Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Bangalore

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Piles Laser Treatment Cost Estimation in Bangalore

What is the piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore?

The piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore is ₹ 44,000. On average, the cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore is ₹ 50,000. The maximum piles laser cost in Bangalore is ₹ 59,000. Patients should be careful of the financial aspect, considering the fluctuating expenses.

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Piles Laser Treatment Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals in Bangalore

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Piles Laser Treatment Insurance CoveragePiles Laser Treatment Insurance Coverage

Estimated Cost of Laser Treatment for Piles in Bangalore

Starting Cost

₹ 44,000

Average Cost

₹ 50,000

Maximum Cost

₹ 59,000

Note: The above range is based on estimations. For accurate pricing, you should consult HexaHealth.

To know the cost in our country, click: Piles laser treatment cost in India

According to surveys, 11% of people in urban India suffer from haemorrhoids or bawasir. Are you looking for the piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore hospitals with the best facilities? Then, exploring the available options is essential for effective relief and optimal care. 

Our blog discusses the cost of laser treatment for piles in the city with a transparent breakdown. It will help you make the best choice. Let's delve into the surgery to deepen your understanding.

Components of Piles Laser Operation Cost in Bangalore

The total piles laser treatment cost in the city includes various components. The following break-up will provide a detailed overview:

Distribution of piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore

Note: The above breakdown of cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore is an estimate. Variations may occur based on the hospital and the individual patient's condition

Factors Affecting Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Bangalore

The laser piles treatment cost in Bangalore is affected by several factors. Each of these will have a varied cause and nature. An individual must understand each component before going in for the surgery. 

Following are some variables:

  1. Hospital Reputation: Established and renowned healthcare facilities may charge higher fees. On the other hand, government ones have comparatively reasonable packages.

  2. Doctor's Expertise: The consultation fee is one of the significant costs during any procedure. The experience and reputation of the surgeon performing the laser surgery can impact the overall expense.

  3. Hospital: The amenities and infrastructure of the healthcare facility where the surgery occurs can contribute to the cost.

  4. Diagnostic Tests: Before proceeding with piles surgery in Bangalore, the surgeon will advise specific diagnostic tests. These aid in evaluating the extent of the condition and identifying the most appropriate surgical approach. 

Flexible sigmoidoscopy



Cost Price

₹ 4,000 to ₹ 8,000

₹ 2,000 to ₹ 5,000

₹ 2,000 to ₹ 5,000

  1. Postoperative Care: Follow-up care, medications, and post-procedure needs impact the overall laser haemorrhoid surgery cost in the city.

  2. Geographical Location: The surgery expense can vary based on the city or region, and Bangalore may have its pricing standards.

  3. Type of Surgery: Knowing the right surgery options helps you get accurate treatment. Here are some commonly known ones:


Starting Cost

Maximum Cost

Laser Haemorrhoidectomy

₹ 35,000

₹ 50,000

Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy 

₹ 43,000

₹ 58,000

Open Haemorrhoidectomy

₹ 48,000

₹ 85,000

Rubber Band Ligation

₹ 22,000

₹ 65,000


₹ 25,000

₹ 70,000

  1. Insurance Coverage: The patient's out-of-pocket expenses can be influenced by the availability and scope of coverage for the procedure.

Insurance for Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Bangalore

Piles is an anorectal disease; treating it is a daycare procedure. However, cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore for haemorrhoids can still pose financial challenges. In such cases, having insurance coverage proves beneficial.

Individuals must be well-informed about the diverse healthcare financing options. This may lead to questions such as:

  1. Does insurance cover piles laser treatment costs in Bangalore?

  2. Which insurance companies cover piles surgery costs in Bangalore?

  3. Can you make a cashless claim for the procedure in Bengaluru?

  4. How do you claim reimbursement in Bengaluru?

Insurance covering cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore

Let's find answers to these queries step-by-step.

Is piles laser operation cost in Bangalore covered under medical insurance? 

Health insurance typically covers this treatment if medically necessary, addressing visible symptoms. At HexaHealth, we assist patients in securing total claims for the treatment, simplifying the process. We provide financial aid, such as medical loans or EMI, without extra fees or interest. 

Leading insurance providers in India generally incorporate coverage for piles surgery in Bangalore within their plans. While the specific details may vary, significant insurers offer extensive support. 

Furthermore, the Indian government has introduced schemes to provide financial assistance for laser treatment of haemorrhoids. Examples include:

  1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

  2. Ayushman Bharat Yojana

  3. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Jan Arogya Yojana

Note: Eligibility criteria may vary for the mentioned government schemes. For more details, consult HexaHealth experts.

List of Insurance Companies for Laser Piles Treatment Cost in Bangalore

The  is covered by many insurance companies. The following is the list of some medical claim providers:

The United Insurance Acko General Insurance
SBI General Insurance Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
Liberty General Insurance The New India Assurance
The National Insurance TATA AIG Insurance
Go Digit General Insurance Star Health Insurance
Reliance General Insurance HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
Niva Bupa Health Insurance GIPSA
Note: Insurance coverage amounts vary among healthcare financing companies and policies. For the latest information, get in touch with HexaHealth.

Cashless Claim Process for Cost of Laser Treatment for Piles in Bangalore

With the cashless claim method, experience a seamless payment process for piles laser treatment costs in the city. The service facilitates efficient coordination between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Patients can manage their plan details and billing directly between the insurer and the hospital.

For a smooth experience, understanding the requirements set by the healthcare financing company and the hospital is crucial. These prerequisites may involve securing approvals and completing necessary paperwork. HexaHealth simplifies the process, ensuring an easy settlement.

Claim Reimbursement for Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Bangalore 

For the cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore, patients pay upfront and later seek reimbursement. The insurance company reviews essential documents like bills and receipts. After approval, the eligible amount is directly credited to the patient.

HexaHealth provides assistance to guide individuals through the process.

Medical Loan for Piles Laser Surgery in Bengaluru

Unforeseen treatments can lead to substantial financial burdens. In such situations, a medical loan becomes a vital support system for individuals with financial constraints. This aid provides coverage for surgery expenses along with flexible repayment options. 

HexaHealth simplifies obtaining loans, ensuring accessibility and financial ease for those in need.

  1. No Need for Collateral

  2. Quick Approval

  3. Zero Processing Fees

  4. 0% Interest Rate

  5. Flexible Instalment

Why choose HexaHealth for piles laser treatment surgery in Bengaluru?

HexaHealth is committed to being your trustworthy partner in the piles removal journey, providing benefits like:

  1. Prompt relief from piles

  2. Patient comfort and extensive assistance throughout the surgical process

  3. Access to the latest technology and the expertise of proficient proctologists

  4. Effective treatment of intricate piles cases from various parts of India

  5. Lifelong follow-up consultations for ongoing care

  6. Dedicated care buddy 24/7 for continuous support

Location We Serve for Piles Laser Treatment

Eager to know where HexaHealth can assist with piles laser treatment in Bangalore? See the image below for details on nearby locations.

Location of Laser piles treatment in Bangalore

Expert Doctors and Hospitals for Piles Surgery in Bangalore

Best Doctors

The piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore fluctuate based on the surgeon's expertise. Suppose you are looking for a proficient practitioner for the operation. In that case, the following list may prove beneficial:

  1. Dr Bharathiraja Thillaintesan: A seasoned proctologist at Docube Healthcare with a decade of valuable experience. He has expertise in advanced procedures, specialising in laser ablation of piles, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass surgery. Dr Thillaintesan is widely recognised for his precision in diagnoses and his commitment to compassionate patient care.

  2. Dr Suresh Babu Dore: He is a respected gastrointestinal surgeon affiliated with People Tree Hospital and Astra Super Speciality Hospital. Dr Dore brings 13 years of expertise in HeLP and fistula removal surgery. He excels in laser surgery, laparoscopic colorectal surgery, hernia repair, and bariatric surgery.

  3. Dr Jayant Gul Mulchandani: In gastrointestinal surgery, Dr Mulchandani stands out as a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience. He is currently associated with Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center and demonstrates proficiency in gastrointestinal and laparoscopic surgeries.

  4. Dr Ramesh TS: A distinguished general surgeon at Manipal Hospital and Vasavi Hospital, he has an impressive 27 years of expertise. Renowned for handling complex medical cases, his skill set extends to anal fistula removal, hernia repair, and laser hemorrhoidectomy.

  5. Dr Aritra Ghosh: This medical professional is a specialist at Manipal Hospital Clinic with over 18 years of experience. He excels in piles treatment like rubber band ligation and sclerotherapy. His diverse surgical portfolio includes laparoscopy, abdominal reconstructions, and procedures on the breast. 

  6. Dr Sunil Kumar B Alur: With a distinguished career, Dr Alur is one of the best piles doctors in Bangalore, currently associated with Phoenix Hospital. He has contributed to renowned institutions such as Gleneagles Global, P D Hinduja Sindhi, and Apollo Spectre and has 24 years of experience. 

  7. Dr Wasim Dar: Currently associated with Manipal Hospital, Jayanagar, he brings 17 years of expertise as a renowned bariatric surgeon. Dr Dar is a respected professional with a diverse background across Indian cities. 

  8. Dr C Muni Sekhar Reddy: An accomplished proctologist at Madilu Multi Speciality Clinic, stands out with 11 years of comprehensive experience. He offers expertise in procedures like mole excision, stapler circumcision, and lipoma removal.

  9. Dr Vineet Mannan: He is a proficient bariatric surgeon and proctologist at Cura Hospital with 16 years of expertise. Dr Mannan is particularly skilled in piles treatments and is recognised for his accurate diagnoses and empathetic patient care.

Note: This is a concise list of expert doctors; visit the HexaHealth website for a comprehensive list of proctologists. Want to know the cost of laser treatment for piles in Bangalore charged by the specialist of your choice? Contact today!

Top Hospitals

Do you want to know the good medical facilities for treating haemorrhoids? We have listed below the best hospitals for piles treatment in Bangalore to help you make the right choice.

  1. Suguna HospitalA multifaceted healthcare institution in West Bangalore, it has 150 operational beds. With 21 CCU beds and over sixteen full-time consulting clinics, the facility offers advanced care across various specialities. 

  2. People Tree Hospital: This facility stands out for its technological advancements, featuring fully equipped intensive care units and modern operation theatres. The hospital has received prestigious awards, including India's Most Promising and Valuable Hospital.

  3. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre: A pivotal member of the Narayana Health group, this facility holds accreditation from NABH and NABL. The hospital utilises cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

  4. Kanva Sri Sai Hospital: Established in 2016, Kanva Sri Sai Hospital is a premier medical facility with 100 beds. The hospital boasts top-tier medical professionals, offering comprehensive treatment across various specialities. These include general surgery, cardiology, and fistula laser treatment. 

  5. Vasavi HospitalCentrally located, this hospital has 153 beds and offers advanced infrastructure and affordable healthcare across all specialities. Having successfully conducted over 3000 surgeries, the hospital provides comprehensive medical services under one roof.

  6. Kauvery Hospital: A medical facility with 200 beds, 55 senior consultants, and 300 staff, prioritises access to top specialists. The hospital is dedicated to innovation, emphasising technology and personalised service to enhance patient care. Their commitment aims to improve lives through a patient-centric approach to healthcare.

  7. Manipal Hospital (Whitefield): This facility features top-tier ICUs with 24/7 care staffed by well-trained doctors and experienced nursing professionals. Specialising in various medical services, the 284-bed inpatient facility houses outpatient centres of excellence.

Note: Piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore may vary across these hospitals. For accurate pricing, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

What is Piles Laser Treatment?

Piles are swollen blood vessels causing discomfort, bleeding, and itching. Caused by straining or pelvic pressure, it develops beneath the skin around the anus or inside the rectum. Surgery is often required for faster recovery.

Laser treatment for piles, commonly referred to as Laser Haemorrhoidectomy or Hemorrhoidal LASER procedure (HeLP), is minimally invasive. Specialised professionals like proctologists, anorectal or general surgeons typically perform it. The operation lasts 15 to 20 minutes, with the option of general or spinal anaesthesia. 

To know more about this procedure, read also: Laser treatment for piles - Surgery, operation and side effects

Best Piles Laser Surgery in Bangalore

Get a Personalised Quote for Piles Laser Operation Cost in Bangalore

For individuals searching for reliable assistance in understanding the piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore, HexaHealth is a trustworthy source. We provide essential support to ensure a seamless process for claiming 100% insurance coverage for piles surgeries.

Whether you or someone you are acquainted with is inquiring about the precise expense, feel free to contact us. Take initial steps toward a more streamlined and accessible path for better health today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore can range from ₹ 44,000 to ₹ 59,000.


The minimum piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore is ₹ 44,000. It can vary among facilities, influenced by amenities and the complexity of the condition.


The maximum piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore is ₹ 59,000.

This ensures accessibility to advanced medical procedures, with potential variations based on facility amenities.


The laser hemorrhoid surgery cost in Bangalore may vary based on factors such as:

  1. The selected surgical technique

  2. Surgeon's fees

  3. The type of laser technology used

  4. The facilities provided by the hospital


The overall expense of piles laser treatment in Bangalore includes multiple charges related to the entire process. Crucial factors influencing the cost comprise:

  1. Consultation fee: around ₹ 1,200

  2. Surgeon's fee: ₹ 15,000

  3. Anaesthesia fee: ₹ 4,500

  4. Implant cost: ₹ 8,000 to ₹ 10,000

  5. Drugs and consumables: ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 18,000


The coverage for piles laser treatment costs in Bangalore is provided by a lot of insurance providers. However, this is subject to the policy terms and the procedure medical necessity. Obtaining pre-authorisation is advised to ascertain potential coverage.


Pile laser surgery in Bangalore can be done under two types of anaesthesia. General one ensures unconsciousness. Spinal anaesthesia numbs the lower body, enabling an awake, pain-free experience during the procedure.


Several highly-rated piles specialists in Bangalore are renowned for their expertise and patient care. You may consider consulting the doctors below:

  1. Dr Sunil Kumar B Alur

  2. Dr Wasim Dar

  3. Dr Ramesh TS


Bangalore has medical facilities like Vasavi, People Tree and Manipal Hospital. These healthcare centres for the best piles laser surgery in Bangalore have the latest technology and experienced surgeons.


HexaHealth could be your best support in the pile's treatment journey in Bangalore because they offer a range of services:

  1. Financing options with EMI

  2. Insurance guidance

  3. 24/7 support during the surgery

  4. Comprehensive assistance to ensure a well-informed experience


Some of the factors that lead to increased pressure on the veins in the anal region, contributing to the development of piles, are:

  1. Low-fibre diet

  2. Straining during bowel movements

  3. Chronic constipation or diarrhoea

  4. Sedentary lifestyle


During laser surgery for piles, a laser beam is used to shrink or eliminate hemorrhoidal tissue. This minimally invasive procedure.

It seals blood vessels, reduces swelling, and promotes faster healing with less pain and discomfort. 


The recovery time after piles laser surgery is typically shorter than traditional methods. Patients can continue normal activities within a week, experiencing less pain and discomfort.


Specific measures contribute to a smooth recovery after laser surgery for piles. Some of these measure are:

  1. Ensure proper hygiene post-surgery

  2. Follow prescribed medications

  3. Consume a fibre-rich diet

  4. Stay hydrated

  5. Avoid straining during bowel movements

  6. Adhere to postoperative instructions 


Potential complications after piles laser surgery are rare but may include bleeding, infection, or a recurrence of piles. It's crucial to follow postoperative care instructions and promptly raise any concerns to your healthcare provider.


Indeed, piles laser surgery is commonly conducted as an outpatient procedure. It minimises the need for an extended hospital stay and allows patients to go home on the same day. 


Post-pile laser surgery, maintain a high-fibre diet with adequate fluids to prevent constipation. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol temporarily. Consult your healthcare provider for personalised dietary recommendations based on your recovery progress.


After piles laser surgery, most individuals can resume normal activities within a week. However, following the surgeon's recommendations and gradually increasing activity levels is usually advised.


No, piles do not always require surgery. Early-stage piles can often be managed with:

  1. Lifestyle changes

  2. Dietary modifications

  3. Medications


Piles surgery may involve some discomfort, but advances like laser surgery aim to minimise pain.

Postoperative pain is typically manageable with medications, and patients experience varying levels of distress. Most find relief through proper care and recovery measures.



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Piles Laser Treatment Cost Estimation in Bangalore

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