Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India - Updated List 2022

Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India - Updated List 2022

Liver damage or diseases are common but serious conditions that can become life-threatening if not managed timely. Liver transplantation surgery, the second most commonly performed organ transplant procedure, is a medical advancement that offers hope of long-term survival to patients with liver failure, especially when performed at the best liver transplant hospital in India. 

With a team of internationally acclaimed surgeons, India leads liver transplant surgery programs through some of the top liver transplant hospitals in the world. Moreover, the success rate of liver transplants in India is as high as 95%. Are you looking for the right liver transplant hospital in India? The following blog enlists the best hospitals known for their surgical expertise and high success rate. But first, let’s understand the need for a liver transplant.

Need for Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation is a surgical procedure where the surgeon replaces the diseased or failing liver with a healthy one from a donor. Currently, the only option to treat liver failure is a liver transplant. Liver failure can occur suddenly or due to other chronic medical conditions such as hepatitis, biliary atresia, infection, or alcoholism. You can choose from several liver transplant hospitals to receive the best care. Read on to learn more about the top liver transplant hospitals in India.

The List of Top Hospitals for Liver Transplant in India

There are several liver transplant hospitals in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and other cities in India. Some of the best ones include:
  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi: It is a multi-super-speciality hospital that offers one of the best liver transplantation programs in the country. The hospital offers state-of-the-art medical facilities with the latest liver transplant technology. 
  2. Narayana Health Multispeciality Hospital, Gurugram: The liver transplant team at Narayana consists of some of the most skilled and experienced liver transplant surgeons in India. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer quality medical services to patients. 
  3. Jaypee, Noida: It features some of the most outstanding liver transplant doctors and surgeons who treat patients with liver failure and related issues using successful surgical techniques. The expertise of the doctors in living donor transplants, speedy healing times, and complete care is incomparable. It is among the best liver hospital in the world.
  4. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi: It has state-of-the-art facilities and advanced infrastructure to provide world-class service in cadaveric and living donor liver transplants. The hospital has an experienced multidisciplinary team to support all aspects of liver transplantation. 
  5. ILBS: It has successfully built a liver transplant programme for both adults and children. Both adult and paediatric patients have had a total of 655 liver transplants. With no donor death in around 580 cases carried out by the current team and a significant complication rate of less than 2%, the ILBS liver transplant success rate on live donor outcomes has been outstanding.
  6. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai: It is a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai that boasts state-of-the-art equipment with cutting-edge technology. The liver transplant program at the hospital caters to a wide range of paediatric and adult liver conditions. 
  7. Medanta - the Medicity, Gurugram: With a liver transplant success rate as high as 95%, Medanta ranks among the top 10 liver transplant hospitals in India. It has the largest and one of the most successful paediatric liver transplant programs in India, with experience in treating children less than 10 kg. Moreover, it has the second-largest living donor liver transplant program worldwide. 
  8. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram: It has one of the best teams for liver transplants in India. With an experience of more than 2500 liver transplants, the hospital boasts a 95% success rate for liver transplant patients and a 100% success rate for donors.
  9. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi: It is one of the busiest liver transplant hospitals in India and a popular choice for overseas patients. Having performed more than 2600 liver transplants, the hospital is known for its successful transplant outcomes (95% success rate). 
  10. Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai: The hospital specialises in treating liver and pancreas diseases. It is also known for performing India’s first adult swap and split liver transplants. Moreover, it is the first liver transplant hospital in South India to perform five successful organ transplants in a day.
  11. BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi: A top-tier hospital in Delhi offering both adult and paediatric liver transplants. The dedicated team at BLK has performed the highest number of deceased donor organ transplants in Northern India.  
  12. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai: It offers liver transplants for all liver diseases and cancers. The advanced high-tech infrastructure and world-class facilities cater to patients from various parts of the world, making it one of the top liver transplant hospitals in India.  
  13. Global Hospital, Mumbai: It is one of the most renowned medical centres for liver transplants in Mumbai. The department of liver transplant at the hospital specialises in transplants for end-stage liver disease and liver cancer. It also offers combined liver-kidney transplants for patients in need of both organs. 
  14. Artemis Hospital, Gurgugram: Being the first JCI and NABH-accredited hospital in Gurgaon, Artemis is one of the best hospitals to get affordable and successful liver transplant surgery. It has a liver transplant team consisting of some of the best liver surgeons in India. 
  15. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore: By delivering high-quality transplant care to liver failure patients, Columbia Asia has secured its place among the best hospitals for liver transplants in Bangalore. It is one of the few hospitals in India that offers liver and cadaveric liver transplant programs. 
  16. Kauvery Hospital, Chennai: It has a government-approved liver transplant program that strives to make the liver transplantation procedure affordable for all sections of society. The hospital has well-equipped ICUs and wards for liver transplants. 
  17. Sahyadri Hospital, Pune: The hospital offering facilities for living donor and cadaveric liver transplants is one of the most successful liver transplant centres in western India. The surgical team at the hospital has an experience with more than 1000 liver transplants. 
  18. Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi: The centre has a state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge technology to provide cadaveric and living donor liver transplants for adults and children. It also offers combined liver-kidney transplantation. 
  19. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Bangalore: It offers one of the most comprehensive liver transplant programs for end-stage liver disease and liver failure in India. The experienced surgeons perform liver transplants for infants and young adults using the latest surgical techniques and tools. 
  20. Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore: With a success rate of over 92%, their dedicated team of liver specialists perform paediatric and adult liver transplants. It offers one of the largest paediatric liver transplant programs in South India. 
  21. SIMS Hospital, Chennai: It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end equipment to perform living and deceased donor liver transplantations. Moreover, it offers well-equipped liver transplant ICUs. 
  22. KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad: It is a well-equipped hospital with state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories and equipment. The hospital has a dedicated facility for patients undergoing liver transplants or those with liver cancer and liver diseases. 
  23. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai: The liver specialists at Wockhardt hospital have the experience and expertise to diagnose and provide world-class treatment for all liver diseases. It has dedicated OT suits for transplant surgery. 
  24. Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai: The hospital is recognised as a multidisciplinary centre undertaking a wide array of liver transplants (deceased, auxiliary, and split liver transplants).
  25. Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai: The experienced liver team at the hospital performs cadaveric, living donor, and paediatric liver transplants. The hospital is known for performing complex surgeries like combined liver-kidney transplants and ABOi- blood group incompatibility liver transplants. 
  26. Continental Hospital, Hyderabad: The hospital has a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors who help critical patients receive a complete or partial healthy liver for transplantation. It is known for its positive outcomes of liver transplant surgeries. 
  27. Amrita Hospital, Kochi: It has the first and largest liver transplant program in Kerala. Moreover, it is the first centre in India to perform partial auxiliary orthotopic liver transplantation and ABO incompatible liver transplant. 
  28. Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore: It offers the best quality healthcare services backed with a blend of Japanese technology for liver transplants. The surgeons have expertise in using intraoperative tools to perform safe liver surgery. 
  29. AIG Hospital, Hyderabad:  The liver transplantation programme at AIG Hospitals has helped many patients with end-stage liver disease. They are qualified to execute complex transplants using deceased and living donors because they are the centre of expertise for liver science. They are renowned for their excellent results and for developing revolutionary methods that make transplantation safer and more effective.
  30. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute Of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata: A multidisciplinary group of skilled medical professionals at the hospital assist critically ill patients in receiving a whole or partial healthy liver for transplantation. It is renowned for the success of liver transplant operations.
  31. NHSRCC, Mumbai:  The best care and treatment options are available in the cutting-edge paediatric transplant programme at NHSRCC. It has the best liver transplant surgeon in India with the expertise of the interdisciplinary NHSRCC Hospital, which Narayana Healthcare runs.

Steps to Choose Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in India

Choosing the right hospital for a liver transplant is critical because it involves the procedure and pre and post-surgical care. Wondering how to choose the best hospital for a liver transplant? Here’s a guide to help you with the same:
  1. Accreditation: The hospital you choose should be accredited to world-class healthcare standards, including NABH and JCI. 
  2. Modular operation theatres: The operation theatres in the hospital must be equipped with advanced technology and a monitoring system to help surgeons perform liver transplants with utmost precision. 
  3. Team of experts: There should be a team of experts specialising in treating end-stage liver diseases. The team of specialists for paediatric and adult transplants include:
    1. A hepatologist (a liver specialist)
    2. Transplant Surgeons
    3. A registered nurse proficient with liver transplant patients
    4. An anaesthesiologist
    5. Social workers
    6. A psychiatrist to help patients deal with anxiety and depression post-liver transplant
    7. A financial counsellor
  4. Advanced technology for robotic surgery: The surgeons at the hospital should have expertise in using robotic and laparoscopic surgical equipment to carry out liver transplantation procedures. You should select a hospital that uses the advanced da Vinci surgical systems to perform liver transplants. 
  5. International division for overseas patients: If you are not a resident of India and are travelling from abroad to get a transplant, make sure to choose a hospital with a dedicated international patient division. The international division will help you with concierge services, visa assistance, medical opinion, and other services to make the treatment process smooth and hassle-free.

Evaluation for Liver Transplant at the Best Hospitals in India

After choosing the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or any other city in India, you will need to undergo an evaluation to check whether you are eligible. The evaluation will determine whether you:
  1. Have a liver disease that may get better with a transplantation
  2. Can benefit more from other less aggressive methods, such as lifestyle modification
  3. Are willing to follow the program designed by your transplant team of experts
  4. Are fit to undergo surgery and other post-transplant treatments
  5. Can handle the wait time for a donor

Benefits Provided by the Best Hospital in India for Liver Transplant

India offers several benefits in the healthcare sector, making it one of the most popular destinations for patients to get their treatments. The benefits include skilled doctors, advanced facilities, low cost, high success rate, and patient satisfaction. Following are some exceptional attributes of the top liver transplant hospitals in India that make them stand out from the crowd:
  1. A skilled transplant team of experienced surgeons, specialists, and nursing staff
  2. Advanced surgical equipment and cutting-edge technology for high precision during operation
  3. Internationally approved high-quality patient facilities and services
  4. Compared to other countries, the cost of a liver transplant is less in India, ranging from Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs. 24 lakhs
  5. The ultra-clean ventilation system in liver ICUs minimises infection risks
  6. Modular operation theatres with the latest technology for laparoscopic and other liver procedures
  7. Comfortable outpatient facilities for minor (non-invasive) procedures
  8. Located in cities with easy accessibility and various accommodation options
  9. Additional facilities for international patients, such as visa assistance, airport pick up and drop off, and several modes of payment


The continuous efforts of both government and private hospitals have helped India become the medical tourism hub for almost all medical procedures. The hospitals in India offer various advantages ranging from advanced technology and professional surgeons to high-quality service and low cost. So to answer your question, which is the best hospital for liver transplants in India - Many!

You can choose a liver transplant hospital as per your proximity, requirements, treatment, budget, or desired results. With a network of more than 500 NABH-accredited hospitals, the expert team at HexaHealth can help you find the best liver transplant hospital in India. Moreover, our specialists are readily available to provide extensive assistance throughout the treatment. If you have any questions about the liver transplant procedure, you can consult an HexaHealth expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best hospital for a liver transplant?

To choose the best liver transplant hospital in India, make sure to check for the following:
  1. Accredited with NABH and JCI, the world-class healthcare standards
  2. Modular operation theatres equipped with the latest technology and advanced monitoring systems
  3. A dedicated team of experts specialising in conducting liver transplants and treating end-stage liver diseases
  4. Robotic and laparoscopic surgical platforms to perform the transplant with precision
  5. An international division to help overseas patients in receiving a smooth and hassle-free treatment

Do Government hospitals facilitate liver transplant surgeries in India?

A liver transplant is a life-saving procedure, and government hospitals’ increased involvement can improve the reach of transplants. Moreover, government hospital involvement can also increase the donor pool for Donation after Brain Death (DBD) transplants. Though a few government hospitals have set up liver transplant programs, their numbers are currently limited, and they have not been able to strengthen the program. 

What is the number of hospitals in India with active liver transplant departments?

Currently, there are about 90-100 hospitals in India with active liver transplant departments. 

Which hospital has the maximum number of liver transplants done till now in India?

With over 3000 transplants to date, Max Hospital is one of the largest Liver Transplant Centres in the world. The centre carries out almost 200 liver transplants annually.

Which is the best hospital for paediatric liver transplants in India?

There are several hospitals in India that perform successful paediatric liver transplants. One such example is Medanta - The Medicity that has India’s largest and one of the most successful paediatric liver transplant programs. The team of specialists at the hospital has experience treating small children with less than 10 kg weight. Some of the best hospitals for paediatric liver transplants include:
  1. Narayana Health Hospital
  2. Artemis Hospital
  3. Apollo Hospital
  4. BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  5. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Which are the best centres for liver transplants in India?

Several centres offer liver transplants in India. Some of the top liver transplant hospitals in India include:
  1. Medanta - The Medicity
  2. Max Super Speciality Hospital
  3. Narayana Health
  4. Rela Institute and Medical Centre
  5. Apollo Hospital
  6. BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  7. Fortis

Who are the best liver transplant surgeons in India?

Some of the top liver transplant surgeons in India include:

  1. Dr Sanjay Goja, Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram
  2. Dr Vasudevan KR, Jaypee, Noida
  3. Dr Subhash Gupta, Max Hospital, Vaishali
  4. Dr Naimish N Mehta, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
  5. Dr Neerav Goyal, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  6. Dr Shailendra Lalwani, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka
  7. Dr Giriraj Bora, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram
  8. Dr Raghavendra CV, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi
  9. Dr Mohamed Rela, Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Tamil Nadu
  10. Dr A.S. Soin, Medanta - The Medicity, Gurugram
  11. Dr Abhideep Chaudhary, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
  12. Dr Vivek Vij, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram
  13. Dr Sanjiv Saigal, Medanta - The Medicity, New Delhi
  14. Dr Manish Srivastava, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram
  15. Dr Ashok Thorat, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai

What is the best hospital for liver transplants?

Some of the best liver transplant hospitals in India include:
  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  2. Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram
  3. Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  4. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
  5. ILBS, Delhi
  6. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai
  7. Medanta - the Medicity, Gurugram
  8. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram
  9. Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai
  10. BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

What is the average wait time for a liver transplant?

The average wait time for a deceased donor liver transplant can range from 30 days to more than 5 years. The hospital contacts the patients as soon as the liver becomes available. The patient must go to the hospital immediately for a liver transplant.

How long does a liver transplant patient stay in the hospital?

Most patients stay in the hospital for 7-14 days after a liver transplant. The first couple of days will be spent in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where the healthcare team will extensively monitor the patient. The patient will be moved to a hospital room once their condition stabilises.

How many people are currently waiting for a liver transplant?

More than 20,000 people wait for a liver transplant annually in India. Yet only 800-1000 liver transplants are performed every year.

What is the success rate of liver transplants?

Usually, people who get a liver transplant lead a normal life. With experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities, the success rate of liver transplants is usually 95% for adults and 97% for children.

What are the top 5 liver transplant hospitals in India?

The top five liver transplant hospitals in India include:
  1. Narayana Super Speciality Hospital
  2. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  3. Jaypee Hospital Noida
  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  5. Max Super Speciality Hospital

What are the top 10 liver transplant hospitals?

The top 10 liver transplant hospitals in India include:
  1. Narayana Super Speciality Hospital
  2. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  3. Jaypee Hospital Noida
  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  5. Max Super Speciality Hospital
  6. Gleneagles Global Health City
  7. Manipal Hospital
  8. Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  9. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  10. Medanta - The Medicity

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