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Did you know that about 5% of people in India may have haemorrhoids once in their lives? Lifestyle modifications and medicines can help alleviate symptoms in the initial stages. However, a stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore could be the solution for worsening and prolapsed conditions. 

If you're considering a stapler haemorrhoidectomy in Bangalore, it's important to understand the associated factors. This blog covers key aspects like benefits, cost and the specialised services available in the city for this procedure. Keep reading to learn more. 

Get Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy in Bangalore

Pile stapler surgery in Bangalore is performed to address severe cases of grades III-IV haemorrhoids that haven't responded to non-surgical treatments. Opting for Bangalore has several advantages that give you a reason to choose the city for this procedure. 

  1. Advanced Medical Facilities: The state-of-the-art hospitals with the latest technology ensure high-quality care.

  1. Experienced Professionals: The city has surgeons and medical staff skilled in performing stapler piles surgery. Delivering expert care helps them fulfil personalised health needs and acquire sustainable results.

  1. Specialised Clinics: Hospitals in Bangalore are renowned for their exceptional healthcare services. The city attracts domestic and international patients for anorectal health and stapler pile surgery procedures.

  1. Accessibility: The well-developed transportation infrastructure ensures easy access to medical centres for patients seeking treatment.

  2. Cost-effectiveness: The city offers top healthcare services at competitive prices compared to other metropolitan cities.      

Choosing the best piles doctor in Bangaloreis important for getting effective haemorrhoid treatment. The city has experienced and top-notch healthcare providers, ensuring superior care for patients. Detailed information about the top proctologists is shared below for your understanding.

  1. Dr Bharathiraja Thillaintesan: He is a renowned proctologist and general surgeon affiliated with Docube Healthcare. He has a decade of experience in his field. Dr Bharathiraja specialises in stapler piles surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and endoscopic gastroplasty.

  1. Dr Suresh Babu Dore: With 13 years of extensive experience in surgical gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery, he is well-known in his field. He practises at People Tree Hospital and Astra Super Speciality Hospital. His specialisation includes laser and stapler surgery for piles, laparoscopic colorectal operation, weight loss treatment, etc.

  1. Dr Ramesh T S: A well-recognised general surgeon currently associated with Manipal Hospital and Vasavi Hospital. With an impressive 27 years of experience and skills in advanced surgery. Dr Ramesh specialises in various procedures, including stapler piles, laparoscopic appendectomy, cholecystectomy, and more.

  1. Dr Aritra Ghosh: A proficient laparoscopic surgeon with over 15 years of experience associated with Manipal Hospital Clinic. Some of the major surgeries performed by him include stapler piles, lumpectomy, pancreatectomy, cholecystectomy, etc.

  1. Dr Sunil Kumar B Alur: With 24 years of practice in proctology, general, and laparoscopic surgery, he is affiliated with Phoenix Hospital. He is skilled in performing proctological surgeries like stapler piles. 

  1. Dr Wasim Mushtaq Dar: He is renowned as a general surgeon and proctologist. He is associated with Q Medical Center and Hospital. Dr Wasim has 18 years of experience. He specialises in treatments including anorectal surgery, endoscopic gastroplasty and laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

  1. Dr C Muni Sekhar Reddy: He has 11 years of clinical expertise in general and laparoscopic surgery.  Dr Reddy is practising at Madilu Multi-Speciality Clinic in Bengaluru. His special interests are proctology procedures,  stapler circumcision, and intragastric ballooning. 

  1. Dr Vineet Mannan: A well-known proctologist, general and bariatric surgeon affiliated with Cura Hospital. He has 16 years of experience. Dr Vineet specialises in proctology surgeries like haemorrhoidectomy.

Note: Schedule consultations for piles treatment in Bangalore with esteemed surgeons through HexaHealth.

How can I book an appointment with HexaHealth surgeons in Bangalore?

You can easily schedule an appointment with the best proctologist in Bangalore through HexaHealth. Here's how you can arrange a consultation with our specialists in the city:

  1. Online Booking: Visit our website HexaHealth and complete the online appointment form. Provide your details along with your preferred date and time for the consultation.

  1. Mobile App: Download the HexaHealth app from the 'Google Play Store' and book your appointment seamlessly in just a few taps.

We strive to make the process as seamless as possible, ensuring that you receive the care you need when you need it.

HexaHealth is connected with over 100 medical facilities in Bangalore renowned for their excellence in stapler piles surgery. These hospitals are recognised for their state-of-the-art infrastructures and experienced surgeons.

  1. Suguna Hospital, Rajajinagar: This hospital offers advanced care across various specialities, including endocrinology, diabetology, general alternative medicine, etc. They have 16 full-time consulting clinics and handle over 500 outpatient consultations daily. It is a multi-speciality facility having around 150 operational beds. 

  1. People Tree Hospital: It is one of the leading hospitals in Bangalore, renowned for its excellence in gastroenterology. They have a team of experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a high treatment and patient care standard.   

  1. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center: They provide comprehensive healthcare services, ranging from gastroenterology, orthopaedics, neurology, etc. They have state-of-the-art medical technology and infrastructure to facilitate accurate diagnosis along with effective treatment.

  1. Kanva Sri Sai Hospital: Founded in 2016, this distinguished medical centre has 100 beds and is staffed by highly skilled professionals. The hospital specialises in general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and urology. They offer cutting-edge medical services and stand out as a premier healthcare provider.

  1. Vasavi Hospital, Kumaraswamy: The hospital has contemporary infrastructure and a team of adept professionals. The hospital delivers high-quality and cost-effective healthcare services across all specialities. With a capacity of 153 beds, it is a comprehensive multispecialty facility offering a wide range of medical services under one roof.

  1. Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Hubli: This integrated and synergistic medical facility has 200 beds, 55 senior consultants, and 300 employees. It is one of the most sought-after multidisciplinary medical centres in Bangalore. The hospital is committed to improving lives.                                                                       

  1. Manipal Hospital, Whitefield: With a capacity of 284 beds, this institution offers specialised quaternary care services. Equipped with medical and neonatal ICUs and a CCU, it provides round-the-clock critical care to patients. The hospital is a leading healthcare provider known for its high-quality treatment and patient care.

Note: There are many other specialised hospitals in the city for stapler haemorrhoidectomy. If you need assistance choosing the best piles hospital in Bangalore, please contact HexaHealth.

The minimum cost for a piles surgery in Bangalore starts at ₹ 38,000. However, factors such as the type of hospital and surgeon's fees significantly influence the total expenses. The table below outlines the approximate pricing range for the procedure:

 Stapler Piles Surgery

Estimated Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 38,000

Average Cost

₹ 42,000

Maximum Amount

₹ 50,000

Note: These values are subject to variations. For detailed information on the cost of the stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore, consult HexaHealth.

Financing Options for Stapler Piles Surgery in Bangalore

Navigating financing options for the best piles treatment in Bangalore can be difficult. However, HexaHealth is here to simplify the process for you. Our specialised patient care team is dedicated to assisting with flexible payment plans, medical financing, and guidance on insurance coverage.

We ensure a streamlined and financially viable path towards your surgical procedure, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being.

  1. Insurance: Treatment of piles is covered under health insurance in Bangalore. However, the terms and conditions around the coverage may differ. Hence, you must check the details of the insurance policy before proceeding.       

HexaHealth assists in insurance settlements, ensuring maximum compensation and minimal out-of-pocket expenses.         

  1. Cashless Claim: Experience a hassle-free payment process for stapler piles procedure in Bangalore with cashless claims. It ensures seamless coordination between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Allowing patients to manage their plan details and billing directly between the insurer and the hospital.

Understanding the requirements set by the healthcare financing company and the hospital is crucial for a smooth experience. HexaHealth simplifies the process of securing approvals and completing necessary paperwork. 

  1. Reimbursement: For the cost of piles stapler treatment in Bangalore, patients usually pay upfront. They can apply for reimbursement later. The insurance company assesses necessary documents like bills and receipts. Once approved, the eligible amount is directly deposited into the patient's account.

HexaHealth guides individuals through this process, ensuring an efficient healthcare experience without financial worries.      

  1. Medical Loan: Obtaining a medical loan is ideal for individuals facing financial constraints. It helps cover surgery expenses and offers flexible repayment options, serving as a crucial support system.

HexaHealth streamlines obtaining loans, ensuring accessibility and financial ease for those requiring assistance.  Our personalised plans cover the treatment costs and offer benefits such as:

  1. Instant approval

  2. No collateral requirement

  3. Zero processing fees

  4. 0% interest

  5. Simple and flexible EMIs

When considering piles surgery in Bangalore, choosing the best surgeon ensures sustainable and pain-free outcomes. HexaHealth prioritises your well-being and aims to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

  1. Experienced Surgeons: Access a network of highly skilled specialists focusing on stapler piles surgery, ensuring expert care.

  1. State-of-the-art Facilities: Utilise top-tier hospitals equipped with advanced technology to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoidal conditions.

  1. Personalised Care Coordination: Benefit from dedicated attention throughout your surgical process. Our care coordinators manage everything from hospital admission to financial assistance, ensuring individualised support.

  1. Financial Support: Choose from various payment methods, including cash, online transfers, and UPI. Our team is also committed to facilitating hassle-free insurance claims and providing peace of mind.

  1. Convenient Transportation: Prioritise your comfort with timely pickup and drop-off services before and after the surgery, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Piles stapler surgery is also known as stapler or stapled haemorrhoidectomy. It is a minimally invasive intervention performed by a proctologist, anorectal or general surgeon. 

It aims to treat piles (swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus) by removing excess material and repositioning the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue. This surgery is typically done to alleviate symptoms like bleeding, pain, and prolapse caused by haemorrhoids and helps in promoting faster recovery. 

General or spinal anaesthesia is administered, and the process usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. Hemorrhoidectomy is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing patients to return home on the same day.

Benefits of Stapler Piles Surgery

Stapler piles surgery presents several benefits, making it an attractive option for patients with haemorrhoids. Below are some of the most commonly associated advantages of the procedure:

  1. Reduced Recurrence: It offers a lasting solution, and the likelihood of the problems coming back is very low. 

  1. Minimal Discomfort: With its invasive approach, the procedure minimises pain. It involves a small incision, leading to quicker recovery and less scarring than traditional surgery.

  1. Limited Blood Loss: The stapling device creates precise closures. It minimises the risk of bleeding during and after the procedure.

  1. Speedy Recovery: Patients generally heal and resume normal activities within 7-10 days post-surgery.

  1. Lower Risk of Complications: Stapler piles surgery carries minimal risk of complications such as infection or bleeding. It ensures a safer treatment experience for patients.

Diagnostic Tests for Piles

A proctologist or an anorectal surgeon typically diagnoses piles through a comprehensive diagnostic process, which includes:

  1. Medical History: Your healthcare provider will ask about symptoms like pain, itching, bleeding, or bowel movement changes. They will also ask about any previous occurrences of piles.

  1. Physical Examination: A test of the anal region is conducted to assess for external and internal piles. It is done to detect abnormalities, swelling, or lumps.

  1. Digital Rectal Examination (DRE): A lubricated, gloved finger is inserted into the rectum. It is done to evaluate internal piles and rectal abnormalities. This procedure is typically quick and minimally uncomfortable.

  1. Anoscopy or Proctoscopy: These procedures examine the anal canal and rectum closely to assess piles and rectal disorders. This helps in determining their location, size, and severity.

  1. Sigmoidoscopy: A sigmoidoscope, a lighted tube with a camera, is used to view the lower part of the colon and rectum. This procedure aids in visualising the rectum and lower sigmoid colon directly.

  1. Colonoscopy: This procedure involves examining the colon or large intestine to evaluate rectal bleeding due to piles or other causes.

Risk of Delaying Stapler Piles Surgery

Any delay in the stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore can have significant implications on both the progression of the condition and the patient's health. Understanding the threats associated with postponing this procedure is essential for making informed decisions. 

  1. Increased Discomfort: It may lead to worsening symptoms such as pain, itching, bleeding, and irritation.

  1. Progression of Condition: Untreated piles can progress to larger, prolapsed haemorrhoids, and extreme pain.

  1. Risk of Complications: Increases the chances of other painful conditions such as thrombosis, strangulation and infection.

  1. Impact on Quality of Life: Delay can significantly impact daily activities, work productivity, and overall well-being.

  1. Need for More Invasive Treatment: Delaying surgery may result in the need for more aggressive procedures to manage advanced piles. It results in longer recovery times and increased healthcare costs.

When considering treatment options for piles, patients often face the choice between a stapler and conventional surgery. Each approach has its advantages and considerations. Below is a concise comparison table highlighting key differences between stapler and conventional surgery for piles.


Stapler Surgery

Conventional Surgery

Incision Size

Smaller incisions

Larger incisions

Postoperative Pain

4-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

Recovery Time

Within 1 week

2-4 weeks


Uses a stapling device

Surgical excision

Complication Rate



HexaHealth's specialised medical team offers exceptional care and personalised solutions. Our network of hospitals utilises advanced facilities for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Choosing us for a stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore ensures top-notch care throughout your treatment.

This is what sets us apart from others in the field:




Comprehensive Support



Insurance Assistance



Personalised Treatment Plans



24/7 Availability of Expert




Transparent Communication



Complimentary Conveyance



HexaHealth: Your Path to Painless Recovery with Stapler Piles Surgery in Bangalore!

The stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore offers promising relief from discomfort. Renowned for advanced healthcare and skilled surgeons, the city ensures seamless treatment. Accessing the right and timely treatment ensures overall good health outcomes.

For the best price of stapler haemorrhoidectomy in Bangalore, contact HexaHealth. We prioritise your well-being, providing cost-effective yet high-quality services customised to your needs. Whether it's insurance, financing, or expert guidance, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stapler piles treatment involves stitching haemorrhoidal mass together to restrict blood flow and alleviate symptoms. It's quicker recovery time compared to traditional surgery makes it a highly appealing option.


Indeed, stapler treatment for grade 3 and 4 piles proves effective in alleviating symptoms like bleeding and discomfort. It adopts a minimally invasive approach, ensuring swift recovery than traditional surgical methods.


The cost of stapler piles treatment in Bangalore ranges between ₹ 38,000 and ₹ 50,000. This expense depends on variable factors such as the hospital's reputation and surgeon’s fee.


Similar to any surgical procedure, piles surgery carries potential side effects and risks. Here are some possible complications associated with the surgery:

  1. Pain and discomfort

  2. Bleeding

  3. Infection

  4. Urinary problems


Some renowned doctors specialising in stapler piles treatment in Bangalore include:

  1. Dr Bharathiraja Thillaintesan

  2. Dr Suresh Babu Dore

  3. Dr Ramesh TS

  4. Dr Aritra Ghosh


Stapler piles treatment in Bangalore may be limited to select hospitals with equipment and expertise. This procedure is generally found in larger medical centres with dedicated proctology departments.


Stapler haemorrhoidectomy may be covered by health insurance in  Bangalore. However, coverage is subject to policy variations. It's advisable to verify the specifics of your health policy with your insurance provider to gain clarity on potential expenses and coverage details.


Schedule your stapler surgery appointment for piles in  Bangalore effortlessly through HexaHealth. Visit our website or download our app to access the online form. Our team will promptly arrange your appointment with expert proctologists and accredited hospitals.


Choose HexaHealth for stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore for streamlined access to top-tier medical facilities and expert proctologists. Our team ensures personalised care and a hassle-free treatment experience.


Select a surgeon for a stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore via HexaHealth. You can access doctor profiles and patient reviews on our platform.


Stapler piles treatment usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. However, the duration may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the procedure and the patient's condition.


Stapler treatment can effectively address severe cases of piles, providing relief from symptoms and enhancing overall quality of life. However, effectiveness can vary, emphasising the need to consult a healthcare professional.


After stapler piles treatment, dietary restrictions support recovery and minimise discomfort. It's recommended to avoid consuming the following:

  1. Meat

  2. Spicy foods

  3. Alcohol

  4. Processed edibles

  5. Lower-fibre and sugar-rich diet


Stapler piles treatment involves suturing of haemorrhoids to block blood flow, while traditional surgery removes haemorrhoids. It typically offers faster recovery and less postoperative pain compared to traditional surgery.


Patient experiences and reviews of the stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore can be explored on the HexaHealth website. To know more about the same and book a consultation visit the site or download our android or iOS app.


Yes, stapler piles treatment can be conducted on an outpatient basis. The patients are monitored in the recovery room for a couple of hours. They are discharged on the same day.


Prior to stapler piles treatment, patients may have to fast for 6-12 hours and discontinue blood-thinning medications. After the procedure, patients are advised to:

  1. Maintain hygiene

  2. Avoid heavy lifting

  3. Adhere to a high-fibre diet

  4. Ensure adequate hydration


HexaHealth provides access to experienced proctologists and facilitates seamless appointment scheduling for stapler piles surgery. Our team ensures a stress-free and affordable surgical experience, prioritising your well-being throughout the process.


Stapler treatment is effective for managing internal haemorrhoids but may not be suitable for all types of piles. It's advisable to consult a healthcare provider to assess individual circumstances.


The success rate of the stapler procedure for piles in Bangalore is 97.17%. 8 It is credited to the expertise of experienced doctors and the utilisation of innovative medical infrastructure.


Stapler piles treatment typically yields long-term results. This includes reduced recurrence rates of haemorrhoids and alleviation of symptoms such as bleeding and discomfort.


Circular staplers are commonly used in proctology for procedures such as stapled hemorrhoidectomy. They are designed for precise anastomoses in the gastrointestinal tract.


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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