How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes Permanently?

Written by Hexahealth Care Team, last updated on 14 July 2023
How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes Permanently?

Type 2 diabetes, or T2D, had long been identified as a chronic, incurable disease based on traditional treatment methodologies. It is still not possible to cure type 2 diabetes permanently. However, research suggests a reversal is possible with certain lifestyle, dietary and medication changes.

If you are wondering how to cure type 2 diabetes naturally, then weight loss has been identified as one of the keys to helping control the disease. With specific diet changes and physical activities, attaining and holding normal sugar levels might be possible even without medication. Read on to know more..

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a debilitating disease that occurs when the blood glucose or sugar level is too high. It happens due to insufficient production or insufficient utilization of the hormone insulin (helps food turn into energy), which is produced by pancreatic beta cells.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is hereditary while Type 2 diabetes develops due to poor lifestyle like bad eating habits, obesity, and no physical exercise. Notably, 90 to 95% of all diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes.

If not controlled with proper treatment, then diabetes can cause severe damage to the kidneys, eyes, nerves, and heart.

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Curing Type 2 Diabetes Permanently

As stated earlier, doctors cannot guarantee a cure for type 2 diabetes permanently. It is because once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he/she is likely to develop high blood sugar due to underlying issues in beta cells or genetic factors. 

With treatment, it is possible to shift diabetes into remission, which means that the disease remains under control. A diabetic is considered to be under remission when HbA1c (or haemoglobin A1c) test result is under 48 mmol/mol or 6.5% post-stopping diabetes medicines for three months.

Type 2 Diabetes Remission

Besides continuing with the treatment, appropriate lifestyle changes are crucial in order to keep the blood sugar level under check. Some of the lifestyle changes that can help with diabetes remission are elaborated below. Have a look!

  1. Weight Loss: The presence of excess body fat has a direct impact on how the body produces and uses insulin. Hence, it is in the best interest to lose weight as soon as possible after the diagnosis of diabetes.

    Studies show that if a person with a high body mass index (BMI) drops 5% of his/her weight, there will be noticeable improvements in blood sugar levels, lesser requirements for medicines, and fewer complications as well.

  2. Physical Activity: It is essential to partake in some form of physical activity for overall good health. But after a diabetes diagnosis, physical activity becomes much more important as it helps to reverse the symptoms and aids in weight loss as well. 

    Before starting an exercise routine, one must get in touch with the healthcare team to make a plan and then stick to it. Some of the key tips to mind are as follows:

    1. A person should start slow if they haven’t exercised in a long time. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of the workout.
    2. One can try walking fast. This is one of the best physical activities that requires no equipment either.
    3. Keep an eye out on blood sugar levels in order to avoid sudden blood sugar drops or spikes.
  1. Stricter Diet: Thinking about how to cure diabetes permanently without medicines? One may not be able to cure it permanently, but a person can surely keep it under check naturally by consuming a nutrient-rich diet. 

    A diabetes-friendly diet must comprise whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, and other healthy fats, as well as enough calories to maintain a moderate weight, fruits, poultry items, fish, and other lean proteins. Besides, the diet should also be devoid of alcohol (very limited, if you drink) and consist of limited added salt, sugar, and fats.

    Diabetes patients should make it a point to consult a doctor and draw a personalized meal plan for the best results.

Medications and Alternative Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes

Although many people are able to control type 2 diabetes by exercising regularly and following a nutritious diet, others do require medication for the same. Again, it is not possible yet to permanently cure diabetes with any medication or alternative treatment. But, the condition can be controlled with a consistent treatment plan.

  1. Allopathic Medication: The type and dose of medicines depend on a patient’s health conditions, age and overall treatment goal. Some of the drugs that help reduce blood glucose levels are:

    1. Glinides

    2. Metformin

    3. SGLT2 inhibitors, such as gliflozins

    4. Sulfonylureas, such as glipizide

    5. Gliptins, such as sitagliptin

    6. There are also some medications that help reduce diabetes-associated health risks, such as heart disease. Some of these medicines are statins, aspirin, and antihypertensives.
  1. Ayurvedic Medication: Looking for an answer on how to cure type 2 diabetes permanently by Ayurveda? Some of the best ayurvedic treatments for diabetes are shilajit, turmeric, neem, amalaki, triphala, bitter gourd, rose apples, leaves of the bilva plant, and aloe vera etc.

    Also, it has been observed that herbal therapy is the most common Ayurvedic treatment form. Thereby, in a pursuit to cure type 2 diabetes permanently, some of the extensively studied Ayurvedic herbs beneficial for lowering glucose levels are gymnema sylvestre, coccinia indica, momordica charantia, and eugenia jambolana. 
  1. Homoeopathic Medications: If a person wants to know how to cure type 2 diabetes permanently naturally, then they must look for homoeopathic options. Although the cure is not permanent, in fact, so far, homoeopathic treatments for diabetes have been tested only on animals, and there is no homoeopathic substitute for insulin either.

    However, some homoeopathic remedies like Uranium nitricum, Conium, or hemlock, Calendula or marigold etc can help treat diabetes-related symptoms, such as numbness in hands and feet, infections, kidney malfunction, and high blood sugar levels.

Maintaining and Monitoring Blood Sugar Level

The person can use a glucometer or a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to keep a tab on their blood glucose levels. A glucometer works by detecting the amount of sugar in a small blood sample, usually taken from fingertips. On the other hand, a CGM comes with a sensor that is inserted under the skin and helps to take blood sugar readings every few minutes.

Alongside monitoring blood sugar levels periodically, one should also take all necessary steps to manage the same. To keep blood glucose levels from getting too high, one should consider 

  1. Being more active.

  2. Take all medicines as per prescription.

  3. Be sure to consult your doctor about the types of insulin and how much of it you should take.


Now that you have an idea about the possibilities and realities of how to cure type 2 diabetes permanently, take the necessary precautions. It is time to reset lifestyle choices to lead a healthier life.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease with long-term health implications. It develops when your blood sugar or blood glucose level is too high due to insufficient insulin production or usage.

Notably, it is not possible to cure type 2 diabetes permanently, but the symptoms can be reversed.

Why is it important to cure type 2 diabetes permanently?

As of today, it is not possible to cure type 2 diabetes permanently naturally. But, if not treated on time, type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health complications.

Even minor elevations in blood glucose that do not even cause symptoms can leave long-term effects on the body. High blood glucose can end up damaging nerves, organs and blood vessels.

How to cure type 2 diabetes permanently?

It might not be possible to cure Type 2 diabetes permanently. But, it is possible to reverse the condition to an extent where you do not require medication to manage it.

Is it possible to cure type 2 diabetes completely?

Type 2 diabetes can be a reversal condition. You can try and keep the symptoms under check (remission) by incorporating dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and approved medications.

How to cure type 2 diabetes permanently naturally?

When talking about natural type 2 diabetes remedies, it essentially refers to homoeopathic treatments. However, there is no homoeopathic substitute for insulin, nor are any of the homoeopathic therapies tested on humans.

That said, there are some natural treatments that can control diabetes-related health issues.

What are the steps to achieve a permanent cure for type 2 diabetes?

There are no medically approved steps yet to achieve a permanent cure for type 2 diabetes.

But, one can reach and hold normal blood sugar levels through dietary changes, weight loss, physical activities, and medication.

How to cure type 2 diabetes permanently by Ayurveda?

It is not yet possible to cure type 2 diabetes permanently by Ayurveda.

But, recent studies show the possibility of using herbal plants and Ayurvedic therapies to control the symptoms of diabetes.

How to cure type 2 diabetes permanently by homoeopathy?

There is no permanent homoeopathic cure for type 2 diabetes. It is, however, possible to control some diabetes-related symptoms, such as numbness and kidney issues with certain homoeopathic medicines.

How to cure type 2 diabetes permanently without medicines?

You can keep type 2 diabetes under control without medicines by incorporating dietary changes, increasing physical activity, and actively trying to lose weight. However, you must consult a doctor before incorporating any of these changes.

Is there a specific diet or lifestyle change that can permanently cure type 2 diabetes?

There are no specific guidelines in terms of diet and lifestyle changes to control type 2 diabetes. These vary from individual to individual, and such changes must be personalised.

Are there any alternative therapies or treatments that offer a permanent cure for type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes cannot be cured permanently. But, you may take the complementary and alternative therapy (CAM) approach rather than going for conventional medicines.

Can weight loss help in permanently curing type 2 diabetes?

No, weight loss cannot cure type 2 diabetes permanently. However, it can act as a healthy lifestyle choice and help keep your blood sugar under control, thereby promoting remission.

Are there any specific medications or treatments that can permanently cure type 2 diabetes?

No, type 2 diabetes cannot be cured permanently with the help of medications.

But, it can be reversed to a point where you no longer need to manage it extensively, and your body can go years without concerns or severe issues.

What are the long-term effects of permanently curing type 2 diabetes?

Although type 2 diabetes cannot be cured permanently, it can be reversed in the longer run.

Through proper medication, dietary changes and weight loss, you can reach normal blood sugar levels.

Can exercise play a role in permanently reversing type 2 diabetes?

Exercise can lead to weight loss which can help you maintain normal blood sugar levels. But, it cannot cure type 2 diabetes permanently.

Is bariatric surgery a potential solution for permanently curing type 2 diabetes?

Through bariatric surgery, a high number of patients with type 2 diabetes have experienced an improvement in the symptoms of diabetes within a year of the surgery. However, it is not a permanent solution.

How do stress management and mental health impact the permanent cure of type 2 diabetes?

Stress and poor mental health can affect blood sugar levels, which is particularly dangerous in the case of diabetes patients.

Therefore, it is crucial to manage stress levels and mental health, which will directly impact eating and exercise habits, thus keeping sugar levels under check.

Are there any specific supplements or herbs that can aid in permanently curing type 2 diabetes?

There are no herbs or supplements that can permanently cure type 2 diabetes.

But, some can certainly help control blood sugar levels. Some of these are aloe vera, cinnamon, gymnema, ginger, and bitter melon.

Are there any nonsurgical ways to cure type 2 diabetes permanently?

There are some proven on-surgical ways to keep type 2 diabetes under check. These include dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, natural weight loss and medication.

What may happen if type 2 diabetes is not cured permanently?

It is not possible to cure type 2 diabetes, but it must be kept under control actively. Otherwise, high blood sugar levels can be extremely damaging to our organs, blood vessels, and nerves.

What symptoms and signs will suggest improvement in type 2 diabetes?

One of the biggest signs your type 2 diabetes is improving is when the HbA1c level remains below 48 mmol/mol or lower than 6.5% without diabetes medication for at least three months at a stretch.

Other than that, if you are losing weight or maintaining a moderate weight, eating well and exercising, you might see improvement with some time.

How much time does it take to cure type 2 diabetes permanently?

Type 2 diabetes cannot be cured permanently, but it can be reversed with proper medication in the longer run.

It can be put into remission by weight loss. Some people have even put diabetes into remission after 25 years of being diagnosed with it.


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