Liver Transplant Cost

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Liver Transplant Cost Estimation

A liver transplant is a life-changing medical procedure that offers a ray of hope to individuals suffering from severe liver disease. This procedure involves replacing a diseased or damaged liver with a healthy liver from a deceased or living donor. However, many patients get timid about the cost of liver transplants.

The liver transplant cost in India is mainly influenced by the patient's medical condition and the availability of an appropriate liver. It varies from city to city in India based on various criteria such as the type of hospital, the doctor's experience, etc.

The mere thought of a liver transplant can be stressful, let alone the liver transplant cost. Don't be concerned! We are here to assist you. Continue reading to learn how much a Liver Transplant costs in India.

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Best Doctors for Liver Transplant

Dr. Deepak Lahoti

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy

42+ Years




Dr. Sonal Ghose

Gastroenterology - Surgical, General Surgery

17+ Years




Liver Transplant Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals

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Liver Transplant Insurance CoverageLiver Transplant Insurance Coverage

Liver Transplant Cost Overview

Surgery NameLiver Transplant
Starting Cost15,00,000
Average Price22,00,000
Maximum Charges32,00,000

Why Does Liver Transplant Cost Vary?

A liver transplant is a life-saving procedure for patients with end-stage liver conditions. However, many people have concerns and doubts regarding the liver transplant cost in India.

Generally, for any medical procedure, several factors influence the overall cost of the procedure. Below is the list of factors influencing liver transplant costs in India.

  1. Consultation Cost: Before undergoing a liver transplant procedure, the donor and the patient need to get an appointment with a well-experienced liver transplant surgeon to understand the details of the procedure.

    The cost of a consultation with an experienced surgeon will be higher than that of a less experienced surgeon. 

  2. Admission Fee: The patient and the donor need to get admitted to the hospital before the procedure to undertake the procedure seamlessly.

    So there would be admission charges varying depending on the location and the type of hospital.

  3. Type of Hospital: The overall cost of liver transplants in India is also determined by the type of hospital where the procedure will be conducted.

    A private hospital may charge more for the procedure than government hospitals.

  4. Location or City: The location of the hospital is one of the main factors influencing the overall liver transplant cost in India.

    The hospitals in the metro cities of India will charge a higher cost than those in small cities.

  5. Patient's Age: Older patients or infants who need to undergo liver transplants would need additional care because they are more prone to complications.

    Thus, the charges for the additional care provided will add up to the overall cost of the liver transplant in India.

  6. Patient's Medical Health: A patient in poor health may require a more extended hospitalisation for problems, incurring additional expenditures and extensive care.

  7. Diagnostic Tests: Before a person undergoes liver transplantation, they need to undergo several diagnostic tests like laboratory tests, including liver function tests, kidney function tests, viral marker tests, CBC etc., along with an ultrasound abdomen and PET scan to rule out the risk of complications. Depending on the type and number of tests performed, the cost of a liver transplant also varies. 

  8. Procedure Type (Deceased, Living or Split Liver Transplant)

    1. The surgical procedure for a deceased donor transplant is typically more complex than that of a living donor transplant, which can also contribute to higher costs. 

    2. A liver transplant is less expensive than a full liver transplant, where a liver is split into two sections for two recipients. 

    3. The cost of procuring a single liver is shared between two recipients.

  9. Procedure Technique (Orthotopic, Robotic and Laparoscopic): There are several liver transplant techniques that a doctor can undertake while transplanting the liver.

    The type of technique is generally depended on the complexity of the case. The type of technique used is also a determinant of the total cost of liver transplants in India.

  10. Requirement of a Liver Donor: A deceased donor transplant is generally more expensive than a living donor transplant due to the additional costs associated with identifying and procuring a suitable donor liver.

  11. Screening Tests for Donors: The liver transplant price will largely depend on the tests the donor has to undergo before the procedure.

    These may include blood tests, imaging tests like X-rays, tumour evaluation, urine routine, psychological evaluation etc. 

  12. Type of Room: Liver Transplant charges will be higher for a private room with better facilities for the donor and the patient. 

  13. Additional Treatments: Some patients may require other treatments before or after the transplant, such as chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs, which can add to the overall cost.

  14. Post-Operative Medications: To prepare the body to accept a foreign organ, long-term treatments such as anti-rejection medications may also affect the cost of liver transplants in India.

List of Liver Transplant Costs City-wise

The cost of liver transplants in India varies from city to city. The availability of medical facilities and cutting-edge treatment alternatives in various places determines the pricing of liver transplant operations.

Large towns have various hospitals to choose from for the best medical care. But the expenses can be more significant than expected. To understand what a liver transplant costs in various Indian cities, check the city-by-city list below.

City Name

Min & Max Cost

Average Price


₹15,00,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

₹ 25,00,000


₹17,00,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

₹ 26,00,000


₹ 15,00,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

₹ 25,00,000


₹ 15,00,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

₹ 25,00,000


₹ 17,00,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

₹ 26,00,000

Insurance for Liver Transplant in India

In India, government health insurance schemes like Ayushman Bharat - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), also known as Modicare, provide coverage for liver transplants in empanelled hospitals.

Under this scheme, coverage is provided for treating several critical illnesses, including liver transplants. However, the range and the list of empanelled hospitals can vary by state.

It is best to check with your insurance provider and the hospital in advance to understand the coverage and costs covered under the insurance.

HexaHealth provides outstanding and trusted services for managing cashless medical claims and covering liver transplant costs. Contact our top consultants to help you provide the most accessible, practical solutions across India.

The following are some often-asked questions while dealing with problems from a liver transplant:

  1. Is liver transplantation covered by Indian insurance?
  2. What is the list of insurance-approved hospitals in India?
  3. Is there a cashless claim system in India's accredited hospitals?
  4. Claims for reimbursement outside of India's empanelled hospitals?

Is Liver Transplant Covered under Medical Insurance?

Yes, a liver transplant is covered by insurance. The sum covered for a liver transplant does vary based on the type of the plan and also on the insurance provider.

However, below are some of the general things covered in liver transplant health insurance.

  1. Donor charges are not covered.
  2. Patient treatment charges are covered up to the sum insured.
  3. For any pre-existing liver condition, the cooling or waiting period would be as per the insurance policy.

One must also be informed that the insurance providers deny the claim if the patient undergoing a liver transplant has a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

It is necessary to review your insurance policy or call HexaHeath at 88606 88606 to determine whether or not you have liver transplant coverage.

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Liver Transplant 

Many Indian medical insurance firms provide health insurance policies that may include liver transplantation. Among the leading insurance firms in India that provide such policies are:

Insurance NameLiver Transplant

Star Health Insurance


HDFC Ergo Health Insurance


Aditya Birla Health Insurance


Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance


Care Health Insurance


GYPSA Health Insurance


ICICI Lombard Health Insurance


Insurance Network Hospitals in India for Liver Transplant

The following is a list of all hospitals in India that medical insurance companies have accredited for liver transplants.

Hospital Name



Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

New Delhi

Metro Station, Dharamshila Marg, Vasundhara Enclave Near Ashok Nagar, Dallupura, Delhi, Delhi - 110096

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

New Delhi

Delhi Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, Delhi, Delhi - 110076

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

New Delhi

1 2, Press Enclave Marg, Saket Institutional Area, Saket, Delhi, Delhi - 110017

Manipal Hospital, Dwarka

New Delhi

Sector 6, Dwarka, Delhi, Delhi - 110075

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

New Delhi

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, Delhi - 110060

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences

New Delhi

D1 ilbs, D-1, Vasant Kunj Rd, Ghitorni, Delhi, Delhi - 110070

Narayana Superspeciality Hospital


Plot 3201, Block - V DLF Phase - III, Nathupur, Sector 24, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

Artemis Hospital


J- Block, Near, Mayfield Garden, Sector 51, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001

Medanta The Medicity


CH Baktawar Singh Rd, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001

Fortis Memorial Research Institute


Opposite HUDA City Centre, Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

Jaypee Hospital


Jaypee Hospital Road, Goberdhanpur, Sector 128, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201304

Max Multi Speciality Centre


A364, A Block, Pocket A, Sector 19, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, HSR Layout


Basant Health Centre Building, 1, 24th Cross Rd, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560102

Apollo Speciality Hospital, Jayanagar


14th Cross Road, 212, Sri Nitturu Srinivasarao Road, Near Madhavan Park Circle, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560011

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield


143, 212-215, EPIP Industrial Area, Off Hoodi Village, KR Puram, Hobli, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560066

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road


154/9, Bannerghatta Main Road, Opposite IIM, Sahyadri Layout, Bilekahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560076

SRCC Children Hospital


1, 1A, Keshavrao Khadye Marg, Haji Ali, Government Colony, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400034

Nanavati Max Superspeciality Hospital


Swami Vivekananda Road, Near LIC, LIC Colony, Suresh Colony, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400056

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital


Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016

Lilavati Hospital And Research Centre


A-791, Bandra Reclamation Rd, General Arunkumar Vaidya Nagar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400050

Cashless Claim Process for Liver Transplant in India

HexaHealth's consultants are available throughout India and can assist you in successfully completing the cashless claim process for a liver transplant.

For further information on the processes and requirements for making a cashless claim for a liver transplant, please examine your insurance or call us at #91 88606 88606.

  1. Obtain cashless insurance pre-approval.

  2. There should be no paperwork on your end.

  3. Settlement of claims is quick and painless.

Reimbursement Claim for Liver Transplant

Individuals with health insurance can use the cashless claim procedure for liver transplants to obtain medical care without paying for it upfront and then seek reimbursement from their insurance company.

It is crucial to remember that the specifics of the cashless claim procedure may differ based on your insurance company and the hospital where you seek treatment.

For further information on the processes and requirements for making a cashless claim for a liver transplant, please examine your insurance or call us at #91 88606 88606. You can also contact us at to obtain answers as soon as possible.

Medical Loan for Liver Transplant in India 

In India, a medical loan for a liver transplant is a sort of personal loan that may be used to cover the costs of a liver transplant procedure. Even with a solid premium insurance plan, not everyone in India can afford to pay for a liver transplant at a big, reputed hospital.

To ease your concerns, apply now for a medical loan for a liver transplant in India with simple and flexible EMIs. The best consultants at HexaHealth are here to help you get simple, hassle-free medical emergency loans so you can handle the challenges of a liver transplant.

If you live in India and don't have insurance, you can apply for a medical loan with the following:

  1. Instant approval

  2. No Collateral

  3. 0 Processing Fee

  4. 0% Interest

  5. Easy & Flexible EMIs

You can enrol with crowdfunding agencies like KETTO and MILAAP, which help patients of low economic status to avail the best-in-class treatment from reputed hospitals to cure their condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A liver transplant is a life-saving procedure for several patients with end-stage liver conditions. Thus, before undergoing the procedure, one must know every detail about the liver transplant procedure, including the cost of the procedure. 

The liver transplant cost in India ranges from ₹ 15,00,000 to ₹ 35,00,000, with an average price of ₹ 25,00,000.

This can vary significantly depending on numerous factors, including the type of technique, the type of liver transplant, the doctor’s expertise, the hospital or medical centre chosen, the patient's condition, and any associated complications.


The cost of a liver transplant in India varies depending on many factors, with the minimum price being ₹ 15,00,000.


On average, the liver transplant cost in India is roughly around ₹ 25,00,000. This cost can vary from city to city based on several determinants. So, one must consult their healthcare provider to know the exact cost of a liver transplant in India.


In India, the maximum cost of a liver transplant is ₹  35,00,000, depending on various factors, including the type of liver transplant, technique used, patient’s medical condition, doctor’s expertise, insurance coverage, and much more.


Liver transplant costs in India can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the hospital, the type of transplant being performed, and the experience and qualifications of the medical team and several other factors.

However, in general, the cost of a liver transplant in trusted hospitals in India can range between ₹ 15,00,000 to ₹ 35,00,000.


The following are some of the best surgeons in India empanelled with HexaHealth who have expertise in liver transplantation. These expert doctors seek to provide high-quality liver transplant practices at an affordable price:

  1. Dr Sanjay Goja

    1. Experience: 27 Years

    2. Highlights: First Surgeon in India to perform robotic liver removal surgery in 2015. Completed more than 2500+ liver transplants

  2. Dr Giriraj Bora

    1. Experience: 22 Years

    2. Highlights: Credited with the 1st living donor and 1st deceased donor liver Transplants in Rajasthan

  3. Dr (Prof.) Naimish N Mehta

    1. Experience: 26 Years

    2. Highlights: Performed over 1200 liver transplant surgeries. Conducted successful liver transplantation in a minor weighing child at 4.5 kg

  4. Dr K R Vasudevan

    1. Experience: 25 Years

    2. Highlights: Completed over 1500 Liver Transplants in adults and children. Donor Success Rate - 99.5 %

  5. Dr Subhash Gupta

    1. Experience: 36 Years

    2. Highlights: More than 3000 Liver Transplants done

  6. Dr Neerav Goel

    1. Experience: 25 years

    2. Highlights: Performed over 1800 liver transplant procedures, with 6 to 8 surgeries performed weekly.

  7. Dr Rajiv Lochan

    1. Experience: 29 years

    2. Highlights: He is an expert in liver, kidney and pancreas transplants, complex liver, pancreatic and biliary (gall bladder and bile duct) surgeries and surgical resections of complex retroperitoneal sarcomas.

  8. Dr Shailendra Lalwani

    1. Experience: 21 Years

    2. Highlights: Expertise in all kinds of complex Liver Transplant Surgeries

  9. Dr Chirag Desai

    1. Experience: 25 Years

    2. Highlights: More than 2500 liver transplants were done.

  10. Dr A S Soin

    1. Experience: 35 years

    2. Highlights: More than 2500 liver transplants were done with 95 per cent success rate.

  11. Dr S K Sarin

    1. Experience: 47 years

    2. Highlights: A pioneer in clinical innovations.

  12. Dr Mohamed Rela

    1. Experience: 40 years

    2. Highlights: Conducted 4000 liver transplant surgeries.

  13. Dr Vivek Vij

    1. Experience: 24 years

    2. Highlights: Performed over 2500 liver transplants, with a record 95 per cent patient and 100 per cent donor success rate.

  14. Dr Abhideep Chaudhary

    1. Experience: 22 Years

    2. Highlights: More than 1500 Liver Transplants done

  15. Dr Ravinder Pal Singh

    1. Experience: 22 Years

    2. Highlights: Actively involved in establishing and successfully starting Liver Transplant programs at four medical institutes in India

  16. Dr Ankur Garg

    1. Experience: 20 Years

    2. Highlights: More than 1500 Liver Transplants and Complex Liver Surgeries done


Many private health insurance providers cover liver transplants. Different insurance policies cover various sorts of expenditures. According to the sum covered, all personal health insurance policies give the liver transplant patient a range.

Contact us at or at +91 88606 88606 for effortless insurance coverage for liver transplants in any part of India.


In India, the price of a liver transplant varies depending on several factors, ranging between ₹ 15,00,000 to ₹ 35,00,000:

  1. The minimum liver transplant cost in India is ₹ 15,00,000.

  2. The average liver transplant cost in India is around ₹ 25,00,000.

  3. The maximum cost of a liver transplant in India goes up to ₹ 35,00,000.


Numerous lenders provide personal loans or medical loans for life-saving procedures like liver transplants. Applying for these loans is easy nowadays due to digitisation.

One can follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a personal loan for a liver transplant.

  1. Search, make a list and compare all the lenders who provide personal loans for liver transplants.

  2. Once you have finalised the lender, check for the online application and the eligibility criteria to apply for the loan.

  3. Make a list of relevant documents that are required while applying for the loan.

  4. Fill in all the relevant details and upload the relevant documents and submit the application online.

  5. An expert will check and verify the application and all the relevant documents attached to the application.

  6. The loan will be sanctioned once it has been validated, and the loan funds will appear in your account within a few days.


To apply for a liver transplant loan in India, the submission of the following documents is required:

  1. Ration cards, utility bills, electricity bills, passports, and voter identification cards can all be used to prove your address.

  2. Acceptable forms of identification include a PAN card, valid driver's licence, birth certificate, passport, and Aadhar card.

  3. Document of employment certifying one year of continuous employment for a salaried professional.

  4. A recent six-month bank account statement for salaried professionals and a recent three-month stub for self-employed professionals.

Please email or phone +91 88606 88606.


Getting a loan for a liver transplant might be difficult, especially if the patient urgently needs the transplant. Loan approval can take a few hours to some days, depending on the lender and the borrower's financial and personal details.

Additional elements influence loan acceptance and disbursement; calling HexaHealth might result in assistance in as little as 5 minutes.


You may acquire a personal loan from HexaHealth with flexible and hassle-free EMIs and 0% interest for any surgery, including a liver transplant.


The liver transplant cost in government hospitals in India is generally lower than most private hospitals in India so that patients with low economic status can avail best in class liver transplant services.

Typically, the liver transplant cost in government hospitals in India is between ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹ 20,00,000


The liver transplant cost in AIIMS is much lower than in other private hospitals. The cost of a liver transplant in AIIMS  ranges from ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹ 15,00,000.


The cost of the liver transplant procedure at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ranges between ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹ 18,00,000 depending on several factors, including the patient’s age, overall health, doctor’s expertise, insurance coverage and much more.


The cost of a liver transplant at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) is around ₹ 15,00,000 to ₹ 30,00,000, with the average price being ₹ 22,50,000.


The cost of a liver transplant in India depends on several factors. One such factor is location, i.e., where the liver transplant procedure is performed. The liver transplant price ranges from city to city, and below mentioned are the approximate cost of liver transplant in different cities of India.

  1. Liver transplant cost in Delhi: ₹ 15,00,000  to ₹ 35,00,000

  2. Liver transplant cost in Mumbai: ₹ 17,00,000 to ₹ 35,00,000 

  3. Liver transplant cost in Bangalore: ₹ 17,00,000 to ₹ 35,00,000

  4. Liver transplant cost in Hyderabad: ₹ 16,00,000 to ₹ 30,00,000


The cost of the liver transplant procedure at RELA Hospital, Chennai, ranges between ₹ 21,00,000 to ₹ 25,00,000.

This cost varies on several factors, including insurance coverage, doctor’s expertise, patient’s age, type of liver transplant and much more.


The cost of a liver transplant in CMC Vellore Hospital ranges between ₹ 20,00,000 to ₹ 25,00,000. 



Dr. K R Vasudevan

Dr. K R Vasudevan

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25 Years Experience

Dr K R Vasudevan is a well-known Gastrointestinal Surgeon currently associated with Jaypee Hospital in Noida. He has 25 years of experience in Liver Transplant Surgery and worked as an expert in Liver Transplant and Surgical Ga...View More


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Liver Transplant Cost Estimation

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