Squint Eye Surgery Recovery Time

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Squint Eye Surgery Recovery Time

Squint in the eyes can be corrected with squint eye surgery. However, squint eye surgery recovery time may vary from person to person and can take a few days. 

Squint, or strabismus, is a condition in which a person's eyes are not aligned properly. Squint can occur in individuals exposed to various risk factors, such as injury or illness, and may even be present congenitally. Several treatment options are available to treat squint, like glasses, Botox, vision therapy, and squint eye surgery. 

Keep reading the following article for all the basic information you need to know about squint eye surgery recovery time, precautions after squint surgery etc.

What is Squint Eye Surgery?

Squint eye surgery is used to treat patients with a squint if other non-surgical treatments fail to help them. The squint eye surgery recovery takes some days, after which the patient can return to their normal routine. In this surgical procedure, the doctor moves the eye muscles to correct the misalignment so that proper alignment and vision of the patient's eyes are restored.

Once moved to the new position, the muscles are stitched up using dissolvable stitches. The entire surgical procedure will take around 30 minutes to an hour. Once the surgery is completed, the patient may be discharged on the same day.

Just like any other surgery, patients who undergo squint eye surgery also take some time to recover. However, the results of squint eye surgery before and after may vary as some patients may require vision therapy post-surgery.

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Squint Surgery Recovery Time

The total squint eye surgery recovery time is usually around 3 to 12 weeks. During this recovery period, the eye and the muscles controlling the eye movements undergo changes resulting in certain symptoms that might cause discomfort in patients. During squint surgery recovery time, maximum rest is to be given to the eyes so that it recovers and heals soon. 

The recovery process in the first week

  1. In the first few days of squint eye surgery recovery time, the patient will likely experience dull pain in the eyes. This pain can be managed with the help of pain relievers prescribed by the doctor. 
  2. During the first week of squint eye surgery recovery time, the patient may experience irritation, redness, and grittiness in the eyes. Additionally, swelling, watering, stickiness, and blurred vision are other symptoms that the patient can experience. The patient is also likely to experience itching and tearing blood from the eyes. All these symptoms eventually subside in 5-6 weeks. 

The recovery process in the first month

  1. After six weeks during the squint surgery recovery time, the grittiness in the patient’s eyes will lessen. This grittiness is due to the stitches taken during the squint eye surgery. These stitches take around six weeks to dissolve. 
  2. It will take about a month for the redness to settle. 

The recovery process in the second month

  1. After-squint surgery, the eyes will be positioned in about two months. During these two months of the squint eye surgery recovery time, double vision may be felt by the patient, as the brain is taking time to adjust to the new positioning of the eye. 

Treatment given during Recovery

Although squint eye surgery is safe, the patient will likely experience certain side effects, such as sore eyes, redness, itching, double vision, etc.

  1. These side effects are usually mild and do not last long. They resolve with a bit of post-operative care and medicines prescribed by the doctor. 
  2. After the eye surgery, the patient may be prescribed oral antibiotics. These antibiotics are to be taken in the first five days after the surgery to prevent any infections during the recovery time. The patient may be given eye patches post-surgery. Additionally, the patient may be advised cold compression to reduce swelling. 
  3. The doctor prescribes eye drops for about 2-4 weeks after the surgery. These eye drops are usually prescribed about 3-6 times a day. 
  4. The patient will also have to go for a follow-up appointment on the next day after the surgery, as well as after around 2 weeks from the surgery, where the doctor will examine the position of the patient’s eyes and check if the eyes are recovering and healing properly. After the check-up, the patient may be given the next check-up date.

Factors affecting the Squint Eye Surgery recovery time

Various factors can affect the squint eye surgery recovery time. It also depends on whether the patient took the required precautions after squint surgery. The other factors include:

  1. Patient’s compliance with the post-operative care
  2. Straining the eyes excessively by using mobiles, laptops or watching Tv
  3. Putting makeup or contact lenses
  4. Shampoo or soap entering the eyes while washing hair and face
  5. Developing complications like Allergic reactions, infections, conjunctival scarring, etc

Tips for recovering quickly after Squint Eye Surgery

The exact time taken to recover varies patient-to-patient. Follow the doctor's instructions to reap the maximum benefit of squint eye surgery before and after. The general tips that can help in squint surgery recovery time include:

  1. Taking adequate rest 
  2. Using phones, TV, and laptop only once the eyes feel better
  3. In case protective glasses are prescribed, they are to be always worn
  4. In the case of children, more care is to be taken post-surgery. 
  5. Keep your eyes away from dust.

Things to avoid after Squint Surgery

It is crucial to bear in mind certain things to avoid during squint surgery recovery time. This will help not only speed up the recovery process but also prevent any complications. These include:

  1. Avoid heavy activities like swimming and sports for around four weeks to prevent infections. 
  2. Avoid applying any makeup for a few weeks. 
  3. Avoid driving until the doctor says it is okay to do so.
  4. Avoid any heavy exercise for around a week. It's better to consult the doctor before resuming exercise.
  5. Avoiding too much strain on the eyes
  6. Soaps and shampoos should be avoided while washing hair and face.
  7. Wearing contact lenses is to be avoided until allowed by the doctor.
  8. Do not rub the eyes during the post-surgery as the stitches at this point are highly delicate and prone to breaking.
  9. Avoid direct sunlight.

When to see a doctor after Squint Eye Surgery?

It is important to see the doctor immediately during the squint surgery recovery time   if the patient experiences any of the following things:

  1. Worsened vision 
  2. Increased discharge along with crusting around the eyes
  3. Fever, swelling, and redness in the eye, which might be an indication of an infection
  4. Severe eye pain that keeps worsening
  5. Vision changes like blurred or double vision


Squint eye surgery is important to restore vision and properly align the eyes of the patient. A patient with squint eyes might have vision difficulties. Although there are several treatment options, surgery would be only recommended when nothing works. The squint eye surgery recovery time is usually around 3 to 12 weeks. However, the patient is advised to follow certain precautions after squint surgery to recover quickly. Special care is to be taken in children who have undergone squint surgery. 

At HexaHealth, our team of highly qualified eye doctors provides the best treatment for our patient's eye concerns. Our team of experts and skilled professionals provides excellent treatment services that are safe and patient friendly. For patients with squint eyes, the team of HexaHealth doctors provides the best treatments and aftercare to ensure minimised side effects and speedy recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal squint eye surgery recovery time?

The squint eye surgery recovery time is usually about 3 to 12 weeks. During the squint eye surgery recovery time, the patient is advised to follow all the post-operative care and precautions that their doctor prescribes.

What is squint eye surgery?

Squint eye surgery is a procedure that is used in the treatment of patients having squint or strabismus. In squint surgery, the doctor moves the eye muscle around to correct the eye's misalignment and restore the patient's proper vision.

How much time does squint surgery take?

The time taken to perform a squint surgery by the doctor is around 30 minutes to an hour. After the squint surgery is done, the patient might be discharged on the same day. 

What is the best age for squint eye surgery?

Although squint eye surgery can be performed at any age, it is usually advised to get it done before the patient is of 6 years of age, as it will provide better results and stability in the long run. Squint eye surgery can also be performed in a baby who is a few months old. 

Does squint eye improve vision?

Yes, squint eye surgery will help improve the patient's vision. However, it is advised to get the treatment done earlier. This is because if the squint eyes are left unattended for a prolonged period, it may cause an irreversible vision problem.

How to take care after squint eye surgery?

Certain precautions after squint surgery are to be followed to take care of the eyes. These include: 

  1. Taking adequate rest 
  2. Avoiding too much strain on the eyes
  3. Using phones, TV, and laptop only once the eyes feel better
  4. Avoid driving until the doctor says it is okay to do so 
  5. Avoid any heavy exercising for around a week. It's better to consult the doctor before exercising 
  6. Prevent the soap and shampoo from entering the eyes when washing hair and face. 
  7. Avoid the use of contact lenses unless allowed by the doctor

What are the factors that can affect the squint eye recovery time?

Factors that can affect the squint eye recovery time include:

  1. Patient’s compliance to the post-operative care, for example, not following the doctor's orders regarding recovery 
  2. Developing complications like allergic Reaction, infections, conjunctival scarring, dellen, etc
  3. Doing activities that might delay the recovery process such as straining the eyes too much due to excessive screen time, immediately make-up or contact lenses soon after the surgery, etc.

How can I recover after squint eye surgery quickly?

You can recover quickly after squint eye surgery by following the precaution and taking the necessary aftercare as prescribed by your doctor. Giving adequate rest to the eyes will also help in recovering quickly.

Can I use my phone after a squint eye surgery?

No, it is not advised to use a phone after a squint eye surgery until you start feeling better. However, it is best to take advice from a doctor before using your phone after the surgery.

Updated on : 10 January 2023


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