric platform that connects you with qualified surgeons. Here's how you can book an appointment for a total hip replacement surgery.

  1. Visit the HexaHealth website or download our app.

  2. Search for "total hip replacement surgery" and filter your search by location (Mumbai). You will see a list of qualified surgeons in your area.

  3. You can choose the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai based on their profile information, reviews, and experience. Once you have found a suitable doctor, you can confirm the consultation session.

Remember, this is just the first step. Following your initial appointment, the surgeon will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if total hip replacement is the right course of action for you.

If you are considering hip arthroplasty, there are a number of excellent hospitals and clinics to choose from. The top 5 facilities for total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai you can consider for your treatment are:

Hospital Name

Known for

Apex Hospital

  1. Multi-speciality facility

  2. Latest treatment technology

  3. Affordable treatment costs

Saifee Hospital

  1. NABH accreditation

  2. Performing 10,000 surgeries a year 

  3. Have skilled medical professionals

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

  1. Provide efficient critical care

  2. Committed to giving world-class treatment and facilities 

SRCC Children Hospital

  1. Have seven operating theatres

  2. Provide out-patient and in-patient consultation

ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital

  1. Has well-trained and qualified doctors

  2. Quality treatment

  3. Affordable physiotherapy sessions

Disclaimer: Finding the right hospital for your surgical process can be overwhelming. HexaHealth simplifies your journey by connecting you with a network of 200+ top hospitals in Mumbai. Schedule an appointment directly through our platform and receive timely support, from admissions to postoperative care.

Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai ranges between ₹ 1,75,000 and  ₹ 6,00,000. The total amount will vary depending on the type of implants, hospital, and surgeon selected. The approximate expenses you may incur are listed below:

Hip Replacement Surgery 

Estimated Cost

Minimum Cost 

₹ 1,75,000

Average Expense

₹ 3,00,000

Maximum Price

₹ 6,00,000

Note: For the most accurate treatment quotes, please get in touch with HexaHealth! 

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Financing Options

Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai may seem expensive to some people. Finding financial options can help reduce some of your monetary burdens. The following are some of the options you can access with HexaHealth’s assistance: 

  1. Health Insurance: Several private insurance companies in Mumbai cover total hip replacement surgery. However, coverage details may vary by plan, so check with HexaHealth for complete information.

  1. Cashless Claims: This allows hospitals and insurance companies to handle payments directly. Inform the hospital about your insurance beforehand, and they will manage the claim process alongside HexaHealth.

  1. Reimbursement Claims: You initially pay for the surgery and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company. HexaHealth can assist with filing claims to ensure a smoother process.

  1. Medical Loan: If you lack sufficient funds, medical loans can cover the cost of THR, including bilateral procedures. HexaHealth offers healthcare financing with features like:

    1. Immediate approval

    2. No collateral

    3. Flexible EMIs

    4. No cost EMIs

Note: The coverage under these options may be variable depending on terms and conditions. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for professional assistance.

Hip pain that significantly impacts your daily life can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you are considering hip replacement, you're likely researching options to ensure a smooth experience. While ultimately, the decision of which provider to choose rests with you, HexaHealth presents as a potential team with unique advantages:



Experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons


24/7 Care Coordinator 


Insurance Assistance


Convenient Transportation


Flexible Payment Options


Rehabilitation Support


Comfortable Hospital Stay


Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged hip joint with artificial implants. During THA, the surgeon removes the impaired ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum). They substitute them with prosthetic components made from metal, ceramic, or plastic.

Research shows that approximately 90% of implants still work effectively 15 years after surgery. THA is most commonly performed to relieve pain and stiffness caused by hip osteoarthritis. It can also be used to treat other conditions such as:

  1. Avascular necrosis

  2. Hip fractures

  3. Severe rheumatoid arthritis

Hip replacement surgery takes around 60 to 90 minutes under general sedation. After that, patients usually have physiotherapy to restore hip strength and range of motion. You will need to spend 4 to 6 days in the facility following the procedure. While recovery times might vary based on personal circumstances, patients can resume most activities in three to six months.

Diagnostic Tests Before Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Before undergoing THR, your doctor will likely recommend several tests to assess your overall health and the condition of your hip joint. These evaluations help ensure a successful surgery and recovery.

  1. Medical History: The doctor will review your past surgeries, current medications, family history, allergies, and risk factors for complications.

  2. Physical Examination: To check your hip joint, assess your range of motion, strength, stability, and any signs of pain or tenderness.

  3. X-rays: For visualising the bones of your hip joint, revealing the extent of damage or deformity caused by arthritis or other conditions.

  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): To provide images of your bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels.

  5. Blood Tests: To assess your overall health and identify any conditions that could increase your risk of complications during or after surgery.

  6. Electrocardiogram (ECG): To evaluate the electrical activity of your heart, which is important for ensuring safety (your heart can tolerate the stress of surgery).

Note: Always consult your doctor to discuss your questions and concerns regarding total hip replacement. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for expert consultation!

Advantages of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement surgery is a critical procedure. However, it can offer significant advantages for people suffering from chronic hip pain and limitations due to conditions like arthritis. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Relief from chronic hip pain

  2. Increased ability to walk, climb stairs, and perform daily activities

  3. Swift rehabilitation post-surgery for a quicker return to routine activities

  4. Minimal bleeding, scarring, and complications

Risk of Delay in Total Hip Replacement Surgery

It is important to be aware of the risks of delaying this surgery. This would help you make the best decision for your individual situation. Some of the consequences are as follows: 

  1. Further deterioration of the hip joint

  2. Increased pain and stiffness

  3. Decreased mobility and physical independence

  4. Muscle weakness

  5. Increased risk of complications during surgery

  6. Decreased effectiveness of the procedure

It is important to note that these are just potential risks, and only a few who postpone the surgery may experience them.

Alternatives to Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Although this surgery works well to treat persistent hip dysfunction and pain, it is only sometimes a quick fix. Assessing alternative methods can be beneficial for certain patients. Let's look at a few of these options for you to consider:

  1. Hip Osteotomy: A segment of either the pelvis or the thigh bone (or, in rare instances, both) undergoes cutting, realignment, and fixation. This is to achieve a correct and functional position. Generally suitable for younger patients with early-stage arthritis.

  2. Hip Arthroscopy: Minimally invasive procedure using a camera to treat and diagnose issues within the hip joint.

Choosing between cemented and uncemented hip replacement depends on factors like your age, activity level, and bone health. Here is a brief comparison of both:


Cemented Hip Replacement

Uncemented Hip Replacement

Attachment Method

Bone cement secures the implant

Implant surface encourages bone ingrowth

Preferred For

Older patients, weaker bone

Younger patients, active individuals

Potential Benefits

Faster recovery, immediate stability

Longer implant lifespan, bone preservation

At HexaHealth, we provide streamlined, budget-friendly healthcare services. Your well-being is our utmost priority. Our goal is to work together with you and your family throughout the treatment process.

The unique features of our services in comparison to others are listed below:


With HexaHealth

Without HexaHealth

Post-surgery Physiotherapy Sessions


Standard fee

No-cost Emi Payment Plans 



Hip Replacement Surgery


Full cost

Initial Consultation

Free or discounted

Usual amount

Second Session 



Insurance Assistance



Free Pick-up And Drop-off



24/7 Care Assistance



100% Confidentiality



HexaHealth: Pioneering Total Hip Replacement in Mumbai

Hip replacement surgery in Mumbai provides access to highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons and advanced medical facilities. Hence, it is an excellent location for a successful procedure. The life-changing operation can alleviate chronic pain and stiffness in the hip joint, allowing you to regain your mobility and independence.

At HexaHealth, we understand the profound impact that hip pain can have on your daily life. That's why we offer a complete approach to total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai for optimal outcomes and a smooth recovery experience!

Best Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Total hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged parts of your hip joint with artificial implants. It is typically done to relieve pain and stiffness caused by conditions like arthritis.


Total hip replacement is a common and successful surgery. More than 450,000 procedures are carried out worldwide annually.


This surgery is usually recommended when conservative treatments like pain medication, physical therapy, and injections are no longer effective. It is also performed when hip fractures cannot heal properly.


The hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai depends on the type of surgery you undergo and the duration of the operation. Usually, at the best facilities, the payable amount is:

Hip Replacement Surgery 

Estimated Cost

Minimum Cost 

₹ 1,75,000

Average Expense

₹ 3,00,000

Maximum Price

₹ 6,00,000


The best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai include but are not limited to: 

  1. Dr Sagar Surendra Gujarathi

  2. Dr Ankit Amit Marfatia

  3. Dr Shreya Ratnakar Joshi

  4. Dr Vrajesh Shah

  5. Dr Miten Sheth

Note: For a comprehensive list, please speak with our HexaHealth expert.


The top facilities for total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai include: 

  1. Apex Hospital

  2. Saifee Hospital

  3. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

  4. SRCC Children Hospital

  5. ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital

Note: For a comprehensive list of hospitals, please speak with our HexaHealth expert.


Finding the best surgeon for hip replacement surgery in Mumbai involves several factors, including the following:

  1. Qualifications and experience

  2. Hospital affiliation

  3. Communication style

  4. Patient success rates


HexaHealth provides a Hexabuddy to assist you through your treatment. They make sure that during your recovery process, you do not need to think about financial documentation and other details. They are your team, which makes them the best choice.


Yes, total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai is covered under health insurance. This includes: 

  1. GIPSA insurance

  2. Medical claims 

  3. Healthcare loan


Scheduling an appointment with HexaHealth is very easy. Download their app and find your doctor. On their individual page, click "book appointment" and fix a date.


Recovery time varies depending on factors, including your overall health, age, and adherence to physical therapy. In general, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to regain full mobility and function.


As with any surgery, there are potential risks associated with total hip replacement, such as:

  1. Infection

  2. Bleeding

  3. Blood clots

  4. Nerve damage

  5. Dislocation of the implant

 It is crucial to discuss these risks thoroughly with your doctor before deciding on surgery.


The implants used in total hip replacement surgery are made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. The specific materials used for different components vary according to your individual needs and the surgeon's recommendations.


Pre-operative preparation for hip replacement surgery in Mumbai often involves:

  1. Medical evaluation

  2. Optimisation of medical conditions

  3. Physical therapy

  4. Education and planning


The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) presents that 90% of patients who receive knee replacement surgery experience significant pain relief. How well physical therapy works determines your success post-operation. 


Several non-surgical options may be explored before considering surgery, including:

  1. Physical therapy

  2. Medication

  3. Assistive devices

  4. Weight loss


Travelling after surgery is generally possible after completing the initial recovery phase and regaining sufficient mobility. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations and any precautions necessary for travelling after surgery.


Your doctor will provide specific instructions on activity limitations following surgery. Generally, high-impact activities like running, jumping, or contact sports are not recommended to avoid stressing the implant.


The actual surgery usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. However, the entire hospital stay, including pre-operative preparation and postoperative recovery, can range from 2 to 4 days.


Cemented implants use bone cement to secure the artificial components of the bone. Uncemented implants rely on press-fit technology and bone ingrowth for fixation. The type of technique depends on several factors, including patient age, bone quality, and surgeon's preference.


A physical therapist will create a customised exercise regimen based on your requirements and the status of your recovery. The main goals of these exercises are usually to enhance the hip joint range of motion, strength, and flexibility.


Driving restrictions are typically imposed until you regain sufficient strength, flexibility, and reaction time for safe driving. Please consult your doctor or physical therapist for specific guidance on when it is safe to resume driving.


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