8 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Anxiety Disorder

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Aman Priya Khanna
Written by Shivani Arora, last updated on 27 April 2023
8 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Anxiety Disorder

There is numerous treatment options for anxiety. And homoeopathic medicine for anxiety, such as aconite, pulsatilla, lycopodium, etc., have been gaining popularity in recent years. Homoeopathy has been a notable alternative treatment solution for decades. And over the years, much research has helped determine its role in psychological conditions like anxiety. 

Well, homoeopathic medicine has been around for two centuries, and many patients claim that “homoeopathy cured my anxiety,” doing wonders when dealing with the condition. So, read on to understand the homoeopathic medicine for anxiety and depression and other lifestyle changes that can help you deal with the conditions.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural response to stress that most people experience at some point in their lives. It is characterized by feelings of fear, worry, and apprehension that can be accompanied by physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, and trembling. 

Anxiety can be a normal and even helpful response in certain situations, such as before a big presentation or when facing potential danger. However, when anxiety becomes excessive and starts to interfere with daily activities, it can be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

There are several different types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and specific phobias. Each type of anxiety disorder has its own set of symptoms and diagnostic criteria.

Some of the common symptoms of anxiety disorders include 

  1. Excessive worrying
  2. Restlessness
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Irritability
  5. Muscle tension
  6. Sleep disturbances. 

These symptoms can be persistent and can interfere with daily activities such as work, school, and social interactions.

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of anxiety disorders, including genetic factors, brain chemistry, and life experiences. Traumatic events such as abuse, neglect, or loss can also increase the risk of developing an anxiety disorder.

Treatment for anxiety disorders typically involves a combination of medication and therapy. While there are various conventional treatments available for anxiety, some people turn to alternative therapies such as homoeopathy to manage their symptoms.

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Role of Homoeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

Homoeopathic medicines stimulate the human body’s capacity to heal with a minor dosage. Plus, they have no side effects. To know more about the role of homoeopathic medicine for anxiety, read on…

  1. Homoeopathic medicines can reduce anxiety attacks' intensity, frequency, and duration.
  2. They promote well-being and sleep among patients who frequently suffer from anxiety.
  3. If patients combine homoeopathic medicine with counselling or psychotherapy, they can experience the best result.

Benefits of Homoeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

Through detailed observation over the years, it has been noticed that homoeopathic medicines give relief to patients who experience a state of anxiety and are frequent victims of the same medical condition.

Some common benefits of homoeopathic medicine for anxiety include:

  1. Homoeopathic medication is an effective remedy for the underlying causes of depression and anxiety issues. It reduces the emotional oversensitivity of the patient in a specified way tailored for that particular patient only.
  2. Homoeopathy treatment also helps regulate serotonin, our bodies' happy hormone.
  3. With homoeopathy, you are less likely to develop a reliance on drugs to cure anxiety as it eliminates the root cause of the same.
  4. The side effects of this treatment are not many, and even if there are any, those are due to overdosage.
These benefits can be availed by consuming the common homoeopathic medicines for anxiety listed in the next section.

Homoeopathic Medicines for Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety often, then there are certain homoeopathy treatments that you might want to try.

Some of the best homoeopathic medicines for anxiety and depression, and panic attacks, as recommended by experts, include the following:

  1. Argentum nitricum: This medication is distinctively for patients suffering from anxiety due to uncertainty.
    It includes conditions like hypochondria, claustrophobia, and fear of mundane things and heights. This type of anxiety is often accompanied by disturbances in the digestive system, resulting in conditions like a sweet tooth and diarrhoea. 
  2. Aconite: It is a German homoeopathic medicine for anxiety. Aconite is recommended for dealing with sudden, intense anxiety, fear, and panic attacks (often due to past trauma).
    Some symptoms of this type of anxiety include a fast heartbeat and dry mouth. 
  3. Ignatia: This homoeopathic medicine is for patients experiencing anxiety due to loss or grief. Individuals who are very sensitive and often suffer from critical mood swings must consider taking this medicine.
    Patients who are victims of mild depression can also take Ignatia. 
  4. Arsenicum album: Anxiety which comes from fear of loneliness, insecurity, and darkness, is a critical condition, and the homoeopathic cure for it is Arsenicum album. 
    Patients who suffer from this medical condition may relieve their anxiety by exercising criticism of others or through control. These patients often feel cold for no absolute reason but anxiety alone. 
  5. Gelsemium: This is a homoeopathic medicine for anxiety and stress caused due to consistent feelings of inadequacy. Patients with this condition often feel shaky and timid. 
    Some other symptoms include fear of public speaking, fainting often, experiencing agoraphobia, and avoiding crowds. 
  6. Silica: It is recommended for individuals who experience a constant fear of doing new things, socialising, public speaking, or even being the centre of attraction.
    These individuals often become workaholics as a defence mechanism for dealing with these fears. 
  7. Pulsatilla: This homoeopathic medicine for anxiety is the ultimate cure for individuals suffering from childlike anxiety. These adults consistently need support and reassurance from others to feel better about themselves. 
  8. Stramonium: It is a remedy for dark thoughts, nightmares, and night terrors. These patients are scared of being left alone as their imaginations about monsters and mysterious figures seem to worsen their anxiety.

Tips to Remember - Homoeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

The best way to use homoeopathic medicine for anxiety is to take the pills, put them under your tongue, and let them dissolve. To get the best results, make sure that you do not brush, eat, or drink anything for the next 20 minutes. Also, ensure that you follow the same pattern before taking medicine. 

Apart from this, follow the steps discussed below: 

  1. Consultation with a qualified homoeopathWhen seeking homoeopathic remedies for your anxiety problems, it is best not to try homoeopathic medicines available over the counter but seek consultation with a qualified homoeopath.Ascertain that he/she is a professional in this field, has the experience and is authentically certified. 
  2. Determining the appropriate remedy and dosageFurthermore, determine that you are taking the appropriate medicine and dosage. In this case, cross-check with your homoeopathy consultant, follow up, and keep him/her informed about your progress or any discrepancies. 
  3. Safety considerations and precautionsAlthough homoeopathy treatment is 100% safe and over the years, there’s no record that it can cause any side effects amongst patients who seek its remedy.However, if you witness any signs of discomfort or uneasiness, make sure that you follow up the same with your homoeopathy consultant.

Lifestyle Changes for Managing Anxiety

In addition to homoeopathic medicines for anxiety, dietary changes, and therapy, individuals must take the initiative for specific lifestyle changes. Some of the best lifestyle changes you can adopt include: 

  1. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, too much sugar (sugary juices), processed foods, and all sorts of junk food. 
  2. Try adding exercise to your routine. Even a 15-minute workout can do wonders for your overall mood and health in the long term. 
  3. Next, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. This will benefit your skin and ensure you feel energetic and relaxed throughout the day.
  4. Spend time with your friends and family and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they only offer temporary relief and long-term damage. 

Foods that Help Reduce Anxiety

Changing your diet and shifting to a healthy diet with many nutrients can help ease anxiety. However, complementing dietary changes with homoeopathic medicine for anxiety and depression and therapy will increase the efficiency of the healing process.

Some foods that can help reduce anxiety include:

  1. Eggs: Especially egg yolk 
  2. Pumpkin seeds: They are an excellent source of potassium
  3. Dark chocolate: Helps in enhancing the mood through the gut-brain axis 
  4. Turmeric: Helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation 
  5. Fatty fish: High in omega-3s that help improve mental health and cognitive function 
  6. Yoghurt: Contains lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, which leave behind positive effects on the brain 
  7. Green tea: Contains the amino acid theanine, which helps heal mood disorders

Other Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Homoeopathy is a form of natural treatment. Besides, there also exist numerous natural treatments for anxiety. These natural treatments have been practised for years, and experts claim their benefits are worth trying. 

Some of the best natural treatments for anxiety are discussed below: 

  1. Lavender: Most people love it for its beautiful aroma. Lavender aromatherapy is an excellent combination with homoeopathic medicine for anxiety and depression. And together, they can help reduce stress to a great extent. 
  2. Valerian root: Valerian root is an excellent natural remedy for insomnia and may help relieve anxiety symptoms. 
  3. Passionflower: This natural remedy goes a long way back for its properties that help relieve anxiety and nervousness. 
  4. Magnesium: A magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety. Magnesium supplements will help reverse this effect, and they can further help in dealing with stress caused by anxiety.

When to See a Doctor for Anxiety?

If you notice nothing eases your anxiety, irrespective of what you try or implement in your daily routine, you have reason enough to see a doctor. Moreover, if anxiety is causing you consistent distress and affecting your daily life, you must seek expert help immediately before things get out of your control. 

The doctor will diagnose your condition and examine the symptoms like restlessness, irritation, or feeling on edge.


To sum up, it is fair to say that anxiety is a common medical condition these days, but it is not something that you should worry about and make it worse. Besides all the allopathy treatment options, homoeopathic treatment for anxiety has been doing wonders. The treatment process is long; thus, individuals must be patient and persistent as homoeopathy dives deep into the root cause of the problem and aims at solving it efficiently.

So, if you are confused about the treatment of your anxiety, then head over to HexaHealth. The experts here will guide you through the process and find you the ideal options. So, no more running around looking for doctors and clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do homoeopathic remedies for anxiety differ from conventional medications?

In the case of homoeopathic medicine for anxiety, the medication recommended, and the treatment process are idiosyncratic. It is completely customised and is in sync with the patient's condition to address and eliminate the root cause. However, conventional medications mainly attack the symptoms and not the disease.

What is German homoeopathic medicine for anxiety?

The German homoeopathic medicine for anxiety is Reckeweg Bio-Combination 16 (BC 16) tablet. It treats depression and nervous exhaustion. This medicine is also ideal for nervous debility, and it has antispasmodic properties that offer relief from weakness and muscle exhaustion.

What is homoeopathy, and how does it work as a treatment for anxiety?

Homoeopathy is a type of treatment that includes highly diluted substances, and the process is time-consuming but extremely effective. Through homoeopathic medicines, you can heal from psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. It is a safe option as the medicines prescribed have no significant side effects.

Can homoeopathic medicine be an effective treatment for anxiety?

Yes, homoeopathic medicines can be an effective treatment for anxiety. And it is a relatively better and safe option that can quickly relieve anxiety. Homoeopathic medicine for anxiety also helps you to deal with minor panic attacks.

Which is the best homoeopathic medicine for anxiety?

Some of the best homoeopathic medicines for anxiety include aconitum napellus, Arsenicum album, Argentum nitricum, Calcarea carbonica, lycopodium, and kali phosphoricum. However, before choosing one, do consult with a physician.

What are the most commonly used homoeopathic remedies for anxiety?

The five most commonly used homoeopathic remedies/cures for anxiety comprise aconite napellus, kali phosphoricum, argentum nitricum, calcarea carbonica, and arsenicum album. All of them can cure anxiety but do not forget to contact your doctor before doing that.

Are homoeopathic remedies for anxiety safe to use and do they have any side effects?

Yes, homoeopathy remedies are relatively safe to cure anxiety and have no significant side effects. But, before proceeding, consult a doctor and find the medicine that will work for you.

How long does it typically take for homoeopathic remedies for anxiety to show results?

It typically varies from person to person. However, patients can start showing signs of recovery within a few months, but it might take a year or more for patients suffering from acute anxiety.

Can homoeopathic medicines be used alongside other treatments for anxiety, such as therapy or prescription medication?

Yes, you can take homoeopathic medicines alongside prescription medication and therapy. In such cases, homoeopathic medicines are recommended to complement the overall treatment process.

How do an individual's specific anxiety symptoms factor into selecting a homoeopathic remedy?

The aetiology of causation is the primary factor in determining which homoeopathic remedy will help deal with the individual's specific anxiety symptoms. The cause behind the disorder is the driving factor for ascertaining which treatment will be the best cure. 

Can a homoeopathic practitioner help identify the best remedy for an individual's anxiety symptoms?

Yes, a homoeopathic practitioner can help identify the best remedy for an individual's anxiety symptoms. They will first identify the cause of the problem and symptoms, then customise medications that will heal the root cause of the problem. The process may be long but will offer results.

Are there any lifestyle changes or other complementary therapies that can be used alongside homoeopathic medicine for anxiety?

Using homoeopathic medicine for anxiety is a relatively safe option. You can also focus on improving sleeping habits, using stress-reduction techniques, exercising regularly, and increasing social support, including complementary therapy sessions.


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Updated on : 27 April 2023


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