Open Hydrocele Surgery - Procedure, Benefits and Recovery

Open Hydrocele Surgery (Open Hydrocelectomy)

Treatment Duration


20 Minutes

------ To ------

45 Minutes

Treatment Cost


Rs 17000

------ To ------

Rs 50000

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Open Hydrocele Surgery (Open Hydrocelectomy)

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Hydrocele surgery

Hydrocele Surgery is a medical procedure that is used to treat a condition called Hydrocele. Primarily found in males. In Hydrocele a swelling is observed in the scrotum due to the accumulation of body fluids inside the membrane holding the testicles. This condition is quite common in newborns or children, but can also occur in grown-up individuals. In most cases, it is not found to be painful, but this condition might give rise to a lot of problems due to the increased size of the sac, issues related to mobility, agitation due to the increased scrotum size.

Benefits of Hydrocele surgery

  1. Patients observed that, between 3 and 6 months after surgery, there were remarkable improvements in their work capacity and sexual function,
  2. Restoration of self-esteem, thus enabling them to participate more actively in community activities.

Who needs Hydrocele Surgery ?

  1. This surgery is performed in  males who have been diagnosed with Hydrocele
  2. Hydroceles are generally painless swelling in one or both testicles.
  3. Adults might feel discomfort 
  4. Pain generally arises with the size of inflammation


Hydrocele Surgery Procedure

Before Surgery

  1. At the first visit to the doctor, generally, you or the child will be examined through a physical test consisting of various steps:
  2. To check the tenderness of the scrotum.
  3. Check for Inguinal Hernia by applying pressure in the abdomen.
  4. Check the presence of any fluid inside the testicle sac, by shining light through the testicle sac.
  5. Doctors use ultrasound tests to detect the presence of Hernia in the patient’s body during the diagnosis of Hydrocele.
  6. When the doctor is sure of the reason for the symptoms being Hydrocele, then he might proceed with asking you about the medical drugs and the medications consumed by you regularly. 
  7. You might be told to stop the consumption of certain drugs before the procedure is carried out (primarily Ibuprofen and Aspirin).
  8. You might be told to stop your eating and drinking routine before six hours of the procedure.

On the Day of Surgery

  1. Before beginning with the surgery your surgeon gives you general or local anaesthesia depending on certain factors, depending on certain factors. 
  2. This is done to reduce the pain and discomfort during the operation.
  3.  In general anaesthesia, you are made unconscious for the time your body is operated on. In some cases, local anaesthesia might also be provided to numb the area that is to be operated on as the practitioner might feel fit.
  4. The surgeon will begin by cleaning and drying the area to prevent any infection due to the surgery.

During Surgery

  1. One incision is made in the groin fold by the surgeon to drain the fluid.
  2. The Hydrocele sac is removed to prevent fluid accumulation in the scrotum and recurrence of similar conditions.
  3. A tube is placed inside the incision to drain the fluid.
  4. The doctor will remove the tube as and when necessary, however, the draining process usually requires a few days.
  5. The incision is closed with stitches after the tube has been removed

Recovery and Post Op care after the surgery

Recovery After Surgery

  1. A heavy dressing will be required in the operated area to reduce swelling.
  2. You might also be recommended to apply ice bags to the operated area at regular intervals, to reduce post-surgery pain and risk of infection.
  3. The operated area must be kept dry and clean for a week post-surgery.
  4. Normally, you will be directed by the doctor regarding the process to clean the operated area. So it is always advisable to ask your doctor for all the details.
  5. It is advisable to reduce your daily activities, particularly lifting heavy weight or taking part in strenuous exercise for a few days post-surgery.
  6. Generally, painkillers are prescribed by the doctors that you will be required to consume post-surgery.
  7. Having sexual intercourse within a month of the procedure is not advisable. However, you might want to discuss the matter with the doctor.

Follow Up Appointment

  1. In the first follow-up appointment post-surgery, the doctor will usually:
  2. begin by examining the operated area and the overall recovery rate of your body.
  3. Any other complications that you might be facing post-surgery.
  4. The doctor might consider removing your dressing based on your condition.


The doctor might also consider asking you certain questions to assess your condition better, like:

  1. Any discomforts post-surgery.
  2. Any cases of mild or high fever.
  3. Increase of swelling in the operated area.
  4. Bleeding from the incisions.

Risk and Complication of Open Hydrocele procedure

  1. Any discomforts post-surgery.
  2. Any cases of mild or high fever.
  3. Increase of swelling in the operated area.
  4. Bleeding from the incisions.

Updated on : Tuesday, 31 May 2022


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