Calories in 10 Cashews: Carbs, Nutrition Facts & Benefits

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Calories in 10 Cashews: Carbs, Nutrition Facts & Benefits

Quick Summary

Cashew nuts are a popular snack food that is high in calories. However, they are also a good source of nutrients, including protein, fiber, and vitamins.

The number of cashews that is good for you depends on your individual calorie needs. However, a serving of cashews is typically about 1 ounce, which contains about 160 calories.

Cashews can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including roasted, salted, or in trail mix. They can also be added to salads, soups, and other dishes.

Available around the year, cashew nuts are one of the most preferred nuts among people globally. These nuts are known for their flavour and versatility. However, one must know the calories in 10 cashews and the number of cashews that is good for the body.

Knowing how many calories are in 10 cashews allows a person to eat in moderation and benefit largely from these nuts. To find out exciting ways to make cashews a part of your everyday life, their nutritional value, etc., read on.

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About Cashew Nuts

Cashews are one of the best-selling and most consumed dry fruits worldwide. It is kidney-shaped and primarily white in colour. They are sourced from trees found in warm climates across all parts of the globe. 

Cashews can not be consumed raw. They contain a substance known as urushiol, which is poisonous and highly toxic. These raw nuts are processed to remove the contaminated layer. After that, they are suitable to be packed and sold.

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Nutritional Value of Cashew Nuts

Cashews comprise many nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining a person's good health. To delve further into how many calories are in 10 cashews, the nutritional value can be classified as: 


63 Cal


6-7 grams


5 grams 


2 grams


1 gram


69% of the DV


20% of the DV


20% of the DV


15% of the DV


13% of the DV


13% of the DV


10% of the daily value (DV)


11% of the DV


10% of the DV

Vitamin K

8% of the DV

Vitamin B6

7% of the DV

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Cashews, with their many nutritional facts, are a great snack and highly suitable for people of all ages. Some of the many health benefits of cashews are: 

  1. Heart Health: They have a high magnesium content, which prevents heart-related ailments and controls LDL cholesterol levels. It also plays a crucial role in supplying sufficient blood to the heart and prevents ischemic heart disease (restricted or reduced flow of oxygen and blood to the heart muscles ).

  2. High in Antioxidants: Cashews are excellent sources of antioxidants. Rich in polyphenols and carotenoids, cashews reduce inflammation. These nuts also play an essential role in boosting the body's immunity and keeping the body free from many types of diseases.

  3. Diabetes Management: For those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, replacing their refined carbs and sugar intake with cashews is the right thing to do. Cashews are a good source of fibre that keeps the sugar spikes in check.  As per a study conducted by Int J Endocrinol Metab. 2019 Jan, people who consume 10% of their calories through cashew intake have lower insulin levels as compared to those who do not consume it.

  4. Weight Loss: As compared to other nuts, cashews are also rich in protein and fibre. This keeps a person full for a longer period of time. Important contributory aspect for weight loss.

  5. Brain Health: Cashews are excellent sources of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. They play a significant role in developing new brain cells and enhancing brain power. The other nutrients present play a crucial role in:  

    1. Cognitive functions

    2. Age-related brain shrinkage

    3. Control of anxiety and depression

    4. Healthy sleep, etc.

  6. Bone and Muscle Health: These nuts are rich sources of phosphorus, copper, and vitamin K that ensure the good health of the bones and muscles. Not only do they provide the required strength, but they also provide prevention against diseases.

Ideal Way to Eat Cashew Nuts

There are many ways through which cashews can be incorporated into your daily diet. However, more than knowing just the calories in 10 cashews is required. It is vital to consume these power-packed nuts accordingly. Keep in mind that: 

  1. Cashews can be roasted and eaten raw or mixed with salads, scrambled tofu, yoghurt, oatmeal, etc.

  2. As compared to salted cashews, unsalted cashews are a better option. This is because salt adds sodium and destroys the natural flavours. 

  3. People with allergies to tree nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc., can also be at risk of being allergic to cashews. 

  4. There are many nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, raisins, etc., that become more nutritious when soaked overnight. However, this rule does not apply to cashews, and they can be eaten as it is. 

  5. There is no fixed time to eat cashews. However, since they are loaded with nutrition, consuming them during breakfast or throughout the day is best.

  6. Cashews roasted with oil may not be as beneficial as dry-roasted cashews. 

Precautions While Consuming Cashews

Cashews are healthy and safe to eat. However, certain precautions must be considered in the following cases: 

  1. Excessive cashew consumption can cause weight gain, stomach-related issues, joint problems, and fluctuation in blood sugar levels

  2. When applied to the skin can result in redness, blisters, and skin irritation.

  3. Not suitable for people with allergies to nuts.


Eating cashews regularly is sure to provide one with diverse health benefits. However, before you choose to indulge yourself, be accurately aware of the calories in 10 cashews and more. So with an enhanced understanding of its value and consumption, you can make cashews an essential part of your everyday dietary habits.

At HexaHealth, we firmly believe that mindful eating and a balanced diet are the way to a healthy and fit life. Making the best use of technology and information, we make accurate information accessible to you within a matter of a few clicks. To discover more, log on to HexaHealth and speak to them today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashews are power-packed nuts that offer several health benefits to the recipients. The calories in 10 cashews are approximately around 63 Cal.

The processed cashew kernels are free from toxic layers are raw cashews. The calories in 10 raw cashews are about 60 Cal.

As compared with other nuts, cashews are generally high in carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content of 10 cashews varies between 6-7 gms depending on the size of the cashew.

The nutritional facts of a 10-cashew serving are: 

  1. Calories: 63 Calories 

  2. Carbohydrates: 6- 7 grams  

  3. Fat: 5 grams

  4. Protein: 2 grams 

  5. Fiber: 1 gram

The following are the health benefits of cashew nuts: 

  1. Good for heart health 

  2. Boost bone and muscle strength 

  3. Beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients

  4. Aids in weight loss

There are many interesting ways through which one can make the most of the nutrients and protein in 10 cashews. Some of the right ways to consume cashews include: 

  1. Unsalted and dry roasted ( roasted without oil ) cashews are the best for health. 

  2. While these are healthy nuts, the consumption should always be moderate.

  3. Cashews can be mixed with other nuts and seeds to make granolas and nutritious bars. 

  4. Caramel cashews can be made using honey instead of sugar to enhance health benefits.

There are many versatile ways in which cashews can be used to make the maximum use of their nutrient value. Some easy ways to cook cashews for everyday consumption are: 

  1. Cashew Milk: Soak cashews in water for some time. Blend it, and the cashew milk is ready. 

  2. Cashew Oatmeal: Prepare your oatmeal. Once done, add your choice of fruits and a few cashews to enhance the taste and make it crunchy. 

  3. Roasted Cashews: Preheat a baking dish. On this, spread some cashews and let it roast at medium temperature. Roast till golden brown. Roasted cashews without oil are ready. 

The calorie content of up to 11% from cashews does not cause any side effects. However, in rare cases eating 10 cashews can have the following side effects: 

  1. Bloating 

  2. Weight gain

  3. Constipation 

  4. Joint swelling 

Yes, cashews are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals. Other than calories in 10 cashews, the essential vitamins and minerals present are: 

  1. Vitamin K

  2. Vitamin B6

  3. Phosphorus 

  4. Copper 

  5. Iron

  6. Zinc

Incorporating 10 cashews into your everyday diet can significantly balance your diet. This is due to the simple reason that cashews are extremely healthy and are loaded with many essential nutrients. These nutrients are: 

  1. Fibre 

  2. Calories

  3. Carbohydrates 

  4. Protein 

  5. Copper

Yes, individuals with certain health conditions must not consume cashews. These include people with: 

  1. High diabetes 

  2. Those who are allergic to peanuts or other types of nuts.

  3. People who can not consume foods containing high magnesium.

Both cashews and almonds consist of unsaturated fats, but almonds consist of a better fat profile. Cashews are better vitamin K and zinc sources, almonds are rich in vitamin E, calcium, and fibre. Since both have their specific properties, it is difficult to analyse which one is better. 

No, the calories and protein in 10 cashews do not raise blood sugar levels. Specific cashew properties are known to be highly beneficial for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

No, the calories in 10 cashews do not increase cholesterol levels. On the contrary, making cashews a part of everyday diet enables the management of LDL cholesterol levels

The monosaturated fats present in kaju help in the reduction of triglyceride levels. This controls the chances of type 2 diabetes. However, one needs to be aware of the 10 kaju calories and consume these nuts in moderation.


All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Updated on : 2 January 2024

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