Lipoma Removal Cost in India

Check treatment duration and the Lipoma Removal cost in India.

Treatment Duration

20 Minutes


45 Minutes

Treatment Cost

Rs 20000


Rs 100000

Lipoma removal cost is determined by various factors, including the area where the lipoma has occurred, the size of the lipoma, the type of surgical procedure used, the patient’s health, and the city where the patient will undergo surgery for lipoma removal. 

Lipoma removal can be performed in two ways: Liposuction or Lipoma Excision Surgery. 

Many times, a patient may not need to undergo lipoma treatment. However, a person may need to undergo lipoma treatment if they grow in size and have life-threatening issues.

How much Lipoma Removal costs?

Lipoma Removal cost in India starts from ₹20000. Usually, the cost of Lipoma Removal is different in various hospitals and centres depending upon multiple factors. The average cost of Lipoma Removal is ₹60000 while the price range can reach ₹100000.

Lipoma Removal Cost Overview

Surgery Name Lipoma Removal
Starting Cost ₹20000
Average Price₹60000
Maximum Charge₹100000

About Lipoma Removal

Lipoma Removal is a surgical procedure to remove lipoma which is a fatty lump that usually is situated between the skin and the underly... Read More

Why Does Lipoma Removal Cost Vary?

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of lipoma removal cost in India. The following list of factors impacts the overall lipoma surgery cost in India.

  1. Consultation fee: A highly skilled surgeon with an excellent reputation might request a higher consultation price than a surgeon with less expertise.
  2. Admission fee: Depending on the hospital's location and type, the admission costs for patients may also change.
  3. Medical health of the patient: Extra care may be necessary for a patient with additional comorbidities. The price of treating lipoma may go up due to this additional fee.
  4. Type of hospital: The lipoma removal cost also varies depending on the type of hospital. Private hospitals tend to be more expensive than other hospitals or clinics.
  5. Location: Depending on where the procedure is carried out, the lipoma removal surgery cost may also change. In general, metropolitan locations have greater pricing than rural ones.
  6. Age of the patient: The lipoma removal surgery cost may increase because older individuals may need additional care during lipoma treatment.
  7. Location and size of the lipoma: A giant or more complex lipoma can necessitate a more extensive or complicated surgical treatment, which will ultimately raise the lipoma removal cost.
  8. Procedure: The cost may also vary depending on whether liposuction or lipoma excision surgery is utilised to remove the lipoma.
  9. Anaesthetic: The type of anaesthesia utilised, depending on the type of procedure, may potentially increase the cost.
  10. Diagnostic Tests: Few diagnostic tests such as an MRI scan, CT scan, X-ray and Biopsy may also be recommended by the doctor to get a clear picture of the lipoma. This may add up to the total lipoma removal surgery cost.
  11. Room type: Depending on whether the patient chooses a private room with more amenities, the lipoma removal cost may change.
  12. Complications: There may be demand to handle the difficulties induced by lipoma treatment which further may add to the expense of lipoma treatment in India.

Lipoma Removal Cost Breakup in India

The breakdown of lipoma surgery costs in India depends on several factors. The following table explains the lipoma surgery cost breakdown along with other costs that are involved during lipoma treatment.

Lipoma Removal Expenses Cost Breakup (INR)
Doctor Consultation Fee

₹ 500

Procedure Cost

  1. Liposuction
  2. Lipoma excision surgery

₹ 5,000 (per lipoma)

₹ 3,000 (per lipoma)

Surgeon Fees

₹ 10,000

Anaesthetist Fees ₹ 5,000
Diagnostic and Lab Tests ₹ 1,500
OT charges ₹ 5,000
Medicine Cost ₹ 5,000
Wound Care Dressing ₹ 2,000
Compression Garment (application on liposuction procedure) ₹ 2,500
Bed Charges ₹ 2,000
Follow up ₹ 1,500

List of Lipoma Removal Costs in India (City wise)

Lipoma removal costs vary from location to location in India. The availability of top medical facilities and state-of-the-art treatment options in different cities influences costs associated with lipoma removal surgery.

For the best medical care, big cities have various hospitals to choose from. But the costs can be greater than expected.

The below table provides an idea about lipoma treatment costs in various Indian cities.

City Name Min & Max Cost Average Price
Delhi ₹ 22,000 - ₹ 98,000 ₹ 60,000
Bangalore ₹ 25,000 - ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 62,500
Gurugram ₹ 20,000 - ₹ 96,000 ₹ 58,000
Mumbai ₹ 25,000 - ₹ 1,00,000 ₹  62,500

Insurance for Lipoma Removal in India

Depending on the particular insurance plan and the person's circumstances, different insurance plans in India may or may not cover lipoma surgery. The extent of coverage can vary depending on the type of insurance plan and the specific terms of the policy. 

In India, most health insurance companies will cover lipoma removal if it is judged medically essential. Exclusions or coverage restrictions may apply to specific procedures or treatments under certain policies. Pre-authorization may also be necessary under some insurance plans to receive coverage.

HexaHealth provides top-notch and trustworthy services for handling cashless medical claims and covering expenses for lipoma surgery. Contact our top specialists so they can help you by offering the most practical and widely applicable solutions in India.

Some common questions may arise:

  1. Does insurance cover lipoma removal in India?
  2. What is the list of insurance-approved hospitals for lipoma removal in India?
  3. Is cashless claim filing possible at an India-based empanelled hospital?
  4. How to claim reimbursement outside India’s empanelled medical facilities?

Let's take it one step at a time.

Is lipoma removal covered under Medical Insurance? 

The lipoma removal cost is usually not covered under medical insurance. However, most insurance plans cover the lipoma treatment cost if the lipoma removal is conducted for medical reasons. It is crucial to contact your insurance provider to find out what is covered under the plan.

Exclusions or limitations on coverage for specific procedures or treatments may apply to some policies. Call HexaHeath at 88606 88606 to know about the lipoma removal coverage that is available.

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Lipoma Removal

Many medical insurance companies in India offer health insurance plans that may cover lipoma removal surgery. Some of the best insurance companies in India that offer such plans include:

Insurance Name Lipoma Removal

Aditya Birla Health Insurance


Bharti AXA Health Insurance


Star Health Insurance


Insurance Network Hospitals in India for Lipoma Removal

The following is the list of hospitals that are accredited under medical insurance companies in India for lipoma removal.

Hospital Name City Address
SCI International Hospital New Delhi 4, Hansraj Gupta Rd, Greater Kailash-1, M Block, Greater Kailash, Delhi, Delhi - 110048, India
Manipal Hospital, Jayanagar Bengaluru

Central Mall 45/1, 45th Cross Road, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560069, India

Surana Sethia Hospital and Research Center, Malad Mumbai

End of Tank Road, Shankar Lane, Orlem, Church, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400064, India

The cashless claim procedure for lipoma removal surgery would enable people with health insurance to receive medical care without paying for it upfront and then requesting reimbursement from their insurance provider.

It is essential to remember that the specific details of the cashless claim procedure may change based on your insurance company and the hospital where you receive care.

For additional information on the precise methods and prerequisites for filing a cashless claim for lipoma removal, it is best to study your policy or contact us at +91 88606-88606.

  1. Get cashless insurance pre-approved.
  2. No paperwork. 
  3. Hassle-free claims settlement process.

Reimbursement Claim for Lipoma Removal

A lipoma removal surgery reimbursement claim is a mechanism through which people with health insurance can seek their insurance provider to cover the lipoma treatment cost that isn't covered by their policy's cashless claim process.

With HexaHealth, submitting a reimbursement claim for lipoma removal is now simple. Receive support from our top advisors in India, who will lead you through the settlement and termination of the insurance refund precisely and quickly.

Contact our experts at #91 88606 88606 or by email at to obtain answers as soon as possible.

Medical Loan for Lipoma Removal in India

A medical loan for lipoma removal in India helps a patient pay for the lipoma treatment costs. Even with a good premium insurance plan, not everyone can afford to pay for lipoma removal at a renowned medical facility.

To ease the concerns, apply now for a medical loan for lipoma removal in India with simple and flexible EMIs. The best specialists at HexaHealth are here to provide you with simple, hassle-free medical emergency loans.

If you live in India and don't have insurance, you can apply for a medical loan that provides:

  1. Hassle free approval
  2. No Collateral
  3. Zero Processing Fee
  4. 0% Interest
  5. Easy and flexible EMIs

Lipoma Removal Cost from Expert Doctors

Get free quotes on possible lowest cost of Lipoma Removal from HexaHealth’s expert doctors.

Dr. S K Tiwari

Dr. S K Tiwari

General Surgery
40 years experience
99% Recommended
Dr. Kavita Saxena

Dr. Kavita Saxena

General Surgery
35 years experience
97% Recommended
Dr. Manish Baijal

Dr. Manish Baijal

Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery, Bariatric Surgery / Metabolic, Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery
30 years experience
97% Recommended
Dr. Vandana Soni

Dr. Vandana Soni

Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery
32 years experience
99% Recommended
Dr. Vidur Jyoti

Dr. Vidur Jyoti

Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery
42 years experience
98% Recommended
Dr. Vinod Kumar Nigam

Dr. Vinod Kumar Nigam

Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery
52 years experience
96% Recommended
Dr. Sonal Ghose

Dr. Sonal Ghose

Gastroenterology - Surgical, General Surgery
17 years experience
99% Recommended
Dr. Siddharth Nigam

Dr. Siddharth Nigam

Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery
23 years experience
98% Recommended
Dr. B. M. L. Kapoor

Dr. B. M. L. Kapoor

General Surgery
66 years experience
100% Recommended

Lipoma Removal Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals

Get an average cost of Lipoma Removal from the trusted hospitals here. Compare the lowest Lipoma Removal cost from the top hospitals and know the treatment cost breakup and expenses details. Book online appointments.

Alpine Hospital

Alpine Hospital

Plot No. 140, Near Mother Dairy 122001
Excellence in General Surgery
Apex Hospital, Naraina Vihar

Apex Hospital, Naraina Vihar

E-22, Goswami Girdhari Lal Marg 110028
Excellence in General Surgery
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

FC 50, Max Wali Rd, C And D Block 110088
Excellence in General Surgery
Avantika Multispeciality Hospital

Avantika Multispeciality Hospital

A3/8, 110085
Excellence in General Surgery
BH Salvas Hospital

BH Salvas Hospital

Chandan Palace 110043
Excellence in General Surgery
CDAS Super Speciality Hospital

CDAS Super Speciality Hospital

Malibu Town 122018
Excellence in General Surgery
CDAS Hospital, Gurugram

CDAS Hospital, Gurugram

Plot no.- 1, Malibu Town, 122018
Excellence in General Surgery
Cloudnine Hospital, Patparganj

Cloudnine Hospital, Patparganj

Community Centre, Plot, Street Number 6B 110092
Excellence in General Surgery
Diyos Hospital

Diyos Hospital

A1/26 110029
Excellence in General Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lipoma removal cost in India?

The lipoma removal cost in India ranges from ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000, with an average cost of ₹ 60,000. However, there are several factors that impact lipoma removal surgery costs. One of the major factors is the type of procedure. The lipoma removal cost may also vary based on the type of procedure performed:

  1. Liposuction: ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 1,00,000
  2. Lipoma excision surgery: ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 50,000

What is the minimum lipoma removal cost in India?

The minimum lipoma removal cost in India is around ₹ 20,000. This cost may vary depending on several factors.

What is the average lipoma surgery cost in India?

On average, the lipoma surgery cost in India is about ₹ 60,000.

What is the maximum lipoma removal surgery cost in India?

In India, the maximum lipoma removal surgery cost in India is ₹ 1,00,000. This cost depends on several factors.

What is the lipoma removal cost from trusted Hospitals in India?

The type of hospital or clinic, the location of the facility, and other significant criteria all affect lipoma removal costs. Almost all hospitals in India are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to provide patients with high-quality care at affordable prices.

By considering the hospital environment and hygiene, every medical facility in India strives to offer a secure hospital stay. When performing liposuction, the cost ranges from ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 1,00,000. On the other hand, lipoma excision costs around ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 50,000 in India.

Which are the expert top doctors in India for lipoma removal?

The following list of top expert doctors in India is empanelled with HexaHealth, which specialises in lipoma removal. These expert doctors provide high-quality lipoma surgery at an affordable price:

  1. Dr Priyanka Sharma, HealthFort Clinic, New Delhi
  2. Dr Sahil Singla, HealthFort Clinic, New Delhi
  3. Dr Dinesh Thakur, HealthFort Clinic, New Delhi
  4. Dr Sanjog Sharma, Aesthetica Veda, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  5. Dr Deevish N D, Narayanee Multispeciality Clinic, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  6. Dr Venkateshu Devendran, Sun Diagnostic Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  7. Dr Bharat Rajivkumar Saxena, HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  8. Dr Gaurav Shalya, Aesthetic Art, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  9. Dr Siddharth Sunil Keswani, Roop Clinic, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Does insurance cover the lipoma removal cost in India?

Lipoma removal is typically done for cosmetic (aesthetic) purposes. However, if the lipoma is causing problems and interfering with daily activities, it must be surgically removed. Therefore, insurance will pay for lipoma removal provided on a medical basis.

Contact HexaHealth at or call +91 88606 88606 for hassle-free insurance coverage for lipoma removal in any part of India.

What is the lipoma removal cost in India covered under insurance?

In India, insurance companies typically do not pay for the lipoma removal surgery cost unless it is done for medical reasons. However, based on the insurance plan and other variables, lipoma removal in India might cost anywhere from ₹ 20,000 and ₹ 1,00,000, with an average of ₹ 60,000.

How can you apply for a lipoma removal personal loan in India?

For applying for a personal loan for a lipoma removal surgery in India, follow these steps:

  1. Before starting the application, be sure you are eligible.
  2. Give relevant personal, professional, and financial information and apply.
  3. Scan all essential documents and submit them.
  4. The experts will be verifying the form and documents that you have provided.
  5. The loan will be sanctioned after the papers have been verified, and the funds will appear in your account in 2-3 days.

Which documents are required in India for a lipoma removal loan?

In India, the required documents for a lipoma removal surgery loan may vary depending on the lending institution. However, the following documents are typically required:

  1. Identity proof: This may include a passport, driving license, voter ID card, or PAN card.
  2. Address proof: This may include a utility bill, passport, or voter ID card.
  3. Income proof: This may include salary slips, bank statements, or IT returns.
  4. Medical documents: This may include a doctor's prescription, medical reports, and bills for the treatment.
  5. Guarantor's documents: Some lending institutions may require a guarantor, in which case their identity and income proof will also be required.
  6. Collateral: Some lending institutions may require collateral such as property, shares or fixed deposits.

If you have further doubts, contact us at or call at +91 88606 88606.

How much time does it take to get a lipoma removal surgery loan approved in India?

The amount of time it takes for a lipoma removal surgery loan to be approved in India can vary depending on the lending institution and the completeness of the required documents. Some institutions may take a few days to process the loan application, while others may take longer.

However, on average, it takes around 5 to 7 working days to process the loan application. Contacting us at HexaHealth may help you get your loan approval within 5 to 10 minutes.

How much personal loan can I get for lipoma surgery in India?

At HexaHealth, you may get a personal loan with easy, flexible EMIs and 0% interest for any operation, even lipoma surgery.

What are lipomas?

Lipomas are painless, benign, non-cancerous lumps that occur anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the head, neck, and trunk. They can be found under the skin or in deeper tissues. They are most commonly found in people over 40 but can occur at any age.

You can read more about Lipomas here.

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