5 Best Thyroid Tests at Home in 2023 - Check TSH Levels

Written by Hexahealth Care Team, last updated on 22 December 2023
5 Best Thyroid Tests at Home in 2023 - Check TSH Levels

Are you concerned about your thyroid health and wondering if you can test it conveniently from the comfort of your own home? Well, you're in luck! 

Thyroid tests at home offer convenience, affordability, and the ability to monitor your thyroid health on your own terms. Whether you have a known thyroid condition or you simply want to keep a close eye on your thyroid function, these home tests can provide valuable information about your hormone levels and overall thyroid health.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 thyroid tests that you can perform at home in 2023. With advancements in technology and healthcare, it has become easier than ever to check thyroid at home without the need for a doctor's appointment or laboratory visit.

Who needs a Thyroid Test at Home?

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck that plays a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions. Since thyroid disorders can have a significant impact on overall health, it's important to identify any potential issues through thyroid testing.

But who needs a thyroid test? Here are some situations where thyroid testing may be recommended:

Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction: If you're experiencing symptoms that could be related to thyroid dysfunction, such as unexplained weight changes, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, or irregular menstrual cycles, you should undergo a thyroid test. 

  1. Family History of Thyroid Disorders: Thyroid problems can sometimes run in families. If you have a close family member, such as a parent or sibling, with a known thyroid condition, it's important to get regular thyroid checks to monitor your own thyroid health.
  2. Pregnancy Planning or During Pregnancy: Thyroid dysfunction can impact fertility and pregnancy outcomes. If you plan to conceive or are already pregnant, you should undergo a regular thyroid test.
  3. Age-Related Risk: Women over 35 have a higher risk of developing thyroid disorders, particularly hypothyroidism. Regular thyroid testing will help them keep an eye on the thyroid function.
  4. Prior Thyroid Condition or Treatment: If you've previously been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder or have received treatment for thyroid-related issues, regular thyroid tests are essential to monitor your thyroid function.
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Importance of At-Home Thyroid Tests

Thyroid tests are essential to detect thyroid problems in a person. One of the biggest advantages of thyroid tests at home is it allows a person to evaluate their condition before consulting with a healthcare provider.

If a person detects any irregularities with thyroid tests at home, they must consult a healthcare provider for a  better diagnosis. Checking thyroid function at home provides several benefits. Some of the benefits to check thyroid at home are:

  1. Convenience: One of the biggest benefits of doing thyroid tests at home is that a person does not need to schedule an appointment and can do the test at their convenience without physically visiting a clinic. 
  2. Cost-effective: By finding the right ways to check thyroid at home, a person finds the right ways to evaluate their thyroid status at the most cost-effective and economical prices. Going to labs or other medical facilities is comparatively costlier.
  3. Quick Results: For all those who need to regularly monitor their thyroid levels, going to the doctor repeatedly can be a challenge.
    However, when they know how to test their thyroid at home, they significantly save on all their resources.
  4. Early Detection: The thumb rule of any problem is that the sooner it is diagnosed, the better it is for the patient. With the help of a thyroid test at home, a person can diagnose the problem early.

Ways to Check Thyroid at Home

One must immediately get a thyroid test done if they feel the presence of any conditions or symptoms. If someone does not want to visit a doctor for any reason, then a thyroid test at home can majorly come to their rescue.

However, at the same time, if they feel that the tests look positive, they must seek a healthcare provider's expertise. The following are the ways by which a person can check their thyroid at home:

Look for Signs of a Thyroid Disorder: Thyroid disorders are highly common. A lot of times, these signs and symptoms are confused and overlooked with diverse other causes.However, one must pay attention to their body and look for signs of a thyroid test at home.  Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are two of the most prevalent thyroid conditions. 

Hyperthyroidism: This takes place when there is an overproduction of thyroid hormones, which can lead to:

  1. A fast heartbeat
  2. Tremors 
  3. Weight loss
  4. Increased appetite
  5. Anxiety and Nervousness
  6. Fatigue

Hypothyroidism: On the other hand, hypothyroidism is caused by a hormone deficit and can cause symptoms such as

  1. Dry skin
  2. Weight gain
  3. Jaundice
  4. Lethargy
  5. An enlarged thyroid gland 
  6. Neck pain

Consulting a doctor at the earliest is essential for a person experiencing any of these symptoms. They can help significantly in the diagnosis of the problem and in deciding the appropriate treatment. 

Thyroid Swallowing Test: Another way to monitor it is by doing a thyroid swallowing test at home. This simple test involves standing in front of a mirror and looking at your neck while you swallow water. To conduct this test, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and remove any items obstructing your view, like a scarf or jewellery.  If you're using a pocket or hand-held mirror, ensure it focuses on the lower-front part of your neck.
  2. Next, gently extend your neck and slightly point your chin towards the ceiling. This allows you to obtain a better view of your neck. 
  3. After this, take a sip of water and swallow. As you swallow, it moves your voice box forward, allowing you to see the shape of your thyroid gland better.

During the thyroid swallowing test, look for any abnormalities like enlargements, lumps, protrusions, or parts that look or feel off-centre. 

  1. It's important to note that you may need more than just doing the test once to get a proper look at your thyroid. 
  2. Repeat the steps, and take note of anything that seems unusual.

After completing the test, it's important to book thyroid tests at home. Your doctor can interpret your results and provide further guidance on what steps to take next.

Feel your Neck for Lumps and Nodules: Another easiest way to check thyroid at home is to feel your neck for nodules or lumps at the base of your neck. One needs to feel for any parts bigger than usual, have bumps or are sticking out.

Your thyroid gland is located near your collarbone and larynx, and lumps or nodules could indicate problems in the thyroid glands. To perform the "Feel Your Neck" test, one can follow these steps:

  1. Begin by sliding your finger down the midline of your neck. 
  2. The first hard structure you will feel is the thyroid cartilage that extends to your Adam's apple. 
  3. As you move further down, you'll reach the cricoid ring, which is another bit of cartilage that encircles your windpipe. 
  4. About two fingers wide below the ring are the thyroid isthmus, which connects the two sides of the thyroid gland. The gland's lobes are located on either side of the thyroid isthmus.

You should consult your healthcare provider immediately if you notice abnormalities, such as the thyroid gland being bigger than the usual size or any bumps. Your doctor might recommend some other thyroid tests, including a thyroid ultrasound, thyroid hormone blood tests, or a computerised tomography (CT) scan, to get a proper diagnosis.

Note: One must know the difference between the thyroid and other structures in the neck to perform the test correctly.

Basal Body Temperature Test: This test is a simple and non-invasive way to check the thyroid at home. This method measures a woman's menstrual cycle by measuring her body temperature at rest. The temperature can be taken orally, vaginally or rectally every morning before bed.

  1. This thyroid test at home consists of taking the body temperature first thing in the morning. One needs to do this even before getting out of bed for several days in a row. 
  2. By tracking changes in your body temperature over time, you can see whether your thyroid is functioning properly. 
  3. Specifically, a consistently low body temperature may indicate an underactive thyroid.

While the basal body temperature test is relatively easy to perform, it's important to remember that it may not be as accurate as other methods of thyroid test at home. 

One needs to know that there are diverse factors that can affect body temperatures, such as illness, stress, and even the time of day. Additionally, the basal body temperature test cannot provide as much information as other tests, such as blood tests or ultrasounds.

Despite its limitations, the basal body temperature test is among the widely used tools in conjunction with other testing methods for monitoring thyroid function over time. It is an ideal test choice for those who cannot access other types of testing or prefer a non-invasive approach. 

If you're considering using the basal body temperature test to check for thyroid problems at home, then speak with your doctor to check that it's a safe and appropriate option. 

The Thyroid Panel Test: The thyroid panel test is a comprehensive blood test that significantly helps check the thyroid at home and evaluate thyroid function. 

  1. This test measures levels of several hormones and markers in the blood, including thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4, and free T3. 
  2. By analysing these levels, healthcare professionals can get a complete picture of thyroid function and identify potential issues.

The thyroid panel test is considered one of the most accurate methods of thyroid test at home and the best way to check tsh at home. It is also widely used by doctors. 

  1. The test is also relatively simple to perform at home. 
  2. After receiving a thyroid test kit at home, a person will be provided with proper instructions for collecting a small blood sample with a finger prick. 
  3. This blood sample is sent to the lab for analysis, and results are generally available within a few days.

While the thyroid panel test is a highly accurate method of thyroid test at home, it's pivotal to remember that it may not be as convenient or affordable as other testing methods. 

Your doctor can also help how to check your thyroid report at Home and determine whether further testing or treatment is necessary.

How to Choose the Best Thyroid Test

There are many do-at-home thyroid test kits readily available in the market. To clearly understand their thyroid functions, they must ensure that the thyroid test at home kit is reliable and accurate.

To ensure the same, the following factors must always be considered.

  1. Type of Test: There are different thyroid tests for different types of thyroid disorders. Research and ensure the type of test that will be most ideal for your condition.
  2. Ease of Use: One must always choose a test that is easy to use and comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. The test results should also be easy to interpret and understand.
  3. Turn-around Time: Another factor that can be considered is the period in which the test results can be obtained. While some tests can take a few minutes, others can take up to a few days.

When to Consult a Doctor?

While at-home thyroid tests can provide initial insights into your thyroid health, it is important to understand their limitations and when it is necessary to consult a doctor for further evaluation.

Here are some guidelines on when to seek medical advice after undergoing an at-home thyroid test:

  1. At-home thyroid test indicates abnormal levels of thyroid hormones or suggests a potential thyroid problem.
  2. Experience persistent symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction, such as unexplained weight changes, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, or menstrual irregularities.
  3. Have a family history of thyroid disorders or certain risk factors. 
  4. Have previously been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and have undergone treatment, regular monitoring and follow-up with a healthcare professional.


Thyroid tests at Home can provide useful information and help monitor thyroid function over time. It's wise to choose a reputable brand of home testing kit and follow the instructions carefully to ensure accurate results. However, laboratory testing and consultation with a doctor are still necessary for properly diagnosing and managing thyroid conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a thyroid test at home?

There are multiple ways to book thyroid test at home. Some doctors may offer home testing as an option, so you can ask your doctor or healthcare provider if this is available.

Alternatively, many companies offer home thyroid testing kits that can be ordered online or over the phone. The thyroid test kits contain instructions on collecting the blood sample and returning it to the company for analysis.

What are the benefits of checking thyroid at home?

Checking the thyroid at home can provide some benefits, such as early detection of potential thyroid problems, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

It can help individuals track their thyroid health, monitor symptoms, and prompt them to seek medical advice if abnormalities are detected.

However, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.

How to test thyroid at home?

While it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for accurate thyroid testing, some at-home methods can provide initial insights.

These include self-examination for physical symptoms, such as enlarged thyroid or nodules, monitoring body temperature, assessing pulse rate, and using at-home thyroid test kits to check TSH levels.

However, these methods should be followed up with medical evaluation for a comprehensive diagnosis.

What are the five best thyroid tests that can be done at Home in 2023?

Different types of thyroid tests can be done at Home. However, one must know that not all of them are equally accurate or reliable.

Here are five of the best thyroid tests that you can do at Home in 2023:

  1. Look for signs of thyroid disorders
  2. Thyroid Swallowing Test
  3. Feel your neck test for lumps and nodules
  4. Basal Body Temperature Test
  5. The Thyroid Panel Test 

How to check TSH at Home?

Checking TSH at Home is relatively simple and can be done using a home thyroid test kit. 

  1. The kit usually contains a lancet to prick the finger and collect a small blood sample, which is then analysed for TSH levels. 
  2. One needs to Follow the listed instructions provided with the kit carefully, as the exact process may vary depending on your specific kit. 
  3. It's important to note that some home thyroid test kits only measure TSH, while others may also measure other thyroid hormones or antibodies.

How accurate are the thyroid tests that can be done at Home?

The accuracy of home thyroid tests varies depending on the specific test and the kit used. Generally, thyroid tests at Home are considered reasonably accurate but may not be as reliable as lab tests.

What are the advantages of doing thyroid tests at Home?

There are several advantages to doing thyroid tests at Home. 

  1. Convenience
  2. Cost-effective 
  3. Confidentiality

How do home thyroid tests compare to lab tests?

Thyroid tests at Home are generally considered less accurate and reliable than lab tests, but they can still provide helpful information. 

  1. Lab tests are typically performed in a controlled environment by trained professionals using specialised equipment, which can help ensure accuracy and consistency. 
  2. Additionally, lab tests can detect thyroid dysfunction earlier than home tests.

Are home thyroid tests a reliable way to diagnose thyroid conditions?

Thyroid tests at Home can provide useful information. However, these tests should not be considered the only method of diagnosing a thyroid condition. 

  1. A healthcare professional should always confirm a diagnosis using laboratory tests and a physical examination. 
  2. Thyroid tests at Home can be useful for monitoring thyroid function over time, but they should not be relied on for diagnosis.

What are the potential drawbacks of doing thyroid tests at Home?

Following are a few potential drawbacks to thyroid tests at Home. 

  1. First, laboratory tests may be more accurate and reliable than home tests, which can lead to incorrect or incomplete diagnoses. 
  2. Additionally, home tests may not be able to detect all cases of thyroid dysfunction, mainly if the condition is in its early stages. 
  3. Finally, some people may find collecting a blood sample at Home difficult or uncomfortable, which can lead to inaccurate results.

Are there any risks associated with doing thyroid tests at Home?

There are generally no significant risks associated with thyroid tests at Home. As long as one follows the instructions provided with the kit carefully, the tests are absolutely safe.

However, one can experience some discomfort or bruising when collecting a blood sample, and there is a small risk of infection if the lancet used to collect the sample is not sterile.

Can home thyroid tests detect all types of thyroid conditions?

Home thyroid tests may be able to detect many types of thyroid conditions, but they cannot detect all cases. Some conditions may require more specialised testing, such as a thyroid biopsy or imaging tests.

Additionally, some thyroid conditions may not produce significant changes in hormone levels, making them difficult to detect using any thyroid test.

How frequently should you do thyroid tests at Home?

The frequency of home thyroid testing will depend on your circumstances and your healthcare provider's recommendations.

People with thyroid conditions may need to test their hormone levels more frequently, while those without any symptoms or risk factors may only need to test periodically.

Are home thyroid tests recommended for everyone or only for people with certain symptoms or risk factors?

Thyroid tests at Home may be recommended for people with certain symptoms or risk factors. These include a family heredity of thyroid disease or unexplained weight changes.

However, they are strictly not recommended for everyone. These can be used only with a physical examination and laboratory testing.

How easy are thyroid tests to perform at Home?

Thyroid tests can be relatively easy to perform at Home, but they require practice and patience. Collecting a blood sample can be challenging for some people, and it's essential to follow the instructions provided with the kit carefully to ensure accurate results.

Are there any special instructions or precautions to follow when doing thyroid tests at Home?

There are several precautions and instructions for thyroid tests at Home. These may include washing your hands and the area around the puncture site, using a clean and sterile lancet, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine before the test.

One needs to read and follow the instructions given with the kit carefully to ensure accurate results.

Can thyroid tests at Home provide enough information to guide treatment decisions?

Thyroid tests at home can provide useful information. However, one must not use them as the sole basis for treatment decisions. 

  1. A healthcare professional should always confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan using laboratory tests and a physical examination. 
  2. Home thyroid tests can be useful for monitoring thyroid function over time, but treatment decisions should be strictly made in consultation with a doctor.

What should you do if your home thyroid test results are abnormal?

If your home thyroid test results are abnormal, the first step is to make an appointment with your doctor. They might advise more tests or refer you to an expert for more in-depth analysis.

Depending on the results and your symptoms, they will recommend a treatment to help manage your thyroid condition.

Can home thyroid tests be used to monitor thyroid function over time?

Yes, home thyroid tests can be used to monitor thyroid function over time.

This is particularly beneficial for people with thyroid conditions who need to adjust their medication dosage or treatment plan periodically.

How do home thyroid tests compare in cost to lab tests?

Thyroid tests at Home can vary in cost depending on the brand and the specific test being performed. Since there are multiple ways through which one can check thyroid at home, some thyroid tests can be free while some can be,

In general, more expensive than laboratory tests. It is mainly on the frequency of the test. However, home tests may be more convenient and can save you time and money on doctor visits and lab fees.

How to check thyroid reports at home?

Once you receive your thyroid test results, you can check them at home by reading the instructions provided with the test kit.

The instructions will typically guide interpreting the results and understanding what they mean for your thyroid function. If you have any concerns or confusion regarding your results, it's essential to discuss them with your doctor.

Can insurance cover home thyroid tests?

Insurance coverage for thyroid tests at Home depends on the kind of test being performed and the specific insurance plan.

Some insurance plans may cover home testing as a preventative measure or as part of managing a thyroid condition.

Are there any brand-specific recommendations for home thyroid tests?

There are many different brands of home thyroid tests available, each with its specific instructions and recommendations.

Some may be more accurate or reliable as compared with others. Therefore one needs to do their research and choose a reputable brand.

Generally, the doctor also recommends specific brands or types of tests based on individual needs and circumstances.

How do home thyroid tests compare to other types of home diagnostic tests?

Thyroid tests at home are one type of Home diagnostic test that can be performed to monitor thyroid function. Depending on the specific test being performed, they may be similar or different from other types of home tests.

For example, blood glucose testing for diabetes may be performed at home using a similar method to home thyroid testing. However, other types of home tests, such as urine pregnancy tests or home HIV tests, may use different methods or technologies.

What are some common misconceptions about home thyroid tests?

  1. One common misconception about thyroid tests at Home is that they alone can be used to diagnose a thyroid condition. Home tests should be used with laboratory testing and a physical examination to confirm a diagnosis. 
  2. Another misconception is that home tests are always accurate and reliable. While many home tests are highly accurate, some may produce inaccurate or incomplete results, mainly if not used correctly.

How to check thyroid report at home?

It is not possible to check the thyroid report at home without medical equipment and laboratory testing. Thyroid function tests, including TSH, T3, and T4 levels, require blood samples that are analyzed in a laboratory.

It is important to consult a healthcare professional and undergo proper diagnostic testing for accurate thyroid evaluation and interpretation of the results.


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