Our Editorial Policy

We are proud and humbled to be one of India&aposs most reputed and fastest-growing healthcare companies. Our USP is a well-defined patient-first approach and people welfare. To fulfil this ideal via medical content, we,

  1. Follow a robust code of conduct of medical integrity and zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  2. Administer strict guidelines and a detailed framework for content generation.
  3. Warrant each process step adheres to the principles of international information standards and conventions.
  4. Ensure all our resources comply with all ethical, moral, humane, and legal rules and regulations of all governing and statutory bodies as applicable to each domain.
  5. Refer to only peer-reviewed, offline and online media sources of the highest order of credibility, authenticity and authority. Our references are benchmarks from various International Scientific and Medical Journals, Academic Textbooks, Case Studies of Practising Doctors and Surgeons, Medical Councils, the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, AIIMS, etc.

Who are we?

HexaHealth is a one-stop HealthTech platform with the largest nationwide network of hospitals. Our advanced AI-powered recommendation engine helps patients find the right doctor and hospital. We are solution-oriented for hassle-free hospital admissions, seamless surgery experience, insurance, financing and post-surgery recovery.

What do we do?

  1. Create evidence-based, the largest repository of helpful information on medical surgeries.
  2. Publish authentic, authoritative and reliable information on diseases, medical conditions and surgeries via long-form articles, short articles, blogs and media inserts.
  3. Catalogue and curate the list of top hospitals, best doctors and surgeons.
  4. Compare and analyse the cost of medical treatment, insurance, hospitalisation and allied care services for the best pricing.
  5. Help people by educating, raising awareness, and demystifying various treatment options via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Who benefits from our content?

  1. We endeavour to create content for non-specialists, mainly patients and their families, who don’t understand medical jargon.
  2. It is for non-expert people or anybody unfamiliar with medical science and treatment procedures.
  3. The focus is on presenting well-researched, unbiased, reliable, trustworthy and contextual information.
  4. User feedback draws the inference that our content is effortless to read, understand and remember.
  5. Almost all of our patients and most website visitors have appreciated the utility and correctness of our explicit, verifiable content.

Why do we do it?

  1. The process of doctor consultations, treatments and hospitalisation is usually an unpleasant experience. It becomes exploitative and agonising when relevant information is unavailable and communicated. We aim to address this passionately.
  2. To empower patients with the proper education and awareness.
  3. To enable the discovery of the right doctor and hospital.
  4. To care, simplify and deliver better health outcomes.
  5. We want to bring transparency and accessibility into healthcare.

How do we do it?

  1. Organisation and Cataloguing
    1. List and branch out all possible diseases, medical conditions, treatments and surgeries.
    2. Create associations and interlinks of each topic and subject as per relevance.
    3. Refining metadata of this encyclopaedic volume of possibilities.
    4. Allot each topic and subtopic for content generation.
    5. Create profiles based on location, availability, qualification, specialisation, expertise, experience, accreditation, certifications, outcomes, reviews, recommendations, ratings, rankings, relationships, results, facilities, features, settlements, networks, convenience, timings, pricing, etc.
  2. Research and Use Case Benefit Analysis
    1. Deep study and research are the default functions for each content topic or subject.
    2. Do ample quantitative and qualitative research from academic and non-academic material.
    3. Refer to online and offline resources, including personal and professional consultations.
    4. Adopt best practices and also consider highly regarded opinions and the latest trends.
    5. Filter only valuable content for ease of use.
    6. Each medical case can be different hence allowing modifications for specific requirements.
    7. Incorporate flexibility in content for generalisation as well as personalisation.
    8. Cross-reference the content for analysis, effectiveness and impact.
  3. Original Writing, Graphics and Style
    1. Clinical and medical integrity.
    2. Accomplish readability, context and consistency.
    3. Unbiased and crystal clear interpretation.
    4. Error-free data, statistics and reports.
    5. Original in-house designs.
    6. Full ownership of content. Collaboration with authors who are qualified medical professionals.
    7. Execute best practices of grammar, language, tone and communication.
    8. Use free and open artworks in the public domain and paid or licensed media.
  4. Multiple Reviews and Quality Control
    1. Update the latest data, techniques and advancements.
    2. Perform multiple levels of edits, reviews and approvals.
    3. Follow strict guidelines and policy framework.
    4. Strictly implement rules and cross-check.
    5. Continuous learning and Impact assessment.
    6. Train authors, writers and reviewers.
    7. Upgrade of knowledge and skills development.
    8. Approvals from Doctors, Surgeons, SMEs and Medical Professionals.
  5. Optimisation and Publishing
    1. Superior Content Management System (CMS).
    2. Version Control Mechanism.
    3. User-friendly on all display screen sizes.
    4. Open and transparent feedback.
    5. Agile corrections and improvement.
    6. Best quality of UX/UI standards.

Disclaimer for content (Condition, Treatment and Blogs)

We provide content on our website that is purely informative and educational in nature, but they do not contain information about all medical conditions and not all information could apply to your personal circumstances. The content is not to be constructed as medical advice, is not intended for diagnosis and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Disclaimer for cost of the procedure / treatment

The cost of the procedure / treatment provided here is not exact, is an estimate and can vary depending on several factors like patient’s medical condition, hospital and doctor choosen, treatment approach and pre or post treatment care. All the prices mentioned are either sourced from our patients / visitors or hospital partners. To know the exact cost, please consult with your treating healthcare professional.

Disclaimer for the Doctor and Hospital information provided

HexaHealth collects, directly or indirectly, and displays on the Website relevant information regarding the profile and practice of the Practitioners listed on the Website, such as their specialisation, qualification, fees, location, visiting hours, and similar details. HexaHealth makes reasonable efforts to ensure that such information is updated frequently. Although HexaHealth screens and vets the information and photos submitted by the Practitioners, it cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or incompleteness represented from it, despite such reasonable efforts.

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