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Are you experiencing optical issues and seeking effective solutions? Look no further. Contoura Vision in Bangalore offers advanced eye care services customised to meet your needs.

With its modern technology, the procedure has emerged as a trusted alternative for enhancing eyesight. In this blog, we'll explore the advantages of Contoura Vision LASIK in Bangalore and its associated costs.

Get Advanced and Safe Contoura Vision in Bangalore

Utilising state-of-the-art technology and expert care, contoura vision laser in Bangalore offers a range of benefits that can transform lives:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Bangalore has highly skilled ophthalmologists and eye care professionals who are well-versed in the latest advancements.

  2. Convenience and Accessibility: The city’s infrastructure and network of healthcare facilities ensure easy approachability. From initial consultations to postoperative care, patients can expect a seamless procedure.

  3. Quality Care and Follow-up: Patients can anticipate comprehensive support throughout their contoura vision procedure. They will feel empowered and informed every step of the way.

Choosing a doctor for contoura vision lasik in Bangalore includes an array of considerations. This comprises an individual's specifications and medical history. The following distinguished ophthalmologists in the city are well-known for their expertise:

  1. Dr Sirish Nelivigi: He has 28 years of experience as an ophthalmology specialist. Dr Nelivigi is currently associated with Nelivigi Eye Hospital. Having completed more than 25,000 surgeries, he is a cataract specialist.

  2. Dr Bindiya Hapani: She has 18 years of proficiency as an eye surgeon. Dr Hapani is affiliated with the Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital in Koramangala. She has carried out a number of intricate ophthalmic procedures.

  3. Dr Devraj M: He has been practising ophthalmology for more than 26 years. Currently, Dr Devraj is empanelled at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital in Rajajinagar. He has performed numerous eye surgeries. He is skilled in handling a variety of challenging medical conditions.

  4. Dr Hemanth Kumar K: With eleven years of clinical experience, he is a seasoned professional. Dr Kumar is well known for his thorough approach. He is associated with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, located in Indiranagar.

  5. Dr Mayanka Nayak: She has 12 years of medical expertise in the field of ophthalmology. The doctor is affiliated with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital in Whitefield. Among her numerous specialities, Dr Nayak has a particular interest in corneal transplants, LASIK, contoura vision laser in Bangalore, etc.

  6. Dr Raghu Nagaraju: He is an expert in eye care with more than 19 years of experience. Dr Nagaraju is currently associated with Apollo Hospital. He is renowned for his accurate diagnosis and compassionate treatment.

  7. Dr Rajesh B T J: His clinical practice spans 28 years as an ophthalmologist. The doctor is empanelled at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital in Indiranagar. Scleral contact lenses, eye exercises for double vision, and eyesight rehabilitation exercises are among Dr Rajesh's specialities.

  8. Dr Sreepathi D K: With 22 years of medical experience, he practises at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital. He has handled several difficult cases and is acclaimed for his attention to detail.

  9. Dr Vinay Patil: He is a well-known ophthalmologist associated with Sankalp Nethralaya and Polyclinic. Dr Patil has been a specialist in the field for over two decades. His areas of expertise include oculoplastic surgery, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth eye doctors in Bangalore?

Call our helpline or visit the website to book an appointment with HexaHealth eye doctors in Bangalore. As an alternative, you can download our app from the Play Store and avail yourself of hassle-free consultation.

Bangalore leads the way in offering top-notch ophthalmic treatment. It has more than 150 ophthalmologists in its network of 100-plus eye clinics. Over 20,000 cases of refractive error are treated annually by these medical institutions for 25 years. Here are the best hospitals in Bangalore for Contoura Vision that one may consider:

  1. Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital, Shivaji Nagar: Mirlay Eye Care in Shivaji Nagar is one among them. Their team of over 400 professionals in eye care is committed to ongoing innovation and research.

  2. Apollo Hospital, Sheshadripuram: The hospital has ten state-of-the-art emergency rooms and 200 beds for multispecialty treatment. Since their inauguration, they have provided top-notch services.

  3. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Koramangala: Of the various services they provide, surgical treatments like Glued IOL, PDEK, SFTP, and Macro-Phakonit are among them.

  4. Gopala Nethralaya: Depending on how serious the eye problem is, they offer the best course of action. The super-speciality eye clinic accommodates all with an operating room of global standards.

  5. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Rajajinagar: Over the last 60 years, more than five million patients have placed their confidence in their expertise. They provide ICU, OT, and OPD availability and many other facilities.

  6. Marigold Hospital: In terms of BTM Layout, it is amongst the best interdisciplinary healthcare institutions in Bengaluru. The clinic uses the newest technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art methods.

  7. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Indiranagar: This group of pioneers in ophthalmology consists of 100 establishments located in 11 different countries. They aim to provide the utmost quality of vision care for all.

  8. Dr Rajesh Hospitals Eye and Dental: This facility in Indiranagar is one of the most popular in the city. A variety of dental and eye care treatments, including contoura vision laser in Bangalore, are offered here.

  9. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Whitefield: Their vision is to deliver excellent eye care. They oversee several specialities related to eyesight restoration.

  10. Nelivigi Eye Hospital: This facility ranks among the best in Bangalore for eye treatment. The healthcare professionals are capable of providing exceptional care. They guarantee the highest level of safety.

  11. Sankalp Nethralaya and Polyclinic: It's a famous eye clinic with the latest technologies. The institution provides cures for glaucoma, retinal examinations, contact lens prescriptions, and so forth.

Are the latest advancements in contoura vision available at HexaHealth hospitals? 

Yes, the best hospitals in Bangalore for contoura vision are equipped with advanced techniques at HexaHealth. This assures that patients have access to cutting-edge innovations for eyesight correction. 

It is a topography-guided LASIK procedure that provides personalised treatment based on the patient's cornea. This modern approach aims to improve visual outcomes and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

The contoura vision surgery cost starts from ₹ 85,000 and can go up to ₹ 1,25,000. It might differ depending on a range of elements. This could include the type of equipment employed by the surgeon and their experience. Here is an overview of the price range:

Contoura Vision Surgery

Estimated Expense


₹ 85,000


₹ 1,10,000


₹ 1,25,000

Note: Please note that this is an approximate cost. Please contact HexaHealth for accurate price details.

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Financing Options 

When considering the contoura vision surgery in Bangalore, exploring economic alternatives becomes crucial to ensure accessibility. Fortunately, various avenues exist to alleviate the burden associated with this procedure.

  1. Health Insurance: Many medical insurance companies offer coverage for optical correction procedures, including Contoura Vision. It depends on the terms and conditions of the policy. Patients can inquire with their provider regarding the extent of funding and reimbursement options.

  1. Cashless Claims: Some healthcare facilities in Bangalore have tie-ups with insurance companies, allowing patients to avail of digital claims. This streamlines the whole process, eliminating the need for upfront payments and simplifying transactions.

  2. Reimbursement Claim: Patients who pay for contoura vision treatment out-of-pocket may be eligible for a refund from their provider. Keeping detailed records of expenses and submitting claims according to the guidelines can facilitate the process.

  3. Medical Loan: For individuals without adequate insurance or facing financial constraints, medical loans offer a viable solution. Banks in Bangalore provide credits personalised specifically for healthcare expenses. Get the following benefits by choosing HexaHealth:

  1. Instant loan approval 

  2. No collateral 

  3. Zero processing fee 

  4. 0% interest rates 

  5. Flexible EMI options 

Note: Get in touch with HexaHealth if you need help with any of the funding alternatives listed above. We guarantee timely loan and reimbursement approvals along with easy paperwork. 

HexaHealth stands out as your trusted guide for contoura vision. We offer unparalleled expertise and affordability. Here's why the platform is a premier choice for contoura vision laser in Bangalore at the most competitive cost:

  1. A history of successful eye surgeries.

  2. Over 20 years of experience in optical care.

  3. Dedicated to providing high-quality services at budget-friendly prices.

  4. Prioritises personalised support.

  5. Adheres to international standards, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality.

  6. Utilises advanced technology in contoura vision surgery.

When distinguishing HexaHealth from others for Contoura Vision LASIK surgery in Bangalore, it's important to know everything. The following table highlights some of the major features:




Proven Track Record



Decades of Experience



Affordable Excellence



Personalised Care



Adherence to International Standards



Utilisation of Advanced Technology



Contoura vision surgery, also known as topography-guided LASIK surgery or C-LASIK, stands as an innovative refractive procedure. It's renowned for being affordable, painless, and bladeless, making it an attractive option.

It uses the latest fully automated robotic FDA-approved technology, ensuring precision and safety throughout. It is typically performed under topical anaesthesia, lasting 10 to 15 minutes. Hence, C-LASIK offers a quick and efficient solution for optical correction.

Diagnostic Tests for Contoura Vision Surgery in Bangalore 

Before undergoing a contoura vision laser in Bangalore, clinical evaluations play a crucial role in assessing eligibility. They help ophthalmologists understand the unique characteristics of the patient's eyes, ensuring optimal outcomes. Topography Mapping: This test provides details of the cornea's shape and curvature.

  1. Pachymetry: It measures the thickness of the cornea. This is crucial for determining the amount of tissue that needs to be removed during the surgery.

  2. Wavefront Analysis: It evaluates the refractive errors and aberrations present in the eye. This ensures a customised treatment plan for unique visual needs.

  3. Dilated Eye Examination: The test enables a thorough evaluation of the overall health of the eyes, including the retina and optic nerve. It is to examine any underlying conditions that may affect the success of the surgery.

  4. Visual Acuity Testing: It assesses the patient's current vision quality and helps establish baseline measurements. This is done to track the effectiveness of the procedure.

Advantages of Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura Vision surgery offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking to improve their eyesight and quality of life. Here are the key advantages of opting for this procedure:

  1. Precision: Contoura Vision surgery utilises advanced mapping technology to create a personalised treatment plan. This results in accurate reshaping of the cornea to correct refractive errors.

  2. Customisation: Unlike traditional LASIK procedures, it is customised to the unique topography of each person’s cornea.

  3. Improved Visual Quality: By addressing both lower and higher-order aberrations, it can enhance eyesight along with contrast sensitivity and night vision.

  4. Reduced Complications: The perfection of this procedure minimises the risk of postoperative complexities. This may include glare, halos, and optical disturbances.

  5. Quick Healing: Many patients experience rapid visual recovery. Most are able to resume normal activities within a few days and achieve their desired vision soon.

  6. Long-term Stability: The majority of individuals sustain lasting improvements in their eyesight and minimal regression over time.

Alternate Approaches for Contoura Vision Surgery 

While Contoura Vision surgery stands as a leading choice for vision correction in Bangalore, several alternatives exist. These options cater to varying needs and preferences:

  1. Traditional LASIK: Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery remains a popular preference for eyesight improvement. It utilises a laser to reshape the cornea and correct refractive errors.

  2. PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy): It involves the removal of the outer layer of the cornea before remodelling it with a laser. This makes it a suitable option for patients with thin corneas or those at a higher risk of complications.

  3. SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction): The surgery removes a small, precise, disc-shaped piece of tissue from within the cornea. It offers potential advantages in terms of recovery time and postoperative comfort.

  4. Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL): This involves the implantation of a thin, prescription lens inside the eye to correct refractive errors. It is a reversible alternative to laser-based procedures for individuals with higher levels of myopia.

  5. Refractive Lens Exchange: RLE replaces the eye's natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). It is a viable alternative for patients seeking a permanent solution to vision problems.

Contoura Vision vs LASIK 

When considering eyesight correction surgeries, Contoura Vision and LASIK emerge as two prominent choices. While both aim to improve visual acuity, they differ in their approach and techniques. Here's a comparative table highlighting the key differences:


Contoura Vision




Standard laser ablation


Customised treatment plan

Standard treatment for all

Aberration Correction

Addresses lower & higher-order anomalies

Primarily corrects lower-order distortions

Corneal Reshaping

Precise, individualised remodelling

Generalised reshaping based on prescription

Treatment Planning

Detailed corneal mapping

Prescription-based approach

Visual Outcomes

Potential for enhanced optical quality

Effective for common refractive errors

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Best Contoura Vision Doctors in Bangalore

Dr. Sreepathi D K

Paediatric Ophthalmology

22+ Years




Dr. Namrata S Panoli


19+ Years




HexaHealth: Your Trusted Partner for Safe Contoura Vision Surgery in Bangalore

In the pursuit of a safe and effective contoura vision in Bangalore, HexaHealth stands as your reliable ally. With a commitment to perfection and patient-centric care, we offer a comprehensive approach to vision correction.

With a team of experienced ophthalmologists and state-of-the-art facilities, we prioritise safety and satisfaction throughout. Contact us for the most affordable Contoura Vision cost in Bangalore from top-tier hospitals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contoura vision eye surgery, also recognised as topography-guided LASIK, is a modern and innovative laser vision correction procedure. It utilises detailed corneal mapping technology to create a personalised treatment plan.


Contoura vision eye surgery uses advanced topography-guided technology to create a precise map of the cornea's surface irregularities. This guides the laser in reshaping the cornea, correcting refractive errors and optimising visual acuity.


In Bangalore, some of the top clinics renowned for Contoura Vision surgery include:

  1. Apollo Hospital

  2. Gopala Nethralaya

  3. Marigold Hospital

  4. Dr Rajesh Hospitals Eye and Dental

  5. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Whitefield


The contoura vision surgery cost in Bangalore starts from ₹ 85,000 and can go as high as ₹ 1.25,000. The estimated average price for this procedure is ₹ 1,10,000. 


With many years of expertise and a track record of successful surgeries, these are trusted practitioners to consider in Bangalore:

  1. Dr Hemanth Kumar K

  2. Dr Mayanka Nayak

  3. Dr Sreepathi D K

  4. Dr Vinay Patil


After Contoura Vision in Bangalore, the recovery period typically lasts around 1 to 2 days. Most patients can restart normal activities within a few days post-surgery. Vision continues to improve gradually over the following weeks.


Contoura vision eye surgery offers unparalleled precision and customisation tailored to the individual's corneal topography. Its ability to address both lower and higher-order aberrations makes it a superior option for achieving optimal visual quality.


While Contoura Vision eye surgery is generally considered safe and effective, potential risks and complications may include:

  1. Dry eyes

  2. Glare and halos

  3. Fluctuations in vision


Determining eligibility for contoura vision surgery in Bangalore typically involves a thorough evaluation by an ophthalmologist. Factors such as your current eye health, refractive error, and corneal thickness will be assessed.


The success rate of Contoura Vision in Bangalore is generally high. Many patients experience significant improvements in visual acuity. Nevertheless, individual results may vary based on factors such as pre-existing eye conditions.


To prepare for Contoura Vision eye surgery in Bangalore, follow your surgeon's instructions regarding pre-operative measures such as:

  1. Discontinuing contact lens wear.

  2. Arrange for a commuteto and from the surgery centre.


HexaHealth stands out as the premier choice for Contoura Vision due to the platform’s unrivalled commitment to patient safety. With a team of experienced ophthalmologists and access to the latest advancements, we ensure personalised care.


Why Choose HexaHealth?

Disclaimer: We provide content on our website that is purely informative and educational in nature, but they do not contain information about all medical conditions, and not all information can apply to your personal circumstances. The content is not to be constructed as medical advice, is not intended for diagnosis and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.


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