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HexaHealth is a patient-first platform that takes care of patient's entire surgical journey from finding the right doctor and right hospital, to hospital admissions, insurance, financing and post surgery recovery.

Get free consultation for 50+ conditions across India

Online and offline consultations with expert surgeons

Extensive assistance throughout your treatment

Free Consultation

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Why HexaHealth?

We take care of all aspects of surgery so you don’t have to.

  • Expert Surgeons with 10+ Years Experience
  • Top JCI & NABH Accredited Hospitals
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Insurance Approval & Claim
  • No Cost EMI
  • Post Surgery Care

What Our Patients Say

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Rajesh Sharma

Laser Piles Surgery

I got connected with HexaHealth and they did everything on my behalf. Even when I got admitted to the hospital, they were there for me like my brother, and I did not need anybody else do things for me. It was a very seamless process which HexaHealth have done for me.

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Rajesh Sharma

Laser Piles Surgery



Fissure Surgery







Top Notch Surgery Experience

With HexaHealth you get a personal Care Buddy who is there at the hospital to help and guide you through entire process. Be it tests, paperwork or insurance claim, the Hexa Care Buddies handle everything for you at the hospital with care.

Get FREE Second Opinion for Surgery.

Get a free consultation from our top surgeons having experience of 15+ years who can give you more clarity on your surgery options.

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HexaHealth: Best Assisted Surgery Platform in India

What is HexaHealth?

HexaHealth is a patient care and service HealthTech platform with the largest hospital network in the country that provides a smooth surgical/hospitalisation experience and aims to improve transparency and accessibility.

As a service company, we aim to help patients who require surgery and assist them throughout their journey, from selecting the best surgeon and appropriate facility. A cutting-edge AI-powered recommendation engine is used for seamless hospital admissions, insurance, finance, and post-operative recovery & care.

What does HexaHealth offer?

HexaHealth offers free consultation services for more than 200 medical conditions, online and offline expert surgeon consultations, and extensive assistance throughout the treatment.

We provide a Personal Care Buddy at the hospital to assist and guide the patient and the patient's family throughout the procedure. The Care Buddy carefully manages everything for you in the hospital, including tests, paperwork, and insurance claims.

Our Hospitals Network in India

HexaHealth has established a nationwide network of 1000+ hospitals and over 6500+ doctors to implement digital technologies and better patient care throughout the patient's surgical procedure life cycle. We have partnered with India’s top private super speciality Hospitals like Narayana Health, Manipal, Fortis, Artemis, Max, Apollo, Cloudline etc., ensuring the best treatment and outcome.

What are the top specialities covered?

HexaHealth is a platform that focuses on the patient's needs, from selecting the best surgeon plus hospital to handling admissions, insurance, finance, and post-operative rehabilitation. It covers a large spectrum of specialities like

  • Proctology,
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • Gynaecology,
  • Cardiology,
  • ENT,
  • Orthopaedics,
  • Urology,
  • Oncology,
  • Transplant etc.

List of associated doctors with us

At HexaHealth, we have a team of over 7500+ expert doctors to offer high-quality, cost-effective world-className services to help in timely diagnosis and treatment for individuals with health-related problems.

Treatments offered by HexaHealth

HexaHeath is a patient-first platform which aims at helping patients at every step of their journey in the hospital. It offers multiple treatments ranging from

How can you schedule an appointment at HexaHealth?

You can reach out to us via a simple phone call or a WhatsApp message on 24*7 helpline number +91 88606 88606 and can even submit your query directly on our website.

What is the cost of surgeries at HexaHealth?

Various factors govern the cost of the myriad surgeries or treatments. The average price of each surgery varies across the country based on specific medical, patient or hospital factors, including the extent and the severity of the disease, the type of surgery, equipment and implant used during the surgery, post-surgery care and recovery, and type of the hospital, respectively.

We provide all the surgery-related assistance to our patients, including associated financing, insurance and funding. HexaHealth platform services are absolutely free of cost to the patients.

Does HexaHealth provide Health/Medical related articles?

Yes, HexaHealth provides a wide range of well-researched, authentic and reliable articles and blogs in English & Hindi that are reviewed by qualified, experienced health, medical, and scientific professionals. We also provide the latest insights and video content explaining clinical aspects of medical care on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, personalised inputs are shared with each patient separately.

Easy and instant online consultation

HexaHealth provides online consultation via video and normal phone calls. The specialist Doctors are available 24*7 to assist you with all your surgery-related queries and concerns.

Get a second opinion on your surgery

HexaHealth gives you the option of getting a second opinion on your surgery. We provide transparent and unbiased advice on your medical condition and possible treatment options, at no additional cost.

How does the HexaHealth care coordinator help a patient?

The HexaHealth care coordinators are medically trained professionals who assist you throughout the surgery journey. They are like a friend who gives you full guidance, support & service right from ensuring priority appointments with top doctors & the best hospitals, a second opinion if needed, assisting in all your insurance documentation, coordination with hospitals for admission & discharge process including post-operative & lifetime follow-up care.

Is it safe to visit HexaHealth clinics and hospitals during Covid?

Yes, it is completely safe to visit HexaHealth clinics & hospitals during COVID. Clinics are equipped with the highest standards of safety & hygiene practices with regular sanitization of every area. Our dedicated screening personnel ensures temperature checks for every person entering the area & the public is made to follow social distancing as per the guidelines. Every healthcare professional wears protective clothing including appropriate masks, shoe covers, sanitizer & hand gloves wherever necessary. They are discarded appropriately after every single use. Do not worry. Your safety is our priority!

Does HexaHealth provide emergency surgical treatment?

No, HexaHealth does not perform any emergency surgeries. We perform only elective surgeries, i.e. surgeries that are planned in advance and don’t involve any medical emergency.

Does HexaHealth have its own hospitals and clinics?

HexaHealth has over 100+ NABH hospitals and multiple clinics across Delhi NCR as our preferred surgery partner.

What assistance does HexaHealth provide after the decision for surgery has been made?

A dedicated care buddy is assigned to every patient who ensures assistance at every step of your hospitalization journey. Once you have taken the decision to get surgery, we ensure you get a priority surgery date as per your convenience, with insurance pre-authorization & approval, guidance on the care needed before surgery. On the day of the surgery, we ensure free pick-up & drop so that you reach the hospital without any hassle.

What kinds of Insurance does HexaHealth Support?

HexaHealth helps you check the insurance coverage within a few minutes. We help you figure out the right hospital depending on the health insurance type (personal/ corporate) and the terms and conditions set by the insurance company. Our Insurance Team helps you get the maximum benefit from the policy and assures various payment options: Cashless, Reimbursement payments, and EMI options. (Differs from case to case)

Do's and Don'ts before surgery

To ensure your complete recovery, our patient care coordinator will share with you every detail with regards to precautions, diet, lifestyle & medication to achieve the best outcome.
Contact your dedicated care coordinator who is available 24*7 to answer your queries & assist you at every step during your surgery journey.

Why choose us?

HexaHealth aspires to care for all aspects of surgery, so you don't have to. We provide well-versed Surgeons with 10+ Years of Experience, Top JCI & NABH Accredited Hospitals, Personal Care Assistance, Post-Surgery Care with Insurance Approval & Claims at No Cost EMI.

Who can avail the No-Cost EMI option for services facilitated by HexaHealth?

Depending on the Credit score and verification by our NBFC Partner, anyone can avail this option.

What is the time period of repayment of such a Loan?

Depending on the period for which you have availed the Loan Facility, it may be repaid within 3 Months, 6 months and maximum by 9 months.

How much interest is payable on such no cost EMI?

One needs not to pay any Interest or Processing fees/ file charges for availing No- Cost EMI with the assistance of HexaHealth.

What are Documents required for availing such a Loan?

A customer has to submit KYC Documents and Income proof on a case to case basis for availing the EMI option through our partnered NBFCs.

Can I pay through EMI of my existing Debit/Credit Card?

Yes, depending on the eligibility criteria of your existing Debit/Credit card, you may also opt to pay through it. For assistance on the same, you may connect with your existing Debit/credit card issuer company. For more information, refer to our Terms and Conditions Page.


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