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Anoscopy procedure

An Anoscopy is a procedure that enables the doctor

  1. To inspect the anus and rectum's inner lining.  
  2. To perform an anoscopy, your doctor will insert a small, tube-shaped rigid device known as an anoscope into your anus. The analysis determines abnormal growths, bleeding, haemorrhoids, inflammation, diverticulosis


Benfits of Anoscopy procedure

An anoscope allows your doctor to get a detailed look at the tissue within your anal-rectal areas.

An anoscopy can identify several conditions and diseases that can affect the lower part of your intestines. These include:

  1. cancer
  2. tears in the tissue called anal fissures
  3. haemorrhoids (swollen veins around the anus and/or rectum)
  4. rectal polyps

Why Anoscopy procedure?

Your doctor will recommend you anoscopy if you have: 

  1.  Itching near the anus 
  2. Swelling around the anus 
  3.  Painful bowel movements 
  4. Blood in stool 
  5. Anoscopy is employed to diagnose various conditions such as: 
  6.  Haemorrhoids 
  7.  Anal fissures 
  8.  Anal polyps 
  9. Abscess 
  10.  Inflammation around the anus 
  11.  Cancer   


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Anoscopy procedure

Anoscopy Procedure

  1. Anoscopy is a painless, outpatient procedure and takes about 10-30 minutes. 
  2. In this procedure, a lubricated anoscope which is usually 3-4 inches long, is inserted inside the rectum. 
  3. The device consists of light as well as a magnifier that aids in examining any abnormality. 
  4. During an anoscopy, your doctor may extract tissue specimens for analysis or eliminate diseased tissue like polyps. 
  5. You might feel no or little discomfort during the procedure. 
  6. A high-resolution anoscopy is also a related alternative: It involves the use of a basic equipment colposcope that enables cervix examination under light illumination at different low magnifications along with the anoscope.

What to expect before the surgery?

For an initial evaluation, your doctor will 

  1.  Review your medical records 
  2. Conduct a physical examination of your abdomen 
  3.  Perform a visual inspection of the anus and perineum  
  4. If required, your doctor might perform a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE): To check for haemorrhoids, fissures, or other abnormalities, your physician will gently enter a gloved, lubricated finger into your anus. 
  5. Your doctor will advise you of a clear liquid diet or overnight fasting a day before the procedure. 
  6. Your doctor might ask you to have a laxative either in a pill or liquid form.  
  7. Unlike other procedures, additional preparations are not required for the analysis. 

What to expect on the day of Surgery?

To ensure a safe and successful procedure:  

  1.  The healthcare team will ensure that your colon is empty or else it might create an obstruction.  
  2.  An enema kit that aids in the emptying of the colon will be provided to you approximately two hours before the procedure. 

What to expect during the surgery?

  1. To begin the analysis, your doctor will ask you to lie in the fetal position or bend forward on the examination table. 
  2. The doctor will then insert a lubricated anoscope in your lower GIT region via the anus. 
  3. To ease the insertion, the doctor may instruct you to contact your internal muscles and ease as if you were having a bowel movement while the anoscope is being inserted. 
  4. The light and magnifier of the anoscope provide better visuals to the doctor. 
  5. In case of detection of any abnormality, your doctor might extract a tissue sample for biopsy. 
  6. The anoscope is slowly taken out. 




Anoscopy procedure  || image

Recovery and Post Op Care of Anoscopy

What to expect after the surgery?

  1. Since it is an outpatient procedure, you can get back home on the same day. 
  2. The doctor will give you the analytical reports right away. 
  3. Based on your reports, further procedures will be advised by the doctor. 
  4. The tests will aid the doctor in determining the appropriate treatment for your condition. Some normal after-effects of the procedure are: 
  5. Slight discomfort 
  6.  Mild pain 
  7. In case you have haemorrhoids, you might experience a little bleeding. 
  8. If your doctor has taken a biopsy sample, you might feel a pinch 

FIrst Follow up Appointment

You should visit your doctor if: 

  1. Pain persists 
  2.  You observe bleeding in the stool  



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