CGHS Login - Beneficiary Login on

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Aman Priya Khanna
Written by Sangeeta Sharma, last updated on 5 September 2023
CGHS Login - Beneficiary Login on

The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is a health insurance scheme. Using CGHS login, the beneficiaries can access their medical records, claims for reimbursement, prescriptions, and other information.

CGHS scheme will provide responsive, accountable, cost-effective preventive, promotional, and curative health and wellness services. It will help to mitigate financial risk and to promote healthy lifestyles to government employees. Read the blog to know the login process.

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About CGHS Login

CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) is a comprehensive healthcare facility available to central government employees, pensioners, and dependants. The benefits include medical consultations, inpatient and outpatient, and diagnostic services. 

CGHS login enables beneficiaries to enjoy the services of the scheme online, including booking an appointment with a doctor, viewing medical reports, and ordering medicines. With a CGHS online login account, access to information about various CGHS wellness centres, hospitals, and dispensaries is possible.

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Key Features of CGHS Login

The new CGHS login website provides several unique features that cater to the healthcare needs of its beneficiaries. Here are some features:

  1. Bilingual: The website is currently bilingual (Hindi and English) for the ease of the users.
  2. e-Card: An e-CGHS card can be downloaded and stored on smartphones. It carries important information such as the name, photograph, and CGHS number of the beneficiaries.
  3. Mobile App: The new CGHS login offers a " myCGHS " app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The app allows a range of medical services, such as booking appointments, accessing medical records and CGHS Card download.
  4. Health and Wellness Centres: The users can access Health and Wellness centres offering various services such as yoga and meditation.
  5. Teleconsultation Service: The CGHS web portal offers teleconsultation services, allowing beneficiaries to consult doctors online. This feature ensures that beneficiaries receive timely and hassle-free medical attention.

Key Features of CGHS Login image

Benefits of CGHS Login

CGHS login was made available on the website so that all the beneficiaries could benefit from the services digitally. Here are some benefits of CGHS login:

  1. Easy access: CGHS beneficiary login provides healthcare services at government hospitals and dispensaries. They can book appointments and access their medical records online with ease.
  2. Cashless medical treatment: One of the significant benefits of the CGHS login is that it provides beneficiaries with cashless access to medical treatment. It makes an affordable healthcare solution.
  3. Online prescription: The CGHS login allows beneficiaries to download their prescription online. They can also upload their medical reports, track their health records, and receive medical advice from doctors online.
  4. Healthcare services for dependants: After login, one can add their dependants to avail of the advantages of the scheme. It makes a comprehensive healthcare solution for the entire family.
  5. Nationwide coverage: Beneficiaries are free to use the medical facilities across India after the CGHS card download. This makes it convenient to receive treatment while travelling.

Benefits of CGHS Login image

CGHS Card Registration

Once you receive your CGHS card, you must register on the portal. This will help you to enjoy the benefits of the scheme. Follow the steps below to register:

  1. Visit the CGHS Official website image
  2. Close the popup.Popup close image
  3. Click “Beneficiary Login” under the “Beneficiaries” dropdown in the menu bar.Beneficiary login image
  4. If you are a new user or have forgotten the password, click “Generate/Reset Password”.CGHS Beneficiary Registration image
  5. Enter “Beneficiary ID, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Captcha” and click “Register” to enrol. Registration CGHS Image
  6. If the details entered match the data in the CGHS Database, you will receive a system-generated password to the registered mobile number by SMS. Click “OK” to complete the registration process.CGHS OK image

CGHS Beneficiary Login

After registering for CGHS, the beneficiaries can log in to the CGHS website. Below are the steps for CGHS Login:

  1. Visit the CGHS Official website "" image
  2. Close the popup. Popup close image
  3. Click “CGHS Login”.CGHS Login image
  4. Enter the “Wellness Centre, User ID, Password and Captcha” details and click “Login”.CGHS Login details image
  5. Fill in the details of “Beneficiary ID and Password” and click “Sign In”CGHS Beneficiary sign in details image
  6. CGHS Card details will appear on the screen with the beneficiary details.CGHS Card details image
  7. The dependants of the beneficiary can also be viewed.CGHS Dependants details image

e-CGHS Card Print

You can self-print an e-CGHS card at home. Once you download the plastic card, you need to print it and laminate it. After the login process, follow the steps below to print CGHS card:

  1. Click “Print Card” to self-print the CGHS card of the required beneficiary.Print CGHS Card image
  2. You will receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile number. Click “OK” to proceed further.OK to Proceed image
  3. Enter the received OTP and click “Print CGHS Card”.Print CGHS Card after OTP image
  4. Click “OK” on the message received. Click OK CGHS image
  5. A dialogue box will appear on the screen to Save or Open the CGHS card. Choose “Save File” and click “OK”.Save CGHS Card image
  6. You can view your saved “e-CGHS Card” and print it. View eCGHS card image


Logging in to your account and booking a CGHS online appointment is easy. It enables the beneficiaries to check the CGHS card status, download plastic card, and enjoy healthcare services online.

You can refer to the quick and easy steps mentioned in this article to log in to your registered user account. For any queries, you can use the 24x7 National CGHS Helpline service available on the toll-free number 18002088900. 

You can also contact a HexaHealth expert to learn more details about the CGHS services and how you can avail of them. The team of trained professionals at HexaHealth are always here to help you with all your medical needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do CGHS login?

Follow the steps below for CGHS login:

  1. Visit the CGHS Official website and close the popup.
  2. Click “CGHS Login”, enter the details and click “Login”.
  3. Click “Sign In” after filling in the beneficiary details.
  4. CGHS Card details will appear on your screen.
  5. You are now logged in. Now you can proceed to get your e-CGHS card.

Who is the CGHS beneficiary?

All government employees and pensioners are CGHS beneficiaries. Their family is also entitled to the benefits of the scheme.

How do I check my CGHS card details?

The beneficiaries can check their details on the CGHS website. All you have to do is log in to the website and check your CGHS card status online.

How do I check my CGHS claim status?

The beneficiaries can easily check their CGHS claim status online by logging in to their CGHS account. To log in, visit the CGHS nic beneficiary login page at “”. Enter your beneficiary ID and password to check your CGHS claim status online.

How do I register a CGHS beneficiary?

To register at your CGHS beneficiary account:

  1. Visit the CGHS nic beneficiary login page at “”.
  2. Select the “New User/Forgot Password Button”
  3. Enter details including your beneficiary ID, mobile number and Date of Birth, to register as a new user.

How do you download CGHS card on the DigiLocker app?

To download the CGHS card, the beneficiaries must first register on the DigiLocker app. Follow the steps below for CGHS card download:
  1. First, download the DigiLocker app. 
  2. You must log into the app with your registered mobile number or Aadhar Card.
  3. You will get an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP. The home page of DigiLocker will open. 
  4. Go to the CGHS section on the home page and click on the ID card icon. 
  5. Enter your beneficiary ID and click on the “Get Document” button. 
  6. You will find your CGHS card in the issued documents section. Click on the ID card link to fetch the card.

What is the amount to be paid for the CGHS card for pensioners?

Pensioners can make a one-time payment for ten years of coverage under the CGHS scheme. The amount to be paid is decided as per the grade pay level of the pensioner at the time of retirement.

How do I use my CGHS card at the hospital?

During a medical emergency, you can seek treatment from any CGHS empanelled hospital. You just need to carry your plastic card to the hospital.

How to print CGHS card online?

You need to login to the CGHS website to self-printing the plastic card. Below are the steps to print the card:

  1. Visit the CGHS Official website and complete the login process.
  2. You can check the CGHS Card details.
  3. Click “Print Card” to print CGHS card online.
  4. Enter the 6-digit OTP and click “Print CGHS Card”.
  5. Choose “Save File” to download the CGHS card and click “OK”.
  6. You can view your “e-CGHS Card” and print it. 

Updated on : 5 September 2023


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