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Nose Surgery

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Nose Surgery

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Nose surgery is a surgical procedure that includes

  1. rhinoplasty,
  2. turbinate reduction,
  3. septoplasty,
  4. balloon sinuplasty,
  5. functional endoplasmic sinus surgery.



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Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is a surgical procedure that includes rhinoplasty, turbinate reduction, septoplasty, balloon sinuplasty, functional endoplasmic sinus surgery.



Benefits of Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty Benefits

  1. ​​​​​​​Increase or decrease the size of the nose.
  2. Give the nostrils a new shape.
  3. Reduce the nasal tip.
  4. Reduce the bridge.
  5. Enhance the balance and harmony between other facial features.
  6. Have a positive effect on your overall facial aesthetic.
  7. Correct problems associated with a deviated septum.
  8. Improve breathing.

Balloon Sinuplasty


  1. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive and doesn't require an incision( Minimal Invasive procedure)
  2. clearer sinuses 
  3. Quicker Recovery
  4. Lasting relief

Functional endoplasmic sinus surgery.

  1.  Restore ventilation of the sinuses and facilitate the clearing of nasal secretions
  2. Effective in removing Polyps and other nose abnormalities that may be causing breathing problems

Benefits of Septoplasty

  1. Improved Breathing
  2. Better Sleep Quality

Who needs Nose surgery?

You can opt for the procedure for managing various problems such as:

  1.  For improving breathing difficulties
  2. For cosmetic  purposes Repairing deformities from an injury
  3.  Correcting birth defects
  4.  Altering the size of the nose
  5.  Seasonal allergies
  6.  Straightening of the bridge
  7. Reshaping of the tip
  8.  Minimising snoring
  9. Narrowing of the nostrils
  10.  Tumour removal
  11. Removal of polyps in the nasal cavity 


Expert Doctors

Dr. Maya Shankar

Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

17+ Years




Dr. Dev Kumar

Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

10+ Years




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Nose Surgery

What should i expect before the Surgery?

  1. Prior to the procedure, you must discuss the various key aspects related to the surgery and if it will really work for you or not. The key aspects of this meeting are:
  2. Medical history
  3. Physical examination
  4. Photograph your nose 
  5. Your doctor might:
  6. Ask you about your expectations from the procedure. 
  7. Suggest you avoid over-the-counter supplements, herbal remedies, or any kind of medicine you might be on.
  8. Explains everything about the procedure, including the risk factors, complications, recovery period, etc.
  9. Ask you to quit smoking, and come empty stomach on the day of the surgery.


What should i expect on the day of surgery?

  1. The anaesthetists will meet you and explain the aspects of anaesthesia and ask you about any sufferings in the past due to anaesthesia or existing allergies and the healthcare staff will perform some basic tests like blood tests, blood pressure, and body temperature.


Recovery and Post Op care after the Nose Surgery

What should i expect after the surgery?

You will be kept under observation for some time. Some side effects like nausea and vomiting are common. To minimise the swelling and bleeding, the doctor advises resting with the head raised higher than the chest.

Do's and Dont's after the surgery

  1. Avoid laughing, activities like running, swimming
  2. Avoid excessive chewing
  3. Not to blow your nose
  4. Eating fibrous diet
  5. Brushing gently


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