Significance of Ayushman Bharat for the poorer section of society

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Significance of Ayushman Bharat for the poorer section of society

Quick Summary

  • India has implemented various healthcare initiatives to ensure the health of all citizens.
  • Ayushman Bharat is the world's most extensive universal health coverage programme.
  • Ayushman Bharat has the potential to transform India's healthcare system.

India has implemented various healthcare initiatives to ensure the health of all citizens. It includes the Rashtriya Swachhata Mission to eliminate open defecation, the New Health Policy, and E-Health with the integration of healthcare equipment management. The Indian government has introduced the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, which is the world's most extensive universal health coverage programme. 

Ayushman Bharat has the potential to transform India's healthcare system. The country has seen tremendous changes in assuring the citizens' quality of life, all in line with the same vision and mission of creating a Swasth Bharat health scenario. Better access to excellent medical treatment, a focus on the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the introduction of medical insurance systems, particularly for the poor, have all helped to transform the country's health sector.

Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY (Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana) is a large-scale initiative that aims to provide quality and inexpensive healthcare to the poor and underserved. The scheme offers cashless and paperless healthcare services worth up to Rs 5 lakh per household per year to all qualified beneficiaries. As a result, many disadvantaged groups may afford treatment without relying on moneylenders.

Who will benefit

Sixty per cent of expenses are out-of-pocket, which causes about 6 million households to experience poverty due to exorbitant medical bills. If the following conditions are met, the Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission AB-NHPM will have a significant influence on reducing the cost of the medical expense.

  1. The more significant benefit of the scheme would cover under 40% of the population.
  2. All secondary and tertiary hospitalisations are covered.
  3. Each household is covered for a total of 5 lakh.

The AB-NHPM is a prerogative-based system with eligibility based on Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC) Database criteria. The eligibility includes

  1. Families with only one room and a Kucha wall, families with no adult male member between the ages of 16 and 59 
  2. Disabled members and no non-disabled adult member in the family
  3. SC/STs
  4. Landless households deriving a significant portion of their income from manual casual labour, primitive tribal groups, legally released bonded labour, and defined occupational classes in urban areas. 

Since the scheme's debut on September 23, 2018, treatments worth around Rs 25,000 crore have been offered to patients throughout 33 states and union territories through a growing network of 23,000 public and private empanelled facilities.

The success of Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat is using the power of collective bargaining and economic leverage. The Indian government provides financial assistance to approximately 10.34 crore underprivileged Indian families through the PMJAY Scheme. It establishes standard treatment techniques and strengthens the link between HWCs and PMJAY. 

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Ayushman Bharat Yojana e-Card

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana e-card, which you can use to access healthcare services at any accredited hospital across the country, provides cashless hospitalisation services. By presenting their PMJAY e-card, beneficiaries of the scheme can receive hospitalisation for essential treatment.

New Update

  1. Arogya Dhara 2.0 was also established to expand the reach of the AB PMJAY programme. It is solely for the poorest of the poor households in the country and to raise awareness of the plan among recipients.
  2. Adhikar Patra, Abhinandan Patra, and Ayushman Mitra are three significant initiatives introduced at the event.
  3. Beneficiaries would receive an Adhikar Patra during their hospital admissions for treatment under the PM-JAY scheme, which will inform them of their rights and enable them to seek free and cashless healthcare services benefitting up to Rs 5 lakh under the plan.


In conclusion, the Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a start in the right direction toward enhancing India's healthcare system. Economically underprivileged groups may find it easier to receive high-quality healthcare with the Ayushman Bharat card. On the other hand, a health ID gives you access to a safe and secure online platform where you can save all of your health-related data.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ayushman Bharat

Q. Do the National Digital Health Mission and Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission vary?
A. No, there is no difference between the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and the National Digital Health Mission. They are the same. The National Digital Health Mission was introduced on August 15, 2020. However, there were only six union territories listed. It was formally presented as the "Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission" on September 27, 2021.

Q. Who has access to my medical data?
A. Your submitted health information will be kept entirely private and maintained safely. Medical experts will only be able to enter your home with your permission. It only functions with your consent.

Q. What languages are supported by the ABHA mobile app?
A. On the ABHA mobile app, only English and Hindi are currently supported. However, more languages will be introduced soon, according to the ABDM website.

Q. How do I fix issues with the ABHA mobile app or the ABDM website?
A. You can share your problems at if you have any. As an alternative, you can phone 1800-11-4477 / 14477, which is ABDM's 24-hour service line. A unique application number will be established once a grievance has been filed. On the ABDM Grievance redressal portal, you can use this number to follow the progress of your complaint.

Q. What happens if I'm not happy with how the grievance resolution process turned out?
A. Your complaint will be sent to the respective team for resolution after filing it. Reopening the case is a possibility if the result of the answer is unsatisfactory.

Updated on : 17 February 2023

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