Brain Tumour Surgery Cost in All Hospitals of India [2023]

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Brain Tumour Surgery Cost in All Hospitals of India [2023]

Quick Summary

  • Brain tumour surgery cost in India is a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.
  • India offers world-class brain tumour surgery at affordable prices.
  • The factors influencing brain tumour operation cost include the type of tumour, the location of the tumour, and the complexity of the surgery.

A brain tumour diagnosis can be worrisome for anyone. Brain tumour surgery cost in India can also be a factor for people seeking high-quality medical care.

India offers world-class brain tumour surgery at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries. In this article, we will examine the factors influencing brain tumour operation cost and how it is done!

About Brain Tumour Surgery

Brain tumour surgery is a surgical procedure done to remove or treat abnormal cell growth on the brain. Tumours are classified as benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). 

The approach and technique of brain tumour surgery can vary depending on the kind, location, and size of the tumour. Here are the types of common brain tumour surgeries:

  1. Craniotomy: This is the most common and traditional method of brain surgery to remove tumours. A portion of the skull (known as a bone flap) is removed to assess the tumour and remove it directly.
  2. Awake Brain Surgery (Awake Craniotomy): This surgery is done in case of tumours near language or motor areas in the brain. The patient remains awake, enabling real-time brain activity monitoring and testing.
    Surgeons perform surgery while the patient is alert to ensure safety and precision.
  3. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): It is used for movement disorders like Parkinson's and tremors. In this procedure, electrodes inserted deep in the brain connect to a stimulator. Neurostimulator regulates brain activity with electric pulses. 
    DBS can alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson's, dystonia, or essential tremor. Successful DBS may reduce the need for medication.
  4. Brain Aneurysm Surgery: It is used to treat weakened, bulging brain arteries (aneurysms) to prevent rupture and fatal brain haemorrhage. 
    Two methods: Clipping (metal clip isolation) and Coiling (induces clotting and seals the aneurysm). Clipping isolates the aneurysm from the main blood vessel. Coiling inserts small coils into the aneurysm to induce clotting and seal it off.
  5. Neuroendoscopy: It uses an endoscope to access brain tumours or other disorders within the ventricles of the brain. Neuroendoscopy is also used to treat certain deep-seated tumours. It is less invasive than standard craniotomy.
  6. LITT (Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy): This is a minimally invasive therapy. LIIT employs laser energy to heat and kill tumour tissue in the brain. A laser probe is guided to the tumour site through a small incision or burr hole in the skull.

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Benefits of Brain Tumour Surgery

The benefits of brain tumour surgery can vary depending on the type, location, and size of the tumour, as well as the overall health of the patient. The advantages include:

  1. Tumour Removal: Complete or partial tumour removal is the key goal of brain tumour surgery. Since benign tumours don’t spread to other parts of the central nervous system (like the spinal cord), surgical removal can often result in a full cure. Even with malignant tumours, surgical excision can improve overall outcomes.
  2. Symptom Relief: Brain tumours can produce a wide range of neurological symptoms. This includes headaches, seizures, cognitive abnormalities, and motor deficiencies. Surgery can help relieve these symptoms by relieving pressure on the brain.
  3. Prolonging Survival: Surgery can improve survival by shrinking the tumour and making subsequent treatments more effective.
  4. Improvement in Quality of Life: Surgery can improve the quality of life. This is done by alleviating symptoms and restoring lost functions.

Brain Tumour Surgery Cost in India

Depending on the severity and treatment performed, brain tumour surgery in India might cost anywhere from ₹80,000 to ₹15,00,000. Listed below is the approximate range of brain tumour surgery costs in India:

Brain Surgery Type

Cost in ₹


₹1,50,000 – ₹4,00,000

Deep Brain Stimulation

₹3,00,000 – ₹15,00,000

Brain Aneurysm Surgery

₹1,60,000 – ₹3,00,000

Decompressive Craniotomy

₹80,000 – ₹3,00,000

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

₹1,00,000 – ₹3,50,000

Factors Affecting Cost of Brain Tumour Surgery

The brain tumour surgery cost in India can vary greatly depending on various factors. This includes the type and complexity of the procedure, the location of the hospital, and the expertise of the surgeon. 

The following are the general factors that affect brain tumour surgery costs in India:

  1. Type of Tumour: The cost of brain tumour surgery in India is influenced by the type of technique. The surgery cost for the removal of a malignant tumour is usually high. 

  2. Hospital and Location: The choice of hospital, like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, considerably impacts cost variation. Premium hospitals in major metropolitan centres such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai may have greater surgical costs.

  3. Surgeon Fees: The skilled neurosurgeon performing the treatment can influence the cost. Highly experienced and well-known surgeons may charge more.

  4. Preoperative and postoperative Treatment: The brain tumour surgery cost in India often includes:

    1. Preoperative examinations: These are conducted to assess the patient's overall health, including neurological function and any underlying conditions that may impact the surgery. These include X-rays and ECGs.

    2. The surgical procedure:  Brain surgery encompasses a variety of procedures, ranging from minimally invasive techniques to complex open surgeries. Common procedures cost less as compared to complex procedures.

    3. Postoperative care: Postoperative care involves monitoring the patient closely in the intensive care unit (ICU). This is done to manage pain, prevent complications like infection or swelling, and ensure neurological stability.

    4. Follow-up appointments: Follow-up appointments are crucial for tracking the patient's progress, assessing any lingering symptoms, and ensuring that the surgical site heals properly.

      Additional services, such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and pharmaceuticals, may incur additional charges.

  5. Insurance Coverage: Health insurance may help cover a portion of brain tumour surgery expenses for insured patients. It is important to understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.   

Financing Options for Brain Tumour Surgery

Patients and their families may be concerned about paying for brain tumour surgery. This is particularly true if their health insurance does not fully cover the expense of the surgery. There are funding options available to assist in managing the brain tumour surgery cost.

Government Schemes 

The Indian government has launched several healthcare initiatives and programmes. This is to provide financial aid and support to people who need medical treatments. These programmes are intended to increase healthcare access and affordability for nationwide residents. Here are government initiatives in India that may provide financial aid for brain tumour surgery:

  1. PM-JAY (Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana):
    Ayushman Bharat (PM-JAY) is one of the world's largest healthcare schemes. It offers financial security and healthcare coverage.

    Beneficiaries of this programme are entitled to coverage for a wide range of medical procedures, including brain tumour surgery. Each enrolled family is guaranteed an annual health cover of ₹5 lakh for hospitalisation.

  2. State-Specific Health-Care Programmes:
    Many Indian states have health insurance plans that cover medical treatments such as brain tumour surgery. The coverage limits of state-specific schemes may differ. Eligibility requirements and the application process may also differ by state.

  3. CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme):
    The Central Government Health System (CGHS) is a health insurance system in India for central government employees and pensioners. The system primarily covers government employees. However, certain beneficiaries may be eligible for coverage for specific medical treatments. Details about coverage may differ.

    Following treatment and diagnosis, HCOs submit medical claims to the Bill Clearing Agency (BCA). It reviews the claims and transmits them to the CGHS for final clearance. Following that, CGHS examines 10% of invoices up to ₹10,000, 25% of bills up to ₹25,000, and 100% of bills above ₹25,000.

  4. RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana):
    RSBY is a government-sponsored health insurance scheme that aims to give financial security to low-income households. The plan covers a variety of medical treatments, including operations.

    There may be coverage limitations. Beneficiaries of this programme receive family floater insurance coverage up to ₹30,000 a year. It covers five family members; the head of the home, their spouse, and up to three dependents.

    Note: It is important to remember that the specifics, coverage, and eligibility requirements of these schemes may vary over time. 

Health Insurance 

Health insurance can be a significant resource for financing the costs of brain tumour surgery in India. Many health insurance carriers in India offer policies that cover a wide range of medical treatments. This includes operations, hospitalisation, and related costs. Various health insurance providers in India provide brain tumour surgery coverage, including:

  1. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited
  2. New India Assurance Company Limited
  3. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
  4. Reliance General Insurance Company Limited
  5. Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited
  6. United India Insurance Company Limited
  7. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited

When choosing a health insurance provider for brain tumour surgery coverage, consider factors such as:

  1. Policy's premium
  2. Coverage limits
  3. Waiting periods
  4. Network hospitals
  5. Any specific exclusions related to pre-existing conditions

Medical Loan

Individuals in India who require financial assistance to meet the costs of brain tumour surgery can consider medical loans. These loans are specifically designed to assist people in managing their medical bills. Here's how to get a medical loan in India for brain tumour surgery:

  1. Identify Suitable Lenders
  2. Check Eligibility Criteria
  3. Gather Required Documentation
  4. Compare Loan Offers
  5. Apply for the Loan
  6. Credit Check and Approval
  7. Loan Disbursement

Before applying for a medical loan, examine the terms and conditions of the loan agreement carefully. This includes interest rates, processing fees, and prepayment penalties. Ensure you understand the payback schedule and that it corresponds to your financial decision.


The brain tumour surgery cost in India is quite low compared to Western countries. This makes it a viable option for those seeking medical care without the burden of expensive fees. Patients must thoroughly study and select a reputable healthcare facility to ensure a satisfactory outcome. 

Keep in mind that each patient's circumstance is unique, and a specific strategy is essential to get the cheapest price. Please contact HexaHealth for further details. It is a one-stop solution for individuals who require support throughout their medical procedure. So, why wait? Make an appointment right away! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A brain tumour is an abnormal development of cells within or around the brain. These tumours can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). They can interfere with brain functioning and cause various neurological symptoms.


The term "craniotomy" refers to brain surgery. In this procedure, the skull is opened to access and remove or treat a brain tumour.


The treatment options for brain tumours are:

  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Targeted therapy

The types of brain tumour surgery are:

  1. Craniotomy
  2. Neuroendoscopy
  3. Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

Brain tumour surgery in India can cost anywhere from ₹90,000 to ₹4,000,000. The cost depends on the severity of the tumour and the treatment used.


The cost of a brain tumour operation in Kolkata might range from ₹1,00,000 to ₹3,00,000. The exact cost is determined by factors such as the type of treatment, surgeon costs, and so on.


The procedure could cost you between ₹5,00,000 and ₹7,00,000 at Apollo, Chennai. However, the precise cost depends on factors such as the type of surgeon, medical condition, etc. 


A brain tumour surgery in Mumbai hospitals could cost between ₹1,05,000 and 4,50,000. The precise cost is influenced by factors such as the type of treatment, the cost of the surgeon, and so on.


Brain tumour treatment costs between ₹5,00,000 and ₹6,50,000 at Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals in Kolkata. However, the exact cost is determined by factors such as the type of surgeon, the specific location, etc. 


Here are some of the affordable options for brain tumour surgery in India:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre
  2. AIIMS, New Delhi
  3. Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
  4. Max Smart Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India

The factors that decide the cost of brain tumour surgery in India are:

  1. Hospital and surgeon's fees
  2. Type and complexity of surgery
  3. Location of the hospital
  4. Pre-operative and post-operative care
  5. Diagnostic tests and imaging


Brain tumour surgery costs can be covered by health insurance in many circumstances. This depends on the specific policy and its terms and restrictions. However, coverage varies, and patients should consult their insurance carrier to discover their coverage amount.


Yes, a medical loan for brain tumour surgery is doable. Many financial institutions and specialised medical loan providers provide loans for medical needs such as operations. 


The recommended doctors for brain tumours in Delhi are:

  1. Dr. Prakash Khatri (Action Cancer)
  2. Dr. Ashish Kumar Shrivastav (Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital)
  3. Dr. Amit Gupta (MAX Hospital, Shalimar Bagh)
  4. Dr. Sudheer Kumar Tyagi (Indraprastha Apollo)

The top-rated hospitals for brain tumour surgery are:

  1. Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
  2. Max Smart Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India
  3. Manipal Hospital, Delhi
  4. Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

Here’s how to choose the best doctor for brain tumour surgery:

  1. Seek recommendations from trusted healthcare professionals
  2. Research the doctor's credentials and experience
  3. Consider the hospital's reputation and facilities
  4. Evaluate patient reviews and testimonials


Here’s how to choose the best hospital for brain tumour surgery:

  1. Research hospitals with specialised neurosurgery departments
  2. Check the experience and success rates of the surgeon
  3. Ensure the hospital is equipped with advanced technology and equipment
  4. Consider the location and accessibility of the hospital


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