Top 10 Paediatric Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

Written by Hexahealth Care Team, last updated on 16 December 2023
Top 10 Paediatric Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

A medical facility that excels in providing comprehensive medical services to infants, children, and adolescents, paediatric liver transplant centres are a blessing for those suffering from liver ailments and problems.
With their expertise in paediatric liver transplants, these centres aim at producing excellent outcomes. 

Fortunately, there are several well-equipped and highly functional child liver transplant centres that have been working dedicatedly to improving the overall health of children.
This read throws light on some of the best paediatric liver transplant centres in India and the facts that make them the right choice.

Paediatric Liver Transplants

A paediatric liver transplant is a complex yet life-saving procedure under which the damaged or non-functioning liver is replaced with a proper and healthy liver or a portion of the organ from a living or deceased donor.
With high paediatric liver transplant success rates in India, the need for paediatric liver transplant centres in India is high like never before. 

Over the years, significant steps have been taken to develop advancements in paediatric liver transplant surgery and pre and post-operative care.
With many paediatric liver transplant centres functioning successfully all over the country, children are given a better chance of recovery and survival.

Need for Paediatric Liver Transplant 

A paediatric liver transplant is typically considered when all other treatment options have been exhausted, and the child's liver condition has progressed to a critical stage.

There are several conditions and factors that may necessitate a paediatric liver transplant:

  1. End-Stage Liver Disease: A paediatric liver transplant is frequently necessary for children with end-stage liver disease, where the liver can no longer operate normally.
    This may be brought on by several conditions, such as genetic problems, metabolic disorders, liver infections, autoimmune diseases, or liver damage brought on by drugs or toxins.

  1. Liver Failure: A liver transplant may be urgently necessary for children who are experiencing acute liver failure, which is a sudden and severe deterioration of liver function.
    Viral infections, medication interactions, autoimmune diseases, and other underlying illnesses can all result in liver failure.

  1. Congenital Liver Disorders: Congenital liver conditions such as biliary atresia, Alagille syndrome, and Wilson's disease can occur in some newborns.
    To restore normal liver function, these disorders might cause liver damage and functional impairment, needing a liver transplant.

  1. Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Severe liver dysfunction and metabolic abnormalities can result from specific inborn metabolic defects.
    The best course of treatment to control these problems and enhance the child's long-term prognosis may be paediatric liver transplantation.

  1. Liver Cancer: A liver transplant may occasionally be necessary as part of the cancer treatment strategy for children diagnosed with liver cancer.

This is where the best paediatric liver transplant centres in India come to the rescue and ensure timely treatment and care of the children.
Let's have a look at some of the best and the top 10 paediatric liver transplant centres in India.

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Top 10 Paediatric Liver Transplant Centres in India

The role of paediatric liver transplant hospitals in India in providing crucial care to liver transplant patients remains unquestioned and unparalleled.
From providing personalised care to pre and post-operative surgical services and the best support services, the leading paediatric liver transplant centres in India are vital for both patients and their families. 
Here are a few of the top hospitals that offer excellent paediatric liver transplant services in India:

NH SRCC Foundation Hospital, Mumbai Narayana Health Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi Max Saket Hospital, New Delhi
Mazumdar Shaw Center, Bengaluru Manipal Old Hospital, Bengaluru
NH RNT Kolkata Hospital, Kolkata NH Hospital Jaipur, Rajasthan
Apollo Indraprastha (IP) Hospital, New Delhi Jaypee Hospital, Noida

1. NH SRCC Foundation Hospital, Mumbai 

Mumbai's top children's hospital and one of the top 10 paediatric liver transplant centres in India is SRCC Children's Hospital.
The hospital offers newborns, kids, and teenagers access to affordable, high-quality medical care by combining unrivalled paediatric medical expertise with superior facilities.

  1. The liver transplantation program of NH SRCC Foundation Hospital is well known.
    The facility has the latest technology and provides complete paediatric liver transplant services. 

  2. Their team of specialists guarantees individualised care for every patient, resulting in positive outcomes.

  3. Approximately 207 beds are available for the children, and they are given multiple facilities related to the transplant under one roof. These facilities include MRI, chemotherapy wards, a pharmacy, and a 2500 sq feet play area for the children.

2. Narayana Health Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon

One of the leading paediatric liver transplant centres in India, Narayana Health Super Speciality Hospital, located in Gurgaon, is known for its team of specialized doctors.
The hospital is also known for providing world-class medical facilities to children at the most affordable costs.
They offer specialized medical treatments and surgeries for specific liver problems. 

  1. The hospital has expertise in using the robotics surgical platform which is considered to be one of the best and the most advanced system for paediatric liver transplant.

  2. The multi-disciplinary team is available around the clock to provide care and support facilities to the patients.

  3. The hospital also provides a desiccated international division, ensuring that the patient and families who are not from India do not face any issues on the basis of language and communication.

3. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi 

At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, the Department of Paediatric Surgery is at the forefront of facilities that offer complete surgical care to kids, including tertiary care.
One of the early private sector centres in North India, this hospital is one of the leading paediatric liver transplant facilities in India. 

  1. The multi-speciality hospital has 675 beds and delivers quality healthcare services to patients from not just India but all parts of the world.

  2. The operation rooms are in accordance with international standards, and an expert team from many parts of the world ensures the best possible treatment and care for the children.

  3. The hospital also has experienced paediatric surgeons, senior postgraduate residents, and resident trainees who offer their patients safe and effective paediatric liver transplant services in India.

4. Max Saket Hospital, New Delhi 

Modern facilities and knowledgeable medical staff are available for juvenile liver transplants at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, New Delhi.
The hospital uses a multidisciplinary strategy to provide complete care throughout the transplantation process, which leads to excellent outcomes and increased quality of life for young patients.
The hospital offers comprehensive medical solutions making it one of the best paediatric liver facilities in India. 

  1. The hospital provides round-the-clock emergency services making it one of the best paediatric liver transplant centres in India. 

  2. The medical facility, which was established in 2005, also excels in providing exceptional cancer care, dental care, cardiac surgeries, and other services.
    NABH and NABL permit the medical clinic, and FICCI recognises it for its outstanding environmental conservation efforts.

  3. Currently, the Max Center for Liver and Biliary Sciences at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, is home to 200 people with a combined 20 years of experience who have performed at least 2600 transfers.

5. Mazumdar Shaw Center, Bengaluru 

Bengaluru's Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center is a well-known facility as a paediatric liver transplant centre. The hospital boasts a committed group of physicians with experience carrying out complicated paediatric liver transplant surgery.
They stand out because they emphasise delivering caring treatment and superior results.

  1. A talented and knowledgeable group of transplant surgeons, hepatologists, paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, and committed support staff are housed in Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center. 

  2. The hospital specialises in executing intricate paediatric liver transplant surgeries and offers all-inclusive treatment, from evaluation to follow-up after the transplant.

  3. For paediatric liver transplant patients, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center strongly emphasises thorough post-transplant treatment and long-term follow-up.
    This entails close observation of the child's health, frequent checkups, managing the child's medications, and assistance with the child's general well-being.

  4. In order to guarantee a seamless return to everyday life for the family, the centre also offers counselling and resources.

6. Manipal Old Hospital, Bengaluru

For the paediatric liver transplant team in India, Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru provides advanced facilities. The hospital is committed to giving each patient-specific attention and a treatment plan that is unique to them.
Their specialists collaborate closely with paediatric specialists to produce the best results. 

  1. The hospital provides multiple facilities under one roof and makes the entire treatment process a streamlined one for the patients and their families.

  2. The hospital is well equipped to analyse and treat the many liver-related problems and their complications.

  3. Manipal hospitals comprise some of the best paediatric liver transplant surgeons in the country who work hard and dedicatedly to deliver the best results.

7. NH RNT Kolkata Hospital, Kolkata 

The Rabindra Nath Tagore Hospital ranks among the top names in paediatric liver transplant expertise in India.
World-class paediatric liver transplant infrastructure in India and facilities are available at NH RNT Medical College and Hospital that allow paediatric liver transplant procedures. 

  1. They have advanced operating rooms, intensive care units, and imaging and diagnostic equipment to offer precise assessments and safe operations.

  2. The hospital and medical school at NH RNT place a high value on patient-centred treatment.
    They provide understanding, support, and direction throughout the procedure since they are sensitive to the particular requirements of children and their families during the transplant journey.

  3. The hospital is heavily engaged in education and research on paediatric problems with the liver and transplantation.
    This guarantees that their medical staff provides the most significant level of care by staying current with the most recent developments and utilising evidence-based techniques.

8. NH Hospital Jaipur, Rajasthan

The NH Jaipur Hospital is a well-known centre for paediatric liver transplant care in India.
For paediatric liver transplant support services in India, the hospital uses a multidisciplinary strategy that involves a group of specialists from different fields.
They try to provide young patients and their families with a secure and welcoming environment.

  1. For paediatric liver transplant surgeries, NH Jaipur Hospital provides a full range of services. 

  2. The hospital has 330 beds and provides high-quality medical services to not just the people of Rajasthan but also people from other parts of the country and the world.

  3. The hospital's dialysis unit is capable of performing up to 3000 dialysis in a month. 

  4. With its high-end technological infrastructure and medical expertise, it has become one of the most trusted names for paediatric liver transplant care in India. 

9. Apollo Indraprastha (IP) Hospital, New Delhi 

Apollo Indraprastha (IP) Hospital in Delhi is one of the best paediatric liver transplant centres in India that offers comprehensive paediatric transplant services.
Here is some information about the hospital.

  1. One of the top multi-super speciality hospitals in Delhi, Indraprastha Apollo, has one of the most fantastic liver transplantation programs in the entire country.

  2. The Apollo Hospital is an innovative medical centre outfitted with the most modern equipment for liver surgery, including laparoscopic Argon Beam Laser, Tissue Link, and other new techniques for liver resection like CUSA (Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator) and Laparoscopic arterial Stapling.

  3. To ensure the child's well-being and the transplant's success, Apollo IP Hospital offers specialist post-transplant care.
    This entails careful observation of the child's vital signs, frequent follow-up visits, medication administration, and therapy sessions.
    Additionally, the hospital includes specialised paediatric transplant ICUs with advanced monitoring and life support equipment.

  4. A well-established, 13-bed intensive care unit with HEPA filters and a modern patient monitoring system is run by a group of skilled and committed nurses.

10. Jaypee Hospital, Noida 

Jaypee Hospital's specialist services provide paediatric liver transplant surgeries.
To give the finest treatment for young children needing liver transplantation, they have a committed team of paediatric liver transplant surgeons in India, hepatologists, and other specialists who cooperate.

  1. The hospital is home to a skilled group of paediatric transplant surgeons who have successfully carried out multiple liver transplant surgeries on young patients. 

  2. There are 8 beds in the intensive care unit for paediatric transplant patients.
    This unit takes comprehensive care of children ranging from a month to 16 years of age.

  3. The staff uses the most up-to-date methods and adheres to global standards to provide the most outstanding results for their young patients.

  4. Paediatric patients and their family's comfort and well-being are prioritised at Jaypee Hospital, which has a reputation for its patient-centric concept.
    The hospital works hard to offer kind and encouraging treatment throughout the entire transplant process.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Best Hospital

With an increase in paediatric liver transplants, there are more than 135 paediatric liver transplant centres in the country.
With the survival rate crossing 90%, the best paediatric liver transplant centres in India are obvious choices for patients and their families.

However, before one moves ahead with the transplant, one needs to know that this is a challenging procedure and essential steps should be kept in mind before choosing the ideal paediatric liver transplant team in India. These factors include : 

  1. Relevant Information: One needs to do a thorough analysis of all available child liver transplant centres.
    This allows them to go for an option that not only meets their treatment specifications but also finances.

  2. Team of Doctors: Paediatric liver transplant is a complex and challenging procedure.
    The expertise and proficiency of the medical team are a must to ensure both the short-term and long-term success of the procedure.

  3. Technological Advancements: There has been a substantial rise in the paediatric liver transplant field in terms of advancements and development. Always choose a hospital that is in sync with the technological marvels and a step ahead with the latest techniques and procedures.

  4. Multiple Specialties: A hospital where pre and post-operative treatment, care, and support are available should be on the top of your list.

  5. Reviews and Testimonials: There is no better guide to choosing a hospital than to gather the experiences of previous patients and their experiences. Always check paediatric liver transplant patient testimonials in India and discuss the line of treatment with other patients and their families.

  6. Budget-Friendly: Paediatric liver transplant is an expensive procedure. Analyse and calculate the costs associated with the procedure thoroughly to make informed decisions.
    It is also advisable to compare the costs with other paediatric liver transplant centres and go for the option that is most suitable.

  7. Health Insurance and Claims: Before moving ahead with the surgery, always check with your insurance companies and be knowledgeable of the claims or financial aid that can be availed. 

Benefits Provided by the Paediatric Liver Transplant Hospitals

Because of the many benefits offered by paediatric liver transplant centres, India is emerging as the most sought-after destination for patients with liver ailments and problems.
Some of the many benefits offered at these centres include : 

  1. A specialised and expert team of healthcare providers.

  2. Availability of high-end technology and equipment for the surgery.

  3. Compared to other countries, India provides world-class treatment at economical and budget-friendly prices.

  4. Availability of support and care facilities.

  5. Multiple tests and diagnostic facilities are available under one roof.


For children with liver problems to receive successful therapy, selecting the best paediatric liver transplant centres is essential.
The top 10 facilities included in this article provide a mixture of knowledge, facilities, and individualised care that guarantees.

HexaHealth understands and accepts the wide range of issues, risks, and difficulties that might result from medical and health-related issues.
Our goal is to give you access to solutions that will guide you in making wise choices and accelerate various complicated and straightforward procedures. To find out how we can work together, get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top paediatric liver transplant centres in India?


Some of the top paediatric liver transplant centres in India include:

  1. Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, Delhi

  2. NH SRCC Foundation Hospital

  3. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bengaluru

  4. NH Jaipur Hospital, Jaipur

  5. Jaypee Hospital, Noida

  6. NH, Gurgaon

  7. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi

  8. Gangaram Hospital

  9. Manipal, Dwarka

  10. NH RNT, Kolkata

How do I find the best paediatric liver transplant centre in India?

 Consider the following measures to locate the top paediatric liver transplant facility in India:

  1. Conduct extensive research to find famous medical facilities with a focus on paediatric liver transplants.

  2. Expertise seeks out facilities with multidisciplinary groups, paediatric liver transplant surgeons, and competent paediatric hepatologists.

What are the criteria for determining leading paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

The standards for identifying top paediatric liver transplant facilities in India, modern operating rooms, ICUs specifically for transplant patients, and modern surgical and diagnostic tools are all part of these facilities' sophisticated infrastructure.

What services and facilities do paediatric liver transplant centres in India provide?

Indian paediatric liver transplant hospitals offer a variety of services, such as:

  1. Paediatric patients are thoroughly examined and evaluated before liver transplantation. 

  2. Proficiency in executing juvenile liver transplants from both living and deceased donors. 

  3. Paediatric hepatologists, transplant surgeons, anesthesiologists, critical care experts, and other support personnel provide multidisciplinary care.

Who are the renowned paediatric liver transplant surgeons in India?

There are many well-known paediatric liver transplant surgeons in India. Some of them are:

  1. Dr Anupam Sibal: A renowned paediatric gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Dr Sibal has successfully performed multiple paediatric liver transplants. He has connections to Apollo Hospitals. 

  2. Dr Sanjay Goja: One of the reputed general surgeons in  India currently associated with numerous medical facilities across India.
    Dr Goja has contributed to handling numerous complex liver transplant cases in several hospitals in India.

What are the success rates of paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

The paediatric liver transplant success rate in India might vary depending on a number of variables, including the level of experience of the medical staff, the facility's physical layout, and the general health of the patients.

How much does a paediatric liver transplant cost in India?

The price of a paediatric liver transplant in India can vary based on a number of variables, including the hospital or transplant facility, the surgeon's fees, the difficulty of the procedure, the kind of transplant (living donor or deceased donor), and the required post-operative care.

However, the cost of a paediatric liver transplant may range between ₹ 15,00,000 to ₹ 25,00,000.

Are there any specific waiting times for paediatric liver transplants in India?

According to a number of variables, such as the availability of appropriate organ donors, the severity of the child's health, and the number of patients on the waiting list, the paediatric liver transplant waiting time in India might vary.

Can I find patient testimonials for paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

Yes, you can frequently find paediatric liver transplant patient testimonials in India for liver transplant centres and surgeons on the websites of hospitals or institutions.

What are the outcomes and survival rates of paediatric liver transplants in India?

Paediatric liver transplant outcomes in India vary based on a number of variables, including the child's underlying health issues, the surgical team's level of experience, the post-transplantation care, and the recipient's general state of health.

Is there ongoing research on paediatric liver transplants at these centres in India?

At several paediatric liver transplant teams in India, there is, in fact, ongoing research on paediatric liver transplants.
These facilities actively take part in clinical trials and research studies to enhance the results and care guidelines for paediatric liver transplantation.

How is the paediatric liver transplant team structured at these centres in India?

At these hospitals in India, the paediatric liver transplant team is made up of highly qualified and experienced specialists from different medical specialities.
The group cooperates to provide comprehensive and specialised treatment for paediatric patients receiving liver transplants.

What infrastructure and technology are available at paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

In order to give their patients the best treatment possible, paediatric liver transplant hospitals in India are outfitted with modern technology and advanced facilities.

  1. These hospitals feature dedicated transplant units with specialised equipment for pre-transplant evaluation, transplant procedures, and post-transplant care.

  2. To ensure safe and effective liver transplant operations, the operating rooms are furnished with innovative medical supplies and monitoring technology.

What are the eligibility criteria for a child to undergo a liver transplant at these centres in India?

  1. Paediatric liver transplant hospitals in India may have slightly varied requirements for children seeking to get liver transplants from one institution to another.

  2. The child must have a severe liver illness that cannot be treated with other medications and is likely to worsen without a transplant.

  3. The child's liver must be seriously damaged and unable to carry out its responsibilities.

Are any specific pre-transplant assessments required at paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

Paediatric liver transplant experts in India conduct thorough evaluations as part of pre-transplant examinations to identify a child's suitability for a liver transplant.
This entails a detailed assessment of medical history, a physical exam, blood testing, and imaging scans.

How are post-transplant care and follow-up managed at paediatric liver transplant centres in India?

Paediatric liver transplant facilities in India provide extensive post-transplant care with an emphasis on maintaining the patient's well-being and long-term success.

What are the available financial assistance options for paediatric liver transplants in India?

Yes, there are ways to receive financial support in India for paediatric liver transplants.
Families who require financial support for transplant surgery are helped by a number of government programs, insurance plans, and nonprofit groups.


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