FUE vs FUT - Which is Best Hair Transplant?

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FUE vs FUT - Which is Best Hair Transplant?

Quick Summary

  • FUE and FUT are two different hair transplant techniques.
  • FUE is a newer technique that involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the recipient area.
  • FUT is an older technique that involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and dividing it into individual grafts, which are then implanted in the recipient area.

FUE vs FUT; which is better? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are techniques used for hair transplantation. What kind of hair loss you have will determine your optimal hair transplant treatment.  

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can perform both FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures. Read this blog to know the FUE vs FUT difference, FUE vs FUT pros and cons, and FUE vs FUT hair transplant cost.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

An FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) surgery uses cutting-edge hair restoration technology to treat hair loss permanently and with a natural-looking result. The doctors use follicular unit grafts.

It is an outpatient treatment to restore your hairline and growth pattern. A thinning portion of the scalp receives individual hair follicle transplants from a donor area. The donor area will recover in a few days without leaving any scars.

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What is FUT Hair Transplant?

The hair can be permanently restored with a FUT  (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplant. Follicular unit grafts are used to restore your hairline and growth pattern during this treatment.

After injecting anaesthesia, the doctor takes off a thin strip of tissue divided into follicular grafts to numb the donor area. Most patients can resume their regular activities the next day, and any swelling and redness usually go away within a week.

FUE vs FUT Difference

These two techniques are comparable as they both provide entirely natural-looking outcomes for hair loss. The way hair follicles are removed from the back of the head, sometimes referred to as the "donor area," is the main difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants. 

However, there are significant distinctions between the two approaches that you should consider when selecting which procedure is ideal for you. Let's know the FUE vs FUT difference hair transplant.




Required Not required


Yes No


Dot like scars Linear scar


Painless Minor pain

Donor area healing time

1 week 2-3 weeks

Recipient area healing time

10-14 days 2 weeks approx.

Large area transplant

Difficult Possible

Time required

Longer Shorter

Resuming work

Usually, the next day, but can have discomfort till 2 weeks Next day


Expensive Cheaper

FUE vs FUT Pros and Cons

Both FUE and FUT procedures have advantages and disadvantages. Even though both methods produce excellent results, FUT is frequently regarded as more advanced. Therefore, the needs of the patient play a significant role in determining the best or most appropriate method of hair transplant.

The difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants is that the FUT hair procedure provides access to a greater lifetime donor hair yield than FUE. Let’s read the FUE vs FUT pros and cons.

FUE Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of FUE are as follows:

Advantages Disadvantages
  1. Minimal recovery time
  2. No stitches
  3. Tiny dot scars over donor areas
  4. No follow-up appointments
  1. More expensive
  2. Takes longer
  3. Due to limited daily number of grafts that can be harvested, multiple sessions required
  4. Requires shaving
  5. Challenging for larger areas

FUT Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of FUT are as follows:

Advantages Disadvantages
  1. Cheaper
  2. Takes less time
  3. Can be done repeatedly
  4. Can follow after FUE if needed
  1. Requires stitches
  2. Could leave a scar
  3. Longer recovery time
  4. Could be quite uncomfortable

FUE or FUT Hair Transplant Which is Better?

Do you want to know what to opt for in FUE vs FUT, or which one is better for you? 

Both hair transplant methods use the same approach to implant the hair follicles at the recipient site; they are equally effective and efficient in promoting hair growth.

Regardless of the methodologies, choosing a method also requires consideration of other considerations after knowing FUE vs FUT difference. The surgeon must weigh all the information understating FUE vs FUT pros and cons to the patient before determining the best action, which includes:

  1. Age of the patient
  2. The extent of hair loss
  3. Hair availability in the donor area

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant Cost

The cost is a factor in stating the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants. An FUE surgery often costs more than a FUT operation since it is more time-consuming. FUE costs more than FUT because each follicle must be removed individually.

Depending on the number of grafts needed, prices frequently change. The cost of the surgery will ultimately depend on the patient's health and when the patient knows FUE vs FUT difference fully.

The typical FUE vs FUT hair transplant cost in India is between ₹ 55,000 and ₹ 60,000. The cost of an FUE hair transplant is between ₹ 25 and ₹ 35 per graft, but the price of an FUE hair transplant is between ₹ 30 and ₹ 45. The FUE vs FUT hair transplant cost in other Indian cities are:


Delhi ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 1,25,000


₹ 77,000 to ₹ 1,65,000


₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,50,000


₹ 77,000 to ₹ 1,65,000


₹ 35,000 to ₹ 2,65,000


₹ 77,000 to ₹ 1,65,000


₹ 35,000 to ₹ 2,65,000


Both the FUE and FUT methods of hair transplantation are highly sophisticated methods. The optimal hair transplant method is still a subject of ongoing discussion. The best person to make this decision and provide you with guidance on FUE vs FUT difference is your surgeon after explaining all FUE vs FUT pros and cons. 

You can also visit HexaHealth to learn more about the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants. Additionally, we offer customised healthcare support. Our professionals will assist you and direct you at every turn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures are equally effective in treating patients. The only difference between FUE and FUT is how the grafts are harvested from the donor location. Your surgeon is the best person to help you with your choice and offer advice on FUE vs FUT.  
An FUT technique involves removing a long strip of the scalp, separating the hair follicles, and then transplanting them. In contrast, an FUE procedure involves extracting individual hair follicles, which are later transplanted to other areas of the scalp.
The hair follicles are implanted using the same manner in both hair transplant procedures, and both are equally effective and efficient at encouraging hair growth.
FUE is more expensive than FUT because each follicle must be extracted separately; this approach is more costly. Pricing often varies according to the required amount of grafts. The patient's condition will affect the procedure's overall cost.

The FUT method produces more high-quality grafts overall. There is a higher overall survival percentage with strip grafts than with FUE grafts, and the surgeon can separate the best follicular units from the strip graft with less chance of harming them.

Yes, it is possible. It depends on the patient and the situation, but performing an FUE hair transplant without shaving is possible. The doctors may carry out the procedure without shaving the donor or recipient areas if only a tiny portion of the head needs to be treated.

There is no limitation on how many treatments a person can get; the limit is on the overall number of grafts. For most patients, 6,000 grafts or more are the maximum numbers advised for transplantation. But it's up to you how many grafts are done in each surgery.

While FUE and FUT shouldn't be painful while being performed, the treated scalp areas will likely be sore following the treatment.

Instead of sleeping on your stomach, sleep on your back.  It is best to elevate the head and back at a 45-degree angle. Avoid sleeping on your stomach since it increases swelling and harms your hair transplant.
You will look normal 10 to 15 days following surgery since your scalp won't have more dried blood or scabs. After this time, there may only be minor redness still present. After a hair transplant, you'll see results six to nine months later.
Yes, a hair transplant is permanent. If a skilled surgeon performs a hair transplant, there is little chance of significant complications.
After a hair transplant, the recipient area will appear slightly red, puffy, and shiny. Thousands of little hairs can be seen in areas where the hair follicle transplants are implanted.
FUE treatments don't need stitches, and the little extraction sites almost leave no visible scars. The FUT surgery leaves a small scar on the back of the head. However, the scar can be hidden if the hair grows a half-inch or longer.

FUE hair transplants typically cost more because each hair is extracted and implanted separately. The number of implants a patient needs will determine how much the treatment will cost.

The average FUE vs FUT hair transplant cost in India ranges between ₹ 55,000 and ₹ 60,000. The price of an FUE hair transplant is between ₹ 30 and ₹ 45, although the cost per graft ranges from ₹ 25 to ₹ 35.

Updated on : 11 March 2023

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and learning purposes only. It doesn't cover every medical condition and might not be relevant to your personal situation. This information isn't medical advice, isn't meant for diagnosing any condition, and shouldn't replace talking to a certified medical or healthcare professional.


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