Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

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Laser Cataract Surgery Cost Estimation in Bangalore

How much does laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore?

The laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore starts ₹ 47,000. The average cataract laser surgery cost in Bangalore is ₹ 65,000. However, the maximum cost of laser cataract surgery in Bangalore is ₹ 1,50,000. To know the detailed information about the cataract treatment and its cost, contact our experts.

Calculate Laser Cataract Surgery CostCalculate Laser Cataract Surgery Cost

Best Doctors for Laser Cataract Surgery in Bangalore

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi


27+ Years




Dr. Bhargavi Pawar


13+ Years




Laser Cataract Surgery Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals in Bangalore

SS Sparsh Hospital

SS Sparsh Hospital

RR Nagar, Bangalore
Mithra Multispeciality Hospital

Mithra Multispeciality Hospital

Electronics City Phase 1, Bangalore
Laser Cataract Surgery Insurance CoverageLaser Cataract Surgery Insurance Coverage

Estimated Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

The range of laser cataract surgery costs in Bangalore is as follows: 

Laser Cataract Surgery

Cost Range

Minimum Price

₹ 47,000

Average Expense

₹ 65,000

Maximum Amount

₹ 1,50,000

Note: The values provided above are approximate. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for precise information.

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Blindness in India has decreased by 25% due to more people getting cataract surgeries. This positive outcome highlights the importance of understanding laser cataract surgery costs in Bangalore and the benefits of the operation.

If you have blurry vision, consulting a specialist should be your priority. Let's explore femtosecond laser cataract surgery costs in Bangalore, what to expect and the financial benefits available.

Laser Cataract Surgery Cost Breakup in Bangalore

The laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is straightforward and is usually billed as a package. The expenditure would include your diagnostics, the cost of the lens and much more.

In this section, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the prices:

Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Note: These approximate figures can vary depending on the individual case. Please get in touch with HexaHealth for precise and personalised information.

Factors that Affect Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

The femtosecond laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is affected by several factors. Understanding those components can help you choose better.

  1. Technology Used: The laser equipment employed during the surgery can significantly impact the cost. More advanced and precise lasers may result in higher expenses.

  2. Surgeon's Expertise: The specialist's experience and skill can influence the procedure's cost. Highly experienced doctors can charge more for their services.

  3. Hospital Facilities: The services and amenities provided by the surgical centre also contribute to the overall cost. High-end provisions with modern equipment result in increased expenses.

  4. Preoperative Examinations: The price of diagnostic tests and consultations may be included in the package. 

  5. Type of Cataract Surgery Technique: The procedure lasts 10 to 20 minutes. Different eye correction procedures can incur distinctive prices.

    1. Phacoemulsification: A no-stitch surgery where a probe breaks the cataract into smaller pieces. It is extracted through a tiny 2.8 mm opening.

    2. ECCE (With Stitches): The cataract is manually removed in extracapsular extraction. It is facilitated through a large, nearly 160° cut in the eye. For this, a non-foldable IOL is used.

    3. Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS): Advanced phacoemulsification using a probe. Here, the clouded lens is replaced with an IOL through small 1.2 mm to 1.8 mm incisions.

    4. Robotic Femto-laser Cataract Surgery (FLACS): Bladeless procedure using a femtosecond laser for incisions. Generally, the cost of femtosecond laser cataract surgery in Bangalore is higher than that of MICS and phacoemulsification.

    5. Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS): Larger incision (around 6 mm) than phacoemulsification but smaller than traditional extracapsular surgery. It is suitable for denser cataracts.

Note: The surgery is typically performed on one eye at a time. There has to be a 3 to 7-day interval for the other eye surgery.

  1. Type of Intraocular Lens (IOL): The choice of intraocular lens to replace the natural lens can affect the cost. Premium lenses that offer additional features may come at a higher price. Based on eyesight correction, you get the following: 

    1. Monofocal: Corrects one distance, often requiring glasses for other ranges.

    2. Monofocal Toric: Targets astigmatism (refractive error in the eye), providing clear vision at one distance.

    3. Multifocal: Enables clear vision at different distances, reducing the need for glasses.

    4. Multifocal Toric: Combines multifocal benefits with astigmatism correction for optimal eyesight.

Lens Type

Lens Brand

Cost Range 



₹ 45,000 to ₹ 50,000


₹ 55,000 to ₹ 90,000

Monofocal Toric


₹ 65,000


₹ 70,000



₹ 70,000 to ₹ 95,000


₹ 85,000 to ₹ 1,00,000

Multifocal Toric


₹ 80,000 to ₹ 90,000


₹ 1,10,000 to ₹ 1,40,000

Based on brands which are Indian or foreign, you can use:

  1. Alcon: AcrySof IQ, AcrySof Toric and PanOptix Trifocal lenses
  2. Johnson & Johnson Vision: Tecnis, Tecnis Symfony, Tecnis Toric, and Tecnis Multifocal lenses
  3. Abbott: Symfony
  4. Alcon: PanOptix
  5. ClarVista: Clarity
  6. Bausch + Lomb: enVista and Crystalens IOLs
  7. Zeiss
  8. Rayner
  1. Postoperative Care: After the operation, follow-up care and medications can add to the total cost.

  2. Location: The place of the hospital or clinic can influence the cost. Prime centres of the city may charge more.

  3. Duration: The time required for the surgery can influence the cost, as more prolonged procedures may involve additional expenses.

  4. Type of Anaesthesia: The kind of sedation, whether topical or local, can impact the final price. Topical anaesthesia may be associated with higher costs compared to local anaesthesia.

Insurance for Laser Cataract Surgery

For femtosecond laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore, insurance offers an essential aid to cover finances. HexaHealth can help you by simplifying the insurance process. We provide an expert who is specially dedicated to your case and will take care of all the paperwork.

Let’s look at some of the most common queries before proceeding further:

  1. Will medical insurance cover cataract surgery?

  2. What insurance companies cover the cost of cataract surgery in Bangalore?

  3. Can you file a cashless claim for cataract surgery in Bangalore?

  4. What is the reimbursement procedure for the operation?

Health Insurance for Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Is laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore under medical insurance?

Yes, cataract surgery is typically covered by most medical insurance. However, coverage details vary between companies. Some plans may cover specific lenses, favouring monofocal or multifocal lenses. 

Insurance commonly covers microincision cataract surgery (MICS) or phacoemulsification (PHACO) for the surgical approach. As for femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS), coverage will depend on your specific policy. 

You can also look into the following government schemes for coverage:

  1. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)

  2. State Government Health Insurance Schemes

  3. Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESI)

Note: It is advisable to review your policy terms carefully. Please contact HexaHealth for professional assistance.

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Having access to medical insurance is crucial in Bangalore. Here is a list of companies providing potential coverage of your procedure:

Note: The extent of coverage varies depending on the particular plan. For more detailed information, consider reaching out to HexaHealth. 

Cashless Claim for Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Opting for cashless claims streamlines laser cataract surgery in Bangalore without requiring upfront payments. The benefits include:

  1. Your hospital will coordinate directly with the insurance provider.

  2. You can enjoy hassle-free treatment without any payment concerns.

Note: For a smooth digital claim process, consult with HexaHealth experts.

Reimbursement Claim for Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

In order to receive compensation for their surgery, patients must first pay on their own. They can later apply to reimburse their costs. The insurance provider will disburse the amount based on policy terms after careful assessment.

HexaHealth offers professional advice and assists you with refund applications. Please contact us for complete details.

Medical Loan for Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Financial aid can be helpful if you are thinking about laser cataract surgery. Medical loans are a viable option to ensure a stress-free procedure without overburdening yourself. 

You can speak with our HexaHealth specialists to learn about interest rates and EMI options. We will assist you with the benefits related to medical loans.

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Flexible repayment period

  2. 0% interest EMI loans

  3. Zero collateral 

  4. Quick processing

Locations we Serve for Laser Cataract Surgery in Bangalore

Get the best treatment of cataract laser surgery in Bangalore with HexaHealth support. Take a look at the below image.

Laser Cataract Surgery in Bangalore

Why choose HexaHealth for laser cataract surgery in Bangalore?

Many people experience stress due to the expense of vision-restoring procedures. That’s why we work hard to offer the best possible experience.

The benefits of choosing HexaHealth include:

  1. Convenient initial consultation 

  2. Dedicated 24/7 care coordinator

  3. Best treatment at affordable rates

  4. Provision of advanced high-end intraocular lenses 

  5. Customised guidance and assistance throughout the application process

  6. Access to top surgeons in Bangalore

  7. Pickup and drop facilities during the day of the procedure

  8. High-end preoperative, operative and postoperative services

Note: Please do not hesitate to contact HexaHealth for more details or help. We prioritise your vision and well-being.

Expert doctors and hospitals in Bangalore

You can find the top doctors and hospitals for laser cataract treatment in Bangalore. With HexaHealth, you can get in touch with the most skilled doctors and get treated in the best hospitals

Best Doctors

The list below includes renowned doctors with extensive laser cataract surgery experience. Their expertise and dedication ensure meticulous care and the desired results.

  1. Dr Sirish Nelivigi has a rich experience of 28 years in the field. He practises at Nelivigi Eye Hospital. His areas of interest include squint surgery, cornea transplant, LASIK, and ptosis correction. 

  2. Dr Bindiya Hapani is an ophthalmology specialist with 18 years of clinical practice. Currently, she is associated with Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Koramangala. Pterygium excision, trabeculoplasty, keratoplasty and vitrectomy are some of her many specialisations.  

  3. Dr Devraj M is a reputed ophthalmologist in Bangalore. He has 27 years of experience. Currently, he is practising at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Rajajinagar. Dr Devraj specialises in eye surgeries like multifocal IOLs for presbyopia, toric IOLs for astigmatism, and implantable collamer lens (ICL).

  4. Dr Hemanth Kumar K specialises in orbital decompression surgery, cataract surgery, amblyopia surgery and iridotomy. He has 11 years of expertise as an ophthalmologist. Dr Hemanth is associated with Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Indiranagar. 

  5. Dr Mayanka Nayak is an eye specialist with a medical career of 12 years. She is currently practising in Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Whitefield. Squint surgery, cornea transplants, and LASIK are among her specialisations. 

  6. Dr Raghu Nagaraju has 19 years of significant experience in ophthalmology. Trabeculoplasty, keratoplasty, and squint surgery are his areas of interest. Dr Nagaraju is affiliated with Apollo Hospital, Sheshadripuram. 

  7. Dr Rajesh B T J is a well-known ophthalmologist at Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital in Indiranagar. He has 28 years of medical practice. His expertise includes scleral contact lenses, eye exercises for double vision and vision therapy exercises. 

  8. Dr Vinay Patil is a renowned eye surgeon associated with Sankalp Nethralaya and Polyclinic. Cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, and diabetic retinopathy treatment are his areas of interest. Dr Patil has a vast clinical career of over 20 years.

  9. Dr Sreepathi D K has 22 years of practice. He is affiliated with Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Yelahanka. Orbital decompression surgery, cataract surgery and amblyopia surgery are his specialisations. 

Note: Visit the HexaHealth website for a more detailed list of doctors per your location.

Best Hospital

Let's look at some top hospitals offering laser cataract surgery. These hospitals have the best facilities and professionals to ensure the utmost care and precision

  1. Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, offers cutting-edge eye care services. Their specialisation includes innovative surgical techniques like macro-phakic, glued IOL, PDEK, and SFTP. 

  2. Apollo Hospital, Sheshadripuram, is accredited by the JCI. Wide variety of ophthal procedures with the utmost precision are carried out here. They provide quality service and care to all.

  3. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Whitefield, is a facility dedicated to pioneering vision care. You can book an appointment at their facility through HexaHealth. Laser cataract surgery and contour vision are some of the procedures they perform. 

  4. Dr Rajesh Hospitals Eye and Dental, Indiranagar, provide a variety of treatments for dental and eye problems. They perform femtosecond, contoura vision and cataract surgeries daily.  

  5. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Rajajinagar, is committed to making eye care convenient and more precise. The hospital is part of a chain with 100 hospitals across 11 countries. They specialise in macro-phakic, glued IOL, PDEK, and SFTP.

  6. Nelivigi Eye Hospital, Bellandur With experienced ophthalmologists they prioritise the complex structure of the eyes. They offer care and surgical interventions for various eye conditions.

  7. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Koramangala With over 400 eye-care professionals, they focus on relentless research and innovation. They specialise in surgical techniques like macro-phakic, glued IOL, PDEK, and SFTP.  

  8. Sankalp Nethralaya and Polyclinic, HSR Layout excels in complex procedures like laser refractive and phacoemulsification surgery. Their ophthalmology services include glaucoma, retina examination, and contact lens prescription. 

  9. Gopala Nethralaya, Basaveshwar Nagar, stands out for its renowned ophthalmologists and international standard operation theatre. The hospital specialises in micro-incision cataract procedures and provides high-quality eye care for all patients.

  10. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Indiranagar, accepts several GIPSA and Non-GIPSA insurances. They provide quality ICU and OPD facilities to their patients. Glued IOL and PDEK are their specialisations. 

  11. Marigold Hospital, BTM Layout provides services in various departments, including general medicine, ophthalmology, and many more. They focus on delivering advanced medical treatments to their patients. 

Note: Visit the HexaHealth website for hospitals in your location. You can learn more about the femtosecond laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore hospitals by contacting us!

About Cataract and Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are like cloudy patches that can develop in our eye lenses with age. This condition can make our vision blurry, faded, or sensitive to glare. Usually developing gradually, cataracts may not cause visual issues initially. However, they slowly impair vision and necessitate intervention. Cataract surgery comes as a safe and effective way to fix this issue.

General symptoms that you face are:

  1. Blurry or hazy vision

  2. Double vision

  3. Glare sensitivity

  4. Faded colours

  5. Difficulty seeing at night

Note: Surgery is the only way to remove cataracts. This is mostly safe but has some risks, like infection and bleeding. That said, 95% of people with cataract surgery get improved vision.

Cataract Laser Surgery in Bangalore

To know more: Laser Cataract Surgery - Procedure, Types, Recovery Time

HexaHealth: Your Vision, Our Commitment to Laser Cataract Surgery Excellence

HexaHealth provides both preoperative and postoperative care for your eye health. The laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is affected by the technique and lens type.

We ensure you get the most advanced intraocular lenses through a trusted network hospital. Our team is committed to providing a seamless surgical experience. Contact us today for assistance!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The minimum laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is ₹ 47,000. Depending on your requirements and the type of hospital you choose, the cost may vary.


The average femtosecond laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is ₹ 65,000. The type of lens you require in the procedure impacts the overall price you incur.


The maximum laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is ₹ 1,50,000. This price would include the preoperative and postoperative tests and medications.


While Bangalore is generally more expensive than smaller cities, laser cataract surgery remains competitive. You may find lower costs elsewhere, but Bangalore provides advanced technology and experienced surgeons.


Yes, many clinics provide financing options to their patients. These aids include:

  1. GIPSA insurance

  2. Private insurance

  3. Medical claims 

  4. Medical loans

For more information, contact HexaHealth.


It depends on your specific insurance plan. Some pay a portion of the expenses, while others may not. Please get in touch with HexaHealth to clarify.


The toric lenses for cataract surgery cost in Bangalore would be as follows

Monofocal Toric 

    Indian: ₹ 65,000

    Foreign: ₹ 70,000

Multifocal Toric

    Indian: ₹ 80,000 to ₹ 90,000

    Foreign: ₹ 1,10,000 to ₹ 1,40,000


Femtosecond laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore would range between ₹ 47,000 to ₹ 1,50,000. For accurate prices, please get in touch with our HexaHealth consultants.


Yes, hospitals in Bengaluru provide robotic cataract surgery. It would cost between ₹ 47,000 to ₹ 1,50,000 at a medical facility.


  1. Monofocal

    1. Indian : ₹ 45,000 to ₹ 50,000

    2. Foreign : ₹ 55,000 to ₹ 90,000

  2. Monofocal Toric

    1. Indian: ₹ 65,000

    2. Foreign: ₹ 70,000

  3. Multifocal

    1. Indian: ₹ 70,000 to ₹ 95,000

    2. Foreign: ₹ 85,000 to ₹ 1,00,000

  4. Multifocal Toric

    1. Indian: ₹ 80,000 to ₹ 90,000

    2. Foreign: ₹ 1,10,000 to ₹ 1,40,000


The laser cataract surgery cost in Bangalore is affected by several factors. These components make up the entire surgical expenditure. Mentioned below are the major elements that influence the price:

  1. Type of surgery

  2. Type of intraocular lens

  3. Diagnostic tests performed

  4. Insurance coverage

  5. Medical history of the patient


Cataract surgery takes 10 to 20 minutes. However, in some cases where there might be complications, it might take longer.


To receive quality care, you need to be referred to a skilled ophthalmologist. Therefore, here are some of the top cataract surgeons you can consult in Bangalore:

  1. Dr Sirish Nelivigi

  2. Dr Bindiya Hapani

  3. Dr Devraj M

  4. Dr Hemanth Kumar K

  5. Dr Mayanka Nayak

Note: For a comprehensive list of specialists, please visit the HexaHealth website. 


Several well-known hospitals in the city have JCL accreditation and modern facilities. Keeping that in mind, here is a concise list of laser cataract surgery centres in Bangalore you can visit: 

  1. Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital

  2. Apollo Hospital

  3. Dr Rajesh Hospital Eye and Dental

  4. Nelivigi Eye Hospital

  5. Sankalp Nethralaya and Polyclinic

  6. Gopala Nethralaya

  7. Marigold Hospital


No, you cannot perform the surgery on both eyes at the same time. There has to be a  3 to 7-day gap between the surgery of each eye.


Before undergoing the procedure, you need to take certain tests. These help the doctor decide the right medical procedure. Mentioned below are some of the critical investigations they do:

  1. Imaging scans

  2. Retinal exams

  3. Optical coherence tomography (OCT)


The easiest and best way to find affordable pricing for this procedure is to visit the HexaHealth website. You will find rates of your liking at your location of choice.


The cost for premium intraocular lenses can be higher than other options available. The price of the procedure, including lens expense, could vary as follows:

Lens Type

Cost Range 


₹ 55,000 to ₹ 90,000

Monofocal Toric

₹ 70,000


₹ 85,000 to ₹ 1,00,000

Multifocal Toric

₹ 1,10,000 to ₹ 1,40,000


While the procedure is deemed relatively safe and effective, there are inherent risks involved, although rare. These include:

  1. Infection

  2. Bleeding

  3. Dislocation of the implanted lens

  4. Retinal detachment

  5. Glaucoma


Yes, sedation is required. You may be administered topical or local anaesthesia for the procedure.


There are several benefits of choosing HexaHealth for your procedure. These include:

  1. Pick up and drop for your operation

  2. Consultation with skilled surgeons

  3. Preoperative and postoperative care

  4. Advanced facilities and infrastructure


Laser cataract surgery has several potential benefits over traditional surgery. These advantages include:

  1. Lasers make more precise and predictable incisions, which lowers the risk of complications.

  2. Smaller incisions often lead to a faster and less painful recovery.

  3. Laser technology can be used to correct astigmatism during the procedure, potentially eliminating the need for glasses later.

  4. They can change the size and shape of incisions to suit specific needs and lens implants better.


Most people see improvement in their vision within the first few days of having laser cataract surgery. Full recovery, however, can take several weeks, with vision improving for up to six months.


While diabetics can generally undergo cataract surgery, it's crucial to have well-controlled blood sugar. Pre-existing eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy can increase risks. To determine the best course of action, discuss your health conditions thoroughly with your ophthalmologist..


Foldable lenses are made of silicone or acrylic material. Non-foldable lenses are made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate). Also, foldable lenses require smaller incisions and have less risk of complications. At the same time, non-foldables have lower costs and are durable.


Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery is referred to as FLACS. It uses a femtosecond laser to make incisions and fragment the cataract before extraction.


FLACS is more expensive but provides accurate incisions and cataract fragmentation using a femtosecond laser. Traditional techniques, such as phacoemulsification, are more economical because they depend on manual labour.



All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Disclaimer: The cost of the procedure or treatment mentioned here is just an estimate and can change based on various factors. All the prices are sourced from our patients, visitors, or hospital partners. For treatment-related inquiries, always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.


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Laser Cataract Surgery Cost Estimation in Bangalore

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