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Have you noticed the alarming rise in air pollution levels within the IT capital of India? According to a Greenpeace study conducted between 2021 and 2022, air quality in Bangalore exceeds WHO guidelines by five times. This concerning trend underscores the urgent need for advanced pulmonology diagnostic techniques. Bronchoscopy in Bangalore can play a pivotal role in assisting your physician to formulate the most effective treatment plan.

Bronchoscopy provides a comprehensive view of your respiratory tract and lungs, enabling precise intervention. Concerned about the cost? The bronchoscopy test cost in Bangalore is reasonably priced, considering its invaluable benefits. We will get to know about the available financial options, expert pulmonologists, and reputable hospitals and provide further insights. Stay tuned for more information!

Get a Bronchoscopy in Bangalore

Are you considering bronchoscopy as per your doctor's recommendation? Opting for a premier bronchoscopy centre in Bangalore proves to be the optimal choice for your diagnostic needs. Here's why you should choose this city for your lung examination:

  1. Seasoned Pulmonologists: Some of the most experienced doctors practise here, ensuring expert care.

  2. Exceptional Medical Facilities: From world-class hospitals to advanced clinics and diagnostic centres, the city has institutions adhering to international standards.

  3. Accessibility: A widespread infrastructure guarantees easy approachability to cater to your medical needs conveniently.

  4. Diverse Options: Whether you seek premium services or have budget constraints, this city offers alternatives which suit every individual and financial plan.

  5. Comprehensive Care: Expect complete support from the initial consultation to recovery for a seamless and comfortable experience throughout.

    Bronchoscopy in Bangalore

We cannot emphasise enough the presence of our country’s leading doctors practising here. Selecting the right pulmonologist for bronchoscopy in Bangalore is of paramount importance, and we can help you with that. Hence, here is a brief compilation of the top 5 bronchoscopy specialist in Bangalore to address your respiratory concerns:

Specialist’s Name

Experience & Key Interests

Dr Prabhakara Reddy

  1. 31+ years

  2. Emergency and trauma care

Dr Monika Safaya

  1. 14+ years

  2. Critical care expert

Dr Vijaykumar Anaiahreddy

  1. 10+ years

  2. Critical and intensive care medicine

Dr Ajay Handa

  1. 32+ years

  2. Pulmonary critical and intensive care

Dr Muralidhara K

  1. 14+ years

  2. Emergency medicine

Note: These are not the only pulmonologists providing expert respiratory care in the city. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for an extensive list of doctors.

Bronchoscopy Specialist in Bangalore

HexaHealth offers access to over 1000 highly skilled doctors for bronchoscopy. Check out the complete list of bronchoscopy specialists in Bangalore that matches your needs. Scheduling an appointment with these specialists is super easy with HexaHealth by your side. Visit HexaHealth or download our mobile application and secure your consultation.

The city has a widespread network of medical institutions catering to the diverse healthcare needs of southern India and even foreign patients. These facilities hold international accreditation for their excellence and commitment to safety. Out of the numerous hospitals available, the top 7 bronchoscopy centre in Bangalore are mentioned below:


Known for

Meenakshi ENT Speciality Hospital

  1. Most advanced ENT care

  2. Audiology, General Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Laryngology, Rhinology, etc

Vasavi Hospital, Kumaraswamy

  1. Won the 7th rank in All India Lifestyle Hospital and Clinic Ranking Survey 2022

  2. Have delivered over 3000 babies and conducted more than 7000 surgeries

Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta

  1. 250-bed multispecialty hospital.

  2. Actively involved in innovation in medical research across India

Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Hubli

  1. 200 beds, 55 senior consultants & 300+ healthcare professionals.

  2. Offering quality & affordability in healthcare

Sakra World Hospital

  1. 350-bed & 35+ Specialties

  2. Brings advanced Indian & Japanese healthcare under one roof

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield

  1. One of the largest networks in India offering healthcare & education

  2. 284-bed multispecialty & 24/7 emergency care

Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center

  1. Most advanced Cancer Therapeutic Facility

  2. Operates a Bone Marrow transplantation unit

Note: The hospitals listed are just a selection of the numerous options provided by HexaHealth to fulfil diverse patient requirements. For the comprehensive list of hospitals, please click here.

Bronchoscopy Centre in Bangalore

HexaHealth hospitals distinguish themselves through their dedication to patient-centred care and cutting-edge facilities. With a network of over 200 advanced breast surgery facilities in Bangalore, we guarantee access to top-tier healthcare choices. Visit our website, HexaHealth to schedule an appointment directly with your chosen hospital through our platform.

The bronchoscopy test cost in Bangalore ranges from ₹ 5,200 to ₹ 35,000. The associated expenses are variable based on specific factors like the choice of hospital and doctor, individual case, etc. Here is an overview of the potential expenditure:


Estimated Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 5,200

Average Amount

₹ 20,000

Maximum Expense

₹ 35,000

Note: These are approximate figures and for general information. Please contact HexaHealth for an accurate pricing structure.

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Financing Options

The bronchoscopy test cost in Bangalore may act as a financial barrier to this diagnostic procedure. However, patients can conveniently mitigate the economic burden due to the availability of several monetary solutions. Some of the options include:

  1. Health insurance: Bronchoscopy in Bangalore is covered under health policies. Based on your terms and conditions, the insurance agency may fund the procedure entirely or partially. HexaHealth is here to provide professional assistance with the insurance process.

  2. Cashless Claims: Individuals covered by medical insurance have the option to avail cashless claims for bronchoscopy at designated hospitals. Through digital claims, patients are not required to make upfront payments for the procedure. Instead, the insurance provider settles the expenses directly with the hospital.

HexaHealth facilitates your cashless claims processing for a quick and hassle-free experience.

  1. Reimbursement Claim: If the facility where bronchoscopy is conducted is not part of the insurer's network hospitals, individuals can request reimbursement. In such instances, patients make the initial payment and subsequently submit the necessary documentation. For smooth processing and paperwork, please reach out to HexaHealth.

  1. Healthcare Financing: Numerous financial institutions provide medical loans customised specifically for covering healthcare expenses. These credit options feature adaptable repayment schedules and competitive interest rates.

With HexaHealth, get the following benefits:

  1. Instant loan approval 

  2. No collateral 

  3. Zero processing fee 

  4. 0% interest rates 

  5. Flexible EMI options 

Note: The extent and scope of coverage varies according to your specific policy. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for complete assistance on insurance and medical loans.

HexaHealth offers an unparalleled approach to meeting all your diagnostic requirements, particularly specialising in bronchoscopy procedures to enhance your respiratory well-being. Here are some compelling reasons why we stand out as the ideal choice for you:

  1. Access complimentary initial and follow-up consultations with top pulmonologists, ensuring expert guidance every step of the way.

  2. Rest assured of complete confidentiality, as we prioritise safeguarding your privacy throughout your journey with us.

  3. Avail of transparent billing practices and affordable bronchoscopy services, guaranteeing clarity and peace of mind.

  4. Enjoy the convenience of complimentary pick-up and drop-off on your procedure day, making your experience seamless and stress-free.

  5. Choose from a range of payment methods, including interest-free EMI options, to suit your financial preferences.

  6. Benefit from accurate diagnoses, effective treatment plans, and minimal waiting times, making sure you get a hassle-free experience.

    Best Bronchoscopy Treatment in Bangalore

Bronchoscopy is a medical procedure where physicians utilise a small camera attached to a flexible tube to inspect your air passages. This allows them to visualise your airways on a screen and capture images. Additionally, it enables the collection of small tissue samples from your lungs to aid in diagnosing diseases. Generally performed on an outpatient basis, which means you can return home the same day.

Conscious sedation is administered to ensure comfort during the procedure. This enables normal breathing while minimising discomfort from the bronchoscope in the mouth or nose. Depending on the individual's condition, monitored anaesthesia care or, in rare instances, general anaesthesia may also be utilised.

The duration of the procedure ranges from 20 to 45 minutes. Fasting is not necessary for CT bronchoscopy. However, for the traditional approach, patients may be advised to refrain from eating or drinking for a specified period.

There are primarily two interventional approaches for bronchoscopy:

  1. Flexible Bronchoscopy: Utilises a slender, flexible tube equipped with a camera to examine the interior of the lungs.

  2. Rigid Bronchoscopy: Involves the use of a rigid endoscope to investigate and address airway issues, often employed in more complex cases.

Diagnostic Tests Before Bronchoscopy

Prior to undergoing a bronchoscopy, your physician may recommend various diagnostic tests to obtain comprehensive insights. These assessments may include:

  1. Chest X-ray: Capturing images of your lungs to detect any abnormalities.

  2. Respiratory Function Evaluations: Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) assess the efficiency of your lung function.

  3. Blood Tests: Screen for infections or other medical conditions and aid in the development of the best treatment strategy.

  4. Electrocardiogram (ECG): Assessing your heart's activity to ensure safety during sedation.

  5. CT Scan: Offering detailed chest images to identify potential issues.

Note: These diagnostic procedures assist your pulmonologist in planning the bronchoscopy procedure and ensuring its safety. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to HexaHealth.

Advantages of Bronchoscopy

One of the key advantages of bronchoscopy is its minimally invasive nature, facilitating a prompt return to normal activities. Additionally, this technique offers several other benefits, including:

  1. Diagnosis of Lung Problems: Enables physicians to visualise the interior of the lungs, aiding in the identification of issues such as infections, tumours, or bleeding.

  2. Sample Collection: The doctors can take tissue specimens for testing purposes without the need for invasive surgery.

  3. Removal of Obstructions: Can effectively clear mucus or foreign objects restricting the airways, thereby improving breathing.

  4. Treatment of Conditions: Provides the opportunity for doctors to administer medications directly to the lungs or conduct procedures aimed at addressing specific respiratory ailments.

  5. Minimal Recovery Time: Performed on an outpatient basis, enabling patients to return home the same day with minimal downtime.

Risks of Delay in Bronchoscopy

Delaying a bronchoscopy procedure can lead to significant repercussions, as it is a crucial intervention for maintaining respiratory health. Here are the potential consequences of postponing this vital test:

  1. Late Diagnosis: Procrastination may hinder the timely detection of lung conditions.

  2. Missed Treatment Opportunities: Delay could result in lost chances for early intervention.

  3. Increased Complications: Stalling the procedure may exacerbate existing problems.

  4. Decreased Effectiveness: Postponing may lead to less effective treatment outcomes.

  5. Overall Health Impact: Putting off this diagnostic procedure could adversely affect your health and overall quality of life.

Note: Always consult a professional medical expert and follow their instructions. If a doctor has recommended bronchoscopy for you, do not hesitate to contact Hexahealth for assistance!

Alternate Approaches for Bronchoscopy

Exploring innovative techniques beyond traditional bronchoscopy can revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions. Here are some alternative approaches to consider:

  1. Virtual Bronchoscopy: Utilises modern methods such as CT scans to generate detailed 3D images of the airways without the need for tube insertion.

  2. Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS): Integrates bronchoscopy with ultrasound technology to visualise structures surrounding the airways and obtain tissue samples.

  3. Navigation Bronchoscopy: Utilises GPS-like technology to guide the bronchoscope precisely to targeted areas within the lungs, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment precision.

  4. Robotic Bronchoscopy: Involves the assistance of robotic technology to manoeuvre the bronchoscope with precision, particularly in challenging-to-reach regions.

  5. Transthoracic Needle Biopsy: Instead of traversing the bronchial passage, a needle is inserted through the chest wall to extract tissue samples from the lungs.

What can a bronchoscopy detect/cannot discover?

It is imperative to engage in a comprehensive consultation with an expert pulmonologist to gain a clear understanding of bronchoscopy. Similar to any medical intervention, this approach includes advantages and limitations. Presented below is a table listing the capabilities and limitations of this procedure:

What Bronchoscopy Can Detect

What Bronchoscopy Cannot Do

Lung infections, tumours or growths in the airways

Provide immediate relief for breathing issues

Bleeding in the lungs

Cure lung conditions

Blockages or foreign objects

Improve lung function

Bronchial tissue abnormalities

Address non-respiratory health problems

When considering bronchoscopy in Bangalore, it's crucial to evaluate various aspects to make an informed decision. Presented below is a comparison between our services and others in the healthcare sector, emphasising distinctive features:




Access to Renowned Pulmonologists



Free Initial & Follow-up Consultations



Confidentiality & Legal Compliance



Affordable & Transparent Billing Practices



No-Charge Pick-Up/Drop-Off



Complete Financial Assistance



Swift Recovery



Best Bronchoscopy Hospitals in Bangalore

Sri Sairam Hospital - Multispeciality Hospital in BTM

Sri Sairam Hospital - Multispeciality Hospital in BTM

4.54/5(97 Ratings)
BTM Layout,, Bangalore

HexaHealth: Improving Lives Through Enhanced Respiratory Well-being

Bronchoscopy in Bangalore offers a safe method to diagnose and address various lung issues such as infections, tumours, or airway obstructions. Renowned globally for its exceptional medical infrastructure and proficient doctors, this city ensures high-quality healthcare services.

For a dependable bronchoscopy test cost in Bangalore, opt for HexaHealth. Our experienced team of pulmonary specialists and advanced facilities prioritise your safety and well-being. From initial consultations to follow-up assessments, we oversee every aspect of your care. HexaHealth guarantees a seamless experience. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bronchoscopy is a medical procedure to look inside the airways and lungs using a thin, flexible tube with a camera. Generally inserted through the nose or mouth.


Bronchoscopy is performed by introducing a thin, adaptable tube with a camera through the nose or mouth and into the airways and lungs. It is done under conscious sedation or monitored anaesthesia care. In very rare cases, general anaesthesia may be required.


You can find bronchoscopy services in Bangalore at various hospitals and medical centres specialising in respiratory care and pulmonary procedures. Contact HexaHealth, visit our website or download our mobile application for assistance.


For excellent bronchoscopy procedures, Bangalore is an ideal choice because of its widespread medical infrastructure. Some of the best bronchoscopy centre in Bangalore are mentioned below:

  1. Meenakshi ENT Speciality Hospital

  2. Vasavi Hospital, Kumaraswamy

  3. Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta

  4. Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Hubli

  5. Sakra World Hospital

  6. Manipal Hospital, Whitefield

  7. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center

Contact HexaHealth for appointments or assistance.


Bronchoscopy cost in Bangalore depends on the choice of hospital, doctor and individual case. However, here is the estimated cost:


Estimated Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 5,200

Average Amount

₹ 20,000

Maximum Expense

₹ 35,000


Yes! You can avail of health insurance for your bronchoscopy procedure due to its medical necessity. Several insurance companies provide partial or entire coverage for this. Contact HexaHealth for complete details and guidance throughout.


A pulmonologist is a specialist in performing bronchoscopy and interpreting its results. They are also known as lung specialists or interventional pulmonologists. These are the qualified doctors who also devise the necessary treatment plan based on your reports.


Yes, bronchoscopy is a medical procedure used as both a diagnostic test and a treatment tool for various lung conditions.


Choosing a qualified and skilled doctor for your bronchoscopy procedure guarantees optimum diagnosis and, consequently, proper treatment. Therefore, some of the best bronchoscopy specialist in Bangalore are mentioned below:

  1. Dr. Prabhakara Reddy

  2. Dr. Monika Safaya

  3. Dr. Vijaykumar Anaiahreddy

  4. Dr. Ajay Handa

  5. Dr. Muralidhara K

Contact HexaHealth for appointments or assistance.


HexaHealth provides thorough assistance throughout your diagnostic or surgical care. We are there from the start till you recover. For the best bronchoscopy in Bangalore, trust HexaHealth. Few reasons why we are the perfect choice:

  1. Expert doctors and excellent medical infrastructure.

  2. No need to worry about the documentation. We take care of everything.

  3. Easy and free commute on the day of the procedure.

  4. Transparent pricing and complete financial guidance.


The best bronchoscopy specialist in Bangalore are highly qualified, experienced and, most importantly, empathetic.It's essential to always choose the right doctor with a credible educational degree and skills. Look for the following for your lung examination:

  1. Board-certified in Pulmonary Medicine

  2. Experience in performing bronchoscopy procedures

  3. Positive patient reviews

  4. Access to modern facilities and equipment

Contact HexaHealth for help.


Yes, usually, some examinations, such as chest X-rays and blood tests, are required before a bronchoscopy.


The bronchoscopy procedure generally lasts around 20-45 minutes. It may vary depending on the individual case.


Yes, it can! One of the most significant advantages of bronchoscopy is the ability to detect pulmonary anomalies like lung cancers or tumours or growths.


Various lung conditions can be diagnosed or treated with bronchoscopy. These include infections, tumours, bleeding, blockages, and tissue abnormalities.


No, it’s not! A bronchoscopy is generally performed under conscious sedation or monitored anaesthesia care. This ensures comfortable breathing during the procedure.


Yes! Bronchoscopy is a reliable procedure to detect and confirm pulmonary tuberculosis.


Yes, it can! Bronchoscopy is specifically designed to diagnose and confirm respiratory infections.


Yes! Bronchoscopy is a diagnostic technique specially designed to diagnose lung diseases. It is also helpful in the detection of asthma.


Usually, within a day or two. The effects of sedation wear off in the first 24 hours. You may have a sore throat or hoarse voice afterwards. In some cases, you may also cough a small amount of blood due to the sensitive lining of the lungs. It should subside soon and does not require special care or medications. However, if your symptoms are severe, you must inform your pulmonologist.


After a bronchoscopy, you'll be observed for several hours (until numbness wears off) at the facility. Your mouth and throat may feel numb for a couple of hours, during which you won't be able to eat or drink. This prevents food and liquids from entering your airways and lungs. Most people can resume normal activities within a day or two.


The efficacy of interventional bronchoscopy is around 98.67%. The success rate of bronchoscopy procedures can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the specific indication for the procedure, the doctor's skill, and the underlying health status of the patient.


Yes! X-rays, CT scans and Needle biopsy can help in the detection of respiratory problems. While X-rays, CT scans, and suctioning techniques offer insights into lung health, bronchoscopy provides direct visualisation of the lungs. It facilitates precise sample collection and potential blockage removal. Therefore, even if you have undergone prior tests like X-rays, bronchoscopy may still be necessary for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.


Bronchoscopy is an incredibly safe procedure. With that being said, similar to any medical intervention, there are potential risks associated with bronchoscopy. However, they are generally considered a rare occurrence. Some possible complications include:

  1. Minor bleeding or irritation at the site of the procedure.

  2. Infection, though rare, particularly if a biopsy is performed.

  3. Reaction to sedation or anaesthesia used.

  4. Perforation (hole) or injury to the airway or surrounding structures.

  5. Bronchospasm (bronchial muscles contract/tighten) or pneumonia (lung’s air sacs filled with fluid/pus), especially in individuals with pre-existing lung conditions.

It's essential to discuss any doubts or concerns with your pulmonologist. Contact us today for expert advice.


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