Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins: Side Effects, Recovery

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Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

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Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bikram Kesharee Mohanty Written by Kirti V

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According to a study by Agarwal et al. on the North Indian population, 46.7% of females and 27.8% of males showed symptoms of varicose veins. This condition leads to permanent discolouration, nerve damage, and blood clots. Laser treatment for varicose veins is a minimally invasive procedure that can help to reduce the discolouration caused by varicose veins.

 Laser technique as a varicose veins treatment is comparatively safer. This outpatient procedure allows patients to return to their normal activities quickly. Continue reading to learn about laser treatment for varicose veins near me, its benefits, and more.

Procedure Name

Laser treatment for varicose veins

Conditions Treated

Varicose veins, venous ulcers

Benefits of Procedure

Minimally invasive, reduced pain, quick recovery

Treated By

Vascular doctor

What is laser treatment for varicose veins?

Laser treatment for varicose veins uses heat to reduce swelling and bulging in the affected area. Most commonly, swelling is observed in the thighs and calves due to varicose veins. A thin beam of radiation/ light is focused through the catheter during laser treatment. This helps close off the affected veins and provides relief.

Laser surgery shrinks the veins and causes scar tissue (damaged normal tissue due to injury or surgery) within the vessel. This procedure allows blood to flow through neighbouring veins.

Who needs varicose vein laser surgery?

A medical consultant can advise the accurate treatment for varicose veins. Below are the cases in which a laser treatment might be most useful:

  1. Swollen Veins: Individuals with sore and inflamed varicose veins causing unbearable pain may be advised for this procedure.

  2. Issues with Blood Circulation: Blood flow is also impacted by the affected veins. This induces discolouration in the affected area. People may want to change the appearance of their skin.

Conditions Treated with Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment is suggested by a healthcare provider when veins become red or swollen primarily due to inflammation. It also provides relief in cases of:

  1. Varicose Veins: Inflamed, swollen, and bulging veins that appear dark in colour, primarily on thighs or calves.

  2. Ulceration: Open wounds are caused by swelling in the veins, resulting in blood flow and circulation problems.

Varicose Veins Laser Procedure

The laser treatment for varicose veins is performed at the doctor’s clinic. It usually takes 30-60 minutes to complete and includes the following steps:

  1. The affected area is mapped out with the help of a duplex ultrasound.

  2. Local anaesthesia is administered.

  3. A tiny incision is made, which is usually closer to the knee.

  4. A catheter is inserted to reach the actual site of the veins.

  5. A thin laser beam is focused through a catheter.

  6. The laser beam seals the inflamed vein.

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Benefits of Laser Surgery

People suffering from varicose veins prefer this treatment over others primarily due to its minimally invasive method. Other benefits of opting for laser surgery for varicose veins in India include:

  1. High Success Rate: Laser treatment helps patients recover from varicose veins with a long-lasting effect and improves the appearance of the affected area.

  2. Less Pain: There is minimal discomfort during the procedure compared to traditional open surgery.

  3. Faster Recovery: There is almost no downtime after the surgery. Patients can continue to follow a daily routine immediately after.

  4. Outpatient Procedure: Hospitalisation is also not required for patients.

  5. Reduced Complications: Laser treatment is safer than open surgery, which may often result in scarring, infection, or nerve injury.

Before and On the Day of the Laser Procedure

Knowing how to be prepared for a procedure like this can put the patient at ease. Individuals should consider consulting with their doctor about steps to follow to ensure maximum results.

Before the Procedure 

During this phase, the patient needs to prepare themselves for the procedure. This may involve: 



Preliminary Evaluation

  1. Doppler ultrasound test

Risk Evaluation

  1. Allergies

  2. Risks involved

  3. Benefits of the procedure


4 to 6 hours before the treatment



On the Day of the Procedure

Being aware of what to expect or follow on the day of the procedure can make it better for both the patient and the doctor. Here is what usually undergoes: 





Surgical Preparation

  1. A medical expert will explain the process

  2. Surgical site examination

Physical Evaluation

  1. Vitals check-up (blood pressure, complete blood test, etc)

  2. Ultrasound of the varicose veins 

After Procedure and Recovery

After laser treatment for varicose veins, patients are encouraged to walk immediately and resume daily activity. The following is what they can expect during recovery:

 In Hospital Recovery

Staying at the hospital is not required. Patients can go back to their everyday activities. They may be advised to rest if any side effects of anaesthesia are involved.

At-home Recovery

 The patients will experience minimal swelling. The recovery time is only 6-8 weeks. Following cautions can be advised to maximise recovery:

  1. Going out in sunlight should be avoided for 48 hours at least.

  2. No rigorous workouts or activities for a couple of days, including swimming, running, and gym workouts.

  3. To manage pain and discomfort, only over-the-counter medications should be taken.

  4. Taking a brisk walk and keeping legs elevated helps. This maintains proper blood flow in the body and at the affected site.

  5. The treated area should be kept clean and dry.

  6. Compression socks need to be worn for a week to support healing.

  7. Standing for long durations is not recommended.

  8. Ice pack compression is suggested to lessen the swelling.

Patients should contact their health supervisor immediately in case of excessive swelling or redness.

Risks of Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Even though laser treatment is one of the safest options to treat varicose veins, there are some risks involved:

  1. Patients may have allergic reactions due to anaesthesia or other medications involved.

  2. Internal bleeding can be caused in some instances due to the laser beam.

  3. The insertion of a catheter may result in the formation of blood clots.

  4. Bruising or changes in skin colour can be caused.

  5. The patient may also experience redness or swelling at the affected site.

  6. Slight pain or infection at the surgical site may occur.

Risks of Delay in Laser Procedure for Varicose Veins

Untreated varicose veins can lead to more complications. Some of them include:

  1. Nerve damage due to the formation of blood clots

  2. Redness and swelling of the veins

  3. Change in colour of skin over the untreated veins

Varicose Vein Laser Surgery Cost

The laser surgery cost for varicose veins in India starts from ₹ 55,000 and can go up to ₹ 85,000. The average cost of the procedure is ₹ 75,000. The prices can differ depending on several factors, including:

  1. Location of the Hospital: The varicose vein laser surgery cost depends on the location where the facility is based. It may cost more in metropolitan cities. For semi-urban areas, the cost may be less.

  2. Tests Involved: Several tests can count towards a higher bill amount.

  3. The Expertise of the Surgeon/ Medical Expert: A surgeon with higher experience may charge more for the treatment.

  4. Severity of the Issue: If the affected area is large, more sessions may be required. This will impact the overall price.

Procedure Name

Estimated Cost Range

Laser Treatment

₹ 55,000 to ₹ 75,000

Note: These prices are approximate. Patients are advised to consult HexaHealth experts for accurate prices.


Laser treatment for varicose veins is an attractive option for patients as it has a quick recovery time and is minimally invasive. It is a safe choice for most age groups and requires no downtime.

If you are looking for laser treatment for varicose veins near me, you can easily find optimum solutions with HexaHealth. We help you connect with the best doctors and hospitals. Contact us today to find out what's best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In laser treatment for varicose veins, a beam of light/ heat is used to seal off the affected veins. This helps restore proper blood flow and reduces inflammation, redness, and swelling in the veins.


Laser treatment is minimally invasive as a procedure to treat varicose veins. Here are some other benefits of this treatment method:

  1. Outpatient procedure

  2. No downtime after the surgery

  3. Recovery time is relatively less

  4. The patient can go back to daily routine within a day

  5. Very few complications or risks are involved

  6. Minimal to no pain during and after the procedure


Yes, this procedure is quite effective for varicose veins. Earlier laser treatment was used to treat only spider veins. However, with new technology introduced now, varicose veins can also be cured with this procedure.


Laser therapy is a safe procedure to treat varicose veins. It is an outpatient procedure which takes only a couple of hours to complete. The basic laser treatment can help in treating the following conditions:

  1. Spider veins

  2. Varicose veins

For larger varicose veins, a second treatment step that involves endovenous ablation or sclerotherapy may be recommended.


Since anaesthesia is given before the laser procedure, no pain should be experienced. Patients may experience a little discomfort due to the insertion of the catheter. But this procedure comparatively is far less painful than other options.


Most often, more than one session is required to completely treat the veins. They may be scheduled 6 to 12 weeks apart.


There are a few risks involved with this procedure, just like any other surgery. Some of the risks involved include:

  1. Nerve damage

  2. Formation of blood clots

  3. Redness and swelling

  4. Bleeding

  5. Pain and discomfort

  6. Infection

  7. Bruising

  8. Change in the colour of the skin


Laser treatment for varicose veins, if combined with micro phlebectomy, can help treat varicose veins in just one sitting. It provides better cosmetic results and is effective at eliminating reflux and healing ulcers. However, the treatment choice depends on the patient’s condition and healthcare needs.


Rigorous activities like gym workouts are to be avoided after the procedure. Some other things to avoid include:

  1. Exposure to sun

  2. Swimming

  3. Applying cosmetic products on the affected site

  4. Not keeping the surgical area clean and dry

  5. Standing for long hours

  6. Taking hot showers or longer baths


If the veins are tiny, the results may last longer. However, for larger veins, multiple laser sessions might be required to see better and more complete results.


The laser surgery cost for varicose veins ranges between ₹55,000 and ₹75,000. It depends on many factors, such as the hospital's location, the surgeon's expertise, the complexity of the procedure, and more.


It may depend on the insurance policy a person has. However, in general, most insurance companies cover laser treatment for varicose veins in their policies.


Yes, laser treatments can be used for spider veins as well. It is a great choice for patients who have spider veins on their veins as it causes no scarring. The affected veins are sealed off with the use of a laser beam. This prevents blood flow to the vein by closing it.


Since laser treatments seal off the affected varicose vein, they prevent new veins from forming for a certain duration. However, if any other veins in a different area of the body are affected, they may develop again.



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