10 Best Medicines for Height Growth in 2023

Written by Hexahealth Care Team, last updated on 28 December 2023
10 Best Medicines for Height Growth in 2023

  Being tall has its own set of benefits. Aside from being able to reach the higher shelf, it makes you appear thinner, muscle-bound, and at times naturally more self-assured. With height increase medicine, proper nutrition, and exercise, it is still feasible to achieve optimum height. 

Height growth medicine is your best bet for effectively gaining a few inches after adolescence if your growth plates are not fused. Height growth supplements work by increasing your body's natural hormonal action, which is required for height expansion.

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Factors That Influence Your Height

    The genetic composition of an individual is the fundamental factor of height. Unsurprisingly, a person cannot alter their genetic structure to increase height.
However, there are several things one can do to make sure your height development potential is maximised. People may not grow to their full height if they are vitamin deficient. 

For bones to grow longer and healthier, Vitamin D and calcium are crucial. Vitamin B1 and B2 can also assist in the development of height. Growth hormone has a significant influence on the development of height.
Children's vertical growth is accelerated by human growth hormone (HGH). HGH, however, cannot increase your height after your growth plates have joined.

By taking the best medicine for height growth, engaging in regular exercise, and practising good posture, one can appear taller and better.
The following is a list of some of the factors that influence height growth.

  1. Nutrition: By supplying the essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and protein, nutrition plays a critical role in height and bone growth.
    To reach one's maximum height potential, these nutrients help bone formation, density, and general skeletal health.

  2. Genetics: Parents' genes—the fundamental component of heredity passed from parent to child—can be used to predict your height. One’s height tends to grow up somewhere dependent on the average height of your parents. 

  3. Socioeconomic Circumstances: Height is influenced by the surroundings as well. The possibility of reaching one's maximum height is reduced for people born into less-than-ideal socioeconomic circumstances.
    Unsafe and upsetting environments are a hindrance to physical growth. It slows bone and limb development and interferes with the production of HGH. 

  4. Sleeping Patterns: To reach maximum height potential, one must maintain a consistent sleep pattern. Growth hormones are produced at night by the pituitary glands.
    The bones' length and thickness are increased by these hormones. It will function poorly if the sleep cycle is regularly disturbed or if the person is sleep deprived. 

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Role of Height Growth Capsules

The primary principle behind height gain medicine is to stimulate hormones and raise their level of activity. The nutrients essential for elevating height and accelerating the process of natural growth, such as proteins, calcium, and vitamins, are provided by height-increase supplements. 

Height increase capsules are a strong combination of important components that supports the body's growth and better digestion. It aids in giving the body the necessary quantity of energy and accelerates the process of height growth.

How to Choose The Best Medicine for Height Growth

      It is important to think carefully and contact medical experts before selecting the appropriate medication for height development. 

Visit a qualified healthcare professional first, like an endocrinologist or a paediatrician who specialises in growth issues.
They can evaluate a particular situation and carry out the required tests to identify the root cause of any growth-related worries. 

If they determine that one has a medical problem that is impeding their growth, they may suggest particular height-increase tablets, height growth supplements or any required procedures.

10 Best Medicines for Height Growth

     Once one achieves his/her height growth limit, it is undoubtedly difficult to continue to get taller.
An X-ray of the wrist, known as a Paediatric Bone Age test, is a useful way to determine whether one still has the capacity for growth. The growth plates will be visible if they are still open. 

Additionally, a doctor may ask for lab testing to screen for thyroid, growth, and sex hormones.
If the person hasn't hit this constraint, it is possible to get taller. The height increase medicine makes it possible to reach the optimal height.

Vitamins, proteins, zinc, and calcium are all present in height growth supplements and are necessary for height gain. While these pills can get one out of a difficult situation regarding height, you should use them cautiously.
Check the 10 best supplements for height growth written below.

  1. Somatropin: A synthetic growth hormone is called SOMATROPIN. Children that take growth hormones may gain muscle mass and become taller.
    It is employed for the treatment of a variety of diseases, including low levels of growth hormone, slow growth, and short stature.
    This height growth medicine should be injected underneath the skin or directly into a muscle. It is typically administered by a healthcare professional.
    There are some conditions for which this height-increase medicine can be administered for children as young as two years old, but there are also some precautions. 

    To discuss the usage of this medication in children, consult paediatrician. 

  2. Macimorelin: Adult Growth Hormone Deficit (AGHD) is diagnosed using the Growth Hormone (GH) secretagogue receptor agonist Macimorelin acetate.
    The suggested dose is established depending on the body weight of the specific patient.
    After an eight-hour fast, a single dose of 0.5 mg/kg body weight is taken.
    This height-increase medicine is not recommended for children. Additionally, you should visit a doctor before consuming it. 

  3. Sermoline Acetate: This height growth medicine, a growth hormone-releasing agonist, is recommended for children that are growth hormone deficient.
    This height-increase medicine should not be used by those who are hypersensitive.
    The dosage is 0.2 to 0.3 mcg subcutaneously injected once daily at bedtime.
    During the course of treatment, keep an eye on your growth hormone levels and stay away from tainted drug solutions.
    Do not use this medication unless a doctor has prescribed it. 

  4. Somatrem: An analogue of growth hormone, this height growth medicine is recommended for developing children's height.
    This should not be taken by anyone who has closed epiphyses (growth spots), cancer, or hypersensitivity.
    IM/IV: 0.30 mg/kg (or around 0.90 IU/kg) of body weight is injected once per week.
    It comes as an injectable solution that should be given into a vein or muscle by a medical professional only.

  5. Tall Star - Height Increase Tablets: The natural herbs used in this medication to increase height boost growth factors.
    Due to the precise formulation of the herbs used in this height increase medicine to achieve height objectives, it has little to no negative effects. 
    Additionally, it improves the strength of the bones, muscles, and cartilage.
    It is advised for children and teenagers, but only after consulting a doctor.

  6. BoneSciemce Inc- Height Growth, Bone Density & Health Support: These height growth supplements are specifically made for the body to boost bone height and density.
    It has a mixture of minerals and vitamins and is made entirely of organic components.
    These height-increase supplements are simple to process.
    It is advised for all age groups and contains vitamin D3, zinc, and calcium.
    Before using it, you should get a doctor’s second opinion.

  7. MRM Nutrition – Bone Maximizer Ill: The body's nutritional shortages are filled with Bone Maximizer III, which has been created for both men and women.
    It is the best height growth supplement to restore bone structure for women with osteoporosis after menopause.
    Men are known to utilise them for height because the outcomes are better.
    It is advised for adults and contains calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin k1, and vitamin k2. Before using it, a doctor's approval is recommended. 

  8. NOW’s Growth Factor+ Height Growth: These medications increase elements related to height and give the body precise nutrients. It is simple to take and offers little harm to the body.
    By enhancing the body's level of minerals and supplements, this height increase medicine also benefits the cartilage disc.
    This is intended to be taken by adults only.
    The ingredients in the medication are L-Tyrosine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, and L-Arginine. Doctor consultation is advised before taking it.

  9. NuBest Grow Taller: It is the best medicine for height growth since it supports children as they age. It aids in triggering the growth factor and boosting immunity in children whose growth is sluggish.
    It offers a variety of Western medical advantages. 
    Children and teenagers should only use this medicine to enhance their height with a doctor's approval.
    The essential ingredients include Eucommia ulmoides, Vitamins K2, D3, Calcium, and Mushroom.

  10. Grow Taller – Height Increase Tablets: The manufacturing company guaranteed that these height growth tablets included all dietary nutrients that are essential for growth.
    It is simple to digest and yields decent results. Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine make up this height increase tablet.
    Only adults are advised to take it after getting a doctor's approval.

Pros And Cons of Height Growth Medicines

     When making judgments about height growth medicines, it's crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks, as well as particular circumstances and medical guidance.

The efficacy and possible risks of these medications must be evaluated in consultation with a healthcare practitioner.
Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages associated with these height-increase medicines:


  1. Increased Height Potential: When used properly and under medical supervision, height growth medicines can assist people in achieving their genetic height potential.

  2. Improved Self-Esteem: Achieving a desired height can have a favourable effect on a person's self-confidence and general well-being.

  3. Other Health Benefits: Growth hormone therapy can help people with growth hormone deficiency, in addition to boosting their height. 


  1.  Potential Side Effects: Side effects are possible with height growth medicines, just like with other prescriptions. Joint and muscle soreness, oedema, fluid retention, headaches, and a higher chance of developing diabetes are a few of these.

  2. Cost: Height growth tablets can be expensive because long-term care is often necessary.

  3. Limited Effectiveness: Height growth tablets are most effective when the growth plates in the long bones are still open, but their usefulness is limited when those plates close.
    The likelihood of continued height gain considerably decreases once growth plates are fused, typically occurring towards the end of adolescence.


   Height is vital in moulding our comprehensive look and providing the necessary confidence while addressing the world, some people struggle to gain the few inches they require.
Although height is mostly controlled by genetics, diet, and sleep habits, numerous additional activities can help a person grow taller. If you are looking for an effective technique to gain a few inches, you can definitely rely on one of the best supplements for height growth stated above.

You can also get in touch with HexaHealth to simplify things for you and assist you in selecting the best height increase medicine.
HexaHealth is a HealthTech platform with the greatest nationwide network of hospitals and qualified medical professionals who can help you with any possible health problems. So, go ahead and book a consultation today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 medicines for height growth?

The purpose of height increase medicine is to boost your body's hormonal activity.
Utilising height growth supplements encourages the production of growth hormones, which is necessary for height gain. It’s recommended to take these medicines after consulting with a healthcare provider.
The top 10 height growth medicines are:-

  1. BoneScience Inc - Height Growth Maximizer

  2. Growth Factor+ Height Growth

  3. Hindustan Ayurveda Speed Growth

  4. Silver Peaks Height Growth Maximizer

  5. Tall Start Height pill

  6. Speed Height Capsules

  7. Peak Height

  8. Vitara Healthcare Height Right Grow

  9. Matsya Veda Confi Max Height Supplement

  10. Zemaica Healthcare Max Growth

How does height increase medicine work?

The main goal of height increase medicine is stimulating hormones to improve their action.
The essential nutrients, such as proteins, calcium, and vitamins that are necessary to increase height and the rate of natural growth are provided by height-increase supplements.

Taking these medications or supplements requires medical supervision because excessive or insufficient dosages may have negative effects or no effects at all.
In these situations, allergies and adverse effects also need to be considered.

Is it possible to increase height in 1 week?

Once you're in your 20s, becoming taller becomes really difficult. Even more challenging is trying toincrease height in 1 week.
You can experiment with a number of methods, like working out, eating well, taking height growth supplements, and getting enough sleep. 

However, these techniques do not ensure height gain, especially not in a week. If you want to appear taller, you can work on your posture and strengthen your core.

Are speed height capsules really effective?

The body's natural cycle of development and advancement is accelerated by Speed Height Capsules.
It is a strong combination of organic substances that promotes better digestion and body growth. It helps the body get the necessary quantity of energy. 

These height growth tablets enhance the spine's flexibility and boost the weight and strength of the vertebral disks, which causes the spine to lengthen.
It is advisable to take speed height capsules according to a doctor's instructions.

Are height growth medicines safe to use?

Many individuals use nutritional or natural height growth supplements, particularly HGH(peptide hormone that promotes cell growth, division, and regeneration), to increase muscle mass, bone density, resilience, and fat reduction and for other unlawful off-label uses. 

Joint and muscular soreness, gynaecomastia in men (excessive breast tissue development), and edema are unfavourable effects connected with various caloric growth and HGH supplements.

How to choose the best medicine for height growth?

Before choosing the best medicine for height growth, it is crucial to consider your options thoroughly and speak with medical professionals.
A qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted first, such as an endocrinologist or a paediatrician who specialises in growth-related problems.

Is there any medicine for height growth after 18?

There are a few exceptions to the general norm that most adults will stop growing taller at the age of 18 to 20. Height may increase after 18 if the growth plates continue to be open past that age.
Adults can take medicine for height growth after 18 to stretch themselves up to their maximum height.
Other factors like exercising, proper nutrition intake, and maintaining excellent posture can also be beneficial.

What are the possible side effects of height growth medicines?

Side effects are felt by about one-third of those who use synthetic growth hormones for height growth medicines. These may consist of:

  1. Fluid Retention/Oedema (excessive fluid buildup within the body's tissues)

  2. Muscle and Joint Aches

  3. High Blood Sugar Levels

  4. High Cholesterol

  5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (numbness in arm or hand)

How long does it take to see results from height growth medicines?

The time it takes for each person to notice benefits after taking height-growth medicines. The most important thing to remember is that your child's height will increase, usually by 1 to 2 inches, within the first six months.
It takes 3 to 6 months to notice any height variations. It is recommended to keep your doctor in the loop with all the height-increase supplements you are taking.

Can height growth medicines be used by adults, or are they only effective for children?

It is quite unlikely that height growth medicines will cause an adult to grow taller. In the adult skeleton, the two ends of the extended bones (epiphyses) are joined.
In contrast, children who are taking height-growth medicines can accelerate their rate of height growth and eventually attain their ideal length.
Before taking these height-growth medications, it is advised to visit a doctor.

Are there any natural alternatives to height growth medicines?

Check out the following options if you're looking for natural alternatives to height growth medicines that won't have any negative side effects:

  1. Proper Sleep

  2. Adequate Diet

  3. Swimming

  4. Vitamin-D Enriched Food Intake

  5. Ayurvedic Herbs / Ashwagandha

What factors should be considered before starting height growth medicines?

Few situations call for height-increase supplements to help children grow taller.
For instance, if you have a condition that interferes with the synthesis of human growth hormone (HGH), your doctor can suggest a height increase supplement that contains synthetic HGH.

Can height growth medicines be taken without a doctor's prescription?

You should refrain from using any random height-increase supplement that claims to make you taller unless your doctor has prescribed it.
Since improper usage of these supplements can have negative side effects like joint and muscle soreness, oedema, and fluid retention. Therefore, medical monitoring is necessary.

Are there any height growth medicines specifically recommended for teenagers?

The teenage height rate is influenced by a number of factors. Doctors frequently recommend vitamin D supplements to teenagers to help them grow taller.
Height growth medicines are only seldom necessary to raise children's height.

A doctor might advise taking a supplement with synthetic HGH, for example, if you have an issue that conflicts with your body's synthesis of human growth hormone (HGH).

How do height growth medicines stimulate growth?

By increasing levels of glucose, free fatty acids, and IGF-1 (a protein essential for childhood growth), height growth medicines promote development.
This enables cells to grow new muscle, bone, and other important tissues.

Children that take height growth supplements develop vertically faster. HGH, however, cannot increase your height after your growth plates have joined.
Instead, HGH aids in maintaining your body's structure after you achieve your final height and has other significant impacts on your metabolism.

Are there any height growth medicines approved by medical authorities?

The growth hormones (GH) that are medically approved are listed below.

  1. Macimorelin

  2. Sermoline Acetate

  3. Somatrem

  4. Somatropin

What are the average height growth results achieved with the top 10 medicines?

The height-growth medicines have not been subjected to any numerical identification or research on the average height-growth results they can produce.
Age, lifestyle, activity levels, and sleep schedules, among other things, are variables that affect how one individual's outcome of having height growth supplements differs from another. 

Can height growth medicines be used by individuals with certain medical conditions?

Growth hormones or height growth medicines are available for people to use in order to gain height.
Only those with particular medical issues, nevertheless, have received FDA approval for this. If a person feels that their stature is too small, they should see a doctor for an assessment and treatment recommendation.

Are height growth medicines more effective during puberty?

In children and teenagers, the main growth factor is human growth hormone (HGH). When puberty starts, the average height gain during childhood is 6 cm per year, although it can reach 8 cm.
So, yes. Height growth medicines are more effective during that period. Although, height-growth medicines should be limited to people with specific medical conditions.

How do height growth medicines interact with other medications or supplements?

The fundamental principle behind supplements used to boost height is to stimulate hormones in order to increase their activity.
It is essential to use these height-increase medicines or supplements under medical supervision because excessive or insufficient dosages may have negative side effects.
In such situations, it is also important to take side effects and allergies into account, particularly if other medications are being taken concurrently.

Is it necessary to take height growth medicines for the entire duration of growth?

No, unless a doctor specifically prescribes it, taking height growth supplements throughout the entire growth process is not necessary.
Prioritising natural methods of growth, such as altering your lifestyle, consuming appropriate nutrients, and increasing your level of activity, is the most effective way to ensure that your height reaches its optimum length.

Are there any lifestyle changes or exercises recommended in conjunction with height growth medicines?

Throughout adolescence, there are specific things you can do to make sure you're optimising your potential for growth.
To maintain your height and to improve your general well-being, you should carry on with these as an adult.

  1. Proper Intake of Nutrients 

  2. Using Height Increase Tablets With Caution

  3. Getting Adequate Amount of Sleep

  4. Switching to Better Postures

  5. Raising Activity Levels

  6. Practising Yoga

Are there any age restrictions for using height growth medicines?

Since the growth plates in the bones close around the ages of 18 to 20, for the majority of people, height doesn't go up after that.
Therefore, using supplements to improve height will have little to no effect. Prior to the fusion of your growth plates, which occurs primarily after puberty, the medications can be useful. 

However, many height-increase tablets have age restrictions that may or may not be medically approved. Prior to using it, it is best to seek a doctor’s guidance.

What are the costs associated with the top 10 height growth medicines?

Depending on the brand and type of medication used, different height-growth medicines have different costs.
Herbal supplements, vitamins, and even naturally nutrient-rich liquids can be less expensive.
The typical cost of prescription medicines, such as HGH and other growth hormones, can also vary depending on the dosage and length of treatment, but they are usually expensive.


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