Lipoma Removal Cost in Mumbai

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Lipoma Removal Cost Estimation in Mumbai

What is lipoma removal cost in Mumbai?

The minimum lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai is ₹ 27,000. The average lipoma removal surgery cost in Mumbai is ₹ 57,000. The maximum pricing for lipoma excision is ₹ 82,000. For accurate information about lipoma surgery, its cost and procedure, contact our experts.

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Best Doctors for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

Dr. Sanjay Borude

Bariatric Surgery,General Surgery,Laparoscopic Surgery

39+ Years




Dr. Amit S.Mutha

Spine Surgery

13+ Years




Lipoma Removal Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals in Mumbai

Sapna Health Care Centre Pvt Ltd

Sapna Health Care Centre Pvt Ltd

Ghatkopar, W, Mumbai
Lipoma Removal Insurance CoverageLipoma Removal Insurance Coverage

Estimated Lipoma Removal Cost in Mumbai

Minimum Cost 

₹ 27,000

Average Cost 

₹ 57,000

Maximum Cost 

₹ 82,000

Note: There are estimated lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai that you can incur. To get the exact quote, get in touch with HexaHealth.

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Do you have a fatty lump (lipoma) on your skin? Is it hampering your day-to-day life? If yes, it’s time to get it checked. Lipomas might cause pain and discomfort, so removing them is a good option. The lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai is not only affordable but accessible, too.

In this article, we will be discussing the lipoma removal cost in the city and recommending doctors you can refer to. Additionally, we will provide you with all the financial aid you can get for the procedure.

Breakdown of Lipoma Removal Surgery Cost in Mumbai

People considering lipoma removal in Mumbai should know the price of this treatment. The table below provides a full breakdown of the expenses:

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Below are the expenses of the various procedures performed.

Procedure Technique

Cost per session

Steroid Injection

₹ 3,000 to ₹ 10,000


₹ 25,000 to ₹ 80,000

Lipoma Excision

₹ 25,000 to ₹ 45,000

Punch Hole Excision

₹ 25,000 to ₹ 30,000

Note: The above-mentioned breakup for lipoma surgery cost in the city are just estimates. To know all the details regarding the procedure and the accurate cost, contact HexaHealth now.

Factors Affecting Lipoma Surgery Cost in Mumbai

The lipoma removal costs are influenced by the complexity of the procedure and subsequent care. Keeping the above factors in mind, let's look at other factors impacting the costs:

  1. Type and Severity: The size, location, and number of lipomas influence the complexity of the procedure, impacting the overall cost.

  2. Anaesthesia Type: Whether the procedure is done under local anaesthesia (LA) or general anaesthesia (GA) significantly affects the expenses. 

    1. LA procedures generally range between ₹ 25,000 to ₹30,000. 

    2. Multiple lipomas under GA can vary from ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 80,000

  3. Procedure Technique: The chosen technique can influence the overall cost due to varying complexities and resources required.

    1. Steroid Injection: This technique involves injecting steroids directly into the lipoma to reduce its size or alleviate symptoms.

    2. Liposuction: A minimally invasive procedure that uses suction to remove smaller lipomas through a thin tube.

    3. Lipoma Excision: Surgical lipoma removal via an incision, extracting the entire lump from beneath the skin.

    4. Punch Hole Excision: A minimally invasive technique utilising a small punch tool to remove smaller lipomas through a tiny hole in the skin. Surgeons might employ a combination of techniques during surgery to ensure effective lipoma removal and reduce recurrence. However, utilising multiple techniques can increase the overall cost of lipoma surgery.

  1. Procedure Cost: Certain hospitals offer package billing for lipoma removal, covering procedures, anaesthetists, and OT charges. Additional drug costs, consumables, and investigations vary based on individual requirements.

  2. Diagnostic Tests: Costs may increase due to additional tests recommended before the procedure, impacting the overall expenses.

  3. Hospital and Doctor Fees: The choice of hospital and doctor expertise can significantly influence costs. Experienced professionals and higher-end facilities often charge more.

  4. Medication and Follow-Up: Post-surgery medication, follow-up appointments, and potential biopsy costs add to the overall expenses.

  5. Insurance and Financing: Coverage by insurance or available financing options may alleviate costs for the individual undergoing the procedure. Understanding insurance coverage and available financing options can impact overall expenses.

Insurance for Lipoma Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Insurance coverage for lipoma removal depends on symptoms and medical necessity. It may be denied if a patient opts for surgery solely for cosmetic reasons. In such cases, the individual is responsible for covering the expenses personally. 

Some common queries regarding insurance coverage for lipoma removal are:

  1. Does insurance cover lipoma removal cost in Mumbai?

  2. Which insurance companies offer coverage for the procedure in Mumbai?

  3. What are the options for lipoma removal costs without insurance? Are there any claims?

Let's answer these questions.

Is lipoma removal surgery cost in Mumbai covered under medical insurance?

Health insurance only covers lipoma treatment expenses when deemed medically necessary. This depends on symptoms like pain. Documentation and clinical evidence from a doctor validating the procedure's necessity are essential to secure coverage.

Sharing policy details with HexaHealth experts can help clarify lipoma removal coverage under insurance. At HexaHealth, you can opt for a No-Cost EMI to cover the lipoma operation cost. This allows you to divide the overall expense into manageable EMIs without additional charges. 

Health Insurance for Lipoma Removal Cost in Mumbai

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

Lipoma removal is covered by several insurance providers in Mumbai. Among the insurance providers that support the procedure are:

Note: Coverage details, eligibility requirements, and policy terms may differ between insurance companies. It is best to contact HexaHealth for specific information about scarless lipoma removal in Mumbai under coverage plans.

Cashless Claim for Lipoma Removal Surgery Cost in Mumbai

The cashless claim process for the procedure becomes seamless with the support of HexaHealth professionals. Throughout the settlement of this lipoma removal surgery cost in Mumbai, our experts ensure a streamlined and efficient experience.

Pre-approval for cashless insurance is the first step, and our team will assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals for your surgery. We walk you through the process, removing the need for extensive documentation and making the process more efficient and less burdensome.

Reimbursement Claim for Lipoma Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Seeking reimbursement for lipoma removal cost in Mumbai is a straightforward process. Here’s an outline of what’s typically involved in a compensation claim for this approach:

Claim Procedure

  1. You pay for the costs of the surgery upfront.

  2. Provide all relevant treatment bills and records to the insurance company for reimbursement.

  3. The insurer reviews the submitted documents, and valid expenses are reimbursed to your bank account.

Essential Requirements

  1. Maintain detailed bills and medical documents for all expenses related to the surgery.

  2. A doctor’s certificate might be necessary to support your claim submission.

Medical Loan for Lipoma Removal Cost in Mumbai

Medical loans are a viable option for individuals seeking financial assistance for lipoma removal. These financial options are intended only for medical bills, giving you a chance to pay for the surgery in the event that you don't have the money right away. 

Note: To clearly understand the coverage for lipoma removal cost in Mumbai, please share your policy details. Our experts at HexaHealth will help regarding the treatment coverage under your medical insurance.

Locations we Serve for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

Are you wondering where in Mumbai you can get HexaHealth support for lipoma removal? Take a look at the below image.

Locations for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

Expert Doctors for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

If you're wondering about the lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai and who you should refer to, look no further. The following is a list of doctors in Mumbai who are experts in the surgery:

  1. Dr Nikunj Mody, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He holds 16 years of expertise and currently practices at Zenil Shape and Smile Clinic in Mumbai. He's affiliated with Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Parakh Hospital, Ghatkopar. Specialising in breast reconstruction, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. He's recognised for accurate diagnoses and empathetic patient care.

  2. Dr Bharat Rajivkumar Saxena, is a renowned plastic surgeon with 13 years of experience. He practises at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai. Known for his oncological microsurgery and lymphedema work, he has worked at prestigious institutions like Chang Chung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.

  3. Dr Gaurav Shalya, an adept plastic surgeon with 17 years of experience, practices at Aesthetic Art in Mumbai. Renowned for his precise diagnoses and compassionate patient care, he specialises in ear reconstruction, dermabrasion, and advanced procedures like Lipodissolve injections and facelifts.

  4. Dr Vinod Pachade, a distinguished plastic surgeon with 17 years of extensive expertise, practices at PVR Aesthetica in Thane. He specialises in various procedures, including abdominoplasty, otoplasty, reconstructive and microvascular surgeries, scar revisions, and hair transplant surgeries.

  5. Dr Ashish Subhash Sangvikar, a plastic surgeon with an extensive 23 years of experience, practices at the Restore Aesthetic Clinic in Nerul. He specialises in liposuction, burns treatment, reconstruction, and craniofacial surgeries. Dr Sangvikar has contributed significantly to complex medical cases in esteemed hospitals like K J Somaiya Medical College, Grant Medical College, and J J Hospital.

  6. Dr Sandip Bipte, an esteemed oncologist with 23 years of expertise, serves at Apollo Spectra Hospital in Chembur. His expertise lies in various breast surgeries encompassing benign and malignant cases, oncoplastic surgeries, and implant-based breast reconstruction. Dr Bipte's extensive experience spans diverse hospitals, showcasing his proficiency in oncology.

  7. Dr Mittal Narottam Patel, a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon with 16 years of expertise, practices at Family Care Hospital in Mumbai. He has a special interest in extensive procedures ranging from hair transplant surgeries, liposuction, and aesthetic surgeries to facial and micro surgeries.

  8. Dr Vicky Ghewarchand Jain, a distinguished plastic and reconstructive surgeon with 17 years of expertise, practices at ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital in Mumbai. Renowned for his compassionate patient care and precise diagnoses, he specialises in various cosmetic surgeries for diabetic foot trauma, aesthetics, gynaecomastia, and liposuction.

  9. Dr Audumbar Borgaonkar, an esteemed plastic surgeon with 18 years of experience, practices at Nine Eleven Clinic and Ojas Hospital in Thane. He has vast expertise in diagnoses and specialises in a wide spectrum of cosmetic treatments. These include hair transplants (performing around 350 annually), liposuction, facial and breast surgeries, and non-surgical procedures like chemical peels and fillers.

  10. Dr Vishalbhai Kantilal Patel is a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon with 15 years of experience. He practises at SRV Hospital in Goregaon and Borivali Healthcare Clinic in Mumbai. His specialisations include liposuction, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, and reconstruction for cancer, trauma, and burns.

  11. Dr Ashok Kumar Pandey,  a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with 25 years of expertise, practices at the Bombay Cosmetic Clinic in Mulund West. His extensive experience includes hair transplant, liposuction, reconstructive microsurgery, peripheral nerve, cleft, diabetic foot, and burn surgeries. Dr Pandey's impressive portfolio includes over 10,000 successful plastic surgery cases.

Note: This is a concise list of expert doctors. Visit the HexaHealth website for a comprehensive list of specialists.

Hospitals for Lipoma Removal in Mumbai

Finding the best hospital for lipoma removal in Mumbai is important. Healthcare with the best technology and experienced doctors can make your procedure stress-free. Here's a list of hospitals known for their great surgeons and services.

  1. Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital: With 350 beds and 55 speciality departments, the hospital offers comprehensive medical services supported by cutting-edge technology. This includes PET CT, wide-bore MRI scanners, MR-guided focused ultrasound surgery and plastic surgeries.  

  2. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital: Renowned for its world-class treatment and facilities, the hospital excels in diabetes, oncology, orthopaedics, cardiac sciences, neurosciences, and minimal access surgeries. Additionally, it features a dedicated gastrointestinal facility, lipoma removal services and effective ICU services.

  3. Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center: This is a renowned healthcare institution known for its integrated treatment programs and multi-disciplinary approach. Specialising in cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopaedics, and more. They prioritise high-quality patient care and provide cosmetic or reconstructive surgery as a specialisation. 

  4. MPCT Hospital Navi Mumbai: This is a comprehensive healthcare facility offering a wide range of specialised services in cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopaedics, and more. While emphasising various medical specialities, it also provides cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries.

  5. Apex Multispeciality Hospitals: It is a modern 51-bed tertiary care facility located in Mumbai's Borivali area. They offer specialised cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, and plastic surgery services. 

  6. Parakh Hospital: Is a leading multi-specialty facility providing comprehensive healthcare services for 15 years. This includes kidney care, IVF, lipoma removal, and other major diagnostics. 

  7. Currae Specialty Hospital: Offers highly skilled medical personnel, well-equipped facilities, and a focus on complex procedures. While offering a high standard of treatment, it emphasises a positive patient experience and comprehensive care throughout their hospital journey. Their procedures include cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopaedics, and plastic surgery. 

Note: These are just a few examples of hospitals; you can visit the HexaHealth website for more information. The lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai in these hospitals may vary on your specific condition. Contact us for accurate estimations.

Why choose HexaHealth for lipoma surgery in Mumbai?

HexaHealth offers a streamlined process to access top specialists at the best cost, ensuring a hassle-free treatment experience and swift recovery. Here's why we stand out:

  1. Experienced Surgeons: We partner with skilled and experienced lipoma removal surgeons, ensuring high-quality care.

  2. Accredited Hospitals: Our collaborations are with JCI and NABH-accredited hospitals, guaranteeing top-notch safety protocols and quality standards.

  3. Patient-Centric Approach: At Hexahealth, our patient-first approach ensures individualised care and attention throughout your treatment journey without any hassle.

  4. Advanced Techniques: We prioritise advanced and minimally invasive techniques for efficient and effective lipoma removal.

  5. Affordability and Financing: We provide pocket-friendly options and financing assistance for smoother treatment access.

  6. 24/7 Support: Hexabuddy, our all time active support system, ensures continuous guidance and a hassle-free experience throughout your treatment.

About Lipoma Removal 

A lipoma or Charbi ki Ganth in Hindi, is a fatty tissue lump that develops under the skin. Usually painless and benign, they often don't need treatment unless it causes pain and discomfort. For aesthetic purposes, lipoma removal is a viable option.

Lipoma removal, also known as lipoma excision or fatty tumour enucleation, is a procedure commonly done for cosmetic purposes. If the lipoma grows or causes pain, removal becomes necessary.

The surgery is performed by dermatologists, general surgeons, or plastic surgeons. This involves making an incision in the skin and using a scalpel to remove the lipoma. This procedure addresses cosmetic concerns and discomfort associated with sizable or painful lipomas.

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Lipoma Removal Surgery in Mumbai

HexaHealth: You Trusted Ally for Lipoma Removal

HexaHealth ensures that individuals looking for lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai get the appropriate information and medical support. Our experts strive to ease the financial aspect by offering various support services. These include reimbursement assistance and guidance on healthcare insurance.

With us, you will also know the lipoma removal cost in Mumbai for the medical facilities near you. This will help you make informed decisions about your healthcare journey with confidence. Connect with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai varies depending on the hospital. The minimum cost is approximately ₹ 27,000. This is just an estimate. For accurate nos. contact HexaHealth.


If you choose a superspecialty hospital, they will have the highest quality technology. As a result, the costs of these hospitals would be higher. Therefore, at maximum, the lipoma removal cost in Mumbai is ₹ 82,000.


On average, the lipoma removal surgery cost in Mumbai is ₹57,000. You will find the best surgery price for your treatment with HexaHealth.


The lipoma removal surgery cost is affected by the following factors:

  1. Type and severity

  2. Anaesthesia type

  3. Procedure technique

  4. Diagnostic tests

  5. Hospital and doctor fees

  6. Medication and follow-up

  7. Insurance and financing

  8. Duration


Given below is an overview of lipoma surgery cost in Mumbai you can incur:

Lipoma Removal Surgery Cost

Cost Breakup 

Doctor Visit 

₹ 1,000 to ₹ 1,500 

Surgeon Fee

₹ 17,100

Assistance Charge

₹ 8,550

Anaesthetist Fee

₹ 5,130

Nursing Charge (per day)

₹ 800

OT Charge

₹ 8,550

Drugs and Other Consumables

₹ 1,500 to ₹ 3,000

Room Charges 

(Usually, same-day discharge or one-day stay) 

₹ 5,000 per day


₹ 1,500 to ₹ 3,000


Health insurance often covers lipoma surgery costs in Mumbai, when symptoms affect daily life significantly. For clarity on coverage, consult HexaHealth experts and consider a No-Cost EMI for easier payment options.


Techniques commonly used for lipoma removal are:

  1. Steroid injection: Shrinks or eases symptoms by injecting steroids into the lipoma

  2. Liposuction: A minimally invasive suction method for smaller lipomas

  3. Lipoma excision: Surgically removes the entire lump from beneath the skin

  4. Punch hole excision: Removes small lipomas through tiny skin holes


Yes, the size, location, and number of lipomas influence the complexity of the procedure. This impacts the overall cost.


For medical purposes, you can avail of various financial aids. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Reimbursement claims

  2. Cashless claims

  3. Medical loans 

  4. Non-GIPSA insurances


Non-surgical options like steroid injections are available but may not completely remove lipomas. Costs vary based on the method chosen.

Steroid Injection

₹ 3,000 to ₹ 10,000


₹ 25,000 to ₹ 80,000


The time taken for lipoma removal varies depending on factors such as the size, number, and location of lipomas. Typically, the procedure can range from 20-45 minutes.


Anaesthesia is commonly used during lipoma removal to ensure the patient's comfort. Local anaesthesia is typical for smaller procedures like in case of single lipoma, while general anaesthesia might be necessary for larger or multiple lipomas.


A person can get back to their normal routine the next day. Lipoma removal resolves discomfort, alleviates pain, addresses cosmetic concerns, and reduces the risk of complications. These include infection or compression of nearby structures.


A lipoma is a noncancerous, soft, fatty lump that develops beneath the skin. They are usually painless and can occur anywhere on the body.


Lipoma removal becomes necessary if the lipoma causes pain or discomfort and restricts movement by compressing nearby nerves. Medical consultation helps determine the necessity based on symptoms and impacts on daily life.


Lipoma removal offers several advantages. 

  1. It eliminates any discomfort or pain associated with the lump

  2. Enhances appearance, especially if they're prominent or affect self-confidence. 


Lipoma removal becomes necessary if the lump causes pain and discomfort, limits movement, or affects appearance. Doctors may also recommend removal if suspected of a malignancy or for diagnostic purposes.


While rare, there's a chance of lipoma recurrence post-removal. Regular follow-ups and monitoring are advised to detect and address any potential reoccurrence early on.


Several experienced surgeons specialise in lipoma removal in Mumbai. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Dr Nikunj Mody

  2. Dr Bharat Rajivkumar Saxena

  3. Dr Gaurav Shalya

  4. Dr Vinod Pachade

  5. Dr Ashish Subhash Sangvikar


Accredited hospitals in Mumbai with experienced surgical departments often provide reliable lipoma removal services. Researching hospital accreditation, facilities, and patient reviews can guide you in selecting the best option. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital

  2. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

  3. Surana Sethia Hospital And Research Center 

  4. MPCT Hospital Navi Mumbai

  5. Apex Multispeciality Hospitals


HexaHealth provides end-to-end support throughout the lipoma removal process. They assist in connecting patients with top specialists experienced in the procedure. Additionally, they provide:

  1. Consultation with experienced surgeons for lipoma removal

  2. They collaborate with JCI and NABH-accredited hospitals

  3. HexaHealth ensures individualised care and attention throughout the treatment journey

  4. They prioritise advanced and minimally invasive techniques 

  5. HexaHealth provides affordable options and assistance with financing 

  6. Their Hexabuddy ensures continuous support, offering a hassle-free experience and guidance throughout treatment.


After lipoma removal, patients might receive specific instructions, such as:

  1. Properly clean and dress the incision site to prevent infections.

  2. Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities to facilitate healing.

  3. Follow prescribed medications for pain management and infection prevention.

  4. Attend follow-up appointments to monitor recovery progress and address any concerns.

  5. Look out for signs of infection or excessive swelling and contact the doctor if noticed.

  6. Follow the advice on gradually resuming normal activities and work.

  7. Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated to support healing.

  8. Smoking and excessive alcohol can hinder the healing process, so it's best to avoid them during recovery.


Here are some testimonials from patients and their family members on their happy results: 

  1. Alwel Singh 

“Meri wife ki surgery ekdum aasani se ho gayi, bahut zada aacha experience tha. Ab lipoma ki koi dikkat nahi”

  1. Archana Umavane 

Hexahealth bahut supportive the koi pain feel nahi hua. Mai aage bhi unhe recommend karri

  1. Ankush Sawant

Hexa Buddies ne bahut acche se coordinate kiya, mujhe bahut acha laga HexaHealth ka saath.


Optimal post-operative care is crucial for favourable outcomes after lipoma removal. Essential measures include:

  1. Wound care

  2. Medication adherence

  3. Activity restrictions

  4. Attend follow-up appointments

  5. Maintain a balanced diet


To schedule a consultation with a lipoma removal specialist in Mumbai, several steps can be taken:

  1. Contact HexaHealth to get assistance in connecting with top specialists.

  2. Contact hospitals or clinics directly.

  3. Seek a referral from a general practitioner or family doctor. 



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Lipoma Removal Cost Estimation in Mumbai

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