Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Allurion): Cost, Benefits, Risks

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Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Allurion): Cost, Benefits, Risks

Quick Summary

  • Obesity is a global epidemic.
  • A gastric balloon can help you lose weight if you have tried other weight loss methods.
  • Obesity can lead to multiple health complications if not treated in time.

Studies suggest that obesity is now a global epidemic. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are major reasons behind it. A gastric balloon can be your saviour if you are unable to lose weight even after several weight-loss efforts.

Obesity, if not treated in time, can lead to multiple health complications such as unhealthy cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and infertility! Therefore, obesity treatment should become a priority.

Read this blog to learn more about India’s first swallowable weight loss balloon, its benefits, cost, and more.

What is Intragastric Ballooning?

An intragastric balloon is a new technology that offers a minimally invasive treatment for obesity. The balloon is placed in the stomach by a doctor often using an endoscopic procedure.

The weight loss procedure using a gastric balloon is a short-term reversible treatment. It combines a healthy long-term diet and regular physical exercise to show effective weight loss.

This non-surgical weight loss works with the balloon taking up space in your stomach. This helps you feel full and reduce your hunger and appetite. It also reduces the habit of frequent snacking.

Types of Intragastric Ballooning

Based on the procedure involved in placing the balloon, intragastric balloons in India can be classified as:

  1. Orbera Intragastric Balloon: The Orbera is an FDA-approved intragastric balloon that comes in a compressed form with a filling tube attached at the other end. It is placed with the help of an endoscopic supervision.

  2. Heliosphere Balloon: A spherical balloon made of polyurethane but inside silicone envelope. Heliosphere balloon is filled with air and is placed in the stomach with the help of an endoscope.

  3. Spatz3 Balloon: A technology that allows the balloon’s size to be adjusted as per requirement throughout the placed balloon treatment.

    It is inserted with mounting the deflated balloon at the tip of the endoscope, which forms a spherical saline-filled gastric balloon in the stomach.

  4. ReShape Duo Integrated Dual Balloon System: In this weight loss ballooning system, two separate filled, spherical balloons are joined with a non-communication shaft. It is another endoscopic procedure.

  5. Obalon: The Obalon balloon system is in the form of ingestible gelatin capsules that contain the folded balloon inside. A fluoroscope is used to track the capsule to the stomach.

    It consists of three balloons, each placed in a gap of 1 month.

  6. Elipse Balloon or Allurion: Earlier referred to as elipse, Allurion is India’s first swallowable weight loss balloon in the form of a capsule. It follows a non-endoscopic procedure for weight loss and is safe and non-invasive.

    The Allurion balloon gets removed on its own through excretion. It does not need any surgical or endoscopic removal procedure.

Intragastric Balloon Types

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About Allurion Gastric Balloon

Allurion is India’s first procedure-less procedure for weight loss. The Allurion programme is a comprehensive weight loss plan of about 6 months. It includes the capsule, a digital weighing scale, a health tracking device and a mobile app.

An Allurion capsule is swallowed with the help of water under the guidance of an Allurion-certified doctor. It is a non-invasive, non-endoscopic obesity treatment. It is the only weight loss procedure performed without surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia.

The Allurion method of weight loss may aid in losing up to an average of 10 to 15% of body weight for the obese. It is similar to other weight loss gastric balloons, but the procedure of placement and removal of the Allurion differs.

In this system, the balloon comes rolled in the form of a capsule and is filled into a balloon. A catheter comes connected to the capsule from one end, which helps fill the liquid into the balloon when placed in the stomach.

Parts of Allurion Balloon

The balloon is rolled into a capsule, and it consists of the following parts:

  1. Balloon Film: The balloon material is a very thin film, even thinner than regular silicone balloons. It is flexible and durable enough to pass through the gastrointestinal tract after spending months in the stomach.
  2. Filling Valve: It is made of a very thin film and shuts itself once the catheter is pulled out after filling the balloon.
  3. Release Valve: This valve is made of a degradable thin film used to cover a hole. The filament degrades over time, further breaks and opens the hole, allowing the balloon to empty itself at a pre-decided time.Allurion Balloon Parts

Allurion Intragastric Ballooning Benefits

Allurion is a procedure-less intragastric ballooning treatment for weight loss which comes with multiple benefits over traditional weight loss surgeries in India.

Allurion is a side treatment for obesity and lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet. These include:

  1. Safe and Convenient: Allurion ballooning offers one of the safest procedures for weight loss, and it does not generally require the need to visit a hospital.

  2. Temporary Treatment: Allurion ballooning is a temporary treatment. Unlike bariatric surgeries for weight loss, Allurion offers a non-surgical and reversible procedure, meaning the balloon can be placed and removed anytime.

  3. Rare Discomfort: Allurion is made of very soft silicone material, so it may or may not cause any discomfort in the stomach.

  4. Quick Procedure: Placing an Allurion gastric balloon is performed very quickly as it requires no extra medical apparatus. It takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes.Allurion Balloon Benefits

  5. No Incision or Anaesthesia: The non-surgical nature of the placement and removal procedure removes the need for anaesthesia or any surgical incisions.
    It can be a great option for obese patients who fear surgery.

  6. No Risk of Complications: There is a very low risk of any procedure-related complications, such as bleeding, infections, etc., because Allurion ballooning is a procedure-less treatment.

  7. No Hospitalisation: The Allurion balloon placement does not cause you to get hospitalised. It is an outpatient procedure. The patient may be observed to check for any immediate reactions, if any, for half an hour to an hour.

  8. Highly Effective: The Allurion method may offer up to an average of 10 to 15% of body weight loss.Allurion Balloon Other Benefits

Allurion is an effective weight reduction tool without any need for surgery. However, visiting a doctor to see if you fit the requirements for getting an Allurion balloon placed in the stomach is crucial.

Allurion Intragastric Ballooning Procedure

Allurion balloon and other intragastric ballooning procedures differ in terms of the methods of placement and removal. Allurion does not require an apparatus such as an endoscope for its placement or removal.

Allurion ballooning is an outpatient procedure and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The capsule balloon is placed with the following step-by-step procedure:

  1. Consultation with Doctor: A doctor tries to understand your condition and will check if you are eligible for Allurion capsule balloon.

  2. Capsule Swallowing: The Allurion swallowable gastric pill balloon is to be swallowed with the help of water. This takes place under the guidance of an Allurion-certified doctor without endoscopy or anaesthesia.

  3. Capsule Reaches Stomach: Once the capsule is in the stomach, the doctor will check if the capsule is placed in the right place.

  4. Capsule is Inflated: Now that the capsule is in the right place, the doctor fills the balloon with 550 ml of liquid using the catheter attached to the other end of the capsule.

  5. X-ray is Done: Next, the doctor will perform an X-ray scan to ensure the balloon is placed correctly in the stomach.

  6. Balloon is Fully Inflated: Almost the size of a grapefruit, the balloon takes up space in the stomach. This reduces your food intake and causes a feeling of fullness.

After approximately 16 weeks, the balloon will deflate and exit the body. Allurion also offers sequential ballooning. This means after completing a session of 6 months, another session may be started and so on.

After Allurion Intragastric Ballooning

After balloon placement in the stomach, nothing special is to be done. However, a few follow-ups with the doctor and dieticians may be necessary. Read about it and the risks and complications that may occur in rare cases.

First Follow-up Appointment

The Allurion balloon deflates and gets excreted on its own after a period of 16 weeks. For almost 6 months from the day of balloon placement, regular doctor consultations take place to monitor the treatment.

The 6-month-long Allurion programme consists of consultations from doctors and dieticians, Allurion health tracker, scales and mobile apps. A consistent lifestyle is necessary for a healthy weight loss journey.

Risks and Complications of the Allurion Method

The Allurion method for weight loss is considered a safe treatment. However, there is a low but possible risk of complications after placing the Allurion balloon in the stomach.

In rare cases, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc., may become persistent. There is even a slight but very rare possibility of balloon deflation.

Note: An immediate consultation with a doctor is necessary if your symptoms are persistent.

Cost of the Allurion Ballooning Program

The Allurion intragastric ballooning cost for the program, including the capsule, digital tracker, and mobile app, may cost ₹2,80,000 to ₹3,40,000. However, this cost may increase with varying factors such as:

  1. Consultation fee of doctor or hospital

  2. Additional costs for diagnostic tests

  3. Patient's existing medical condition

  4. Patient’s age

  5. Type, city and locality of the hospital

Read more about the cost of swallowable intragastric ballooning.


Weight loss is a concern for many, but how to lose it is often more concerning. Obesity has become a leading cause of multiple chronic conditions. That’s how important it becomes to treat obesity.

Intragastric ballooning with Allurion is an effective, non-invasive procedure for managing obesity. The swallowable gastric pill balloon offers a positive hope for people to shed excess weight without anaesthesia or endoscopy.

Learn more about intragastric ballooning and your next steps. Consult a medical professional at HexaHealth TODAY! Our team of doctors will support you throughout your weight loss journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allurion is a non-endoscopic intragastric balloon for weight loss. It comes in the form of a compressed capsule which turns into a balloon once the doctor starts filling it with water.
The Allurion balloon placement in the stomach can help in effective weight loss. The balloon takes up some space in the stomach promoting the feeling of fullness. Furthermore, it helps in feeling satiated, reducing your hunger and appetite.
No, Allurion does not cause any pain in most patients. However, in rare cases, there may be some abdominal pain and discomfort. The doctor prescribes pain-relieving medicines for the same.
Yes, the Allurion pill/capsule offers a safe and effective treatment for weight loss. It can further help reduce obesity as well.
An Allurion balloon price may vary depending on several factors such as the hospital you visit, locality of the hospital, consultation fee, etc. However, in India, the cost may range somewhere between ₹2,80,000 to ₹3,40,000. Read more about the cost of Allurion intragastric ballooning.
Allurion is one of the safest procedures for weight loss and does not require any surgical intervention. However, some of the possible side effects post-placement include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
The Allurion balloon stays inside the stomach of the patient for a period of 16 weeks. The whole Allurion program lasts for about 6 months which includes other weight management lifestyle changes.
Allurion offers sustainable weight loss for a period of up to 12 months. However, if the patient is not following the advised diet and lifestyle habits there is a possibility of gaining back weight.
No, you do not need to visit a doctor for the removal of Allurion. It deflates and passes on its own after approximately 4 months through your digestive system. However, an intervention may be necessary in case of complications.
Patients with obesity who undergo an Allurion treatment programme are estimated to lose an average of 10 to 15% of their total body weight. A subsequent Allurion programme may be advised if the patient is looking to lose more weight. However, these numbers cannot be the same for everyone.
Yes, Allurion is different from other gastric balloons due to its placement and removal procedure. Placing an Allurion balloon in the stomach is performed without surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia.
Once the Allurion balloon has passed through the stool on its own, the Allurion programme will continue for the next 1 month along with the support from doctors, dieticians and other tools.

The Allurion balloon has a time-activated valve that degrades after about 16 weeks, enabling the balloon to empty itself. The balloon can easily pass through the gastrointestinal tract without requiring any surgery or endoscopy.

Meanwhile, in rare cases, if the balloon does not get passed away on its own, surgical intervention may be required. Consult a doctor for the same.

Allurion balloon placement is a very quick procedure of less than 20 minutes. You can return to your daily activities after the placement. However, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, etc. may persist for a few days.
No one will be able to identify from your appearance that you have an Allurion balloon placed inside your stomach. Also, someone will only know about it if you share it.
You are eligible for getting an Allurion gastric balloon placement in your stomach if you fulfil the following requirements:
  1. Body Mass Index above 27
  2. Above the age of 18
  3. Class III obesity
  4. To undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss.

It is crucial to consult with a doctor to check if you are the right candidate for Allurion intragastric ballooning.

The Allurion balloon can accumulate about 550 ml of liquid when inside the stomach.


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Updated on : 23 November 2023

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