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Piles Laser Treatment Cost Estimation in Pune

Piles can be very painful and may require surgical interventions in some cases. Laser treatment is a modern technology that offers several benefits compared to traditional methods. Additionally, the piles laser treatment cost in Pune is affordable. 

If you are someone planning to undergo this procedure, knowing the piles laser treatment cost and financial aid is important. The following discusses the price, financial aid options, and the best doctors for piles laser treatment in Pune. Continue reading to find out. 

About Piles

Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, is a prevalent health issue in India, affecting approximately 11% of the population. This condition arises from swollen veins located in the lower anus and rectum. It results in discomfort and the formation of tissue growth around the anal area. These growths can vary in size and location.

The risk of developing piles tends to increase with age. Anorectal surgeon or a  general surgeon offers various laser-based procedures for piles, like laser haemorrhoidectomy. The procedure takes between 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the case, patients may receive general or spinal anaesthesia to ensure comfort during the treatment.

Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Pune Overview 

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in laser treatments. If you are planning to have a piles laser treatment done, you should be aware of the expenses involved.

Below are the overall cost of laser piles treatment you can incur: 

Estimated Range

Laser Treatment Cost For Piles

Minimum Cost 

₹ 32,000

Average Cost 

₹ 47,000

Maximum Cost 

₹ 70,000

Note: These are estimated piles laser treatment cost in the city. Consult the hospital for exact expenses. 

Calculate Piles Laser Treatment CostCalculate Piles Laser Treatment Cost
Piles Laser Treatment Insurance CoveragePiles Laser Treatment Insurance Coverage

Piles Laser Treatment Cost Breakup in Pune

There are many elements to the total piles laser treatment cost you incur. Knowing them could help you make an informed decision. The following is a breakdown of the charges:

Laser Treatment Of Piles Cost

Cost Breakup 

Doctor Consultation Fee 

₹ 1,200 to ₹ 1,500

Implant Cost (Laser)

₹ 8,000 to ₹ 10,000

Surgeon Fee 

₹ 14,100

Anaesthetist Fee 

₹ 4,230

Assistant Charge 

₹ 7,050

Nursing Charge (per day) 

₹ 800

OT Charges 

₹ 7,050


₹ 1,500 to ₹ 4,000

Drugs and Consumables (pre and postoperative medicines)

₹ 15,000 to ₹ 18,000

Room Rent

Hospital Stay: Usually one day

₹ 6,000

Note: Depending on the hospital and the test selected, cost for laser treatment for piles may vary. Kindly get in touch with your hospital to ascertain the precise expense breakdown. Additionally, HexaHealth consultants provide full financial support for your procedure.

Factors that Affect Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Pune

The difference in laser treatment for piles cost in India is caused by various factors. Before the treatment, patients should go through all the necessary details with their healthcare provider. 

  1. Surgeon's Fee: The experience, expertise, and reputation of the surgeon performing the procedure can influence the fees. Highly skilled and renowned surgeons may charge higher fees.

  2. Duration of Procedure: Complex cases or extensive piles may require a longer duration. On average, it takes only 15 to 20 mins, depending on the individual case. 

  3. Location: Facilities in prime or upscale locations might have higher charges due to operational expenses.

  4. Type of Hospital: The tier of the hospital, such as government, private, or speciality centres, can affect costs. Advanced facilities in specialised centres may incur higher laser treatment of piles costs compared to smaller hospitals.

  5. Diagnostic and Lab Tests: To assess the severity of the piles, the surgeon will advise a few diagnostic tests before the procedure. These tests could run you the following range of estimated costs:

Type of Test

Cost Of Laser Treatment For Piles

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

₹ 4,000 to ₹ 8,000


₹ 2,000 to ₹ 5,000


₹ 2,000 to ₹ 5,000

  1. Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia costs more than spinal anaesthesia. This is due to the involvement of an anesthesiologist and specialised equipment.

  2. Admission Fee: Daycare procedures with no overnight stay typically cost less than surgeries requiring hospital admission. 

  3. Patient’s Medical Condition: Complications or pre-existing medical conditions that require extra care or interventions. During the treatment, this can increase the overall expenses.

  4. Type of Piles Surgery: Various laser techniques cater to different conditions. The choice of procedure influences costs based on the equipment used in the surgery. 

You will be looking at the estimates mentioned below:

Type of Surgery

Cost Of Laser Piles Treatment

Laser Piles

₹ 35,000 to 50,000

Stapler Piles

₹ 43,000 to ₹ 58,000

Open Piles

₹ 48,000 to ₹ 85,000

Rubber Band Ligation 

₹ 22,000 to ₹ 65,000


₹ 25,000 to ₹ 70,000

Piles Laser Treatment Cost at Hospitals in Pune

The laser hemorrhoidectomy cost in Pune is different for various hospitals. Superspeciality hospitals and private hospitals mostly have higher expenses than small hospitals. The following are the expenses you can incur for various hospitals: 

Hospital Names 

Laser Treatment Cost for Piles

Noble Hospital and Research Centre, Pune

₹ 45,000 to ₹ 55,000

7 Orange Hospital Pune

₹ 32,000 to ₹ 42,000

Shree Hospital Pune

₹ 32,000 to ₹ 38,000

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune

₹ 35,000 to ₹ 45,000

Deccan Hardikar Hospital Pune

₹ 32,000 to ₹ 70,000

Note: These are the approximate cost for laser treatment for piles ranges hospitals offer.

Insurance for Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Pune

Most insurance plans pay for laser treatment cost for piles. However, each policy may have a different amount of coverage.

HexaHealth helps you locate hospitals that are part of your insurance network and give you information about your coverage. 

Now let's answer some common questions, like:

  1. Are piles laser treatment costs under medical insurance in Pune?

  2. Which insurance companies can I get in touch with?

  3. Is it possible for me to submit reimbursement claims and cashless claims for my procedure?

  4. Can I get a medical loan for this procedure?

Is Piles Laser Treatment Cost Under Medical Insurance In Pune?

Piles laser treatment is covered under health insurance in Pune. At HexaHealth, ensuring patients receive maximum claims for their piles surgeries is a priority. We offer comprehensive support, facilitating documentation and guidance to streamline the claim process.

HexaHealth offers interest-free medical loans and EMIs, as well as other financial aid options, to people without health insurance. The goal of this help is to lessen the financial strain brought on by medical expenses. In addition, the total laser hemorrhoidectomy cost in Pune of care might change depending on the patient's insurance policy.

Note: Talk to your healthcare provider or our HexaHealth experts, as they can suggest the best financial support. 

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Piles Laser Treatment in Pune

List of insurance companies that can potentially cover your cost for laser treatment for piles in Pune:

Note: For more precise information, think about contacting your insurance provider.

Cashless Claim for Piles Laser Treatment in Pune 

In a cashless claim, the procedure involves the health insurance company directly settling the bills with the hospital. This means that, as a policyholder, you won't need to pay the hospital at the time of discharge. It is a huge benefit you can gain for your piles laser treatment cost in Pune if you seek financial assistance. 

The cashless claim process is as follows:

  1. Direct Settlement: The insurance company handles bill settlement directly with the hospital.

  2. Hospital Network: Treatment is limited to specific network hospitals recommended by your insurance provider. 

  3. Upfront Payment: No initial payment is required at discharge for policyholders opting for network hospitals.

  4. Claim Avoidance: There's no need to file a claim afterwards, simplifying the process for policyholders.

Experts at HexaHealth are available to help with any difficulties during the claim procedure. We can help you with the entire process. 

Reimbursement Claim for Piles Laser Treatment in Pune 

This process involves the policyholder initially paying the hospital bills at the time of discharge. After settling the bill, you can then file a claim with your insurance company to get reimbursed for the amount.The reimbursement claims process is as follows:

  1. Initially, the policyholder covers the hospital bill at discharge.

  2. Following payment, you submit a claim to your insurance company.

  3. You can choose any hospital for treatment.

Note: Experts at HexaHealth can support you during this process and ensure a seamless reimbursement process.

Medical Loan for Piles Laser Treatment in Pune

Obtaining a medical loan to pay for your laser treatment cost for piles can be extremely helpful.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Explore Loan Options: Research various lenders providing medical loans for procedures like laser treatments for piles. Compare their terms to find the most suitable option for your situation.

  2. Flexible Repayment Plans: Opt for a repayment schedule that aligns with your financial capabilities and fits your budget comfortably.

  3. Loan Application: Gather the required documents and complete the specific application process for your treatment.

  4. Loan Approval: The sanctioned loan amount will be disbursed upon approval to cover the expenses incurred during your treatment.

Note: HexaHealth understands the importance of financial support. We are prepared to assist you in obtaining a medical loan, easing the financial strain related to your procedure.

Why Choose HexaHealth for Piles Laser Treatment in Pune?

At HexaHealth, we provide exceptional surgical services at reasonable prices, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable patient experience. If you're wondering what makes us the best choice for your piles laser treatment, consider the following:

Advanced Technology

Integrates cutting-edge technology for piles surgery

Skilled Proctologists

Highly skilled and experienced proctologists with expert care and treatment

Lifetime Follow-up Consultations

Consultations provided after the surgery for continuous care and monitoring post-treatment 

24x7 Dedicated Care Buddy

Dedicated Hexa buddy system offering round-the-clock support

0% Interest EMI

EMI at 0% interest, easing the financial burden

Pick-Up and Drop Services

Providing convenient pick-up and drop services before and after surgery

Insurance and Paperwork Assistance

Complete insurance processes and paperwork assistance 

Short Hospital Duration 

Prioritise minimally invasive techniques, resulting in shorter hospital stays and minimal postoperative complications

Piles Laser Treatment Cost from Expert Doctors in Pune

There are skilled doctors in Pune who are well-known for their extensive experience with laser treatment. Their dedication in this field ensures that patients are satisfied with positive outcomes. 

These doctors provide the affordable cost of laser piles treatment in the city. 

  1. Dr Deshmukh Sushil Jalindar is a highly experienced general surgeon and a proctologist with 15 years of experience. He specialises in piles laser treatment, abdominal surgery, laparoscopic procedures, and various bariatric surgeries. He is associated with Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital and VishwaRaj Hospital in Pune. Dr Deshmukh has worked across renowned hospitals in India, handling complex cases.

  2. Dr Samruddhi Anurag Vaidya is a well-known general surgeon and proctologist. Presently affiliated with Nirmal SurgiCare in Pune, she has 17 years of experience. Her specialisation includes a wide array of procedures, such as open cholecystectomy, splenectomy, inguinal hernia repair, and resection anastomosis. 

  3. Dr Mahesh Bhausaheb Sinnakar, practicing at  Shatayu Hospital, Dhankawadi. He is known for his precise diagnoses and excellent patient care. With 28 years of experience, his specialisation includes procedures like laparoscopy, Nissen fundoplication, anorectal surgery, GERD surgery, and haemorrhoidectomy.

  4. Dr Rutik Paresh Gandhi, a distinguished general surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon, and proctologist, has 7 years of expertise. Currently, he is practising at Siddhant Multispeciality Dental and Surgical Care in Bibwewadi. Dr Rutik specialises in a range of procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery, and piles laser treatment.

  5. Dr Amol Purushottam Mulay specialises in intricate procedures like laparoscopic surgery, weight loss surgery, laser surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery. He has 10 years of experience as a general surgeon and proctologist. Currently, he is associated with Imax Multispeciality Hospital in Wagholi.  

  6. Dr Harshvardhan Ajay Chaukulkar is a distinguished general surgeon and proctologist with 15 years of experience. Dr Harshvardhan specialises in laparoscopy, Nissen fundoplication, anorectal surgery, GERD surgery, and haemorrhoidectomy. He is currently working at Horizons Clinic in Kausar Baugh, Pune. 

  7. Dr Mangesh Ramnagina Yadav is an esteemed general and laparoscopic surgeon with 11 years of experience. He is associated with Noble Hospital and Research Centre in Pune at present. Laser surgery for piles, fissures, and fistula, stapler surgery for piles, laparoscopic ventral hernia repair, appendectomy, and fistulotomy are his specialisations. 

  8. Dr Kumar Raushan has 15 years of experience and specialises in general surgery, paediatric laparoscopy, and proctology. He has served various hospitals across India, including Sri Ramachandra Hospital in Chennai and the Army Medical Corps. 

  9. Dr Akshay Changdeo Mhase, a proficient general surgeon and proctologist, holds 8 years of expertise. Currently practising at Amayra Polyclinic and Dental Hub in Pune, he is recognised for his empathetic patient care. Dr Akshay specialises in a wide spectrum of procedures, including hernia treatment, fissures, fistula, haemorrhoid surgeries, circumcision, and more. 

  10. Dr Suhas Sudhakar Patil has 22 years of expertise in proctology, general, and laparoscopic surgery. Affiliated with 7 Orange Hospital in Pune, he is known for his precise diagnoses. Dr Suhas specialises in urinary incontinence treatment, pilonidal sinus flap repair, minimally invasive surgery, and piles laser treatment. 

Note: By visiting the HexaHealth website, you can find a more comprehensive list of doctors in your specific location and area of residence. 

Piles Laser Treatment from Hospitals in Pune

Let's look at some prominent hospitals in Mumbai that provide comprehensive laser treatment services. These medical facilities have cutting-edge techniques and expert teams, ensuring meticulous care and precision in the procedure.

  1. Noble Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, focus on integrated healthcare. The hospital offers services such as robotic-assisted joint replacement and the latest litho laser system for ENT, general surgery, and prosthetic urology. They are a NABH-certified tertiary care facility. 

  2. 7 Orange Hospital Pune is renowned for its expertise in complex procedures. These include heart surgery, general and minimal access surgery, interventional cardiology, and metabolic surgery. The hospital ensures high-quality treatment across various medical disciplines. With well-trained doctors, skilled nursing staff, and facilities, they prioritise patient care.

  3. Shree Hospital Pune, equipped with 75 beds and modern facilities, excels in general surgery, laser surgery and gynaecology. Their specialisations include IVF, piles treatment, advanced cervical cancer treatment, physiotherapy, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation, and joint replacement. The hospital emphasises high treatment standards. 

  4. Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital, Pune, is consideredan expert in urology, laser surgery, neurology, surgical oncology, cardiology, and more. They are located in a prime location, with advanced equipment and a dedicated team of experts. The hospital prioritises quality care and a compassionate environment for patients and staff.

  5. Nirmal SurgiCare, Pune, is equipped with modern amenities, specialising in general surgery and offering a spectrum of medical services. They provide healthcare services while facilitating ICU, cashless insurance, OPD, and OT facilities.

  6. Imax Multispeciality Hospital, Wagholi Pune, offers comprehensive secondary care with 51 fully equipped beds and various specialities. These include nephrology, general surgery, urology, gynaecology, radiology, trauma centre, and critical care. The hospital ensures top-notch treatment standards.

  7. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune is a 500-bed multi-speciality tertiary hospital in Pune. With specialities spanning various departments, the hospital has modern ICUs, operation theatres, and a cath lab. Their department includes a wellness assessment centre, paperless medical operations, and an advanced medical emergency centre. These centres specialise in cardiac, trauma, paediatrics, infectious diseases, and life-saving procedures.

  8. Deccan Hardikar Hospital Pune is a super-speciality facility with advanced amenities, including 25 intensive care units and modern operation theatres. It specialises in orthopaedics, neurosciences, cosmetology, nephrology, proctology, emergency care, cancer, and cardiac sciences. The hospital offers diverse services like 3T MRI + CT SCAN, genetics and nutrigenomics, rehabilitation, and more.

Note: You can find more hospitals in your area by visiting the HexaHealth website. Also, the laser treatment cost for piles for each hospital may vary depending on the services they provide. 

Advantages of Laser Piles Surgery

Laser treatment for piles brings several benefits over traditional surgical methods. Here are the advantages patients often experience:

  1. Reduced Pain: Laser surgery involves beams instead of incisions. Most patients report minimal to no pain during and after the surgery, making it a comfortable experience.

  2. Minimal Bleeding: Unlike open surgeries, laser procedures result in significantly less blood loss. This minimised bleeding lowers the chances of infection and speeds up healing.

  3. Swift Treatment: Typically lasting between 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the severity. Patients can often go home the same day as the surgery and resume normal activities soon after.

  4. Rapid Discharge and Healing: Patients can leave the hospital on the same day and experience quicker healing.

  5. Lower Risk of Recurrence and Infections: The risk of piles recurring after laser surgery is low as there is no risk of infection or infections. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the chances of post-surgical infections are significantly reduced.

Let's look at the table below to compare the traditional method to the laser method. This would give you a clear indication of which procedure is less risk-prone and for you. 

Conventional Surgery for Piles

Laser Surgery for Piles



Bleeding during or after the procedure

No or minimal blood loss


No pain

Open wound and sutures 

No open wound and sutures

Prolonged recovery time

Quicker recovery

Greater risk of post-surgical complication

No or minimal risk of post-surgical complications

Frequent follow-up visits

Fewer follow-up visits

High recurrence rate

Low recurrence laser surgery

Recovery and Postoperative Care 

After laser surgery for piles, a patient's recovery involves a few steps to ensure healing and comfort. Following these instructions diligently ensures a smoother recovery and helps in avoiding complications after laser surgery for piles. Always consult with the doctor for specific guidance and care instructions.

  1. Recovery Process

    1. Numbing Effects: A local or spinal anaesthetic is used during surgery to ease pain in the anal region. This effect lasts for about 6 to 12 hours after the procedure.

    2. Bleeding: During bowel movements for about 7 to 10 days post-surgery, bleeding from the rectum might occur. This is a normal part of the healing process.

    3. Hospital Discharge: Once the anaesthesia wears off and the patient urinates, they are usually discharged from the hospital.

  2. Postoperative Care Tips

    1. Manage Discomfort: While laser surgery is generally painless, some discomfort might be felt. The doctor might suggest using laxatives or stool softeners to ease bowel movements.

    2. Medications: Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infections.

    3. Precautionary Steps During Bowel Movement: To maintain healthy bowel movements, avoid excessive straining, don't sit on the toilet for too long, and don't delay bowel movements.

    4. Dietary Changes: Increase fibre intake with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Initially, stick to bland foods like plain rice, bananas, dry bread, and fluids. Drinking plenty of water is crucial.

    5. Use of Bandages: Apply absorbent bandages in the anal area for a few days to manage any potential bloody discharge.

    6. Sitz Bath: Take these for 10 to 15 minutes, twice daily, in warm water (without salts or soaps), which helps in soothing the area.

    7. Rest and Resuming Activities: Rest at home for a few days is recommended. However, patients can usually return to work and normal activities within a few days post-surgery.

Symptoms of Piles

Haemorrhoids can bring different signs, depending on the type you have. Recognising these symptoms can help you identify the type of haemorrhoid and seek appropriate medical advice for treatment. 

  1. Internal Haemorrhoids: These are inside the rectum and usually don’t cause discomfort. Symptoms may include:

    1. Painless bleeding during bowel movements is noticed as small amounts of bright red blood after passing stool.

    2. Sometimes, a haemorrhoid might push through the anal opening, causing a prolapse or protrusion, resulting in pain and discomfort.

  1. External Haemorrhoids: Found under the skin around the anus. Symptoms might involve in an anal area include:

    1. Itching

    2. Pain or discomfort 

    3. Swelling or a visible lump

    4. Bleeding during or after bowel movements

  1. Thrombosed Haemorrhoids:  This occurs when blood pools in the external haemorrhoid and forms a clot.

Types of Piles

The types of haemorrhoids can be distinguished based on their location. They are:

  1. External Haemorrhoids: These occur when swollen veins form beneath the skin around the anus. They can be itchy, painful, and occasionally bleed. They appear as small lumps on the outer edge of the anus and may require medical attention if a clot develops (thrombosed external piles).

  2. Internal Haemorrhoids: Swollen veins develop inside the rectum. It might bleed, which usually isn't painful. Doctors often grade them on a scale:

    1. Grade I don’t cause symptoms and protrude from the anus.

    2. Grade II may protrude from the anus but go back inside on their own.

    3. Grade III can prolapse and retract within the anus manually.

    4. Grade IV prolapse outside the anus and can't be pushed back in.

  3. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids: Both internal and external haemorrhoids can prolapse, stretching and bulging outside the anus. It causes bleeding or pain.

Types of Piles Surgery

When treating piles, there are many procedures available. Each surgical technique depends on the complexity.The procedures include:

  1. Laser Haemorrhoidectomy: It uses heat generated from a laser to solidify piles, causing it to shrink. It's suitable for Grade II and Grade III piles. It involves:

    1. Minimal bleeding

    2. No incision

    3. Usually leads to a quick recovery

  1. Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy: Here, the haemorrhoid is tied 360 degrees and brought closer for suturing before it's removed using a stapler. This method also removes normal tissue in that area. This reduces the chance of recurrent piles.

  2. Open Haemorrhoidectomy: This surgery involves cutting open the haemorrhoid and removing it. However, it leaves a larger wound, and the healing process takes 4 to 5 weeks.

  3. Rubber Band Ligation: In this procedure, a rubber band is used to tie the base of the pile mass. The pressure from the band causes the mass to fall off, leaving behind a raw wound that takes time to heal. It's suitable for single and small haemorrhoids.

  4. Sclerotherapy: This involves injecting a chemical to coagulate the haemorrhoid. It is recommended for small haemorrhoids where other procedures cannot be performed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The range of piles laser treatment cost in Pune is between ₹ 32,000 to ₹ 70,000. The expenses incurred depend on the type of surgery, your medical history and the hospital type you choose.


The minimum piles laser treatment cost is ₹ 32,000. Factors that affect the price include but are not limited to surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, and assistant charges.


The maximum laser treatment cost for piles is ₹ 70,000. Depending on the hospital and doctor you choose, the costs could differ.


The cost of laser treatment for piles is dependent on the following factors: 

  1. Surgeon's fee

  2. Duration of procedure

  3. Location

  4. Type of hospital

  5. Diagnostic and lab tests

  6. Type of piles

  7. Type of piles surgery


Given below is a breakdown of the cost of laser piles treatment you can incur:

Laser Treatment Of Piles Cost

Cost Breakup 

Doctor Consultation Fee 

₹ 1,200 to ₹ 1,500

Implant Cost (Laser)

₹ 8,000 to ₹ 10,000

Anaesthetist Fee 

₹ 4,230

Surgeon Fee 

₹ 14,100

Nursing Charge (per day) 

₹ 800

Assistant Charge 

₹ 7,050

OT Charges 

₹ 7,050


₹ 1,500 to ₹ 4,000

Drugs and Consumables (pre and postoperative medicines)

₹ 15,000 to ₹ 18,000

Room Rent

₹ 6,000


Yes, piles is covered under insurance. You should contact your insurance giver to find out the actual coverage.


General or spinal anaesthesia is used in the laser piles surgery. It is dependent on the complexity and condition type.


You can choose your preferred doctor based on your location on the Hexahealth website. Given below are some of the many doctors you can choose from:

  1. Dr Deshmukh Sushil Jalindar: Highly experienced in general surgery and proctology, specialising in piles laser treatment and abdominal surgery.

  2. Dr Samruddhi Anurag Vaidya: Renowned for 17 years in general surgery, he excels in procedures like open cholecystectomy and inguinal hernia repairs.

  3. Dr Mahesh Bhausaheb Sinnakar: A renowned general surgeon with 28 years of expertise in laparoscopy and surgeries like GERD surgery and haemorrhoidectomy.

  4. Dr Rutik Paresh Gandhi: Specialises in laparoscopic surgeries and piles laser treatment with 7 years of experience.

  5. Dr Amol Purushottam Mulay: Associate at Imax Multispeciality Hospital, excels in laparoscopic, weight loss, laser, and gastrointestinal surgeries.


Hospitals known for the best piles laser surgery in Pune include but are not limited to:

  1. Noble Hospital and Research Centre, Pune

  2. 7 Orange Hospital Pune

  3. Shree Hospital Pune

  4. Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital, Pune

  5. Nirmal SurgiCare, Pune Pune


Hexahealth has various benefits if referred to for laser surgery for piles. Given below are some of the many advantages:

  1. Cutting-edge technology ensures precise and effective piles surgery

  2. Skilled proctologists providing expert care and treatment

  3. Success in handling complex cases of piles

  4. Continual post-surgery consultations support optimal recovery

  5. Dedicated Hexabuddy system offering round-the-clock guidance and assistance

  6. 0% interest EMI options ease financial burdens for patients

  7. Convenient pick-up and drop services ensure hassle-free transportation

  8. Assistance navigating insurance processes simplifies administrative tasks

  9. Prioritising minimally invasive techniques for quicker recovery and less discomfort


Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, often result from increased pressure in the lower rectum. Common causes include:

  1. Straining during bowel movements

  2. Chronic constipation or diarrhoea

  3. Sitting for extended periods

  4. Obesity

  5. Pregnancy

  6. Ageing


Laser surgery for piles involves using a laser to shrink or remove the hemorrhoidal tissue. It's done under general or spinal anaesthesia. The laser energy targets the swollen blood vessels, causing them to shrink and heal.


Recovery after laser surgery varies and ranges from a few days to a week. Most people can resume normal activities within a week, although complete healing may take a bit longer.


To aid recovery, patients are advised to follow:

  1. A high-fibre diet

  2. Stay hydrated

  3. Avoid straining during bowel movements

  4. Take prescribed medications

  5. Use stool softeners

  6. Practice good hygiene


Complications from piles laser surgery are rare but can include:

  1. Temporary pain or discomfort

  2. Bleeding

  3. Infection


Yes, piles laser surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis. This allows patients to return home the same day after a brief observation period.


Patients are advised to consume a high-fibre diet and stay hydrated to prevent constipation. Avoiding spicy foods and excessive alcohol consumption to aid in recovery.


Most individuals can gradually resume normal activities within a week after surgery. Strenuous physical activities may need to be avoided till the doctor’s advice.


Not all cases of piles require surgery. Mild cases can often be managed with the following: Lifestyle changesDietary adjustmentsTopical treatmentsMinimally invasive procedures


Laser surgery for piles is designed to minimise pain during and after the procedure. However, some discomfort or mild pain may be experienced post-surgery. It can be managed with prescribed pain medications and home care measures.



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Piles Laser Treatment Cost Estimation in Pune

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