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Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

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According to a study by Rajat Das Gupta et al. in 2023, more than 50% of the adult population suffers from abdominal obesity in India. With the rising prevalence of obesity in the country, best bariatric surgery in Delhi has emerged as a solution for weight loss. The advanced facilities and skilled surgeons in the city specialise in these procedures.

As more people turn towards weight loss surgery, the options and accessibility of treatments continue to expand. Patients can expect personalised care plans and the latest techniques for effective, long-term results. Continue reading to understand more about this procedure in the city, including the top doctors, hospitals, and cost. 

Get Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi

Bariatric surgery in Delhi has become increasingly popular, with positive outcomes for most individuals. This has positioned the city as a preferred destination for those seeking effective weight loss solutions.

The benefits of the procedure in Delhi are as follows: 

  1. Access to state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest bariatric surgery technologies.

  2. A team of highly skilled bariatric surgeons known for their successful outcomes.

  3. Personalised treatment plans and comprehensive post-surgery support to ensure optimal recovery and weight management.

Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

Delhi has various esteemed doctors who specialise in weight loss surgery. Their expertise ensures tailored treatments designed to achieve positive results. 

Refer to the list below to identify the best surgeon for weight loss surgery in Delhi who aligns with your specific requirements:


Experience/ Key Interest/ Known For

Dr Saurabh Kumar Goyal 

  1. 16 years

  2. Previously practised at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital 

  3. Intragastric ballooning, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery

Dr Aman Priya Khanna 

  1. 12 years 

  2. Over 4000 complex medical cases

  3. Bariatric surgery, laparoscopic hernia, colorectal surgery

Dr Adarsh Kumar Chauhan 

  1. 9 years 

  2. Bariatric surgery, gallstone treatment, gastro-intestinal procedures

Dr Vikrant Sharma 

  1. 12 years 

  2. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Dr Swapna Saha 

  1. 10 years 

  2. Mole excision, circumcision, sebaceous cyst excision

The doctors mentioned here are not the only ones available in Delhi. HexaHealth has a team of over 1000 skilled bariatric surgeons. Check out best bariatric surgeons in Delhi for a comprehensive list.

Best Surgeon for Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

The surgeons at HexaHealth are distinguished by their expertise in weight loss surgery. They guarantee access to premier treatment choices. You can schedule an appointment with these experts by visiting the HexaHealth website or app. Select your preferred doctor, choose the time, and arrange your consultation.

Delhi has numerous leading healthcare facilities that excel in bariatric surgery. These centres have cutting-edge technology and prominent weight loss surgery specialists. Consult the list below to discover the hospital that best fits your needs:

Hospital Name 

Achievement/ Known For 

Dharamshila Narayana Super Speciality Hospital

  1. 191 beds, 42-bed ICUs, 19-bed HDUs

  2. A team of 207 doctors 

  3. Outpatient and inpatient services 

SCI International Hospital

  1. 50-bed, NABH-accredited hospital 

  2. 100+ doctors 

  3. Over 25,000 procedures 

RLKC Hospital and Metro Heart Institute

  1. 102 beds 

  2. Rated amongst the top 10 heart institutes in India 

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

  1. More than 11,000 medical experts 

  2. Performed robotic bariatric surgery on a patient weighing 348 kg

  3. The first single incision gastric bypass and revision bariatric surgery in the world

Manipal Hospital

  1. 380-bed facility

  2. 118 critical care beds, 13 OTs

  3. 40+ expert doctors 

Numerous medical centres in Delhi offer bariatric surgery. HexaHealth can connect you with over 200 premier hospitals in the city. Click the best general surgery hospitals in Delhi for an exhaustive list.

Best Hospital for Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi

Hospitals within the HexaHealth network are the best due to their advanced infrastructure and outstanding patient services. To schedule an appointment, visit the HexaHealth website or app, pick your desired hospital, and set up a consultation with top medical professionals.

The bariatric surgery cost in Delhi typically starts from ₹ 2,20,000 and can rise to ₹ 6,00,000. It depends on various aspects, such as the accreditation of the hospital and the surgeon’s skills. Here’s an estimated price range for the procedure: 

Bariatric Surgery

Approximate Cost 

Minimum Price

₹ 2,20,000

Average Expense

₹ 4,10,000

Maximum Amount 

₹ 6,00,000

Note: The cost of bariatric surgery in Delhi mentioned above is an estimate. It is recommended that you consult HexaHealth experts to obtain accurate pricing details.

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Financing Options 

Are you anxious about the expenses of bariatric surgery? Don’t let monetary concerns hold you back. There are numerous financial assistance options designed to make this procedure more attainable, such as:

  1. Insurance: Coverage for weight loss surgery in Delhi varies between providers. However, many insurance policies now recognise the health benefits of the procedure and cover its cost partially or in full. Generally, the surgery is covered for life-threatening conditions or when recommended by a medical specialist. 

You can choose to get cashless or reimbursement claims depending on the terms of your plans. Please note that eligibility for these policies can vary. Consult HexaHealth experts to understand the details. 

  1. Medical Loans: Banks and financial institutions offer these funds tailored for healthcare purposes. HexaHealth simplifies access to these credits with the following advantages:

    1. Quick loan approval 

    2. No need for collateral 

    3. No processing fee

    4. 0% interest 

    5. Flexible EMI

If you want the best bariatric surgery in Delhi, HexaHealth is your trusted choice. Our commitment to superior care ensures you have access to the most advanced and secure procedures. 

The following are the reasons why we are the preferred choice for this procedure: 

  1. Access to leading bariatric specialists 

  2. Latest surgical techniques for optimal outcomes 

  3. Track record of successful weight loss surgeries 

  4. Tailored treatment plans for individual needs 

  5. Free health tracker smartwatch 

  6. Complimentary diet and nutrition plan after surgery 

  7. Quick procedures to reduce hospital stay

Best Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

Obesity is an excessive accumulation of body fat that may negatively impact health. It is characterised by a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher, calculated from a person’s weight and height. 

Obesity increases the risk of several health issues. These may include heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, etc. 

Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

There are various surgical and non-surgical options available for weight loss treatment. Bariatric surgery involves several procedures to lose weight and improve overall health. You may be eligible for these procedures if you have a BMI of 40 or higher. People with a BMI between 35 and 39.9 can also get the surgery if they have serious weight-related health problems. 

The surgery takes 10 to 120 minutes, depending on the procedure approach. It is usually performed under general anaesthesia. However, no anaesthesia is required for a gastric balloon. 

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

By altering the structure of the digestive system, bariatric surgery aids in weight reduction for those struggling with obesity. It is considered when traditional weight loss methods, like diet and exercise, have failed. 

The main types of bariatric surgery procedures include: 

  1. Gastric Balloon: It is a daycare, non-surgical procedure. A silicone balloon is inserted into your stomach and filled with saline. The balloon occupies space in the stomach to promote a feeling of fullness, helping reduce food intake. The procedure helps lose approximately 10-15% of total body weight (TBW) within 4 to 6 months. 

  2. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty: The technique uses an endoscope equipped with a suturing device to reduce the stomach size. It creates a smaller tube-shaped stomach without incisions. You can expect a reduction of approximately 20% of TBW. 

  3. Mini-Gastric Bypass: It involves creating a small stomach pouch and attaching it to the lower part of the small intestine. This creates a shorter pathway for food and reduces calorie consumption. It reduces approximately 60-70% of excess body weight (EBW). 

  4. Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y): This procedure uses surgical staples to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach. The new pouch is then connected directly to the small intestine. It bypasses a significant portion of the stomach. The technique uses about 5-6 staples and reduces approximately 70% of EBW. 

  5. Sleeve Gastrectomy: The weight loss surgery in Delhi removes approximately 80% of the stomach fat, leaving a narrow gastric sleeve. This limits the amount of food you can eat and decreases hunger hormone production. It helps lose approximately 70% to 80% of EBW. Around 2-5 staples may be used, and their cost may depend on the number and type. 

  6. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (Lap Band or Realize Band): A band is placed around the upper part of your stomach to form a small pouch. It restricts food intake and promotes a feeling of fullness. The procedure can effectively reduce 40% to 60% of EBW. 

  7. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS): A two-part surgery where most of the stomach is removed. Next, the smaller intestine is rerouted to reduce calorie absorption. It significantly reduces food intake. It helps lose about 40% of initial body weight. 

  8. Fat Loss Methods: Apart from weight loss, certain techniques help lose fat. These include: 

    1. Liposuction: A cosmetic procedure that can contour and reduce localised fat deposits. 

    2. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): A surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the tummy and tighten abdomen muscles.

Note: The choice of technique is based on your medical condition, health goals, and the doctor’s opinion. The medical experts at HexaHealth can help you choose the procedure that best suits your needs. 

Tests Done Before Bariatric Surgery

A comprehensive evaluation is essential to ensure its safety and effectiveness before bariatric surgery. These pre-operative tests assess the individual’s health status and identify potential risks. These assessments include: 

  1. Blood Tests: To evaluate general health, complete blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), electrolytes, etc., may be performed. 

  2. Cardiac Evaluation: An electrocardiogram (EKG) is performed to ensure the heart is healthy for the surgery. 

  3. Pulmonary Function Tests: These check lung health and breathing capability. 

  4. Sleep Study: It detects sleep apnea, which can increase the risk of complications during and after surgery.

Advantages of Bariatric Surgery

Beyond the significant reduction in body weight, bariatric surgery offers several benefits for a patient’s overall health and well-being. These advantages include: 

  1. Improved Comorbid Conditions: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol often improve or resolve completely after surgery.

  2. Increased Lifespan: By reducing the risk factors associated with obesity-related conditions, bariatric surgery can contribute to a longer life expectancy.

  3. Fertility Improvements: Bariatric surgery can improve fertility and reduce the risk of miscarriages. 

  4. Joint Pain Relief: Weight loss after bariatric surgery can relieve joint stress. This reduces pain and improves mobility. 

  5. Psychological Well-being: Many patients experience a decrease in depression and anxiety. It leads to better mental health post-surgery.

Risks of Delaying Bariatric Surgery 

The decision to undergo surgery is substantial and requires careful consideration. However, postponing the procedure can lead to a worsening of obesity-related health issues. It is crucial to weigh the benefits of timely surgical intervention against the risks associated with waiting.

The risks of delaying bariatric surgery include: 

  1. Progression of obesity-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

  2. Higher risk of complications during and after surgery.

  3. Surgery may become less effective with an increase in weight.

  4. Reduced mobility and quality of life.

HexaHealth offers a range of benefits that distinguish us from other healthcare aggregators. The following is an overview of our unique features: 




Free Confidential Consultation  



24/7 Care Coordinator



Appointment Scheduling



Affordable Treatment



Financial Support Plans



Complimentary Pick-up and Drop-off



Free follow-Up 



Second Opinion 



Best Bariatric Surgery Doctors in Delhi

Dr. Manoj Agarwal

General Surgery,Laparoscopic Surgery,Proctology,Bariatr...

31+ Years




Best Bariatric Surgery Hospitals in Delhi

Bhagat Chandra Hospital, Palam

Bhagat Chandra Hospital, Palam

4.8/5(99 Ratings)
Palam, Delhi

HexaHealth: Where Health Goals Meet Expert Guidance

Bariatric surgery in Delhi offers hope to those seeking weight management solutions. The experienced surgeons in the city ensure top-notch care for patients. You can get customised surgical approaches to address both weight loss and obesity-related health issues effectively.

HexaHealth guides you throughout the treatment. We connect you with leading specialists for weight loss surgery in Delhi, streamlining the process from start to finish. Our team also provides transparent costs and helps with financial aid to make the procedure more accessible. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bariatric surgery refers to various surgical procedures aimed at weight loss by changing the digestive system. It works by restricting food intake, reducing nutrient absorption, or both.


Bariatric surgery in Delhi includes various procedures tailored to individual weight loss goals and health needs. Available surgeries include:

  1. Gastric balloon

  2. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

  3. Mini-gastric bypass

  4. Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y)

  5. Sleeve gastrectomy

  6. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding 

  7. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS)


Not everyone can get bariatric surgery. It may be a good option for individuals who meet the following criteria: 

  1. A BMI of 40 or higher

  2. A BMI of 35 or higher with obesity-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes or hypertension


The best surgeon for bariatric surgery in Delhi is known for their expertise, experience, and successful outcomes. Some of the top doctors in the city are as follows: 

  1. Dr Saurabh Kumar Goyal 

  2. Dr Aman Priya Khanna 

  3. Dr Adarsh Kumar Chauhan 

  4. Dr Vikrant Sharma 

  5. Dr Swapna Saha 

Note: These are just some of the specialists in the city. HexaHealth can help you connect with your preferred doctor. 


The best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Delhi are those equipped with the latest technology and offer comprehensive care programs. The top 5 centres in the city are as follows: 

  1. Dharamshila Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Vasundhara Enclave

  2. SCI International Hospital, Greater Kailash 

  3. RLKC Hospital and Metro Heart Institute, Pandav Nagar

  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar 

  5. Manipal Hospital, Dwarka 

Note: These are not the only medical facilities in the city. Contact HexaHealth for a complete list. 


You must consider certain factors when choosing a bariatric surgeon in Delhi. These include the following: 

  1. Ask for referrals

  2. Research their qualifications and experience

  3. Examine the before and after pictures to see the results

  4. Check their success rates with previous surgeries

  5. Look for reviews and patient testimonials

  6. Check reputations with reputable hospitals


To book an appointment for bariatric surgery in Delhi, research hospitals and surgeons specialising in bariatric procedures. You can visit the HexaHealth website or app to schedule consultations with your preferred doctor.


Bariatric surgery coverage under health insurance varies by provider and policy. Many insurers cover it if deemed medically necessary for life-threatening conditions. HexaHealth consultants can help you understand the details of your plan.


Choose HexaHealth for bariatric surgery in Delhi for our unique features. These include the following: 

  1. Our network of top surgeons and hospitals

  2. Personalised care

  3. Comprehensive support throughout the surgery

  4. Simplified appointment booking  

  5. Financial assistance


The bariatric surgery cost in Delhi can range widely, typically between ₹ 2,20,000 to ₹ 6,00,000. It can differ depending on the type of surgery and the surgeon’s expertise. However, these figures are estimates. Consult HexaHealth experts for precise details.


Recovery after bariatric surgery involves 2 to 3 days in the hospital. You may return to normal activities within 3 to 5 weeks. Regular follow-ups, exercise, and adherence to dietary guidelines are crucial for healing.


Yes, significant dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary before and after bariatric surgery. Pre-surgery, you may need to follow a special diet to reduce liver size. Post-surgery, a phased diet begins with liquids, moving to pureed, soft foods, and eventually solids.


Bariatric surgery can have long-lasting effects. It often helps lose half the weight or even more within the first two years. Success depends on following dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and regular exercise.


Like any major operation, bariatric surgery comes with risks. Short-term risks include infection, blood clots, and bleeding. Long-term risks involve nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, or hernias. Thorough pre-operative evaluation and ongoing post-operative care are essential to mitigate these risks.


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All the articles on HexaHealth are supported by verified medically-recognized sources such as; peer-reviewed academic research papers, research institutions, and medical journals. Our medical reviewers also check references of the articles to prioritize accuracy and relevance. Refer to our detailed editorial policy for more information.

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Dr. Aman Priya Khanna

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12 Years Experience

Dr Aman Priya Khanna is a well-known General Surgeon, Proctologist and Bariatric Surgeon currently associated with HealthFort Clinic, Health First Multispecialty Clinic in Delhi. He has 12 years of experience in General Surgery and worke...View More


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