Top Home Remedies to Cure Lower Back Pain Fast Naturally

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Aman Priya Khanna
Written by Hexahealth Care Team, last updated on 23 October 2023
Top Home Remedies to Cure Lower Back Pain Fast Naturally

Back pain is one of those common discomforts that hinders the day-to-day lifestyle to a great extent. The root cause of this pain is physical distress, i.e. lifting heavy objects, jerking the back with aggressive movements, etc. The intensity of this pain varies depending on the type of muscle or ligament involved in the back area. The pain could be felt sharply in the back or spine. It could also be in the form of persistent spasms or aches. Besides physical hardship, there are higher possibilities of one suffering mental irritations as well, in case the pain stays untreated for longer. One cannot simply endure back pain silently and expect it to resolve by itself. Rather, corrective measures at the right time stand as a need of an hour here. Treatments, therapies, medicines, and even home remedies are available to kick off back pain.

Role of Home Remedies for Back Pain

Home remedies are found to be effective in treating minor health problems, at times taking off the back pain symptoms completely. These home remedies work by:
  1. Regulating blood circulation in the pain area and relieving the trauma gradually.
  2. Improving the mobility of the joints 
  3. Strengthening the muscles of the back
  4. Reducing muscle tension and stiffness.
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Benefits of Home Remedies for Back Pain

Trying home remedies for relieving back pain can be a great choice, especially for those with mild back pain. Trying some home remedies for back pain serves numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of home remedies for back pain relief are as follows.
  1. Easy to perform and can be done in the comfortable corner of the home
  2. Is natural and have no harmful effect on health
  3. Possess great reliability and worthy results if practised religiously with care
  4. They are cheaper as compared to other treatments or therapies as all they require is little time and effort
These benefits can immensely help those with lower back pain. Keep reading to discover the 10 best home remedies for back pain relief!

Home remedies for Back Pain

  1. Cold Therapy
    Icing is one of the effective home remedies for back pain relief which has been used for ages. It is regarded as a pivotal aid when the pain strikes harder in the lower back. Applying ice on the lower back also results in instant relief for the lower part of the body. 
    It's been found that if the back is troubled more by conditions such as inflammation or swelling, then ice therapy is the best home remedy for the lower back that one can try.
  2. Heat Therapy  
    Heat therapy with heat pads is another alternative in the list of backache home remedies that one can try. It's typically said that the icing works well with some people, whereas, for others, heat therapy fits perfectly. 
    If the back is hurting due to a sprain or pull, then the application of heat therapy is usually recommended. Heat puts the strained muscle at ease and reduces the tension in the surrounding area. It not only reduces the pain but also helps to restore movements that could have otherwise been painful. 
    It is found that the application of these two can also be put together, i.e. applying ice on the painful area for the first 48 to 72 hours and then treating it with the heat pads. Moreover, heat pads are usually used to relax the muscles' stiffness, whereas ice packs are used to reduce inflammation.
  3. Oils   
    When searching for ayurvedic home remedies for back pain, massaging with herbs or essential oils is the king of all. It is indeed a fantastic natural way of healing back pain. All it takes is massaging the painful area with soothing essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. 
    Some common and effective ayurvedic oils include mahanarayana oil, ashwagandha oil, karpooradi oil, etc. Application of these oils helps boost the circulation and relieve back pain. 
    Gently massaging the back pain area with oil assists in loosening the tensed or sore muscles and relieves pain to a great extent. Also, it's found to improve the functions of the muscles at the back
  4. Fenugreek
    The use of fenugreek as a pain reliever is a traditional method with promising results in most cases. It's out of those ayurvedic home remedies for back pain that makes use of its anti-inflammatory property. Fenugreek naturally consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agents, and the seeds positively affect inflammation and arthritic conditions. 
    While putting fenugreek into the application, one can either mix fenugreek with essential oil and massage the pain area or can consume it. A teaspoon of fenugreek mixed in a glass of milk or water can be used for consumption.  
  5. Relax with rub on 
    When the back feels sore, stiff, or extremely painful, it's good to rely on the ingredients that particularly work on the roots of such discomfort. Some creams, ointments, or balms are included in the first aid kits due to their quick action and instant pain relief. Hence, one should keep such rub on as a quick home remedy for severe back pain. 
    Many back pain ointments contain camphor, menthol, etc., instigating the cooling, heating, or numbing effect and providing significant relief from the pain. However, it's vital to know that such ointments bring in quick and temporary relief and are not capable of completely vacating the pain.
  6. Epsom salt bath   
    The miraculous Epsom salt bath can significantly ease sore muscles at the back. Soaking in the lukewarm water with Epsom salt for about 20 minutes works very well on the muscles at the back. It also relieves other muscles of the body. This backache home remedy is responsible for natural healing, traversing its way from the skin to the muscles without any side effects. 
    People with heating problems can switch to bathing with Epsom salt mixed in water of a little lower temperature. For outstanding results, it is advised to soothe this bath with a small rubber ball that can be moved midway or on the sides of the back, resulting in a massage. 
    Along with loosening the muscles and relieving pain, this remedy also contributes to exfoliating dead skin
  7. Turmeric 
    For ages, it has been believed that a lukewarm glass of turmeric milk is beneficial for enhancing mood, reducing stress levels, and providing better sleep. Moreover, the turmeric milk solution is also one of the effective ayurvedic home remedies for back pain. 
    The star compound in turmeric, i.e. curcumin, possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It not only helps at decreasing inflammation but also regulates blood circulation effectively. The pain-relieving advantages of turmeric could help dissolve backache and take away its discomforting symptoms. 
    A pinch of turmeric in a glass of milk, consuming it warm, could do such wonders. 
  8. Ginger
    Ginger proudly counts in the home remedies for back pain due to its pain-relieving properties. Ginger consists of an active ingredient named gingerol that is compressed with anti-inflammatory functions. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect of gingerol contributes well as a remedy to back pain. 
    It is found that daily consumption of ginger in raw or cooked form could result in a reduction of muscle pain to a great extent. A few small pieces of ginger should be steeped in a cup of hot water, and the water should be consumed hot. If the oral application is not preferable, one can also prefer to massage the pain area with ginger oil.   
  9. Stretch it out 
    Some stretching exercises are exceptionally easy and effective home remedies for lower back pain. They not only relieve the pain but also deliver enhanced flexibility and strength to the lower back region. Knee rolls, pelvic tilts, knee hugs, and cat camels are effective exercises to practice daily to relieve back pain.
    One can even try practising other stretches such as the knee to chest, child's pose, and cat-cow moves(7). Depending upon the intensity of pain and suitability, one must set an exercise routine.
  10. Switch shoes
    Wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels can cause pressure on the back. According to a study, people who wear high heels for long periods of time can suffer from back pain.People who wear very flat shoes might also have a back pain. Hence, one should try wearing more comfortably fitted shoes. Wearing well fitted shoes can be one of the effective home remedies for back pain relief.

Things to keep in mind while using home remedies for back pain

Though these remedies are considered valuable for people with back pain, keeping a few things in mind while performing them is also essential. These include:
  1. Each remedy works differently for different people, so it's important to check which one suits them best.
  2. The frequency of a specific remedy should be maintained in the prescribed range to avoid any unfavourable circumstances. 
  3. It's always better to seek advice from a medical practitioner before commencing any exercise, medicine, massage, or therapy at home. 
  4. If there is severe back pain, trying these remedies would be ruthless, and one must consider consulting a medical practitioner at the earliest.

Other lifestyle changes for Back Pain

Home remedies alone would not bring desired results. There are significant lifestyle changes that one needs to cater to reduce back pain problems. These alterations are fundamental and fruitful in the long run. If one incorporates them well, not only do they curate back pain but also ensure a healthy lifestyle. These lifestyle changes include:
  1. Maintain a proper posture while walking, sitting, or performing daily activities. 
  2. Get a sound sleep in a comfortable position and on a comfortable bed.
  3. Consume natural food, and avoid processed food or edibles with more oil and trans fat.
  4. Exercise regularly to strengthen the back and core muscles. This will help prevent excess stress on the spine and back muscles and be beneficial for back pain in the long run.
  5. Try losing weight. Excess weight again might put pressure on the spine and back muscles. Hence shedding those extra pounds can help provide relief from back pain.


Though all the home remedies for back pain relief cited here are beneficial, it's not necessary that it would treat the pain at once and there would be no complications later on. It's important to not ignore the symptoms that last longer and do not disappear even after numerous attempts or remedies. Rather, the persistent symptoms should be deemed as warnings to consult the medical practitioner at the soonest. 
Doctors at HexaHealth are exceptionally care-oriented to offer correct diagnoses followed by effective treatment or therapy to the patient. Hassle-free appointments, skilled professionals, and cost-effective services are the most desirable features expected from reliable healthcare, which HexaHealth suffices brilliantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What takes away back pain fast?

Applying an ointment to the pain area quickly removes the back pain. Though being the fastest home remedy for back pain, this relief is temporary. 

Which drink is good for back pain?

The drinks made with turmeric, ginger, and fenugreek are effective home remedies for back pain relief. They have anti-inflammatory properties, which help lower back pain effectively.

How do you get rid of back pain naturally?

Correct posture, timely stretches, and regular exercises could help you get rid of back pain naturally. You can also try incorporating ayurvedic home remedies like turmeric milk or ginger tea into your daily routine to prevent lower back pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Which food is not good for back pain?

Foods loaded with sugars, excess oil, and processed carbohydrates should be avoided if you suffer back pain. These food items can slow down the healing process and trigger inflammation resulting in further pain.

How should I sleep to reduce back pain?

Lying flat on your back with the soft pillow supporting the back area is the ideal sleeping position in case of back pains. 

Is banana good for back pain?

Banana is a rich source of minerals such as magnesium; thus, it's a great fruit that can be consumed for back pain. In fact, it could be regarded as a long-term backache home remedy. 

What's the cause of back pain?

Repeated lifting of a heavy object, improper posture, and tension in the muscles of the ligament of the back area are some of the common causes of back pain.

Which oil is best for back pain massage?

To name some oil that are best for back pain massage are, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, almond, etc., are some of the best essential oils for back pain and are best for back pain massage.

What are the 3 simple exercises for back pain?

The three simple exercises or back ache home remedies are 
  1. Cobra stretch 
  2. Knee to chest 
  3. Bird dog 

How do I relax my back muscles?

There are several home remedies for back pain relief that talk about relaxing back muscles. Some of them are:
  1. Getting a sound sleep 
  2. Practices regular stretches 
  3. Massaging the back with essential oils 
  4. Making use of heat pads or ice packs 

How should I sit with back pain?

You must sit on anchoring support such as a rolled towel which should be placed below the curved region of the back. This helps support the lower back and maintain a good posture, thus serving as one of the back pain home remedies.

What causes back pain in females?

There are numerous reasons for a female to suffer from back pain. Some of them are
  1. Improper posture 
  2. Standing for a prolonged time
  3. Nutritional deficiency 
  4. During menstruation  

Which food reduces back pain?

Green leafy veggies like broccoli, kale, and spinach help reduce back pain due to their antiinflammatory properties. Nuts and food rich in proteins can also reduce back pain as they do not trigger pain.

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

If the distress remains intact despite trying several home remedies for severe back pain, it is a sign that you must see a doctor soon. Clues of severe back pain are:
  1. Lasting for more than a week 
  2. Pain spreading in other parts 
  3. Numbness or tingling sensation felt at the back and other parts.

Does walking help back pain?

Yes, brisk walking is regarded as one of the effective backache home remedies; however, it's always better to check with the medical practitioner if the severity of the pain is suitable for walking or not. 

How do you know if back pain is muscle or disc?

If the pain is being felt in the lower back, then it indicates muscular complications. In contrast, if it travels toward the upper or lower body through the nervous system, such as causing abnormal, painful sensations in your legs, the associated complexity could be in the spine.

Updated on : 23 October 2023


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