Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

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Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

A liver transplant is common but a crucial procedure, first performed in India in the late 90s. When performed by one of the best liver transplant surgeons in India, it can offer long-term survival to patients suffering from liver failure.

Are you looking for a surgeon to undergo a successful liver transplant procedure? Continue reading to find out about the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities in India.

About Liver Transplant and its Surgeon

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure to replace a diseased liver or one that has failed with a healthy liver functioning properly. A liver transplant offers multiple benefits, including an improvement in quality of life.

Till day, a liver transplantation serves as the only option to treat a liver failure. A surgeon who is responsible for liver transplant procedure is called a liver transplant surgeon.

Some of the many benefits of undergoing a liver transplant include:

  1. Better Quality of Life: A liver transplant helps you live a disease free life without complications and improves your quality of life.

  2. Life Saviour: One can live disease-free after a liver transplant and live a longer life. Liver diseases may often cause fatal outcomes, and liver transplant helps prevent that from occurring.

  3. Lowers Risk of Complications: Living with liver disease can take a toll on your long-term health causing health complications. Meanwhile, a liver transplant helps reduce the risk of developing these complications.

  4. High Energy: A significant loss of energy to perform daily activities may be caused by liver disease. By undergoing a liver transplant, you can easily live a normal and energetic life!Benefits of Liver Transplant

The best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi may help you achieve the many benefits of a successful liver transplant. But how to choose the best liver transplant surgeon in India? Worry not, we have curated a list for you! Read to know more!

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List of Top Liver Transplant Surgeons in India

A liver transplant surgeon can be your saviour from the pain of a liver condition, either acute or chronic. Several liver transplant surgeons in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, etc, can be opted from.

The following enlists some of the best surgeons for liver transplants in India:

  1. Dr Sanjay Goja: Specialising in liver transplant and HPB surgery, Dr Sanjay Goja is currently working at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram.

    Dr Goja has 27 years of experience with over 2500 liver transplants, of which 2000 are living donor transplants. Moreover, he is known for performing the first robotic hepatectomy in India.

  2. Dr Giriraj Bora: One of the best liver transplant surgeons in Delhi, Dr Giriraj Bora, has 22 years of experience in the field.

    He has been involved in almost 1500 liver transplants and is also a founding member of the Liver Transplant Society of India. Moreover, Dr Bora was honoured for performing the first living donor liver transplant in Rajasthan.

  3. Dr Naimish Mehta: The co-chairman and chief of liver transplant and surgical gastroenterology, Dr Mehta has been instrumental in developing the liver transplant program at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, over the last decade.

    He has previously worked with Fortis, Apollo & PGI Hospitals in the Liver transplant department and has about 26 years of experience.

  4. Dr Vasudevan K R: One of the best liver transplant surgeons in Noida, Dr Vasudevan leads the liver transplant team at Jaypee Hospital.

    He has 24 years of experience with a record of 1500 liver transplants for children and adults. Moreover, he has a success rate as high as 95%.

  5. Dr Subhash Gupta: The chairman of Max Centre for Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences, one of the world’s largest liver transplant centres, Dr. Gupta has excelled the development of living donor liver transplants in India.

    With an experience of over 36 years, Dr Gupta has carried out more than 3000 liver transplants.

  6. Dr Neerav Goyal: Senior consultant in liver transplant and surgical gastroenterology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Dr Neerav Goyal, has 25 years of experience in this field.

    He completed his training in Liver Transplant specialisation from Gangaram Hospital. The surgeon has performed over 1800 liver transplants, with 6-8 surgeries performed weekly.

  7. Dr Rajiv Lochan: Dr Rajiv Lochan is a senior consultant in Hepato Pancreato Biliary and Liver Transplant Surgery at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

    Leading name in the field of specialisation in Bangalore, he is also a founder member of Liver Transplant Society of India. He has also received multiple awards and recognition for his contribution to the medical field.Best Liver Transplant Surgeons in India

  8. Dr Shailendra Lalwani: A well-known gastroenterologist at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, Dr Shailendra Lalwani is an expert in liver transplantation and hepato-pancreatic biliary (HPB) surgery.

    He has 21 years of experience as a specialist in performing paediatric, living, and deceased donor liver transplants.

    Trained at Gangaram Hospital & UK, he has gained 14+ yrs of experience performing different techniques for liver transplant surgery

  9. Dr Chirag Desai: A leading name in the field of specialisation in Gujarat, Dr. Chirag is leading one of its first transplant teams in Gujarat state. He is one of India’s best liver transplant surgeons, with 29 years of experience.

    While he has been associated with prominent hospitals in India, he is currently working as a senior consultant at Apollo Hospital City Centre, Ahmedabad.

  10. Dr A S Soin: Trained in the UK, one of India's pioneering doctors to setup the field of liver transplant specialisation in 1998, Dr. Soin is one of the 1st few doctors to have achieved successful liver transplants in India.

    He is currently associated with Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon. He has also been awarded with Padma Shri Award for his contribution in the field.

  11. Dr S K Sarin: A founder of Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, he is a recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prise and Padma Bhushan.

    He has also served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of Medical Council of India.

  12. Dr Mohamed Rela: Considered one of the world's best liver transplant surgeons, Dr Rela has made his name in the Guinness Book of Records for performing a liver transplantation on a 5-day-old baby.

    Dr. Rela has more than 40 years of rich experience and has performed more than 4,000 liver transplant surgeries in his successful medical career.

    Before starting Rela Hospital, Chennai, he launched the Liver Disease and Transplantation Institute at Global Gleneagles Health City in 2009.

  13. Dr Vivek Vij: Honored with a special award at International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS), in Chicago Dr Vij is the youngest liver transplant doctor in India.

    He is known for completing 800 independent liver transplants with Lowest Biliary Complication Rate.Best Liver Transplant Surgeons in India 2

Choosing the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

A damaged liver requires an immediate medical attention. A qualified and experienced liver transplant surgeon can recommend you the best treatment options according to your condition.

Finding the right liver transplant surgeon is a crucial step in ensuring a successful treatment. India has a pool of liver surgeons with different levels of expertise. This can make it confusing for patients to choose the ideal one for their treatment.

The following guide can help you select the right liver transplant surgeon from India's top liver transplant surgeons.

  1. Take Recommendations: One of the best ways to find the right transplant surgeon is by discussing with people who have undergone a liver transplant before.

    Recommendations from friends or relatives can also help you know the surgeon's background and reputation in the medical industry.

  2. Experience and Expertise: The next thing you should consider while choosing a liver transplant surgeon is the number of patients they have treated and how many years of experience they possess in their field.

    Furthermore, it is essential to know the success rate before deciding.

  3. Proximity to the Transplant Centre: Apart from the experience and knowledge of the surgeon, it is also essential to consider the proximity of the transplant centre from your home.

    Travelling long hours for treatment with an exisiting health condition can be traumatic. Moreover, when a donor's liver becomes available, reaching a hospital far from your city can become challenging.

About National Liver Board

The National Liver Board refers to a group of multi-disciplinary specialists with experience treating various liver diseases. The board aims to improve the liver health of individuals throughout the country.

The board works together to inform, educate and help prevent liver conditions. The best approach to managing a liver condition can be achieved with the help of experienced and skilled specialists.


In the past several years, India has become the preferred destination for getting liver transplant surgeries. Many experienced and qualified surgeons considered the best in the field are the reason! Medical professionals in India have made major contributions to diagnosing and treating all liver diseases.

Looking for the best liver transplant surgeon in India? Our team atHexaHealth can help you connect with liver transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, or any other place as per your convenience and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best doctor for liver transplants in India?

Some of the best doctors for liver transplants in India include:

  1. Dr Giriraj Bora
  2. Dr Naimish Mehta
  3. Dr Mohamed Rela
  4. Dr Sanjay Goja
  5. Dr A S Soin
  6. Dr Neerav Goyal
  7. Dr Shailendra Lalwani

and multiple others! Connect with HexaHealth today to know more!

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Which doctor is best for a liver transplant?

Several experienced and knowledgeable doctors in India perform liver transplants with a high success rate. The best doctors for a liver transplant in India include:

  1. Dr Giriraj Bora
  2. Dr Mohamed Rela
  3. Dr Subhash Gupta
  4. Dr A S Soin
  5. Sanjay Goja
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Which city is best for liver transplants in India?

Some cities with the best surgeons and the top liver transplant programs in India include:

  1. Chennai
  2. Mumbai
  3. Delhi
  4. Bangalore
  5. Noida
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Which hospital is best for liver transplants?

Several hospitals in India are considered the best for liver transplants. However, the top 10 liver liver transplant hospitals in India include:

  1. Narayana Super Speciality Hospital
  2. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  3. Jaypee Hospital
  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  5. Max Super Speciality Hospital
  6. Gleneagles Global Health City
  7. Manipal Hospital
  8. Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  9. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  10. Medanta The Medicity
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What is the cost of a liver transplant in India?

The cost of living for donor liver transplants usually ranges between 15 to 30 lakhs. On the other hand, a deceased donor's liver transplant can cost around Rs 15 to 25 lakh. However, the price varies depending on several factors, such as surgeon, hospital, city, etc. 

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Who is the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi?

Some of the best liver transplant surgeons in Delhi include:

  1. Dr Giriraj Bora
  2. Dr Abhideep Chaudhary
  3. Dr Naimish Mehta
  4. Dr Neerav Goyal
  5. Dr Shailendra Lalwani
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Who are liver transplant surgeons in Bangalore?

Some of the best liver transplant surgeons in Bangalore include:

  1. Dr Sadiq Saleem Sikora
  2. Dr Raghavendra CV
  3. Dr Rajiv Lochan
  4. Dr Basant Mahadevappa
  5. Dr Suresh Raghavaiah
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Who is the best liver transplant surgeon in Mumbai?

Some of the best liver transplant surgeons in Mumbai include:

  1. Dr Ashok Thorat
  2. Dr Somnath Chattopadhyay
  3. Dr Prof Darius F Mirza
  4. Dr Imran Shaikh
  5. Dr Vikram Raut
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Who is the best liver transplant surgeons in Hyderabad?

The best liver transplant surgeons in Hyderabad include:

  1. Dr Phani Krishna Ravula
  2. Dr Sachin Daga V
  3. Dr Mohammed Abdun Nayeem
  4. Dr Vachan S Hukkeri
  5. Dr Manish C Varma
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Who is the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai?

The best surgeons in Chennai for liver transplantation include:

  1. Dr Mohamed Rela
  2. Dr Joy Varghese
  3. Dr Puneet Dargan
  4. Dr Mettu Srinivas Reddy
  5. Dr Karthik Mathivanan
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Who is the best liver transplant surgeon in Noida?

The best liver transplant surgeons in Noida include:

  1. Dr Vasudevan K R
  2. Dr Punit Singla
  3. Dr Vivek Vij
  4. Dr Ajay Bhalla
  5. Dr Neeraj Chaudhary
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