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Contoura Vision Cost Estimation in Pune

Given the various medical options available across hospitals, understanding the financial part of contoura vision cost in Pune is essential. There are different modalities to consider for those seeking advanced vision without the dependency on glasses or contacts.

In this article, we will look at the contours of vision cost, the factors influencing it, and the monetary support you can avail yourself of. We would also be looking at hospitals and proficient doctors in Pune.

Contoura Vision Cost in Pune Overview

Contoura Vision is an advanced eye surgery. This procedure aims to remove corneal irregularities, resulting in a clearer vision. Its blade-less technique sets it apart, reducing postoperative complications significantly and facilitating immediate improvements.

Also referred to as topography-guided LASIK or contoura LASIK, it removes the dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Its precision-driven approach makes it an excellent alternative to traditional laser surgeries. 

The technique is a US FDA-approved refractive surgery pioneer that minimises side effects associated with LASIK and SMILE. An excellent safety profile and precise results make it the gold standard in vision correction.

Keeping that in mind, the table below provides contoura vision cost in the Pune overview. 

Surgery Name 

Contoura Vision Surgery Cost

Minimum Cost 

₹ 75,000

Average Cost 

₹ 90,000

Maximum Cost 

₹ 1,10,000

Note: The pricing structure may change depending on individual factors and the patient's needs. For information and guidance regarding contoura vision cost in Pune, you can contact our experts at HexaHealth.

Calculate Contoura Vision CostCalculate Contoura Vision Cost

Best Doctors for Contoura Vision in Pune

Dr. Pradnya Nikam


22+ Years




Dr. Raghavendra Borgaonkar


20+ Years




Contoura Vision Cost from NABH Accredited Hospitals in Pune

Contoura Vision Insurance CoverageContoura Vision Insurance Coverage

Contoura Vision Cost Breakup in Pune

Understanding the detailed components contributing to the overall contoura vision price in Pune is important if you plan to undergo this procedure. Therefore, given below is a detailed breakdown of associated expenses:

Contoura Lasik Cost

Cost Breakup (INR)

Doctor Visit

₹ 1,200 to ₹ 2,000

Surgeon Fee

Usually billed in package

Anaesthetist Fee

Assistance Charge

Nursing Charge

OT Charge


₹ 3,000 to ₹ 6,500

Drugs and Consumables

₹ 850 to ₹ 3,000 (Pre and postoperative Medicines)

Hospital Stay

Same day discharge

Note: Surgeon, anaesthetist, assistance, nursing, and OT charges are generally billed as part of the surgical package. The above prices are approximations and may vary based on a patient's condition. 

It is recommended that you directly contact the chosen ophthalmologist or hospital for personalised and accurate cost details.

Factors that Affect Contoura Vision Cost in Pune

Understanding the variables influencing the contoura vision price in India is essential. The key factors contributing to the overall expenses associated with the procedure are listed below.

  1. Type of Contoura Lasik Technology: Contoura Vision uses two types of laser technology: femtosecond and excimer. This affects overall costs.

    1. Femtosecond Laser: This creates corneal flaps with minimal impact on surrounding tissue, ensuring accuracy and safety in contoura vision surgery.

    2. Excimer Laser:  It precisely reshapes the cornea, targeting and correcting refractive errors for improved vision clarity.

The advanced technology and effectiveness of the lasers mentioned above may result in a higher overall cost than conventional procedures.

  1. Diagnostics: Your doctor may recommend contoura LASIK-specific tests to be performed based on the specific condition. These add to the overall cost of the procedure as well. It includes the following:

    1. Wavefront Analysis: Maps and measures light path through the eye, identifying irregularities for individualised vision correction.

    2. Topography: Determines the curvature and shape of the cornea to detect abnormalities.

    3. Pachymetry: Assess the thickness of the cornea, which is important for understanding its health and suitability for surgery.

    4. Dry Eye Test: Determines the quality and quantity of tears to diagnose dry eye syndrome, which is important for pre-surgery evaluation.

    5. Pupil Measurement: This determines the size and reaction of the pupils. It aids in planning vision correction procedures and assessing potential complications.

  2. Type of Facility: The choice of the medical centre, whether a specialised eye clinic or a multi-specialty hospital in Pune, considerably impacts the cost. Higher-end facilities or those in prime areas may entail higher fees than smaller clinics.

  3. Surgeon's Expertise: The ophthalmologist's qualifications, skills, and experience performing the contoura vision surgery are key cost determinants. Highly skilled surgeons may charge higher fees for their specialised services.

  4. Perioperative Care: Pre-surgery evaluations, follow-up consultations, diagnostic tests, and postoperative care add to the total cost. These assessments aid in facilitating a smooth recovery.

  5. Procedure Duration: While the surgery typically lasts for a short duration (around 10 to 15 minutes), the complexity of each case might increase the time of the surgery. Thereby impacting the overall expenditure.

  6. Anaesthesia: The type of anaesthesia used can impact the overall cost. Topical anaesthesia is commonly used in contoura vision; specific sedatives may influence pricing.

  7. Consumables: Additional expenses such as prescribed medications and postoperative supplies can influence the overall procedure cost.

  8. Technology:  During the surgical process, advanced diagnostic tools, cutting-edge equipment, and high-tech machinery contribute to the overall cost. Bladeless, fully automated, and robotic technology integration may also impact pricing.

Contoura Vision Cost at Hospitals in Pune

You may have thought, Can I get contoura vision surgery near me, and what are the overall costs? Choosing the best hospital option for you and their price range is important. Keeping this in mind, here's a rough breakdown of the prices you can expect at some of the top medical centres:

Hospital Names

Contoura Vision Price in India

Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre

₹ 90,000 to ₹ 1,10,000

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Hadapsar Pune,

₹ 90,000 to ₹ 1,10,000

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Shitole Nagar Pune

₹ 90,000 to ₹ 1,10,000

Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre, Kalyani Nagar

₹ 75,000 to ₹ 90,000

Jeevan Sparsh Eye Hospital

₹ 75,000 to ₹ 90,000

Note: The listed prices are estimates and can vary based on your case and needs. For accurate information about contoura vision price, it is recommended to consult a specialist at your preferred Pune hospital.

Insurance for Contoura Vision

Understanding the financial aspects of contoura vision in Pune is essential when seeking insurance coverage and financial aid. In this section, we will be addressing the common queries regarding insurance support for the surgery surgery:

  1. Does medical insurance cover contoura vision cost in Pune?

  2. Which medical insurance companies in Pune extend coverage for Contoura Vision procedures?

  3. Do Pune hospitals facilitate cashless claims for Contoura Vision surgery expenses?

  4. Can reimbursement claims be initiated for Contoura Vision surgery expenses in Pune?

Our team at HexaHealth specialises in guiding and supporting individuals through this financial journey, assisting in understanding available options and navigating insurance coverage for Contoura Vision surgery in Pune.

Is Contoura Vision Cost Under Medical Insurance In Pune?

Health insurance coverage for contoura vision surgerycan be objective.Complex scenarios like if refractive power is equal to or greater than 7.5 D or if it's a case of eye injury or trauma. The treatment is deemed medically necessary in these cases, allowing it to be covered by insurance.

Speaking with your health insurance provider is crucial to understand your policy terms and conditions thoroughly. Some insurers may have specific requirements that must be met before agreeing to cover the surgery. These could include things like:

  1. Medical necessity documentation

  2. Pre-authorisation

As a result, thorough discussions with your insurance provider are essential to understand coverage specifics before surgery.

However, Hexa Health offers viable solutions even if insurance coverage is unavailable or your insurance plan has limitations. We accept a variety of payment methods, including:

  1. Credit cards

  2. Checks,

  3. No-cost EMI service

This service allows patients to conveniently manage their contoura vision surgery expenses by distributing them into manageable EMIs.

HexaHealth aims to provide individuals seeking surgical treatment with the necessary support and financial flexibility, regardless of their insurance coverage or financial constraints.

List of Medical Insurance Companies for Contoura Vision in Pune

To help manage the contoura vision price in India, understanding the coverage options offered by various medical insurance companies is important. For vision correction procedures, you can contact the organisations listed below.

Note: Please remember that the terms, eligibility requirements, and policy coverage may vary. You can contact your insurance provider or HexaHealth for specific coverage information and other specifics.

Cashless Claim for Contoura Vision in Pune

Opting for a cashless claim for the surgery simplifies the coverage of medical expenses through your health insurance policy without the need for upfront payments. To initiate this process seamlessly in Pune, here's what you should know:

Requirements for a Cashless Claim:

  1. Active Policy: Ensure your health insurance covers contoura vision surgery. Review your policy details for all minor details.

  2. Hospital Selection: Choose a healthcare facility in Pune affiliated with your insurance provider to avail of cashless treatment benefits.

  3. Initiating the Cashless Claim Process: Inform the chosen hospital in Pune about your intent to make a cashless claim. Initiate the pre-authorisation process with your insurer for approval. Then proceed with the surgery after verification.

HexaHealth Support and Guidance:

At HexaHealth, our experts provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to overcome the complexities associated with insurance. We facilitate smoother claim processing, ensuring you receive support throughout the process. Some benefits of seeking our expertise are:

  1. No upfront payments

  2. Seamless process

  3. Access to network hospital 

  4. Expert assistance

Availing cashless claim benefits for contoura vision cost in Pune not only eases financial concerns but also streamlines the entire treatment process. It provides peace of mind for individuals seeking an advanced vision correction procedure

Reimbursement Claim for Contoura Vision in Pune

The reimbursement process is crucial if you are seeking compensation for the surgery. Follow these steps to get your out-of-pocket expenses back:

  1. Ensure that your health insurance policy covers contoura vision cost in Pune and review the policy details to confirm eligibility.

  2. Pay for the surgery and retain all bills, receipts, and relevant medical documents as proof of expenses incurred.

  3. Contact your insurance company to obtain the necessary claim form to initiate the reimbursement process.

  4. Fill out the form accurately, providing details of contoura vision surgery costs and personal information as required.

  5. Compile all necessary documents and submit your request.

Stay in regular communication with your insurance provider to monitor the progress of the process. Upon approval, the compensation will be processed through a check or transfer.

HexaHealth professionals are dedicated to guiding you through this reimbursement process for contoura vision in Pune, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Medical Loan for Contoura Vision in Pune

For contoura LASIK cost, getting financial support is important as it helps manage healthcare expenses effectively. Opting for a medical loan offers a viable solution to bridge financial gaps between immediate medical needs and monetary constraints. Therefore, for a medical loan, you need to look into:

  1. Customised Repayment Plans: Medical loans offer adaptable repayment terms, allowing you to structure it according to your financial capacity. 

  2. Research: Conduct comprehensive research and compare different lenders before undergoing the procedure. Selecting the right provider ensures a smooth and stress-free treatment experience.

  3. HexaHealth Financial Guidance: We understand the significance of budgetary assistance. Our experts can assist and guide you through securing a medical loan, offering valuable support for your economic needs.

The Right Candidate for Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura vision surgery is a transformative technique known for its precision and effectiveness. While the procedure has a high success rate, is painless and quick, not everyone is a suitable candidate. The following characteristics are for the ideal surgery candidate

  1. Age and Prescription Stability: 18 or older with a stable vision prescription for at least a year. Consistency in prescription ensures more predictable and satisfactory post-surgery outcomes.

  2. Eye Health: Candidates with eye diseases, chronic infections, or ongoing ocular issues may not be suitable. Optimal candidates have healthy eyes for a smoother recovery and better results.

  3. Corneal Thickness: Adequate density is vital for a safe and successful procedure. Candidates need sufficient corneal thickness to undergo contoura vision surgery.

  4. Limitations: Candidates must have realistic expectations about the potential outcomes of the surgery. Understanding both the restrictions and risks involved is crucial for post-surgery satisfaction.

  5. Consultation: Discussing with an ophthalmologist or eye care professional is crucial for a personalised evaluation of candidacy for the procedure. They assess factors such as eye health, corneal structure, and overall suitability.

Note: The evaluation process to determine eligibility for the surgery typically takes around 2 hours.

Benefits of Contoura Vision Surgery

This process has potential advantages that are not limited to finances. Here are some benefits of contours LASIK in Pune:

  1. Treatment Plan: Utilises advanced technology designed for each patient's unique eye structure, effectively addressing issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

  2. Visual Improvement: Reshapes the cornea to enhance and sharpen eyesight, reducing common vision issues such as difficulty with night driving, glare, light sensitivity, and dry eyes.

  3. Post-Surgery Recovery: Swift and long-term healing contribute to an enhanced quality of life for patients.

  4. Effectiveness: Painless procedure with high success rates that immediately enhance vision, often decreasing dependence on glasses or contacts.

  5. Precision and Minimal Tissue Removal: Accurately maps and guides the surgical process. It minimises optical imperfections that could cause post-surgical symptoms and ensures improved outcomes.

  6. Reduced Risks: Any issues associated with traditional LASIK surgeries are reduced, making it a feasible option for eyes previously deemed unsuitable for treatment.

  7. US FDA-Approved Safety: Contoura vision surgery is globally affiliated, ensuring a trustworthy and reliable procedure in spectacles removal.

  8. Non-Invasive and Comfortable: A blade-less, painless procedure without the need for bandages, stitches, or injections, allowing patients to walk in and out comfortably, free from spectacles.

  9. Minimal Disruption: Offers a convenient approach to correcting vision, requiring no hospitalisation and allowing individuals to swiftly resume daily activities.

Note: It is important to consult an ophthalmologist to determine how these benefits align with individual circumstances. Also consider if contoura vision surgery is the best option for vision correction or not.

Steps and Recovery for Contoura Vision 

A few things should be considered regarding the procedure and its recovery. These precautions will assist your doctor in making an accurate diagnosis. 

Preparing for Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura LASIK requires specific pre and postoperative care for an effective surgery and a smooth recovery. Given below are ways you can prepare for the procedure:

  1. Provide your ophthalmologist with a comprehensive health history. It includes medications, allergies, and existing eye conditions. Thus, aiding in accurate assessment and surgical planning.

  2. Assessment of current vision levels and intraocular pressure for guiding the surgical approach.

  3. Maintain adequate hydration levels by increasing water intake. It promotes overall eye health during the pre and postoperative period.

  4. If wearing contact lenses, switch to glasses as your ophthalmologist advises to stabilise the cornea before surgery.

  5. Post-surgery, utilise protective eye shields at night for approximately a week to safeguard eyes during the initial healing phase.

  6. Apply recommended lubricants or eye drops to prevent dryness throughout recovery.

  7. Follow prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and facilitate healing.

  8. Refrain from touching or rubbing your eyes for at least four weeks post-surgery to prevent complications and ensure a smooth healing process.

  9. Safeguard your eyes from water and potential contaminants during recovery to prevent irritations or complications.

  10. Adequate rest, avoiding strenuous activities that might strain your eyes, promoting optimal healing and recovery.

Following these instructions can help you to ensure a successful contoura vision surgery and a comfortable recovery period.

Next Examination with the LASIK Specialist

A thorough examination helps develop your personalised treatment strategy, ensuring precision, safety, and appropriate outcomes. The following procedure will be included in your follow-up examination with the LASIK Specialist:

  1. Assessment of Expectations: Our specialist will discuss your motivations, needs, and expectations regarding LASIK. Understanding your goals helps tailor the procedure to meet your vision enhancement objectives.

  2. Detailed Refraction Measurement: Precise evaluation of your prescription (refraction) will be conducted to accurately understand the extent of your vision correction needs.

  3. Pupil Size and Reaction: Examination of the size and reaction of your pupils aids in planning the procedure and assessing potential complications.

  4. Corneal Mapping and Thickness Measurement: Our specialist will use advanced technology like the Topolyzer Vario to digitally map the shape of your cornea (topography maps) and measure its thickness (pachymetry). These assessments are crucial for evaluating corneal health and procedure suitability.

Note: During this examination, your eyes will be dilated. Keeping your eyes closed briefly is advisable to facilitate dilation, allowing for a more thorough evaluation.

Recovery after Contoura Vision Surgery

Following an eye operation to remove spectacles, the recovery phase is swift, with minimal discomfort experienced by most people. Adherence to postoperative guidelines is essential for a smooth and successful recovery:

  1. Precise Eye Drop Regimen: Strictly adhere to the prescribed schedule for eye lubricants and medications. These aids in healing and prevent potential complications during the recovery process.

  2. Avoid Eye Strain: Steer clear of activities that could impact your eyes, such as extended screen time or exposure to bright lights, allowing for a more comfortable healing process.

  3. Scheduled Follow-Up Appointments: Attend all scheduled postoperative consultations with your ophthalmologist to evaluate visual outcomes accurately.

  4. Swift Visual Recovery: Many patients report noticeable improvements in vision within the initial 24 to 48 hours post-surgery, with continued enhancement as the recovery progresses.

  5. Protecting the Environment: Prevent exposure to pollution or dust during the crucial healing phase to minimise irritation or potential infections.

Note: These guidelines for contoura vision surgery recovery offer a general overview. For personalised and detailed information regarding recovery, and suitability consult an ophthalmologist or LASIK specialist.

Get Advanced Contoura Vision Surgery in Pune

Other than affordability ofthe contoura vision machine cost, the technique has other advantages. This makes it a preferred choice for people seeking vision correction. Here are some key benefits of the procedure that you can avail:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Contoura vision provides rapid treatment, completing correction for a single dioptre in merely 1.6 seconds, ensuring efficient correction for patients.

  2. Customised Treatments: Patients receive personalised care for their unique vision needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and individualised attention.

  3. Corneal Tissue Preservation: Advanced technology preserves over 40% more corneal tissue than other lasers, promoting safety and quicker recovery.

  4. Endorsement by the US FDA: Accredited for improving night vision and contrast sensitivity, the laser technology ensures superior vision quality even in low-light conditions.

  5. Trusted by Leading Surgeons: Highly respected by LASIK surgeons for its reliability, precision, and successful outcomes in vision correction.

  6. Speedy Recovery: Swift treatment leads to faster visual improvement and better outcomes, with patients requiring minimal rest.

  7. Advanced Eye Tracking: Featuring the world's fastest eye tracker, the procedure ensures precision and accuracy, even with involuntary eye movements. It enhances patient satisfaction.

  8. Painless Experience: Contoura Vision surgery offers a comfortable and painless experience. It minimises discomfort and ensures a smooth journey towards better vision.

  9. Enhanced Lifestyle: Patients can enjoy an enhanced quality of life, free from glasses or contact lenses, enabling them to engage in activities without the limitations of visual aids.

Why choose HexaHealth for Contoura Vision in Pune?

HexaHealth is a top choice for people seeking contoura vision laser eye surgery in Pune. Here are some of the reasons why HexaHealth is a top choice:

Benefits of HexaHealth

Affordable Healthcare

At HexaHealth, contoura LASIK procedures start from ₹75,000, ensuring affordability without compromising quality care. Avail the best offers for the procedure at your preferred hospital.

Comprehensive Information

Our platform offers in-depth insights into the surgery, covering risks, benefits, and recovery timelines. Authentic reviews and ratings for hospitals and doctors enable informed decision-making.

Expert Engagement

Simplify the appointment booking process with top ophthalmologists in Pune for contoura vision. Directly engage with expert doctors via WhatsApp to discuss concerns or queries before committing to the procedure.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from diverse payment modes like cash, card, online transactions, or EMI options, ensuring a seamless and convenient payment process.

Extensive Healthcare Network

Access our extensive network of over 2000+ hospitals and 5000+ doctors across India, guaranteeing access to premier facilities and specialists.

Supportive System

Benefit from our dedicated support system throughout your journey. HexaHealth offers easy consultations, resolves queries, and provides follow-up and assistance, ensuring a comfortable recovery process.

Transparency and Ethical Standards

We prioritise honesty, ethical practices, and privacy. Guaranteed no hidden fees or commissions and safeguard personal information with complete privacy.

HexaHealth provides high-quality contoura vision, renowned for its effectiveness, safety, and successful outcomes. Our dedicated team assists with scheduling and billing, ensuring optimal vision and an improved quality of life.

Contoura Vision Cost from Expert Doctors in Pune

The following is a list of renowned expert doctors with extensive experience performing advanced laser eye surgery. Their expertise and dedication ensure that those seeking contoura vision receive meticulous care and optimal results.

  1. Dr Vijay Parbatani, an esteemed ophthalmologist with 23 years of experience, is affiliated with Manipal Hospital, Kharadi. Renowned for his expertise in laser cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, diabetic retinopathy treatment, and more. He emphasises accurate diagnosis and empathetic patient care. 

  2. Dr Anand Palimkar,  affiliated with Apollo Adlux Hospital, Karukutty, an ophthalmologist with 26 years of experience. Dr Palimkar has expertise in laser cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy treatment, amblyopia surgery, and ptosis correction.

  3. Dr Shital Lalwani,  renowned for expertise in robotic cataract surgery, multifocal and toric premium lens implants, and refractive surgery. He is a distinguished ophthalmologist with over 21 years of experience, practices at Jeevan Sparsh Eye Hospital. Dr Lalwani has performed over 10,000 advanced cataract lens implant surgeries and over 5000 cataract surgeries for underprivileged patients. 

  4. Dr Ashis Ghosh,  an adept ophthalmologist with 14 years of experience, practices at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Hadapsar. His specialised skills encompass cataracts, glaucoma, refractive surgery, and medical retina. Dr Ghosh is recognised for his meticulous diagnoses and empathetic patient care in ophthalmology.

  5. Dr Santosh Bhide, is recognised for his empathetic approach to treating complex eye conditions, establishing him as a trusted expert for eye treatment. A seasoned ophthalmologist with over 36 years of experience at Ruby Hall Clinic. He offers treatments, including YAG laser, premium IOL implant surgery, and corrective contact lenses. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and precise diagnoses. 

  6. Dr Baban C Dolas,  an esteemed ophthalmologist with 26 years of experience at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Shitole Nagar. He specialises in glaucoma treatment, refractive surgery, corneal surgery, cataract surgery, and LASIK, with over 40,000 successful eye surgeries. Dr Dolas is committed to eye health through initiatives like the Global Vision Foundation and pioneering the first eye bank in PCMC.

  7. Dr Medha Prabhudesai, an esteemed ophthalmologist with 38 years of expertise at Prabhudesai Eye Clinic. She specialises in cataracts, glaucoma, and refractive surgery. Her super speciality training in managing glaucoma and anterior segment disorders highlights her exceptional skills. 

Note: This is a short list. You can visit the HexaHealth website for a more comprehensive list of doctors in your specific location and area of residence. 

Contoura Vision from Hospitals in Pune

Let's take a look at some of the top hospitals that provide advanced contour vision surgery. These hospitals have the best facilities and teams to ensure that it is performed with care and precision.

  1. Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre,  in Kalyani Nagar, is a pioneering international eye chain, known for its modern facilities and comprehensive ophthalmological services. With a skilled team of doctors and nursing staff, offering specialised care in complex procedures, including cataracts, retina, glaucoma, etc. It ensures high medical treatment and patient care standards.

  2. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Hadapsar Pune, is part of the renowned Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital chain. A leading ophthalmological institution headquartered in Chennai and spanning 100 hospitals across 11 countries. With over six decades of expertise and trust from five million patients, their team of 400+ eye-care professionals. They're known for groundbreaking surgical techniques like macro-phakonit, glued IOL, PDEK, and SFTP, aiming to continually improve and simplify eye care.

  3. Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre, Kalyani Nagar, offers top-tier ophthalmology services. Renowned for its expertise in complex procedures including cataract, retina, glaucoma, myopia control, and orthokeratology. It upholds high standards in patient care and advanced treatments.

  4. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Shitole Nagar Pune, including intensive care units and modern operation theatres, providing top-notch ophthalmological treatments. Renowned for complex procedures like macro-phakonit, Glued Intraocular lens, and SFTP. They ensure world-class eye care accessibility for everyone.

  5. Jeevan Sparsh Eye Hospital,  led by renowned surgeon Dr Shital Lalwani, stands out as a premier eye care centre. Boasting over 15 years of expertise and a sprawling 10,000-square-foot facility. It offers comprehensive ophthalmic services and cutting-edge technology, providing top-tier eye care at accessible costs.

Note: This is an exhaustible list of top hospitals you can refer to. For more hospitals based on your locality, you can visit the HexaHealth website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The minimum contoura vision cost is ₹ 75,000. This can, however, vary depending on the clinic of choice, the surgeon's expertise, and the patient's specific needs.


On average, contoura vision cost in Pune is around ₹90,000. This includes the surgeon's fees, facility fees, pre-and postoperative costs, and additional medications or tests.


The maximum contoura vision price you might expect can reach up to ₹1,10,000. Higher costs are frequently associated with factors such as a highly experienced surgeon or a prestigious clinic and hospital.


The overall contoura vision surgery cost is heavily influenced by the surgeon's experience and the clinic's reputation. High-quality surgeons or clinics with a track record of successful surgeries may charge higher fees to reflect their expertise and service quality.


Clinics in prime locations or upscale neighbourhoods may charge a slightly higher fee than those in less central locations. Therefore, the geographic location does affect the cost of your surgery.


The complexity of your eye condition and prescription determines the cost of treatment. Complicated issues frequently necessitate specialised care and cutting-edge methods, raising costs. Additional resources may be required for severe illnesses or prescriptions, raising the overall cost.


The total cost breakdown typically includes surgeon fees, facility charges encompassing OT (operation theatre) fees, nursing charges, pre, and postoperative medications or consumables, and any additional tests or procedures required.


Yes, additional costs may be incurred in addition to the surgery itself. These might include:

  1. Pre-operative assessments

  2. postoperative medications

  3. Special eye drops or enhancements, if needed

Discussing the extra expenses with your surgeon beforehand is crucial to prepare accordingly.


If the refractive power is high (usually equal to or greater than 7.5 D) or the issue is due to an injury or trauma to the eye, insurance eligibility is fulfilled. Coverage is determined by medical necessity, and insurance companies may have specific criteria to meet before the surgery is approved.


Several insurance companies and schemes in Pune cover Lasik surgery costs. Some of these include:

  1. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance 

  2. The New India Assurance 

  3. Care Health Insurance 

  4. Star Health and Allied Insurance 

  5. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance


For contoura vision cost in Pune, EMI financing options are available. These allow patients to pay in instalments, making the procedure more financially manageable.


Consult your insurance provider to see if your plan covers contoura vision surgery and to learn about financing options. They will help you navigate insurance criteria and provide various payment options, such as no-cost EMIs, credit cards, and financial aid, such as medical loans.


A person's requirements determine the best LASIK surgeon in Pune. It is best to look for positive patient feedback and have experience with contoura vision surgery. Some well-known ophthalmologists are:

  1. Dr Vijay Parbatani: A seasoned ophthalmologist at Manipal Hospital renowned for precise laser cataract surgery and compassionate patient care for over 24 years.

  2. Dr Anand Palimkar: With 27 years of experience at Apollo Adlux Hospital. He is known for laser cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy treatment, and amblyopia surgery.

  3. Dr Shital Lalwani: Distinguished for over 21 years at Jeevan Sparsh Eye Hospital. Excelling in robotic cataract surgery and premium lens implants.

  4. Dr Ashis Ghosh: Adept Ophthalmologist at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital for 14 years, recognised for cataracts, glaucoma, and refractive surgery.

  5. Dr Santosh Bhide: With over 36 years at Ruby Hall Clinic, a trusted expert in YAG laser, premium IOL implant surgery.


Choosing the best LASIK eye hospital in Pune entails considering factors such as advanced technology, surgeon expertise, patient satisfaction, and outcomes. The top five hospitals for effective eye treatment are as follows:

  1. Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre

  2. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Hadapsar Pune,

  3. Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Shitole Nagar Pune

  4. Dr Parbatanis Eye Clinic and Advanced Laser Centre, Kalyani Nagar

  5. Jeevan Sparsh Eye Hospital

Please keep in mind that these are only a few of the top-rated healthcare facilities. Contact HexaHealth to learn about additional clinics or hospitals that provide your preferred treatmen


HexaHealth uses FDA-approved technology to provide affordable, painless, bladeless contoura vision surgery. Our expertise, financial aid options, and patient-centred approach set us apart in delivering positive results.


Contoura Vision surgery corrects corneal irregularities, allowing for more precise vision correction and reducing the need for glasses or lenses. Its primary advantages include immediate vision improvement and few postoperative complications.


The contoura vision procedure involves corneal mapping, reshaping the cornea with two lasers (femtosecond and excimer), and correcting vision irregularities. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes per eye and is performed with topical anaesthesia.


Contoura Vision customises laser treatment using advanced corneal mapping to precisely correct corneal irregularities. It provides more accurate and personalised vision correction than traditional LASIK, improving visual outcomes.


Patients typically experience immediate vision improvement following Contoura Vision surgery. Recovery is painless, with most people returning to normal activities within a few hours or a day.


Pre-operative tests before Contoura Vision surgery include:

  1. Comprehensive eye exams

  2. Corneal mapping

  3. Refraction measurements

  4. Eye pressure checks

  5. Assessments for eye health and corneal thickness


The contoura vision surgery process takes approximately 2 hours from consultation to recovery. A scheduled procedure, immediate postoperative recovery, and same-day discharge follow this.


The contoura vision technique reshapes the cornea precisely based on detailed corneal mapping. They use advanced lasers such as femtosecond and excimer lasers for the procedure.


Dry eyes, glare, halos, and under/overcorrection are all potential risks of contoura vision surgery. However, technological advancements have significantly reduced these risks.


Contoura Vision surgery is effective for various refractive errors but may not be appropriate for severe cases. Thorough evaluations are required to determine candidacy.


Contoura vision is suitable for correcting astigmatism and other refractive errors, offering precise and personalised treatment for this condition.


When the eyes have stabilised, the recommended age for contoura vision surgery is typically over 18 years. However, candidacy is assessed individually by the doctor based on the diagnosis.


Yes, contoura vision has no blades. It employs cutting-edge technology to provide precise and painless vision correction.


Patients can return to normal activities within a day or two of surgery. Most people notice an immediate improvement in their vision.


Individuals with stable vision, adequate corneal thickness, and realistic expectations about outcomes and recovery are ideal candidates for contoura vision surgery.


Contoura Vision is safe because it employs FDA-approved technology and advanced techniques to reduce risks and ensure successful outcomes.


The recovery time for Contoura Vision surgery is relatively short, with most patients experiencing immediate vision enhancement and returning to routine activities within a day.



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Contoura Vision Cost Estimation in Pune

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