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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Bangalore

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Rhinoplasty in Bangalore presents a promising solution for individuals seeking nasal reshaping and enhancement. With a growing demand for cosmetic procedures, this metro city stands out as an ideal choice for nose jobs.

Renowned for its specialised clinics and skilled surgeons ensures quality treatment. From refining nasal contours to addressing functional concerns, rhinoplasty surgery in Bangalore delivers satisfying results.

Get Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bangalore

Planning a rhinoplasty? Explore the advantages of getting nose surgery in Bangalore to ensure the best outcomes:

  1. High Standard Healthcare Facilities: Bangalore has numerous hospitals and clinics with globally recognised medical infrastructure.

  2. Expert Surgical Team: Benefit from the competency of experienced plastic surgeons, ensuring meticulous care throughout your nose job.

  3. Personalised Surgical Plans: Receive comprehensive care with an individualised treatment regimen. This includes preoperative assessments and attentive postoperative support.

  4. Convenient Accessibility: Take advantage of well-connected transportation networks which facilitate easy reach to medical centres.

  5. Affordable Options: Despite offering top-notch healthcare services, Bangalore provides cost-effective rhinoplasty solutions.

Choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Bangalore is the most crucial decision for a successful outcome. While the city offers many experienced doctors for your nose surgery, selecting the most suitable one may seem tedious.

Following is the list of eminent plastic surgeons in the city you can refer to:

  1. Dr Akshita Singh: She is an accomplished plastic surgeon with 18 years of experience. Dr Singh is associated with Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, HSR Layout. She is adept at rhino and septoplasty, along with other cosmetic surgical interventions.

  2. Dr Sanjog Sharma: A well-known plastic surgeon affiliated with Aesthetica Veda, Krishnarajapura. Dr Sharma has 13 years of clinical practice in his field. He focuses on cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, liposuction, buccal fat removal, etc.

  3. Dr Suhas S: Currently practising at Madilu Multispeciality Clinic, Vidyaranyapura, he has a medical career of 14 years. His forte lies in rhinoplasty, labiaplasty and various other cosmetic and corrective surgeries.

  4. Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka: Associated with Manipal Hospital, Malleshwaram, he is a seasoned plastic surgeon. Dr Jaka has an impressive 23 years of experience. He specialises in corrective surgical procedures.

  5. Dr Harish Kumar K: He is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon affiliated with Docube Healthcare, Koramangla. Dr Kumar has 11 years of expertise in cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty, neck lift, gynaecomastia, etc.

  6. Dr Kiran Petkar: An acclaimed plastic surgeon with 21 years of experience. Dr Petkar specialises in rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation, among many others. He is currently practising at Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Hubli.

  7. Dr Amrika Seshadri: A seasoned professional in her field of practice. Dr Seshadri has 11 years of clinical proficiency. She is currently empanelled at Madilu Multispeciality Clinic, Vidyaranyapura.

Note: There are several other plastic surgeons in the city who perform nose surgery. Please contact HexaHealth for an exhaustive list and choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are multiple hospitals and clinics which deliver the best rhinoplasty in Bangalore while maintaining international standards. With the rise in popularity of nose jobs in our country amidst the evolving beauty trends, this city offers the finest options.

Here is the list of the most prominent healthcare institutions in Bangalore that provide rhinoplasty services:

  1. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center: A leading multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore, providing quality care in various departments. They aim to deliver affordable healthcare for everyone.

  2. Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road: This is one of the best hospitals across India, offering the highest standards of medical care. They have the finest plastic surgeons and paramedical staff to enhance your surgical experience.

  3. Vasavi Hospital, Kumaraswamy: They are a premier healthcare facility providing superior medical services.  They have conducted over 3000 surgeries and deliver care across all specialities.

  4. Manipal Hospital, Whitefield: It is a unit of the renowned Manipal Hospitals network and is among the best in the country. They provide comprehensive care under one roof in all the departments of modern medicine.

  5. Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Hubli: This centre offers access to top specialists and enhanced medical services. It ranges from primary to the most complex care under various departments. 

  6. Aesthetica Veda, HRBR Layout Clinic: It is a healthcare facility specially dedicated to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. They specialise in comprehensive and modern aesthetic approaches. 

Note: There are various other hospitals in Bangalore which perform nose job surgery. Please contact HexaHealth to choose the best healthcare facility for yourself.

How do I schedule a consultation with HexaHealth’s plastic surgeons in Bangalore for rhinoplasty?

HexaHealth facilitates easy access to premier clinics for rhinoplasty surgery in Bangalore, ensuring a smooth healthcare journey. Follow these steps to arrange an appointment with our skilled rhinoplasty specialists:

  1. Directly submit your inquiry on the HexaHealth website by completing the provided form.

  2. Download the HexaHealth app, available on the Google PlayStore, to schedule your appointments conveniently in just a few taps.

The rhinoplasty surgery cost in Bangalore starts from ₹ 70,000 and may go up to ₹ 1,50,000. However, it depends on several factors, such as the choice of hospital and surgeons, the locality and your expectations.

Here is an overview of the associated expenses for your nose job surgery in the city:


Estimated Cost


₹ 70,000


₹ 90,000


₹ 1,50,000

Note: These are approximate values for your rhinoplasty. Please contact HexaHealth for accurate pricing information.

Financing Options

The rhinoplasty cost in Bangalore may seem expensive to some people and act as a financial barrier. However, individuals can avail of various supportive resources and modalities to address their monetary challenges.

Have a look at these financial alternatives:

  1. Health Insurance: Due to the fact that this is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance agencies do not cover rhinoplasty costs. In a few cases, nose surgery may be covered only when it is medically necessary (septoplasty & septorhinoplasty). Since it is an aesthetic surgical intervention, cashless and reimbursement claims do not apply here.

HexaHealth provides complete assistance for your rhinoplasty in Bangalore; please get in touch with us!

  1. Medical Loans: A wise choice would be to avail yourself of loans catering specifically to healthcare needs. HexaHealth is here to help you with all the paperwork. We ensure that you get the required amount for a seamless experience, along with the following benefits:

  1. No collateral 

  2. No processing charges

  3. Interest rates at 0% 

  4. Flexible EMI plans

Note: Please contact HexaHealth for thorough financial assistance with your surgery.

Looking for a perfect nose job? The answer lies with HexaHealth, a trusted platform offering personalised solutions for your cosmetic needs. Here's why you should choose us for your rhinoplasty:

  1. HexaHealth partners with the largest hospital network across the country, ensuring access to the best facilities.

  2. Our advanced AI-powered recommendation system helps you discover the right plastic surgeon and clinic for your nasal reshaping procedure.

  3. Experience hassle-free hospitalisation and a smooth surgical journey with our streamlined processes and attentive support throughout.

  4. From insurance coordination to post-surgery recovery assistance, our dedicated team delivers comprehensive support at every step.

  5. At HexaHealth, we believe in transparency, allowing you to plan your budget for nose surgery in Bangalore confidently.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the shape of the nose. It is also referred to as nose reshaping surgery or nose-job. This may be pursued to enhance nasal aesthetics, address breathing difficulties, or both. The nasal structure comprises bone in the upper part and cartilage in the lower part.

During rhinoplasty, adjustments can be made to bone, cartilage, skin, or a combination of these elements. It is essential to consult your surgeon to determine if rhinoplasty is suitable for you and what outcomes can be expected.

If you are deemed fit for rhinoplasty, your doctor will prepare a treatment plan for your specific goals and anatomy. This surgery lasts for 60-120 minutes and is performed under general anaesthesia.

Types of Rhinoplasty

There are two primary approaches to rhinoplasty:

  1. Open Rhinoplasty:

  1. Involves making a small incision across the columella (the strip of tissue separating the nostrils) in addition to cuts inside the nostrils.

  2. It provides better visibility and access to the nasal structures, allowing for more complex modifications.

  3. It is often preferred for extensive or revision rhinoplasty procedures.

  1. Closed Rhinoplasty:

  1. Incisions only inside the nostrils, without an external columellar incision.

  2. This approach results in no visible external scarring.

  3. It may be suitable for simpler nasal modifications.

Preparation Before Rhinoplasty 

Before scheduling the rhinoplasty procedure, you will have a consultation session with a surgeon. This appointment generally covers:

  1. Medical History: Discuss your reasons for surgery, and case history, including any nasal issues, past surgeries, and medications. Conditions like haemophilia may affect your eligibility.

  2. Physical Examination: The doctor will assess your facial features and nasal structure to determine necessary changes. They also evaluate potential impacts on breathing.

  3. Photography: Images of your nose from various angles are taken. The surgeons alter those photos digitally to demonstrate potential outcomes. These serve as references and aid in discussing surgical goals.

  4. Expectations Discussion: Openly share your motivations and expectations for surgery. You will get to know what rhinoplasty can and cannot achieve, helping align desires with realistic outcomes.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty extends beyond cosmetic enhancement. It may also target improvements in nasal function, particularly in cases of breathing difficulties caused by obstruction.

Outlined below are the benefits associated with rhinoplasty:

  1. Enhanced Appearance: It can refine the shape and size of the nose, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial profile.

  2. Increased Confidence: Addressing nasal imperfections can significantly enhance an individual's self-esteem. Common issues such as prominent nasal humps or drooping nasal tips can be effectively addressed.

  3. Improved Breathing: Rhinoplasty, in combination with septoplasty, corrects structural abnormalities within the nose that impede airflow. Therefore, breathing and overall respiratory function improve.

  4. Correction of Injuries: It can rectify nasal deformities resulting from trauma, restoring both function and appearance.

  5. Treatment of Congenital Defects: Nose surgery offers solutions for inborn nasal anomalies such as deviated septum or cleft lip. It is performed with septoplasty to tackle functional issues and aesthetics simultaneously.

Alternatives to Rhinoplasty 

The probable substitute for rhinoplasty may be septoplasty, septorhinoplasty, or a combination of both. The decision to

  1. Septoplasty: It is a surgical procedure aimed at straightening the nasal septum (the wall of bone and cartilage separating the nostrils). A deviated septum can obstruct airflow, leading to breathing difficulties.

  2. Septorhinoplasty: Also commonly referred to as a 'nose job. It is a surgical intervention designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose (rhinoplasty) and its functionality (septoplasty).

What can a rhinoplasty do/cannot do? 

Most of the time, patients walk into a surgeon’s clinic without having a proper idea about the rhinoplasty procedure. This is a surgical intervention which has its purpose and limitations. Having a realistic view regarding the nose job enables you to make correct decisions and avoid future surprises.

A Nose Job Can 

A Nose Job Cannot

Reshape the size and shape of the nose

Transform appearance beyond the nose

Correct nasal asymmetry

Change underlying anatomy

Improve breathing

Correct issues like wrinkles or skin texture

Enhance facial harmony

Exact replication of a nose shape

Rectify bumps and dips on your nose

Interfere with genetics

Note: Always consult with your plastic surgeon about your desired goals and the purpose of your nose surgery. HexaHealth provides complete assistance in your surgical journey.

Contemplating rhinoplasty in Bangalore may feel daunting due to the large number of options available. However, by selecting HexaHealth as your healthcare companion, you secure assurance of quality and safety.

Let's explore some of the distinctive features HexaHealth offers compared to other providers:




Network of Finest Plastic Surgeons



24*7 Dedicated Support



Offline and Online Consultations 



Lifetime Follow-up Care



Transparent Cost



Complete Financial Guidance & Assistance



Complimentary Pick-up and Drop-off on the Day of Surgery



Best Healthcare Facilities



HexaHealth: Delivering Confidence with Rhinoplasty in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty surgery in Bangalore provides a transformative solution for individuals seeking to enhance nasal aesthetics and functionality. The city offers top-notch clinics and skilled plastic surgeons to meet your expectations. It's essential to explore all possibilities and collaborate closely with your surgeon for informed decisions.

HexaHealth is a trusted healthcare provider for navigating best rhinoplasty in Bangalore to fulfil your cosmetic goals. We prioritise a seamless experience, presenting transparent pricing and financing avenues to aid in your planning. Opt for HexaHealth to discover the finest clinics for rhinoplasty in Bangalore and access superior care customised to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at altering the shape, size, or proportions of the nose. This is done mainly to enhance its appearance or improve its function. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.


There are several expert plastic surgeons in Bangalore performing rhinoplasty. Some of the best are mentioned below:

  1. Dr Akshita Singh

  2. Dr Sanjog Sharma 

  3. Dr Suhas S

  4. Dr Amrika Seshadri

  5. Dr Harish Kumar K


You can choose the most suitable rhinoplasty surgeon through:

  1. Reference from family or friends

  2. Your doctor’s recommendation

  3. Online authentic reviews

  4. Educational qualification and experience of the surgeon

  5. Look for their before and after photos

  6. Take help from a healthcare facilitator like HexaHealth

For the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Bangalore, please contact HexaHealth.


Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct or enhance the results of a previous rhinoplasty. Some of the best surgeons are:

  1. Dr Akshita Singh

  2. Dr Sanjog Sharma 

  3. Dr Suhas S

  4. Dr Amrika Seshadri

  5. Dr Harish Kumar K

  6. Dr Kiran Petkar


HexaHealth is your one-stop solution for your surgical needs. We connect you with the finest surgeons, practising at premier hospitals and clinics. Contact us to avail yourself of quality rhinoplasty services in Bangalore.


HexaHealth goes beyond just appointment scheduling and paperwork. We provide thorough care from the initial consultation to recovery. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from HexaHealth:

  1. Complete financial guidance and assistance

  2. Quality care

  3. Expert surgeons and premier hospitals

  4. Comprehensive management of your surgery

  5. Dedicated support throughout the procedure


The rhinoplasty cost in Bangalore starts from ₹ 70,000 and may go up to ₹ 1,50,000. The average price is generally around ₹ 90,000. However, it is essential to note that the expenses may vary based on the choice of hospital and surgeon, locality and approach.


Yes, you can see pictures of nose surgery. Please contact HexaHealth, and we will provide you with the before and after pictures to help you make your decision.


The recovery time for each person varies because every individual is different. Nevertheless, initial healing may range from seven to ten days. Complete recuperation may take two to three months.


Yes, options exist. Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the temporary alteration of nose shape using dermal fillers. It offers an alternative to surgical intervention. It is usually completed in a single office visit by your healthcare provider. Results last approximately six months.


Like all significant surgeries, rhinoplasty presents potential risks, like bleeding, infection and adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Additional risks specific to rhinoplasty include, but are not limited to:

  1. Nasal breathing difficulties

  2. Persistent numbness around the nose

  3. Uneven nasal appearance

  4. Prolonged pain, discolouration, or swelling

  5. Scar formation

  6. Septal perforation (a hole in the nasal septum)

  7. Possible requirement for further surgery

  8. Alteration in the sense of smell


You can find authentic patient reviews on our website. Alternatively, you can download the HexaHealth app from the PlayStore and access it. 


The major differences between open and closed rhinoplasty are as follows:

Open Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty

External incision across columella

Internal incisions only

Better visibility for complex modifications

Limited visibility

Suitable for extensive or revision procedures

Ideal for simpler modifications

Small external scar

No visible external scarring

Longer recovery time

Shorter recovery time


Most of your swelling should generally go away in about three to four weeks. But it is variable in different individuals. In case of severe pain and swelling, you should contact your healthcare provider.


No, rhinoplasty alone cannot correct a deviated septum. A combination of septoplasty and rhinoplasty may solve this problem.


No, insurance does not cover the expense of rhinoplasty because it is a cosmetic procedure. However, you do not need to worry about finances; HexaHealth provides medical loans to solve your monetary problems.


The surgeons perform closed endonasal or internal rhinoplasty. This type of rhinoplasty involves smaller incisions and less tissue damage, which increases its complexity. All incisions are internal, leaving no visible external scarring or discoloration.


Yes, a rhinoplasty surgery can correct a crooked nose. However, it cannot change the basic nose structure and the skin around it. The discolouration or spots on the surrounding skin will need additional procedures.


A nose job surgery can be performed on patients of various age groups. However, for the most effective results, waiting until one turns 18 is recommended. The best age groups are in the late teens to early twenties. Consult your doctor for the most appropriate approach.


Consultation session is usually like: Surgeon gets to know your intent and goals for the surgery.Pictures of your nose from various angles are taken.A physical examination to design a suitable treatment plan.Details of your past medical history to rule out any blood clotting disorders which can complicate the surgery. Discussion of the associated risks and benefits.Your current medication regimen will be reviewed as well.


Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure generally. It has a daily high success rate of 80%. But like other surgical interventions, it carries a slight risk of complications such as bleeding, infection or the requirement of further surgeries to address your concerns. However, this is very rare.


Like other cosmetic surgeries, a nose job may go wrong, too. Here is a list of what can possibly result in an unsuccessful procedure:

  1. Pollybeak Deformity: Overfilling above the nose tip.

  2. Over-extended Nose Tip: Excessive cartilage support causing nose tip protrusion.

  3. Knuckling: Over-cutting nose cartilage results in a twisted, lumpy appearance.

  4. Nasal Valve Collapse: Narrowing of nasal airway leading to breathing difficulties.

  5. Distorted Tip: Outcome of rhinoplasty due to cartilage removal or nostril constriction.


Yes, it can definitely look natural if you choose the correct plastic surgeon who understands what you want. Contact HexaHealth to connect with the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Bangalore.


There is an option of nose fillers. But these are temporary solutions and do not provide permanent results. The effect generally lasts up to six months. Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you what's best for you, depending on your goals.


Why Choose HexaHealth?



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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