Yoga for Fatty Liver - Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas for Liver

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Yoga for Fatty Liver - Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas for Liver

Quick Summary

  • Fatty liver is the excessive fat buildup in the liver.
  • Too much fat can cause inflammation, damage and scar the liver.
  • Yoga and exercise can help treat medical conditions like fatty liver.

Fatty liver, also called Hepatic Steatosis, is the excessive fat buildup in the liver. Too much fat can cause inflammation, damage and scar the liver. The scarring leads to liver failure in severe conditions. The consumption of alcohol causes Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD), whereas fatty liver in nonalcoholic people is called Non - Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

By changing one's lifestyle, one can improve overall body health. Inculcating yoga and exercise in day-to-day life can help treat medical conditions like fatty liver. Yoga consists of simple asanas that are effective, and anyone can perform them. Continue reading to learn how yoga helps prevent problems linked to fatty liver and discover the yoga poses that can help enhance the health of your liver.Healthy vs Fatty Liver

Role Of Yoga In Fatty Liver

Asanas exert pressure on the liver, strengthening and improving overall liver functions. Yoga alleviates the fat deposits in the liver as they get used up in energy while exercising. The chronic liver disease prevents purification and proper blood flow due to the presence of scar tissues. Thus, the liver cannot remove all the bacteria and metabolized fats. According to the latest study, yoga is known to supply fresh purified blood to every part of the body; thus, the proper functioning of the liver also gets stimulated by this.

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Benefits Of Yoga For Liver

You should practice yoga since it is crucial for the health of your liver. Along with preserving the health of your body, it can help you stay fit and flexible. Below are some of the benefits of yoga for fatty liver:

  1. Yoga helps boost lipid metabolism: Several yoga postures help the liver to stimulate and stretch, thus strengthening the liver. This, in turn, stimulates the fat cells or adipocytes in the liver to store the excess fat in the body. 
  2. Yoga helps blood circulation: When there is a fatty liver, there is a development of scar tissue that impairs blood flow in the body. However, yoga stimulates the blood flow process and enables the liver to function normally. 
  3. Yoga promotes insulin production: Some yoga postures stimulate the liver, which in turn helps provide energy to the body. It helps the pancreas to produce insulin.
  4. Yoga improves hormonal functions: Yoga helps maintain the proper balance and functioning of the hormones in the body. Right hormonal balance in the body benefits cell regeneration, nutrient absorption, blood circulation, healthy metabolism, and so on.
  5. Yoga helps the liver with the filtration process: Yoga strengthens the functioning of the liver by flushing toxins out of the system. 

Yoga Asanas For Liver

There are a few effective and simple yoga asanas that we can include in our day-to-day life, these include

Kapalbhati Pranayama


In Kapalbhati Pranayama, you must breathe deeply and exhale through the nostrils. Exhalation needs to be the primary focus. You should do 120 repetitions per minute, i.e. two per second is an ideal ratio. It should be performed early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Role of Kapalbhati Pranayama in fatty liver:  This is an established yoga technique to improve blood circulation for the whole body; therefore, it effectively stimulates the liver and cures problems related to fatty liver.

Padmasana or Lotus Pose


The lotus position is excellent not only for the body but also for the spirit too. In this pose:

  1. The person has to cross their legs and keep their feet on the thighs across from one another.
  2. The spine and back should be straight. 
  3. Padmasana should ideally be practised during the morning as it helps refresh the mind and the body.
  4. It is best to perform padmasana on an empty stomach.

Role of Padmasana in fatty liver: Practicing this asana regularly can help you overcome any weakness of your liver, thus preventing the occurrence of fatty liver.

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose


For Dhanurasana, 

  1. You should lie on your stomach while simultaneously lifting your body and legs.
  2. Then reach the back with your arms and grab your ankles to form a bow.
  3. It should be done four to five hours post the meal. 
  4. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds, paying attention to your breath as you take long, deep breaths. 

Role of Dhanurasana in fatty liver: The asana stimulates and strengthens the liver to utilize its stored fat for delivering energy to the body. The yoga exercise also helps to reduce belly fat and strengthens abdominal organs.

Chakravakasana or Cat/Cow Pose

  1. First, be on your hands and knees to do this yoga.
  2. Now, you must inhale deeply, get into the cow pose and press your chest forward. 
  3. When you exhale, you get into a cat pose. 
  4. You must tuck in the tailbone and bring your spine outwards. 
  5. The ideal time for doing Chakravakasana is four to six hours after a meal, so the body has enough energy. 

Role of Chakravakasana in fatty liver: By practising this asana, the metabolism increases in the liver, ensuring unobstructed oxygen and blood flow through it.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

  1. You should lie on your stomach with your palms on the ground at shoulder height and lift your chest upward.
  2. Bhujangasana should be performed every morning for at least five minutes. 

Role of Bhujangasana in fatty liver: By stimulating and strengthening your liver, this yoga asana especially benefits liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. 

Mandukasana or Frog Pose

This yoga for fatty liver aids in relieving pain and also helps with blood circulation. In this pose:

  1. You must kneel and keep your knees apart. 
  2. Then place your hands on your belly button and take a deep breath. 
  3. Now, when you exhale, bend forward. 
  4. Holding this pose for around twenty seconds is beneficial. 
  5. Mandukasana should only be practised on an empty stomach or at least 6 hours after your last meal. 

Role of Mandukasana in fatty liver: Regular practice of Mandukasana is very beneficial in improving the function of the liver because doing this asana creates lots of pressure in the liver that help to produce hormones, which stimulate our liver for better functioning.

Adhomukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog

  1. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Now, press your hand onto the yoga mat and take a deep breath. 
  3. Keep your hands still pressed into the mat, exhale, lift your knees off the floor, and straight up your legs.
  4. Adho Mukha Svanasana can be held for up to three minutes. 

Role of Adhomukha Svanasana in fatty liver: This is a very effective yoga asana for the liver since it aids in producing bile juice in the liver.

Anulom Vilom or Alternate Nostril Breathing

Anulom Vilom

  1. The right nostril has to be closed with the right thumb. Inhale as much oxygen as possible through the other nostril. 
  2. Remove the thumb from your right nostril. As you remove your thumb from the right nostril, exhale. 

Role of Anulom Vilom in fatty liver: This asana helps maintain the proper flow of blood throughout the body and helps improve metabolic functions resulting in a healthy liver.

How to Do These Yoga Asanas Safely Without Causing Injury?

You must keep the following things in mind while doing the yoga asanas:

  1. You should practice yoga on an empty stomach.
  2. The asanas should be performed slowly and in a relaxed manner keeping the body and breath in mind.
  3. Do warm-up exercises and stretching before doing any asana as it avoids injuries.
  4. You should stay hydrated before doing any asana.
  5. You must wear supportive and comfortable clothes while performing yoga asana.
  6. Do not hold the body tight or put a strain on your body.
  7. You must not hold your breath unless it is specially mentioned.

Additional Lifestyle tips to keep the liver healthy

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight:  Being overweight or somewhat obese puts you in danger of having fatty liver. Obesity can cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), one of the fastest-growing forms of liver disease. Weight loss plays a vital role in helping to reduce liver fat.
  2. Eat a balanced diet: Avoid high-calorie meals, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and sugars. Don’t eat raw or undercooked fish. 
  3. Exercise regularly: Exercising helps burn down triglycerides for fuel and can also reduce liver fat.
  4. Avoid toxins: Toxins can potentially injure the cells of your liver. Minimize contact with toxins from cleaning and aerosol products, insecticides, chemicals, and additives.
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption: Alcohol causes many health problems. It damages and destroys liver cells which can scar the liver.


One of the best ways to treat fatty liver is to lose weight. Yoga is undoubtedly good for your liver health. So to maintain a good liver and overall health, you must practise regular exercise, make good lifestyle choices, and a well-balanced diet must be considered. All these factors will support a healthy liver. 

However, if your fatty liver condition has progressed and you require surgery, then HexaHealth will help you get the best treatment and take care from admission to the paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yoga is beneficial for fatty liver. Yoga positions that strengthen and stimulate the liver aid in releasing stored fat in the form of energy.

Kapalbhati pranayam works best as yoga for the liver as it improves blood circulation throughout the body, increasing the metabolism and thus enhancing the liver's health.

Dhanurasana helps in better functioning of the liver as it stimulates the liver.

Exercise that combines resistance and aerobics is excellent for fatty livers. It is sufficient to engage in resistance training three times per week and thirty to sixty minutes of cardiovascular activity at least five days per week.

Yes, since one of the best ways to cure fatty liver is to lose weight by exercising, yoga for fatty liver will help support the liver. 


Yes, Surya namaskar, when performed regularly, improves lifestyle while restoring liver functioning.


Breathing exercises such as anulom vilom; pranayam works best for fatty liver grade 1. These exercises regulate the oxygenated blood flow throughout the body and enhance the functioning of different organs, including the liver.

Dietary and lifestyle changes are the best at-home treatments for grade 1 fatty liver. So, one should eat healthy food, reduce sugar, and be physically active.

Through particular postures, yoga is an excellent way to detox the liver. There are poses like a child's pose that massage the liver and provide the body health and vitality.


The lymphatic massage drainage therapy is advantageous to the liver. Regular massages can help the liver improve and the organ's overall health.


Kapalbhati Pranayama works best for fatty liver as it stimulates the liver and efficiently manages several liver conditions.



Apana mudra is great for liver. Because apan mudra is an energy mudra, it gives the liver and gallbladders the necessary energy by getting rid of waste.


If the proper lifestyle modifications and drugs are taken, fatty liver can be reversed in 6–12 months.

 The fastest way to cure fatty liver is to reduce weight and make lifestyle changes.

Updated on : 30 September 2023

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