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Cancer Chemotherapy in Mumbai

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Cancer is a growing health concern. But with advancements in treatment, hope is stronger than ever. Chemotherapy in Mumbai and other cities remains a cornerstone of cancer treatment. 

Such treatments can feel overwhelming, and the financial burden adds significant stress.  Understanding the chemotherapy cost in Mumbai aids in making informed decisions. This blog will discuss the top doctors, hospitals, and the cost of chemotherapy in the city. Continue reading.

Get Cancer Chemotherapy in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its advanced medical infrastructure. Healthcare institutions in the city are at the forefront of cancer research and innovation.

Here are some of the advantages of getting chemotherapy in the city:

  1. The city has various experienced and qualified oncologists skilled in the latest chemotherapy techniques and drugs.

  2. Hospitals in Mumbai have advanced medical facilities that can provide high-quality cancer care.

  3. You can access the latest and most innovative cancer treatments.

  4. Cost-effective chemotherapy treatment with financial assistance is possible here.

    Chemotherapy in Mumbai

The best chemotherapy doctor in Mumbai has relevant expertise, experience, and skills to perform cutting-edge treatments. They ensure that you receive the most effective care.

The table below mentions some of the best cancer specialists to help you choose an expert who aligns with your needs:


Known for/Areas of Specialisation

Dr Advani SH

  1. Awarded Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan

  2. Medical oncology

  3. Haematology

Dr Vijay Sharnangat

  1. Solid and haematological malignancies

  2. Chemotherapy

  3. Immunotherapy 

Dr Tejinder Singh

  1. Hairy cell leukaemia

  2. Cholangiocarcinoma

  3. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, malignant-melanoma

Dr Sanjeev Karmarkar

  1. Breast cancer treatment

  2. Giant cell tumour treatment

  3. Ewing’s sarcoma treatment

Dr Sachin Trivedi

  1. Gynaecological cancers

  2. Lymphoma

  3. Bone cancers 

Note: These are not the only oncologists available. HexaHealth has a panel of 1000+ expert oncologists in Mumbai. Visit the best oncologists in Mumbai to check out the complete list.

Best Chemotherapy Doctor in Mumbai

How to book an appointment?

HexaHealth focuses on connecting patients with top-tier hospitals and expert oncologists. You can schedule an appointment with them via:

  1. Website: Visit HexaHealth to look for the oncologist's profile. Visit the hospital website or call them directly to inquire about booking an appointment with the specific oncologist.

  2. App: Download the "HexaHealth Surgery Simplified" app on your Android or iOS devices and schedule a meeting.

Cancer Chemotherapy in Mumbai is provided by some of the top hospitals in the city. These medical facilities are renowned for their excellence in oncology care. They offer a comprehensive spectrum of chemotherapy services, with a dedicated team focused on maximising patient comfort. 

Here are the top 5 hospitals renowned for their expertise and compassionate approach to chemotherapy.

Hospital Name

Known For

HCG Cancer Center

  1. 119-beds

  2.  Elekta Versa HD radiation machine

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital Mahim 

  1. 170-beds

  2. Hyperbariatric oxygen therapy

Apollo Hospital

  1. 500 beds

  2. Advanced multi-speciality tertiary care 

HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer 

  1. Helical tomotherapy linear accelerator

  2. Quality cancer care 

MPCT Hospital

  1. Complete spectrum of advanced treatments 

  2. Oncology, neurology, and neurosurgery

Note: These are not the only cancer treatment hospitals available. HexaHealth is affiliated with over 500+ premier hospitals in Mumbai. Check the best surgical oncology hospitals in Mumbai for the complete list. 

Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

To arrange an appointment, visit the HexaHealth website or app. Choose your preferred medical practitioner and pick a convenient time to book a consultation with them.

The chemotherapy cost in Mumbai starts from ₹ 12,000 and can go up to ₹ 1,55,000. Factors such as the type of cancer and the treatment method choice might cause cost variations. Here is a summary of the prices associated with cancer treatment in Mumbai:


Cost Approximate

Minimum Price

₹ 12,000

Average Expense

₹ 48,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 1,55,000

Note: The values mentioned above are approximate. Please contact HexaHealth experts for detailed and accurate pricing information.

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Financing Options

There are different financing options for cancer chemotherapy in Mumbai to cover medical expenses. These methods ease financial stress, enabling you to focus on the treatment and recovery.

  1. Insurance: Coverage for cancer chemotherapy can vary according to specific health insurance plans. Review your policy to understand the details. For any questions about insurance or treatment, HexaHealth is here to help.

  1. Cashless Claims: If the chosen hospital is in-network with the insurance provider, the patient can avail of cashless claims. This means the hospital will bill the insurance company directly, minimising upfront costs.

  1. Reimbursement Claims: With this option, the patient must pay the hospital bill in full. Later, once the insurance company approves the claim, they reimburse the policyholder.

  1. Medical Loans: Cancer chemotherapy costs in Mumbai can be covered by applying for medical loans. HexaHealth professionals can assist patients through the process. We ensure secure and hassle-free medical emergency loans to address the expenses of the procedure. 

  1. With HexaHealth, avail the benefits of

  2. Quick loan approval

  3. No collateral

  4. 0% interest rates

  5. Adjustable EMIs

We understand that cancer treatment goes beyond medical procedures. HexaHealth provides personalised support throughout your chemotherapy treatment. We also assist you with:

  1. Expert Guidance: HexaHealth team helps you navigate the complexities of insurance.

  2. Transparent Pricing: Upfront cost estimates will be given. This ensures there are no surprises along the way.

  3. Round-the-clock Care: Our team is available 24/7 to address any concerns or issues that may arise during your treatment.

  4. Access to Top Hospitals: HexaHealth connects you with the best medical facilities in Mumbai.

  5. Financial Assistance: We ensure instant approval of emergency medical loans.

    Cancer Chemotherapy in Mumbai

Chemotherapy or "chemo" is a medical treatment that uses drugs to destroy or inhibit cancer cell growth. It targets fast-growing cancers. The sessions last for 2-3 hours and may require combining various medicinal agents.

The technique, while effective for cancer, can also affect healthy cells in bone marrow, digestive tract, and hair follicles. It may cause side effects like fatigue, hair loss, nausea, and a weakened immune system.

Diagnostic Tests before Chemotherapy

To diagnose cancer, your doctor might use a combination of diagnostic techniques. Here are the common diagnostic tests for chemotherapy:

  1. Blood Tests: These help doctors spot cancer, but they must be used with other examinations for accuracy. It can be broadly classified into four main groups:

    1. Comprehensive blood analysis (CBC).

    2. Tumour marker assessments.

    3. Examination of blood proteins.

    4. Tests detecting circulating tumour cells.

  2. Biopsy: In this, a small sample of tissue, cells, or fluid is taken from your body. This sample is then examined by a pathologist under a microscope for any signs of cancer.

  3. X-ray: It captures images of both bones and soft tissues. It is commonly used for regular screenings to detect cancer and other medical conditions.

  4. CT Scan: Using a sequence of X-ray scans combined with advanced computer technology. This allows doctors to visualise the location of cancerous tumours. 

  5. MRI: It produces precise images of the internal structures within your body. They offer valuable insights into whether cancer has spread (metastasized) to nearby tissues or organs.

Advantages of Chemotherapy

The potential benefit of chemotherapy to each patient depends on the type of cancer and the overall health of the patient. Here is the list of common advantages of it:

  1. Chemotherapy is used to alleviate symptoms resulting from advanced cancer.

  2. It directly targets and shrinks tumours or cancer cells.

  3. It can decrease the chances of the cancer recurring.

  4. Frequent check-ups associated with chemotherapy can help prevent treatment-associated complications.

Alternative to Chemotherapy

You may choose to discuss alternative options to chemotherapy with your oncologist. Based on the specific type, stage, and location of your cancer, here are some alternatives that your doctor may suggest:

  1. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): It is a cancer treatment method in which light, typically from a laser or another light source, is employed. PDT activates drugs designed to eliminate cancer cells. 

  2. Laser Therapy: This offers a targeted approach to fight cancer. Doctors wield a concentrated beam of light to eliminate small tumours and precancerous growths.

  3. Targeted Therapy: In this medical approach, doctors use precision medications to treat patients according to their symptoms. These therapies encompass small-molecule drugs capable of easily entering cells.

  4. Immunotherapy: A biological approach to cancer treatment. It leverages your body's own natural defence system, the immune system, to combat cancer.

  5. Hormone Therapy: This therapy is commonly employed to address certain forms of breast, endometrial, and prostate cancers. The treatment strategies aim to obstruct or alter these hormones, potentially halting the cancer's progression.

Risks of Delaying Chemotherapy

Starting chemotherapy promptly is crucial for maximising its effectiveness in treating cancer. By initiating this procedure timely, you can improve your chances of a successful outcome. Here's why delays can be risky:

  1. Limits Treatment Options: Early-stage cancers often respond better to treatment. Delays may result in cancer progression to a more advanced stage, limiting treatment options.

  2. Progression: Timely chemotherapy offers the best chance for the body to respond positively. Waiting can make the cancer less receptive to the procedure, reducing its effectiveness.

  3. Advanced Stage Diagnosis: Delaying diagnosis until later stages worsens the prognosis (the expected outcome of a medical condition). 

At HexaHealth, we understand the importance of quality treatment and care for our patients. Look at the table below for comparing HexaHealth with others to offer you a better understanding:




Integrated Pre and Post-operative Care



24*7 Dedicated Coordinator



Transparency in Pricing



Network Hospitals and Oncologists

1000+ expert doctors and 500+ accredited hospitals.


Value Added Services

Complimentary pickup for surgery


Medical Loans



Best Cancer Chemotherapy Hospitals in Mumbai

Lilavati Hospital And Research Centre

Lilavati Hospital And Research Centre

4.6/5(90 Ratings)
Bandra West, Mumbai

Simplify Your Chemotherapy Experience in Mumbai with HexaHealth

Chemotherapy in Mumbai is a cornerstone therapy for a wide range of cancers. It can either be used as a standalone treatment or complemented with other alternate treatments. Early detection and intervention are crucial for successful treatment outcomes. 

HexaHealth offers personalised support throughout your chemotherapy treatment. Our experienced team provides clear guidance on the chemotherapy cost in Mumbai and connects you with top oncologists in the city. Schedule your appointment with HexaHealth, and let us help you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best hospitals or clinics for chemotherapy in Mumbai can vary depending on your needs and preferences. The top-rated ones are as follows:

  1. HCG Cancer Center Borivali

  2. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital Mahim West

  3. Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai

  4. HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre Nariman Point

  5. MPCT Hospital


Various oncologists have several years of experience in chemotherapy. A list of the five such experts is as follows:

  1. Dr Advani SH

  2. Dr Vijay Sharnangat

  3. Dr Tejinder Singh

  4. Dr Sanjeev Karmarkar

  5. Dr Sachin Trivedi

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. HexaHealth experts can help you connect with the right specialist in the city as per your preferences.


Chemotherapy treatment cost in Mumbai may vary depending upon the complexity of the treatment and choice of hospital.


Cost Approximate

Minimum Price

₹ 12,000

Average Expense

₹ 48,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 1,55,000

For accurate pricing contact HexaHealth.


You must consider certain factors when choosing a reputable oncologist in Mumbai for chemotherapy. These include:

  1. Ensuring that the oncologist is board-certified

  2. Consider oncologists who are affiliated with reputable hospitals

  3. Look for oncologists with specific expertise in chemotherapy

  4. Read patient reviews to gauge their reputation


Yes, chemotherapy treatment can be covered by health insurance in Mumbai. Different plans have varying coverage details. Review your policy documents to confirm whether chemotherapy is covered and the specific terms. Contact HexaHealth experts for any assistance.


Our team offers clear guidance and connects you with a network of healthcare experts. HexaHealth streamlines your chemotherapy experience in Mumbai. We handle insurance paperwork, connect you with experienced doctors, and offer a supportive network. Focus on your health while HexaHealth takes care of the rest.


While chemotherapy is a powerful tool against cancer, it can come with downsides. Everyone experiences these side effects differently, depending on the specific cancer, the drugs used, and overall health. Common side effects are:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Hair loss

  3. Diarrhoea

  4. Constipation

  5. Nausea and vomiting

  6. Blood disorders


Preparing for chemotherapy in Mumbai involves following guidelines. Key steps may include:

  1. Consult your doctor for specific instructions.

  2. Prepare for intravenous chemotherapy through catheters, ports, or pumps.

  3. Undergo necessary tests to ensure your body is ready for treatment.

  4. Visit your dentist to address any dental issues that may pose a risk during chemotherapy.

  5. Anticipate potential side effects and arrange for support at home and work.


Chemotherapy offers a potent tool against cancer cells. Below are a few alternative therapies available alongside this procedure. 

  1. Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

  2. Laser therapy

  3. Targeted therapy

  4. Immunotherapy

  5. Hormone therapy


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