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Piles Treatment in Bangalore: Effective Laser Surgery

Haemorrhoids or Piles is the condition in which large blood vessels are found inside the veins of the rectum or anal. The main cause of piles is long-term constipation. If you are looking for an effective solution, laser piles treatment in Bangalore has satisfactory long-term outcomes for grade 2 and 3 haemorrhoids. It effectively addresses the discomfort associated with piles.

In India, 29% of the population suffers from colorectal diseases. Laser operation for piles can provide advanced and safe treatment for haemorrhoids. At HexaHealth, we use advanced laser technology to provide effective treatment. Contact experts to book an appointment and learn about piles surgery, its costs, benefits, and financing options.

Get Laser Operation for Piles in Bangalore

Laser haemorrhoidectomy reduces the risk of bleeding and infection. This contributes to quicker recovery, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities sooner. Undergoing this procedure in Bangalore has numerous advantages:

  1. Precision with Laser Technology: Advanced laser technology ensures precise treatment. It targets the affected areas with accuracy and minimises the risk of complications.

  2. Expert Surgeons: The piles laser treatment in Bangalore is typically performed by skilled experts. Due to this, you can expect a high standard of expertise and care.

    Benefits of piles treatment in bangalore

  3. State-of-the-art Facilities: The city hospitals have state-of-the-art technology, providing an optimal environment for successful laser piles procedure.

  4. Ease of Accessibility: The well-developed transportation infrastructure makes medical facilities easily accessible, promoting convenience for patients.

"After thoroughly examining the laser treatment process for piles, I am impressed by its effectiveness and minimal postoperative discomfort. This procedure is a great alternative to conventional surgery"

- Dr Saurabh Kumar Goyal

MBBS, General Surgeon

Hemorrhoids can be a significant cause of concern for individuals due to bleeding and pain. Seeking medical intervention from the piles specialist in Bangalore is deemed a necessity to treat this ailment effectively. 

Several top experts are available for piles treatment in Bangalore to provide the necessary treatment, like:

  1. Dr Bharathiraja Thillaintesan: A reputable surgeon associated with Docube Healthcare with 10 years of experience in general and proctology surgeries. He has a specialisation in laparoscopic procedures. 

  2. Dr Suresh Babu Dore: With over 13 years of experience, he is affiliated with People Tree Hospital and Astra Super Speciality Hospital. His expertise lies in a wide range of procedures, including laser operation for piles conditions. 

  3. Dr Ramesh TS: A veteran general surgeon with 27 years of experience, Dr Ramesh currently practises at Manipal Hospital, Jayanagar, and Vasavi Hospital, Kumaraswamy. His areas of expertise include colorectal surgery, appendectomy, and various abdominal and non-cardiac thoracic procedures. 

  4. Dr Aritra Ghosh: He specialises in gastrointestinal surgeries related to the colon and rectum, liver, and upper GI tract surgeries. He is proficient in laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques. With over 15 years of medical proficiency, he is currently associated with Manipal Hospital Clinic in Brookfield. 
    best piles doctor in bangalore near me

  5. Dr Sunil Kumar B Alur: He is an experienced anorectal and general surgeon at Phoenix Hospital, Bengaluru. He has 24 years of experience in proctology, general, and laparoscopic surgery.

  6. Dr Wasim Dar: He is a seasoned general and anorectal surgeon. Dr Wasim is currently associated with Q Medical Center and Hospital. Having 18 years of experience, he specialises in various procedures, including anorectal surgery, GERD surgery, appendectomy, laser treatment for piles, etc. 

  7. Dr C Muni Sekhar Reddy: Dr Reddy is a highly regarded general surgeon and proctologist affiliated with Phoenix Hospital in Bengaluru. With 24 years of experience, he provides key interventions in general and laparoscopic surgery.

  8. Dr Vineet Mannan: Affiliated with Cura Hospital, Dr Vineet is a reputed proctologist. He has 16 years of experience in general and laparoscopic surgeries. His specialisations include Nissen fundoplication, anorectal surgery, GERD surgery, haemorrhoidectomy, and weight loss surgery. 

Disclaimer: The list of best piles doctor in Bangalore given above is not exhaustive. It is recommended to consult HexaHealth experts for personalised recommendations.

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth surgeons in Bangalore?

HexaHealth connects you with a qualified anorectal surgeon for your laser surgery in Bangalore. We aim to provide patients with all the necessary information to help them understand their options. Here is how you can schedule an appointment with us:

  1. Online: Visit the HexaHealth website. Click the "Find a Doctor" or "Book an Appointment" option. Select Bangalore as your city and choose "Piles Surgery" as the procedure. Connect with a network of qualified surgeons and hospitals based on individual needs and preferences.

  2. HexaHealth App: Download and open the HexaHealth app. Create an account or log in if you already have one. You can choose a speciality or location to browse a list of available doctors. Select the doctor you want to see. Tap on the "Book Appointment" button.

The city has some of the best hospital for piles treatment in Bangalore, offering advanced facilities. These renowned healthcare institutions cater to the diverse medical needs of people.

  1. Suguna Hospital Rajajinagar - 4.8 (89 Ratings): Established in 2006, it has 150 beds and emphasises advanced tertiary care facilities. Some specialities include general medicine, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, ENT, and critical care. The hospital features a 24/7 emergency department, an ICU, and a team of experienced specialists. 

  2. People Tree Hospital Yeswanthpur - 4.3 (98 Ratings): A multispecialty hospital is certified by the NABH Safe I for its safe infection control practices. It offers various specialists and treatments in neurology, cardiology, laser, open, and laparoscopic surgery. It has multiple beds and a well-equipped ICU.

  3. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center - 4.6 (96 Ratings): It is a NABH-accredited tertiary care hospital. It offers diverse services, including bone marrow transplants, haematology, general surgery, cardiology, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, and paediatrics. Another prominent feature is the use of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

    piles hospital in bangalore near me

  4. Kanva Sri Sai Hospital - 4.6 (88 Ratings): Notable for its high rating, it is one of the top medical facilities in Banglore. It offers general surgery, urology, plastic surgery, laser treatment for piles, and advanced care in all these fields. This 100-bed hospital has an experienced team of doctors and a commitment to affordable healthcare.

  5. Vasavi Hospital Bangalore - 4.3 (82 Ratings): Established in 2000, Vasavi Hospital is a 153-bed multispecialty healthcare with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It provides comprehensive care in general surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, ENT, orthopaedics, dentistry, and physiotherapy. They also offer diagnostic and critical care services, including medical, surgical, and neonatal intensive care.

  6. Kauvery Hospital Electronic City - 4.0 (78 Ratings): It is a fully integrated and collaborative medical centre with 200 beds and 55 senior consultants. It is one of the leading multidisciplinary hospitals known for patient-centric care. They help patients with disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. 

  7. Manipal Hospital Whitefield - 4.52 (90 Ratings): A multi-speciality hospital with numerous departments, including cardiology, cardiothoracic vascular surgery, gastrointestinal science, piles surgery in Bangalore, etc. This 284-bed inpatient facility offers specialised medical and quaternary care services. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is intended for general informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to make informed decisions based on their specific healthcare needs.

The average piles surgery cost in Bangalore is ₹ 50,000. Factors like the reputation of the hospital and the expertise of your proctologist can affect the overall procedure costs. The following provides the price estimates of laser surgery:

Laser Treatment for Piles

Cost Estimate

Minimum Price

₹ 35,000

Maximum Expense

₹ 80,000

Average Amount

₹ 50,000

Note:  The above-mentioned values are approximate. Please contact HexaHealth for patient-specific pricing.

Financing Options

For those undergoing a laser treatment for piles, various financing options are available to help manage the financial burden. Following are the options to consider:

  1. Health Insurance: Laser operation for piles is covered by health insurance. However, the coverage can vary according to the policy. 

Contact HexaHealth to understand your plan coverage and any out-of-pocket costs you may be responsible for.

The mediclaim can include:

  1. Cashless Claims: To get cashless claims for piles laser treatment, go to a network hospital and provide all required documentation. HexaHealth consultants can help you with the process.

  2. Reimbursement: Pay upfront for piles laser treatment in Bangalore and claim reimbursement from your health insurance later. Keep receipts and relevant paperwork. For assistance, contact HexaHealth providers.

  1. Medical Loans:  Consider a medical loan to pay for medical expenses. This personal loan is designed to cover the costs of any planned or unexpected medical procedures. It includes the best piles treatment in Bangalore and hospital bills.

    HexaHealth experts can assist with the following:

    1. Quick loan approval

    2. No collateral

    3. Flexible EMI options

    4. Zero processing fee

    5. 0% interest rates

Are you considering a laser haemorrhoidectomy in Bangalore? We understand the discomfort and uncertainty you might feel. HexaHealth is here to be your trusted partner, guiding you through every step with transparency and care. Here are the top reasons for you to choose us

  1. HexaHealth offers transparent pricing and financing options to make your treatment accessible and stress-free.

  2. Book appointments and access top-notch care, all from one convenient platform.

  3. HexaHealth provides personalised support, from pre-surgery consultations for piles treatment in Bangalore to post-operative guidance.

  4. We have partnerships with leading proctologists in Bangalore.

  5. 24*7 assistance available.




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Haemorrhoids are swollen veins located in or around the anus and lower rectum. Shrinking or removing them surgically is the most effective form of treatment for haemorrhoids. 

During laser haemorrhoid surgery, a laser is inserted into the anus and rectum. The laser beam is then used to shrink or destroy the haemorrhoidal tissue. This can help patients get rid of their uncomfortable symptoms. 

Laser haemorrhoidectomy, Hemorrhoidal Laser procedure (HeLP), and laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) are the alternative names of the procedure. 

Advantages of Piles Surgery

If you are considering piles surgery, understanding the benefits of this procedure can help you make informed decisions. In this regard, it might be helpful to understand the advantages, like:

  1. Symptom Relief: The primary advantage is the relief from painful piles. By removing or shrinking the enlarged haemorrhoidal tissue, surgery can alleviate pain, bleeding, itching, and difficulty with bowel movements. 

  2. Minimal Blood Loss: Laser seals blood vessels during surgery, reducing bleeding and risk of infection.

  3. Less Painful: Laser is often less painful than traditional methods, even after the anaesthesia wears off.

  4. Faster Procedure: Typically takes 15 to 20 minutes, allowing for quicker discharge and recovery.

  5. Speedier Healing: Less blood loss and sealed tissues lead to faster healing and return to work (around a week).

  6. Low Tissue Damage Risk: Precise laser minimises damage to surrounding tissues and sphincter muscles.

Laser vs Conventional Haemorrhoidectomy Surgery

Traditional operations such as haemorrhoidectomy have long been the foundation of laser treatment. The advent of laser technology promises enhanced precision. Let's look at some differences between laser and conventional haemorrhoidectomy surgery. 


Laser Haemorrhoidectomy

Conventional Haemorrhoidectomy







Hospital Stay



Post-Surgery Infection Risk



Recovery time






Risks of Delay in Piles Surgery

Understanding the risks associated with delaying pile surgery can help you seek timely intervention. Early treatment increases the chances of healing without complications.

  1. Prolapsed Haemorrhoids: This can worsen over time, causing irritation, itching, bleeding, and pain. Prompt surgery can prevent severe complications.

  2. Thrombosed Haemorrhoids: These are extremely painful and may lead to infection, abscess, and fistulas. Timely treatment and surgery can prevent these complications.

  3. Strangulated Haemorrhoids: Delaying surgery can cause strangulated haemorrhoids. In this, blood flow is restricted, leading to extreme pain and posing a high risk of infection.

  4. Anaemia: Chronic bleeding from internal haemorrhoids can cause iron deficiency anaemia. This may result in severe blood loss, impacting overall health.

  5. Infection: Piles can lead to serious complications, such as tissue death, abscesses, and peritonitis.

  6. Faecal Incontinence: Sphincter muscles may be affected, causing unexpected leakage of stool or mucus.

Alternatives to Piles Surgery

Lifestyle modifications like taking more fibre and water and exercising are initially recommended for haemorrhoid management. If conservative measures fail, surgical approaches may be considered. Below are some surgical alternatives to laser hemorrhoidectomy:

  1. Rubber Band Ligation: Also known as haemorrhoid banding, this is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure used to treat internal haemorrhoids. Common for symptomatic grade 2 or 3 internal haemorrhoids. Performed during a colonoscopy or in the clinic.

  2. Conventional Hemorrhoidectomy: It is another surgical procedure used to remove internal and external haemorrhoids.The goal is to avoid damage to the anal sphincter and prevent anal stenosis. Post-operative pain is a common concern lasting about two weeks.

HexaHealth: Your Trusted Partner in Care for Piles Treatment.

The piles treatment in Bangalore is a promising option compared to other traditional methods. If cost is a concern, various financing options exist to help you address it. 

Avail exceptional care with HexaHealth during piles laser treatment in Bangalore for a seamless, stress-free experience. From pre-surgery consultations to post-operative care, we guide you through every step with personalised attention. Call us at +91 9355521591 to schedule a consultation today and start your journey toward a pain-free life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Laser haemorrhoid treatment is a medical procedure that utilises laser technology to address and treat haemorrhoids. Piles are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. These can cause discomfort, pain, and bleeding. The treatment involves using focused laser energy to precisely cut or remove haemorrhoidal tissue.


Piles treatment in Bangalore is often effective. It offers relief from discomfort and facilitates a quicker recovery. Notably, it is a less painful procedure compared to traditional methods. Skilled colorectal surgeons often perform this procedure.


The expense range for laser treatment for piles in Bangalore varies, starting from ₹ 35,000 and going up to ₹ 80,000. This range considers factors like the complexity of the procedure, the standards of the medical facility, and additional services.


Like any surgery, patients may experience some side effects after laser treatment for piles. Temporary problems include bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. Some patients may experience severe issues like infection or harm to nearby organs, though they are rare. Talking with your healthcare provider about possible risks and side effects of laser surgery is recommended.


Several hospitals in Bangalore are known for their patient-centric approach. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to high-quality healthcare. Here are some hospitals for laser piles treatment in Bangalore:

  1. Suguna Hospital Rajajinagar

  2. People Tree Hospital Yeswanthpur

  3. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center

  4. Kanva Sri Sai Hospital

  5. Vasavi Hospital Bangalore

  6. Kauvery Hospital Electronic City Hubli

  7. Manipal Hospital Whitefield

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list. Contact HexaHealth for personalised guidance on finding qualified proctologists for your specific needs. 


Bangalore is the home of many reputed and experienced proctologists. These esteemed doctors ensure you receive the highest expertise and compassion. For the best piles treatment in Bangalore, you can contact the following doctors:

  1. Dr Bharathiraja Thillaintesan

  2. Dr Suresh Babu Dore

  3. Dr Ramesh TS

  4. Dr Aritra Ghosh

Disclaimer: There are also other doctors for piles in Bangalore. Contact HexaHealth professionals for personalised guidance.


Laser pile treatment, also known as laser haemorrhoidectomy, is not available in all hospitals in Bangalore. While it's a growing procedure, not all hospitals have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform it. However, numerous esteemed medical institutions provide laser pile treatment in the city. HexaHealth experts can give you the best guidance on this.


Yes, coverage for laser haemorrhoidectomy in Bangalore depends on your health insurance policy. Some policies may cover it, while others may not. Check the details of your policy for specific information on coverage for this procedure. It's advisable to contact HexaHealth experts for clear guidance and transparent costings.


Visit the HexaHealth website. You can use the "Find a Doctor" or "Book an Appointment" option. Select Bangalore as your city and "Piles Surgery" as the procedure. Follow the prompts. Contact HexaHealth to assist you further.


You can opt for HexaHealth for laser surgery for piles in Bangalore because we connect you with the most trusted healthcare providers. With a user-friendly interface, HexaHealth simplifies the process of selecting specialists. Scheduling appointments has never been so easy and quick. Our comprehensive information helps you make informed decisions about your healthcare.


Choosing the right doctor requires careful research and consideration of your individual needs and preferences. HexaHealth can be your trusted partner in this search. Consult HexaHealth for guidance in finding qualified proctologists. You can check patient reviews and testimonials available on their website.


Laser pile treatment, also known as laser haemorrhoidectomy, is typically a quick procedure. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This minimally invasive approach offers quicker recovery times compared to traditional surgical methods.


A laser procedure effectively treats grade 4 piles. It uses a specialised laser fibre that targets the haemorrhoid's blood vessels, causing them to thicken. This stops the blood supply, leading the haemorrhoid to shrink. Laser treatment is often preferred as it is a less painful experience associated with fewer potential complications.


Undergoing laser pile treatment is a significant step towards managing this condition. However, following specific dietary recommendations is crucial for a smooth and successful recovery after the surgery. In general, the below dietary restrictions are to be followed: 

  1. Increase your intake of high-fibre foods.

  2. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes promote softer stools and easier bowel movements. 

  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain a healthy digestive system.

  4. Minimise processed foods, spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol, as these can worsen constipation or irritate your haemorrhoids.


Traditional haemorrhoidectomy and laser haemorrhoidectomy differ in several aspects. The surgical approach also sets them apart. While traditional haemorrhoidectomy may require stitches, laser haemorrhoidectomy results in no wound or scar.


While medical professionals can provide valuable insights, understanding patient experiences and reviews can offer a unique perspective. These real-world accounts can shed light on the effectiveness and overall experience of undergoing this procedure in Bangalore. You can visit the HexaHealth and check out the testimonials of satisfied users.


Laser piles treatment, also known as laser haemorrhoidectomy, is a minimally invasive approach to managing haemorrhoids. Patients undergoing this procedure can go home the same day after the procedure. Most patients don't need an overnight hospital stay. This offers a more convenient recovery experience.


Adhering to specific precautions is crucial for a smooth and successful recovery. Here's a breakdown of key steps to take after the procedure.

  1. Strictly adhere to your doctor's prescribed pain medication regimen to manage discomfort effectively.

  2. Allow your body ample time to heal and recover. Get plenty of sleep and avoid stressful activities.

  3. Utilise warm sitz baths as recommended by your doctor to soothe the sensitive anal area. It promotes healing.

  4. Use a donut-shaped cushion while sitting to minimise pressure on the treated area.

  5. Attend scheduled check-ups with your doctor to monitor your progress.


You may encounter various healthcare providers to assist with your laser pile surgery. However, given its benefits, HexaHealth stands out as a potential partner. Here are some unique advantages of choosing HexaHealth:

  1. They can help you find qualified proctologists in Bangalore who specialise in laser haemorrhoidectomy.

  2. They can assist with appointments, insurance navigation, and other aspects of the treatment process.

  3. They provide informative resources and answer your questions to make informed decisions.


Laser treatment may not be suitable for all types of piles. The effectiveness of laser treatment can vary based on the severity and specific characteristics of the piles. In most cases, it is used to treat grade 2 and grade 3 haemorrhoids. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional.


The success rate of laser piles surgery for short-term haemorrhoidal stage reduction is 98%. This surgical procedure has a high success rate in reducing symptoms.


Piles rarely recur after laser surgery since there are no external cuts or infections, reducing the risk of recurrence. Post-surgical infections are minimal.


The use of diode lasers in proctology provides precise cutting and coagulation control. This technology limits thermal damage to surrounding tissue, reducing post-operative pain.


Why Choose HexaHealth?



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and learning purposes only. It doesn't cover every medical condition and might not be relevant to your personal situation. This information isn't medical advice, isn't meant for diagnosing any condition, and shouldn't replace talking to a certified medical or healthcare professional.


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