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DJ Stent Removal in Mumbai

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DJ stent removal in Mumbai helps with patients' recovery from the urological condition they are facing. A stent is placed temporarily for about 3 to 6 weeks.

We will cover the benefits of kidney stent removal in Mumbai and urologists you can refer to. Let’s get to know about the operation and briefly outline the available financial assistance.

Benefits of Ureteral Stent Removal in Mumbai

The DJ stent removal procedure in Mumbai is a valuable procedure for people suffering from kidney stones or infections. While the treatment itself is beneficial, undergoing it in this city has several advantages:

  1. Mumbai has several skilled urologists to carry out the intervention.

  2. Many hospitals have advanced technologies for efficient and comfortable DJ stent removal. They ensure appropriate postoperative care and guidance for smooth recovery.

  3. Compared to other major cities, Mumbai offers affordable options.

  4. A wide range of healthcare providers, you can choose the same as per your medical needs.

    DJ Stent Removal in Mumbai

Ureteral stent removal in Mumbai is a critical procedure for people with urological conditions. Choosing the best doctor to refer to is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes. A few doctors you can consult include:

  1. Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke is a well-known general surgeon and proctologist. He has 11 years of experience in the field. Currently, he is associated with Imperial Women's Clinic. He specialises in DJ stent removal surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

  2. Dr Avanish Arora is an esteemed urologist with over 24 years of clinical practice in urology. He practises at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital. His expertise in reconstructive urology and endourological surgeries is very well acclaimed.

  3. Dr Rajratna Naresh Kamble has more than a decade of practice. He is associated with Imperial Women's Clinic as a general surgeon, proctologist, and laparoscopic surgeon. His areas of interest are DJ stent removal surgery and endoscopic gastroplasty.

  4. Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar is a seasoned general surgeon, proctologist, and bariatric surgeon. At present, he is affiliated with SRV Hospital. He has over ten years of experience in general and laparoscopy surgery. DJ stent removal surgery and other urological procedures are his specialisations. 

    Kidney Stent Removal in Mumbai

  5. Dr Niraj Brijbhushan Singh specialises in ureteroscopy and kidney stent removal. He is a reputed general surgeon with 17 years of proficiency in medicine. Dr Singh is empanelled at Apex Multispeciality Hospitals. 

  6. Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale has 13 years of expertise. He is well known for his contribution to the fields of general surgery, bariatric surgery, and proctology. At present, he is associated with Imperial Women's Clinic and Doctor Polyclinic. He is adept at numerous procedures, including abdominal surgeries, DJ stent removal and pain management.

  7. Dr Sarang Paramhans Bajpai specialises in emergency abdominal, laparoscopic, and laser surgeries. He is affiliated with Imperial Women's Clinic in Mumbai and has 11 years of clinical experience.

Note: This list is meant for general information purposes; there are several other urologists performing this procedure in Mumbai. Please contact HexaHealth for detailed information. 

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth surgeons in Mumbai?

At HexaHealth, we recognise that stent removal procedure in Mumbai requires immediate attention. As a result, we have simplified the booking process for you. There are various ways that you can schedule a meeting with the urologists and surgeons at HexaHealth.

Also, when booking your appointment, be prepared to provide your name, contact information, and a brief condition description. 

  1. Online: Go to HexaHealth and type in "Urologist in Mumbai." Make direct surgeon reservations via the website.

  2. Application: Get the HexaHealth app from the Google Play Store and schedule your appointment. There, you can also keep track of your records.

Note: Don't worry if you want to know whom to consult. Give us a call! We will provide you with a customised list and guide you based on your requirements.

When selecting a hospital, checking for the latest technology, skilled urologists, and patient-centric care is crucial. To make your research simpler, here are the seven best facilities that offer DJ stent removal procedures in Mumbai at affordable rates:

  1. Currae Specialty Hospital ensures that patients receive a high standard of treatment across departments. They have fully equipped care units and modern operation theatres. The hospital is known for managing critical urological procedures as well. 

  2. MPCT Hospital has some of the top urologists and nurses. Their goal is to provide budget-friendly treatment to patients worldwide. They provide comprehensive emergency care and planned DJ stent removal operations.

  3. Apex Hospitals has over 350 beds and is well-recognised for providing high-quality interventions. Their healthcare team has 25+ years of experience. They deliver vital patient care within a 100% transparent environment. 

  4. Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center is a facility acclaimed for its urological department. They ensure timely, effective, and affordable access to quality healthcare for all. 

    Ureteral Stent Removal in Mumbai

  5. Kulkarni Hospital is a multispeciality medical institution providing general surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynaecology interventions. They are known for offering advanced interventions in DJ stent removal. Their team of highly trained doctors and experienced nursing staff ensure the highest standards of care.

  6. Seawoods Hospital is a well-known healthcare facility that specialises in urology and pulmonology procedures. They provide top-quality, affordable medical care to people. They employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient experience. 

  7. Terna Speciality Hospital And Research Centre is a 400-bed multispeciality tertiary care hospital offering comprehensive healthcare. They have the latest surgical, medical, and diagnostic tools available. They have a staff of exceptionally skilled medical professionals who provide excellent and accessible interventions.

Note: There are numerous other hospitals for double j stent removal in Mumbai providing this service in the city. Please contact HexaHealth for detailed information.

The average DJ stent removal cost in Mumbai may be ₹ 17,000. This would include anaesthesia, doctor fees, the ureteral stent extraction and medication. If a standard cystoscopy procedure takes place, the price may be anywhere between ₹ 11,000 to ₹ 20,000. Additionally, based on the hospital you choose, the total amount may change.

Below is an overview of the overall expenditures you may incur:  

DJ Stent Removal 

Estimated Cost 

Minimum Cost 

₹ 11,000

Average Expense

₹ 17,000

Maximum Price

₹ 20,000

Note: A standard cystoscopy procedure takes place; the price of double j stent removal in Mumbai may differ between ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 15,000. The figures mentioned above are approximate. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for accurate and up-to-date pricing structures. 

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Financing Options

In order to manage any financial difficulties, health insurance for DJ stent removal in Mumbai proves to be beneficial. HexaHealth is dedicated to assisting you in exploring this procedure's monetary options:

  1. Health Insurance: Kidney stent removal in Mumbai is often covered by insurance if it is part of kidney stone treatment. This is because the extraction of DJ stents is considered essential for managing the condition. You can avail of private and GIPSA insurance through HexaHealth to ease your economic burden.

  1. Government Schemes: For Indian nationals, there are state and city-wise programmes that you can obtain. These include:

    1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY): For economically weaker sections.

    2. Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS): A programme for veterans and their dependents (family members).

    3. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS): For central government employees, their families and pensioners.

  1. Cashless Claims: The hospital will directly settle the bills with the insurance company if your insurance plan allows cashless hospitalisation. This would eliminate the need for any upfront payments.

  1. Reimbursement Claims: After making the required paperwork submissions and paying the hospital bills, you may claim a refund. This process can be simplified by utilising our round-the-clock HexaHealth support. A dedicated HexaBuddy will be assigned to make sure you recover without any stress while we take care of everything else. 

  1. Medical Loan: These are practical solutions for your healthcare expenses. Therefore, HexaHealth offers this benefit even if you are not eligible for insurance. We provide credits with the pros listed below:

    1. Quick loan approvals 

    2. No collateral requirement

    3. No additional charges for loan processing

    4. 0% interest rate

    5. Flexible EMI repayment plans to suit your financial situation

At HexaHealth, you can avail of the best possible kidney stent removal in Mumbai at affordable rates. We are partnered with NABH and JCI-accredited hospitals and provide modern care facilities for patient recovery.

We aim to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment of ureteral stent removal in Mumbai which can be availed by all. We promise to be by your side during the entire surgical procedure. With us, you can access the following benefits:



Top NABH-Accredited Facilities


Affordable DJ Stent Removal 


Highly Qualified Urologists


Simple Booking Process


Competitive Pricing


Personalised Support (Hexabuddy)


Free Follow-up Care After The Procedure


100% Transparency


Highest Medical And Safety Standards


No Cost EMI


Insurance Approval & Claim Support


Complimentary Pickup & Drop During Surgery


Cystoscopy, another name for DJ stent removal, is a minimally invasive procedure. It is used to remove a tiny, flexible tube that is inserted into the urinary tract. This stent helps urine flow by avoiding an obstruction or supporting healing after surgery. 

It is also used to prevent complications after ureteroscopy and uterine cancer treatment. This prevents ureteral narrowing or blockage while also promoting healing. DJ stent removal usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes and requires local anaesthesia. While there may be some discomfort in rare cases, the majority of patients recover quickly and smoothly.

There are two techniques for extracting DJ stents. They are performed in an OPD. 

  1. Cystoscopy: This is the traditional method of removing DJ stents. It includes using a cystoscope, which is a thin, flexible tube with a camera and light at one end. It helps in the visual inspection required to remove ureteral stents. 

  2. Flexible Cystoscopy: This method is similar to cystoscopy, but it uses a flexible cystoscope that makes it easier to access the urinary tract. This could be useful if the patient has a complicated urinary tract anatomy or a narrow urethra. 

Diagnostic Tests for Stent Removal Procedure in Mumbai

In most cases, no clinical investigations are routinely required before a DJ stent removal. However, your doctor may recommend a few, depending on your situation. These may include:

  1. Urinalysis: It is a simple test that checks for signs of infection in your urine.

  2. Urine Culture: This ascertains the presence of bacteria in your urine to identify and treat potential infections.

  3. Kidney Function Tests: These blood examinations check how well your kidneys are filtering waste products from your blood.

Note: It is important to discuss any concerns you have with your doctor before your DJ stent removal. They are the ones who decide if any diagnostic tests are necessary for you.

Advantages of DJ Stent Removal

There are several benefits of double J stent removal in Mumbai once it is no longer medically necessary. Here are some of the most common advantages:

  1. It reduces the irritation and cramping caused by the stent's presence.

  2. Stents can increase the risk of urinary tract infections after the recommended timeline. Surgical extraction lowers the risk.

  3. They may cause urinary frequency, urgency, and burning. Withdrawal of stents helps with the restoration of normal urination patterns.

  4. Taking away a foreign object often leads to a better sense of well-being and a return to the usual lifestyle.

Risk of Delay in DJ Stent Removal

If you delay the DJ stent removal procedure in Mumbai, there are potential risks you may have to face. With that said, DJ stents are generally safe and effective. Only some people who experience a delay in withdrawal will develop complications. The decision of when to extract the stent should be made by a healthcare professional only. 

  1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): It can irritate the urinary tract and make it more susceptible to infection. 

  2. Stent Encrustation: Urine contains minerals that can build up on the stent over time, forming a hard crust. This can make the stent difficult or painful to remove and may require additional procedures.

  3. Kidney Stones: The encrustation on the stent can also cause calculus (stone) formation.

  4. Ureteral Obstruction: In rare cases, the stent itself can block the ureter, leading to pain, kidney swelling, and infection.

  5. Stent Migration: The device can move out of place, causing significant discomfort and potentially requiring repositioning.

  6. Increased Pain and Discomfort: Stents can cause irritation and inflammation in the urinary tract. This can lead to pain, burning, and frequent urination.

Selecting the best medical team to guide and assist you may seem difficult. Although there are alternatives, at HexaHealth, we offer special advantages such as the following:


With HexaHealth

Without HexaHealth

Consult With Senior Urologists



First Consultation 

Discounted or free

Standard fees

Complimentary Second Opinion



HexaBuddy For Assistance



DJ Stent Removal

Budget-friendly and affordable 

Full procedure cost

Insurance And Financial Assistance



Free Pickup And Drop During The Procedure



Simplified Booking And Follow-Up



No Collateral For Loans



Smooth Loan Processing



Authentic Patient Reviews On Our Platform



Best DJ Stent Removal Doctors in Mumbai

Dr. Dhruti Mahajan


14+ Years




Best DJ Stent Removal Hospitals in Mumbai

The Millennium Multispeciality Hospital

The Millennium Multispeciality Hospital

4/5(88 Ratings)
Ulwe, Mumbai
Vejovis Polyclinic

Vejovis Polyclinic

4/5(77 Ratings)
Chembur, Mumbai

HexaHealth: Delivering The Best in Urology For Your Wellbeing

DJ stent removal in Mumbai is a safe procedure to manage urological conditions like kidney stones or ureteral restrictions. The city is renowned for its advanced medical infrastructure and expertise. 

At HexaHealth, we understand the challenges you may face with urination and its impact on your daily life. By choosing us for kidney stent removal in Mumbai, you can be certain that the care is of the highest quality. Make an appointment with us to get started on the path to a healthier, active life!

Stent Removal Procedure in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The city has a multitude of options for the kidney stent extraction. The best double j stent removal in Mumbai is available at the following hospitals:

  1. Currae Specialty Hospital 

  2. MPCT Hospital

  3. Apex Hospital

  4. Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center

  5. Kulkarni Hospital

  6. Seawoods Hospital

  7. Terna Speciality Hospital And Research Centre


The DJ stent removal cost in Mumbai would vary based on the hospital of your choice. However, overall, you may have to pay the following:

  1. Minimum Cost: ₹ 11,000

  2. Average Expense: ₹ 17,000

  3. Maximum Price: ₹ 20,000


Yes, there are several skilled doctors for stent removal procedures in Mumbai whom you can refer to. Following is a brief list:

  1. Dr Aditya Shekhar Phadke

  2. Dr Avanish Arora

  3. Dr Rajratna Naresh Kamble

  4. Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar

  5. Dr Niraj Brijbhushan Singh

  6. Dr Snehal Vasantrao Kawale

  7. Dr Sarang Paramhans Bajpai


DJ stent removal in Mumbai is a safe and effective procedure. Due to this, the experience of many patients has been positive. To read authentic quality reviews, you can visit the HexaHealth website and see for yourself.


Yes, kidney stent removal in Mumbai is available in all HexaHealth network hospitals. You can book an appointment with your facility of choice on the website or through the HexaHealth app.


Yes, ureteral stent removal in Mumbai is covered under health insurance when combined with kidney surgery. You can avail of the following options:

  1. Loan with HexaHealth at no cost EMI

  2. Medical claims 

    1. Cashless claims 

    2. Reimbursement claims

  3. Private insurances 

  4. GIPSA insurances 

  5. Government schemes


Booking a DJ stent removal procedure in Mumbai is very easy. Visit the HexaHealth website or download the app on your Play Store. After that, search the name of your chosen doctor or facility and click on "Book Appointment". Your consultation will be scheduled quickly and fast.


As double j stent removal in Mumbai is a crucial procedure, we provide optimal care and quality treatment to all. We aim to provide budget-friendly surgery to everyone. With us, you can avail the following benefits: 

  1. No collateral for loan processing

  2. 100% transparency

  3. Several payment options

  4. Pick up and drop for surgery


For DJ stent removal in Mumbai, pick a doctor based on your surgical requirements. It would be best if you also looked at:

  1. Authentic reviews about them

  2. Their specialisations

  3. Years of experience

  4. Availability for consultation


A DJ stent, also known as a double-J stent, is a small, flexible tube placed in the urinary tract to help urine flow properly. It's shaped like a J at each end, which helps it stay in place.


The DJ stent is placed in the ureter, which is the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. One end of the stent is placed in the kidney, while the other is placed in the bladder.


No, DJ stents are typically meant to be temporary. They are usually removed after 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual case.


Once the underlying issue causing urine blockage is resolved, the DJ stent is no longer needed and should be removed. This is done to prevent complications like infection and discomfort.


The timing of DJ stent removal depends on the specific reason for placement. Your doctor will determine the optimal time for removal based on your case.


DJ stent removal is generally considered a minor outpatient procedure. This means you would not need to stay overnight in the hospital.


The most common steps for DJ stent removal procedure in Mumbai involve:

  1. Applying local anaesthesia to numb the urethra.

  2. Putting a cystoscope inside the bladder by passing it through the urethra.

  3. Visualising the stent and grasping its retrieval string with a specialised instrument.

  4. Gently pulling the stent out through the urethra.


The procedure itself usually takes around 10-15 minutes. However, the entire process, including preparation and recovery, might take up to an hour.


Most people experience minimal discomfort and can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. You might experience some burning or urgency when urinating for a day or two, which is considered normal.


Potential risks associated with DJ stent removal are minor and may include:

  1. Bleeding

  2. Urinary tract infection

  3. Discomfort during the procedure


No, DJ stent removal is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. This usually means you don't need to stay overnight at the hospital.


Yes, you can resume normal activities immediately after DJ stent removal. However, it's important to follow your doctor's specific instructions regarding any activity restrictions.


There are usually no specific dietary restrictions after DJ stent removal. However, it's always recommended to maintain good hydration by drinking plenty of fluids.


Most patients experience minimal discomfort during DJ stent removal. Local anaesthesia or mild sedation may be used to minimise any discomfort.


In some specific cases, alternative methods to DJ stents may be considered, such as ureteroscopy or balloon dilation. However, these options are only suitable for some, and your urologist will determine the most appropriate approach based on your situation.


Your urologist will provide specific instructions regarding any pre- and post-operative precautions you need to follow. These may include:

  1. Fasting instructions before the procedure

  2. Medications to take or avoid

  3. Signs and symptoms to watch for after removal


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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